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The Different and Most Popular Types of Orchids March 19, 2019 08:58

Los Angles FloristWhen you want a flower that says luxury, few flowers convey the message quite like an orchid. Anytime you see this coveted bloom, you can understand why--orchids are just the right mix of delicate, exotic, graceful, and strong. Funnily enough, orchids in ancient Greece were a symbol of virility. The connotation of luxury came several centuries later with the Victorians.

However, you may not know that there are many different types of orchids to choose from, each with its own distinctive look. Here, we're breaking down a few beautiful orchid varieties for you to consider in your next arrangement.


The Phalaenopsis orchid, or Moth orchid, is probably the orchid you picture when you think of orchids.

That's because you've seen them all over design magazines and coffee tables across America. It's also one of the easiest orchids to grow at home.

It is a gorgeous, simple plant with thick leaves, an arching stem, and sprays of vibrant blooms with wide outer petals around smaller, richly-colored petals at the center.

Now, easy is a relative term. The Phalaenopsis doesn't like direct sunlight and has a low drought tolerance. If you buy a Phalaenopsis as your first orchid plant, you need to water it when the exposed roots turn silvery, usually once a week. It should get water only every other week during the flowering season.


One of the other most popular orchid species (besides Phalaenopsis) is the Cattleya Labiata orchid, often hailed as the Queen of Orchids for its delightful fragrance and rich colors.

It's named for William Cattley, the first person to grow the orchid in the 1800s.

The good news for orchid lovers is that the Cattleya has been widely hybridized, which means there's a variety of colors and styles, though bicolor features are especially popular.

If you do wish to grow a Cattleya, you're best served by growing it in a greenhouse, as they need heat and humidity to thrive.


Cymbidium orchids are commonly known as Boat orchids and are frequently used in corsages because of their small blooms.

But don't worry--the cymbidium packs a lot of punch in a small flower. A single plant has multiple flower spikes with showy six-petal blooms. Even if they're not in bloom, they put on a show with long thin leaves which can reach up to four feet in length.


Dendrobium orchids are considered one of the most common types of household orchids, which makes a lot of sense since they're relatively easy to care for.

There's also a huge variety of Dendrobiums out there--about 1,200 species. The even better news is that they grow in a wide range of clients from hot, swampy lowlands to high, cold mountains.

This means you can select the type of Dendrobium that's best suited to the climate you live in, rather than trying to create a greenhouse in your home to keep the orchid alive.

Don't be worried about everyday blooms, either--Dendrobiums produce impressive blooms in a variety of colors (all with minimal maintenance).


Encyclia orchids are a highly unique flower, even among their exotic family members.

Encyclias consist of a small, upright central petal with several long, curling petals under it, sort of like fingers. Some horticulturalists liken an Encyclia flower to an octopus.

It isn't fragrant like many of its cousins, but the Encyclia has a lot more attitude to go around. It also blooms longer than many other orchids--in fact, they usually for several consecutive months at a time.


Once you see the Miltonia orchid, it's easy to understand where it got its nickname as the pansy orchid. It has the same features that make the pansy so welcome in cold weather. However, the Miltonia stays in bloom from late spring into summer.

Of course, the blooms are stunning and aromatic in their own right, which makes it easy to understand why homeowners love the Miltonia so much.

While you might be tempted to keep this flower in the sun and tropical conditions like its warm-weather cousins, the Miltonia actually prefers low light. You can tell if the orchid is happy by touching the leaves--cool leaves mean one delighted Miltonia.


Vanda orchids are just as exotic as their name implies. Sometimes called the Singapore orchid, Vanda orchids are often displayed in special hanging baskets.

When you see one, you'll understand why. Vanda orchids have a small collection of delicate blooms topping a spray of slanting green leaves. What's visually distinctive is the tangle of thick white roots that spread underneath the plant, many as long as the stem itself.

Because of this, Vandas need to grow in specialized baskets or a chunky growing medium. These are not for the uninitiated--in fact, Vanda orchids are extremely picky about their growing environment. They like high light and humidity and won't tolerate much else.


Also known as the lady's slipper orchid, the Paphiopedilum only produces one flower per plant. It doesn't sound like much until you see that one bloom.

The name comes from the Paphiopedilum's unusual appearance. It has one upright petal on top with two long, narrow petals sprouting downwards at an angle. Between the two long petals is a large, cup-like petal--the lady's slipper.

It's an intriguing flower, and if you take care of it, it will reward your hard work. In fact, some healthy Paphiopedilums can bloom for a whole year. The good news is that it's also a hardy orchid, which makes it very beginner-friendly.

Choosing the Right Types of Orchids for You

Now that you know all about the various types of orchids, are you ready to choose one to make a statement?

We offer a variety of orchid options, from our orchid garden to our orchid planter.

If you would like to order one of our beautiful orchids, check out our delivery area or get in touch with us today.

The Different Types of Wildflowers You Can Have In Your Bouquet March 12, 2019 07:43

Los Angeles FloristIs your best friend having a housewarming party? Or maybe you want to woo that special someone on your first date? Flowers make the perfect gift in a variety of situations. They can welcome a new family to the neighborhood, cheer up a sick family member in the hospital, or show your wife how much you care.

But what should you include in your gorgeous bouquet? There are so many types of wildflowers that it can be hard to pick the best.

Do you need some inspiration? Keep reading to discover different types of wildflowers you can have in your bouquet.

Chocolate Cosmos

With fall right around the corner, you'll probably be looking for a way to incorporate deeper colors into your bouquets. Chocolate cosmos are one of the best flower types to really bring in that autumn feel.

The best part is that they're rather small, so they don't have to be the main attraction. You can choose larger flowers in varying shades of red, orange, and yellow, then throw some chocolate cosmos into the mix to ensure your bouquet doesn't look too summery.


Do you want to create a bouquet reminiscent of a lush rainforest? You'll want to include lots of bright colors and greenery. Clematis should be included among other flower types to give this bouquet a real wow factor.

They add interest by leaning downwards instead of straight up. This will give your bouquet an extra level and make it seem like it's bursting at the seams. Plus, you'll see more exposed leaves which help to add greenery to really complete the effect.

Blue Hydrangea

Are you looking for a more unique bouquet? Blue Hydrangeas are a great way to add something with a little extra texture and color.

A bushel of these small flowers has a fluffy and intricate appearance from afar and the gorgeous hue will add a nice pop of color. They can be a nice way to create a fun centerpiece for your dining room table or welcome a newly born baby boy into the world.


Has your wife or girlfriend done something special for you recently? Maybe she surprised you with tickets to your favorite team's game, or maybe she's been very supportive during a difficult time. A bouquet is a great way to show her that she is appreciated and loved.

Roses are among the most common flower types that go in bouquets - and there's a good reason why. Red roses are the epitome of love and passion. They make great bouquets throughout the year, so don't worry about saving it for Valentine's Day.

If you want something a little more unique, consider opting for different colored roses. Pink roses symbolize admiration and gentleness while peach roses symbolize appreciation. For something really different, go for a bouquet of lavender roses which represents a deep, fairy-tale love.


Are you looking for the perfect bouquet for the sophisticated and classy women in your life? Dendrobiums make a great gift for mothers, coworkers, and friends.

These purple orchids are simple, but elegant and really make a statement. They're a great way to celebrate a promotion or housewarming party and will act as a focal piece in any room of the house or office.


Just because summer is winding down, doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to those bright yellow flowers until next year. In fact, yellow field flowers make great additions to autumn-themed bouquets. They compliment red and orange flowers and mimic the color of changing leaves.

Love-in-a-puffs bring happiness into any room, so they're great for anyone who needs a good smile. The simple shape and fun color also make them a great addition to a rustic wedding centerpiece. There are so many ways to incorporate these little flowers to bring joy into any bouquet.


Close your eyes and imagine you're in a field of wildflowers. What does it look like? What does it smell like?

Lavender is one of the best flower types to mimic this dream. Their soft purple color is very relaxing to look at and they are among the most fragrant flowers. A bouquet of lavender is a great way to freshen up any room naturally or help you de-stress after a rough few days.

Mini Calla Lilies

Have you ever gone to the garden section and ended up a handful of similar-shaped flowers? This can make your bouquet seem a little flat and bland. You'll want to vary your flower types and shapes.

Calla Lilies have a unique asymmetrical shape that makes them a great go-to when you need some more variety. If you don't want them to be the focal point of the bouquet, consider getting mini call lilies. The small size allows them to blend in enough that another flower can be the star, while still adding interest to the bouquet.

The best part is that they come in different colors, including white, pink, yellow, purple, and even black. You're sure to find the right color of mini calla lilies to complete any bouquet, whether it's for a funeral or an anniversary.

Types of Wildflowers for Bouquets

If you want to send a friend or loved one the gift of flowers, you may not be quite sure what to include in the bouquet. But, don't worry - it doesn't have to be so complicated. Just follow our guide to different types of wildflowers for inspiration.

Are you ready to order flowers? Check out our original bouquets today.

How to Write the Perfect Flower Card Message March 04, 2019 11:10

Los Angeles FloristToday, people send flowers to friends and family to express various emotions. Some send them to say thank you while others do so to congratulate people. And, some even send them to express their condolences. But, most of the time, these flowers don't travel to their recipient on their own. No, they have the company of a card with a message. In fact, greeting card sales add up to a whopping $7.5 billion each year.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know what to write in these cards. This is especially true when someone passes away or if you want to tell a person you love them.

Read this article to find out more about how to write the perfect card message to go with your next bouquet of flowers.

Consider the Occasion

Before you start writing your card, you need to consider the occasion. For example, the message you write for newlyweds won't be the same as for mothers day. Here are some examples you can get inspiration from:


Nothing tells someone you're in love like a big bunch of red roses. But, if you want to impress that special someone, you're also going to have to write them a note that pulls on the heartstrings.

The note you write will depend on how much of a wordsmith you are. You could choose to write an entire poem. You could also research poems online.

Additionally, you could keep it simple with a one-liner. With a few simple words, you can tell that special someone they're the love of your life.

You could also tell them they make your dreams come true. The options are endless.


Sympathetic cards are some of the most difficult to write. If you are sending your condolences to a friend or family member, put thought into your message. Your card should support and comfort them.

If you don't know the deceased, keep it simple. If you live nearby, you can offer them physical support. For example, you could offer to bring them food. You could also help them make funeral arrangements like choosing the flowers. Be careful to not make promises you can't keep.

Family Cards

Family cards are among the most popular today. Card companies design specific cards for:

  • Mother and fathers day
  • Brothers and sisters
  • Aunties and uncles
  • Nieces and nephews

When it comes to writing a message for a family member, consider how close you are to them. You may want to make your card emotional.

You may also want to share a funny anecdote. Whichever route you choose to go down, keep your message personal.


If you are sending flowers and a card to congratulate someone, get as much detail about the event as possible. Here are some of the various events you may want to congratulate your loved ones for:

Birthday Wishes

There are so many different birthday cards you can send today. Depending on the person you are sending the card to, you could add a level of humor to your message. Card messages with ageist jokes are very common.

When sending a birthday message, try and remember the person's age. Kids, in particular, love showing off their age as they get older. Every year is like a new milestone to them.

Adults, on the other hand, would often prefer to forget their age. Try and steer clear of specific numbers, especially if you're not 100% sure of their age.

New Born Baby

If you have friends who are welcoming a new baby to their family, you may want to send them a quick congratulations. Once again, you can choose between comical and emotional messages. You could also write a poem if it's relevant.

Your friend may have once said they would never have a kid. You could remind them of that. Aside from cracking a joke, you'll be reminding them of your years of friendship.


Did someone help you in your time of need? Or did they give you an incredible gift on your wedding day? Whatever the reason, a thank you message should come from the heart. It should show the recipient you're truly grateful for their efforts.

Keep Your Card Message Short and Sweet

The key to writing a card to go with your flowers is to keep it short and sweet. If you can't fit everything you want to say on the card, write them a separate letter. A few words should suffice to get your message across.

This is a great rule if you're writing a card for a funeral or other sensitive circumstances. Keeping your message short will stop you from overthinking it. It may stop you from saying something which may offend them as well.

Choose a Relevant Quote

Quotes are a great way to get the reader's attention. Plus, there are thousands to chose from. You can find quotes on various topics on the internet. You can also choose between emotional and comical ones.

If there is a saying which has meaning to you and your loved one, use it. This could have more impact than anything else you could write.

Add a Thoughtful Gift to Make Your Message More Meaningful

No matter how nice a card you send, you need to choose the flowers to match. With more than 15,300 retail florist businesses in the United States alone, making a final decision can be challenging.

Today, there are individual bouquets of flowers which show different sentiments. For example, loved ones buy their partner roses on Valentine's Day. Also, people buy white Lillies for those mourning a loved one. Whatever the occasion, choose relevant flowers to go with your message.

Order Your Flowers From Peach Tree Petals Today

As you can see, there are various ways you can express yourself on a flower card message. The key is to keep the specific occasion in mind. You should also consider how well you know the person you're sending the flowers to.

If you want to order some flowers for someone special in the Los Angeles area, why not call Socal Tree Petals today? We have bouquets for all occasions and we provide a same-day delivery service.

The 7 Best Chocolate Gifts to Pair with Your Flowers February 12, 2019 08:20

What's better than getting flowers? Having some delicious chocolate with them! Here's the best chocolate gifts to pair with the flowers you send. Valentine's Day doesn't need to be around the corner for it to be a good time to send someone flowers and chocolate. In fact, most women will accept these gifts with open arms all year 'round. There's just something classic and heart-warming about pairing the perfect chocolate treat with a beautiful bundle of flowers.

You may be looking for the right combination to make a special occasion even more memorable. Or you may just be wanting to show someone who means a lot in your life some extra appreciation through a random act of kindness.

No matter what the scenario is, we've got you covered with the perfect ways to make a loving statement. Keep reading to find out what we think are 7 of the best chocolate gifts to pair with flowers. 

1. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries are one of the best chocolate gifts because they mix two delicious worlds together -- fresh fruit and tasty chocolate. This gift can often add a cherry on top to a romantic gesture. The combination of both flavors creates a blend that is almost indescribable to those who have never experienced it.

Another great advantage to this gift is that you could possibly save money if you have a little extra time to spare. Whipping up a quick batch of chocolate covered strawberries is fairly easy.

If you want to add a personal touch to your gift then consider doing a DIY recipe for chocolate covered strawberries

2. Godiva Chocolate

Nothing says classic and elegant in the world of chocolate the way Godiva does. Godiva is a Belgium brand established in 1926 and they've seemed to have perfected chocolate throughout their years of business. Godiva features plenty of luxury packaged sets that are the best box of chocolates for gifts for any level of chocolate connoisseur.

This high-quality brand sells a multitude of flavors and styles from dark ganache hearts to white chocolate mint truffles.

Pick up a gorgeous bundle of flowers and a beautifully wrapped gift box filled with the most decadent assortments of chocolate to make any occasion priceless.

3. Liquor-Infused Chocolate

We're not sure if the inventor of liquor-infused candy has received any honorary awards yet but they certainly should have by now. If you're looking to add a festive twist to pair with your flowers then finding a good liquor-infused chocolate will definitely do the trick. The blend of sweetness with the rich, punchy infusion makes for one delicious dessert.

And nowadays there are plenty of liquors that have been tested with chocolate. One of the best chocolates that have been infused with liquor is John & Kira's Chocolate Figs.

These irresistible goodies are made with organic dried figs that are imported from Spain and are filled with a smooth, whiskey infused Valrhona dark chocolate ganache. Did someone say "heaven on Earth"?

4. Spicy Chocolate Treats

Who would have thought that adding seasoning to chocolate would be such a hit? But chocolate and spices are easy to find and people love the combination so much that it often makes for one of the most exciting chocolate gift ideas. And, just like liquor, plenty of chocolate and spice pairs have been tested.

You can currently find chocolate with added spices including, chili, habanero, cardamom, paprika, salt, saffron and many more. There are even brands that market "the world's hottest chocolate" to buyers.

A treat with some sugar and spice would be one of the best chocolate gifts for someone who to have a little fun with their flavors. 

5. Classic Chocolate Bar

The chocolate bar has been a staple in chocolate candy production since the beginning of time. Anyone can enjoy the tasty, classic feeling of a well made chocolate bar.

This is what makes it one of the best chocolate gifts. Chocolate bars are simple yet make a bold statement in the chocolate world. 

Most of them are smooth, creamy and rich. Even textured chocolate bars have a way of preserving their timeless taste and nostalgic feel.

Pairing gentle, calming flower with a sweet, hearty chocolate bar can help to create a comforting child-like moment for the recipient. 

6. International Chocolate

This chocolate gift idea may be of interest to the traveler at heart. Consider gifting chocolates that are sourced from different places in the world to create an exotic feel for a homey gift. This gift would be exciting for many reasons.

Firstly, the receiver may have never tasted -- let alone heard of -- some of the chocolates since they are international. This creates an element of surprise for each bit. Also, they get a chance to experience, and sometimes learn about, different styles and flavors of chocolate from all over the globe.

Trader Joe's has created a lovely chocolate gift that allows tasters to get their taste bud passports stamped with every bit. This is definitely worth trying at least for the thrill.

7. Rich Hot Chocolate Mix

Winter is almost not complete without a succulent, hand-warming cup of deliciously rich hot chocolate to melt your body and your soul. Although there are plenty of hot chocolate mixes on the market, it's sometimes important to find the best quality ones to help bring up that decadent flavor and velvety texture. 

Williams Sonoma features a holiday-inspired collection that will please any chocolate lover looking to indulge in a cup of hot cocoa. There are a variety of flavors to try, such as refreshing peppermint, buttery salted caramel or chocolaty traditional flavor.

Without a doubt, these are the perfect additions to any snowy morning or chilly night by the fireplace. 

Looking to Pair Flowers with the Best Chocolate Gifts?

We've given you the best of the best when it comes to some great chocolate gift ideas. Any of these items listed would make for perfect companions to go alongside flowers.

However, don't worry if you need more specific guidance on which of these chocolate gifts go with which flower. Feel free to contact us today for more help with creating the perfect gift flower and chocolate gift for anyone on any occasion. 

Top 10 Allergy-Friendly Flowers January 10, 2019 06:16

Los Angeles FloristOver 50 million Americans currently suffer from moderate to severe allergies. But just because the special people in your life have to deal with a runny nose and watery eyes, doesn't mean that they don't deserve flowers.

Still, we know that you want to send them allergy-friendly bouquets that will look beautiful for any occasion -- without causing someone to sneeze and sniffle.

So, what are the ten best types of flowers to send to an allergy sufferer, or just someone with an especially sensitive nose?

Keep on reading this post to find out.

1. Roses

You might be surprised to see roses on a list of allergy-friendly flowers, given how famous they are for their signature scent.

However, because they have a low pollen count, a beautiful bouquet of roses won't cause the recipient to have to deal with itchy eyes and a runny nose.

Plus, they're also one of the longest-lasting flowers on this list, and they bloom perfectly in nearly every season.

That's just one more reason to say it with roses.

2. Tulips

Tulips have long been heralded as one of the best flowers to include in cheerful and festive bouquets, especially at the start of the warmer months.

But few people realize that they're also a wonderful option to include in bouquets for people with a sensitive nose.

Tulips can add color to any arrangement, and they come in lots of different varieties. You can work with parrot tulips, the Red Cross tulip, French tulips, and even tulips in stunning pinks and purples.

The sky is the limit when it comes to this flower.

3. Orchids

While orchids do contain a bit of sticky pollen, they still work as allergy-friendly flowers and plants because the pollen hardly ever actually becomes airborne.

We think that orchids make a stunning addition to a wedding bouquet, a dinner table arrangement, or even a romantic surprise for a loved one.

And, like roses, orchids also last for a long time.

4. Daffodils

Is there anything sweeter than a bright yellow daffodil in a floral arrangement?

We don't think so.

Not only will daffodils put a smile on every face, but they also produce a very limited amount of pollen.

Tuck them into your spring and summer bouquets for a pop of color.

5. Carnations

Carnations are one of the most common flower types used in arrangements for numerous reasons.

They're affordable, stunning, and can help to add layers to texture and volume to smaller arrangements. Plus, they're completely free of allergens and have a lighter scent.

They also come in a wide variety of colors, including bright red, white, and even blush pink.

This makes them perfect for almost every type of arrangement.

6. Hydrangeas

It's no secret that hydrangeas are a favorite flower of Southerners -- and it's certainly not difficult to see why.

Hydrangeas are especially popular for those who are looking to make a statement with their centerpieces, which is why you see them included in so many weddings and special events.

These are the perfect flowers for those who aren't afraid to go bold, no matter the occasion.

Plus, they're completely free from pollen.

7. Irises

When you're on the hunt for a flower that comes with a sense of refinement and elegance, look no further than the iris.

The stunning yellow and purple coloring of this flower makes a statement in any bouquet.

Plus, they'll look their best for about a week, so they're ideal for arrangements that you need to shine for a longer period of time.

Get them in the springtime.

8. Snapdragons

Looking for some unexpected flowers to add to your arrangement?

Sending something to someone who always seems to think outside of the box?

If so, then you simply must include snapdragons. These have a low pollen count, and they're great for adding some serious height on any type of arrangements.

They can last about five days with the right care, and they're quickly becoming a major trend in the flower world.

9. Peonies

It seems like you can't go on Instagram these days without seeing countless images of peonies.

These flowers are all the rage, but the good news is that they're also a great option to send to those who deal with allergies.

We just can't get enough of the beautiful pink tones of peonies, and we know that the influencers and trendsetters in your life will certainly agree.

10. Hyacinth

Are you looking for a flower that's safe to give to those who suffer from allergies, but that still gives off a beautiful fragrance?

If so, then look no further than the spring hyacinth.

We love the pastel shades of this bloom and those you're giving the flowers to will love that they can last for over a week. If you want to create a truly allergy-friendly arrangement, then we suggest pairing hyacinth with some bright tulips.

Ready to Create an Allergy-Friendly Arrangement?

We hope that this post has helped you to understand how to select allergy-friendly flowers for the next arrangement or bouquet that you plan to send to someone special.

Remember that there's no occasion too small to brighten someone's day and show them how much you care with a flower delivery.

However, we know that sometimes, those important occasions can sneak up on you. That's why we offer same-day delivery in Los Angeles.

Browse through our stunning selection of flowers and gifts, and place your order with us today.

Top 6 Tips for Sending Just Because Flowers December 03, 2018 08:03

Los Angeles FloristWhat better way to show that you're thinking of someone than by sending flowers for no particular reason at all? They're the flowers that aren't prompted by an anniversary. You're not sending a bouquet of roses because Valentine's Day is here. And they're not to wish someone a happy birthday either. You're sending flowers for the simple reason that it's a lovely thing to do.

Why wait for a special occasion to show someone how special they are to you? Put a smile on your loved one's face by sending them 'just because flowers'!

But, before you do, keep the following tips in mind to make sure that your flowers are the perfect 'just because' gift.

1. Make Sure They Really Are 'Just Because'

It might not be your partner's birthday or any other special occasion. But, before you send flowers 'just because', ask yourself what your motives are for sending them.

You shouldn't send flowers with a hidden agenda. If you feel guilty for cheating or hurting someone then flowers might help the situation. But, it is usually better to talk things through and to offer a more genuine heartfelt apology before your loved one is ready to accept flowers from you.

The act of sending flowers just because is meant to focus on how happy they will make the recipient feel. Whether it's because they're going through a tough time, or just because they love flowers, the gesture should come from a place of love.

2. Select the Right Flowers

Before you send your 'just because' bunch of flowers, consider the relationship you have with the recipient. What do they mean to you and what message do you want to send them by giving them flowers?

All flowers have different meanings and represent specific messages and occasions. An obvious one is the red rose, which is widely considered a symbol of romance. While it would be perfect to send red roses to your partner, they might not be appropriate for a married work colleague or your mother-in-law.

A good way to select the right flowers is to think about the recipient's personality and choose a flower accordingly. For example, freesias symbolize friendship and thoughtfulness, while protea represent transformation and courage.

3. Choose the Color Carefully

As well as choosing the right flowers, you also need to choose the right color. Some people can be particular about colors, and flowers are no exception.

Choosing flowers in a color they don't like might make your loved one think that you don't know them as well as they thought. Or, you might mistakenly choose a color that clashes with their interior decor.

If you know they love a particular color then that's a good start. And if you know they love a certain kind of flower in a particular color, such as pink peonies, even better.

If you're not sure about their preferences, white flowers are a safe choice. And white works well whether they're flowers for him or flowers for her. But, if you do go for white, avoid sending white lilies as these are usually associated with funerals.

4. Include a Special Note

When you send flowers just because, remember to let the recipient know who sent them with a special note.

Whether you order online or head down to your florist's shop to pick out a bouquet, you'll be able to add a personal message along with your flowers. Make sure that you address the recipient in your note, include a special heartfelt message, and then write your name at the bottom.

If you're at a loss for what to write, think about the recipient and what they mean to you. Have they been going through a tough time? Tell them that you're thinking of them and that you hope the flowers brighten up their day. Or are the flowers your way of showing someone you love them? If so, a simple, 'just because I love you' will go a long way.

5. Consider Where to Send Them

Sending flowers to your special someone's workplace is often convenient, and it's a great way to show them you're thinking of them.

But, you should bear in mind that it might embarrass them to receive a gift in front of their colleagues. He or she will likely be the center of attention for a good part of the day, especially if the flowers they receive are 'just because'.

Knowing the recipient, does that sound like something they would enjoy? Or would they feel awkward having people at their place of work know their private business?

Always consider who you're sending flowers to and what their reaction might be. And if you're not sure, arrange for the flowers to be delivered to the recipient's home after work.

6. Don't Expect Feedback

Your florist will confirm that your flowers have been successfully delivered, usually by email or SMS.

But, you shouldn't then call the recipient to find out their reaction. This will seem like you're expecting a pat on the back. Or, worse still, it might appear as though you sent flowers because you want something in return.

Your note will let the recipient know that you're the one who sent them flowers. Wait for them to call you to let you know their reaction.

Make Someone's Day By Sending Just Because Flowers

Whatever the non-occasion is, sending just because flowers is a unique and caring way to show your special someone that you're thinking of them.

So, don't wait for a birthday or anniversary to show you care. Instead, make an ordinary day special by sending flowers 'just because'. You might even inspire others to start doing the same. After all, we could certainly do with a lot more random acts of kindness in the world!

Thinking of sending someone flowers 'just because'? Contact us with any questions or queries about the perfect arrangement to show someone you care.

10 Best Smelling Flowers to Give as a Gift November 19, 2018 07:56

Los Angeles FloristWe've all heard the saying, "Take a minute to stop and smell the roses." While this a great saying, we do think it's a little unfair that roses get all the attention. After all, there are some other great smelling flowers out there that the world deserves to know about.

So, what are they?

Read on to learn about the ten best smelling flowers to give as a gift.

1. Lilies

There's a reason so many perfume and body care companies have so many lily scented products- because lilies smell so good.

While not all lilies have a strong smell, some can fill an entire room with their pleasant aroma.

Starfighter lilies are definitely the most powerful of all the lilies when it comes to smell. They have an extremely sweet aroma that almost makes you feel like you're taking a whiff of honey.

There's also Sonata lilies, which have a much more subtle, delicate smell than Starfighters.

2. Chocolate Cosmos

The Chocolate Cosmos flower is the perfect flower to give the chocolate lover in your life. This is because it smells like - you guessed it- chocolate.

However, the name of this vivacious red flower is a bit of a misnomer, as it actually has a strong vanilla scent to it as well.

This is a flower that is primarily found in Mexico. It is best to gift this flower during the summer months, as heat helps to bring out its powerful scent.

3. Frangipani

Funny name, serious scent.

The frangipani is a tropical flower that finds its home in Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, and the Pacific Islands. It is also the national flower of Nicaragua.

But, you will probably recognize this flower due to its use in leis, which are often given to tourists visiting Hawaii.

The Frangipani has a sweet smell to it which becomes more robust during the nighttime hours.

And, it's look is just as beautiful as its scent. When it blooms, the flower displays vibrant hues of yellow, pink, or white and red.

4. Peonies

Everyone's go-to summer flower, peonies also have a beautiful scent to them which makes them great to give as a gift.

Due to their fresh aroma, they are known for being one of the best smelling flowers around.

This flower has also been traced all the way back to use in ancient China for medical purposes, a fun fact to share with whoever you're giving these beautiful flowers to.

5. Jasmine Flower

Jasmine is also another flower with a scent that is used worldwide in health and beauty products.

This is a tiny flower that is native to the tropical regions of the world. When it blooms, it produces beautiful hues of yellow and white.

While these flowers are typically used in aromatherapies, teas, and ceremonies, they also make a great gift for a loved one who loves beautiful smelling flowers.

6. Sweet Pea

Another flower that is often used to make perfume fragrances, the sweet pea carry a light, yet at the same time wholesome, aroma to them.

Sweet peas are also great flowers to accompany other ones in a bouquet, as their scent and look complements many other types of flowers nicely.

A bouquet of flowers with some sweet peas mixed in is the perfect gift to give the flower lover in your life.

7. Gardenia

Gardenia is a flower that holds a waxy scent, and it is native to Australia, Africa, and South Asia.

Interestingly enough, this flower is also a member of the coffee family, and its namesake comes from the famous botanist, Alexander Garden.

Due to it's elegant and simple beauty, as well as its pleasant scent, this flower is often used in wedding ceremonies. Many parts of the world also use gardenia in perfumes, and the French use this flower to make boutonnieres.

8. Freesia

Does the person you're giving flowers to love fruity scents?

If so, then the freesia flower is the one to give them. Wine enthusiasts will also adore this flower, as some find that the fruity scent actually smells like wine.

While you won't get tipsy from smelling this beautiful flower, you will feel a happy buzz from the vivacious colors it produces.

You will see this flower come in nearly every color, from white to bright yellow to hot pink.

9. Hyacinth

Sweet, earthy, and robust.

No, we're not talking about a good bottle of wine. We're talking about the hyacinth flower.

Anyone who loves sweet things will adore the smell of the hyacinth flower. In fact, this flower is so sweet that it actually deters pests and animals who find its bright colors enticing.

The hyacinth is another great flower that looks absolutely stunning in a bouquet. This is the perfect flower to give as a sweet little pick me up for someone special in your life.

10. Four O'Clock

The odd name of this flower is named after its favorite time to bloom during the day- that is, during the early evening.

Odd name aside, this the four o'clock is a beautiful flower that anyone would love as a gift. It produces an intense fragrance once it blooms, and one plant can actually produce several different colors, from pink to yellow to white.

Best Smelling Flowers: Which One Will You Buy?

Now that you know about the best smelling flowers, all you need to decide is which ones to buy.

If you can't decide, we always encourage you to mix and match different flowers to make a beautiful bouquet.

If you have questions about putting together the perfect flower arrangement, be sure to contact us today.

Why Flowers are the Perfect Gift For Any Occasion November 06, 2018 09:14

Los Angeles FloristAre you needing to find a gift for someone special? Choosing the perfect gift can sometimes be tricky. After all, it can be a challenge knowing exactly what a loved one likes or wants, what size they might where, or what they already have or don't have. So what's the solution to this gift-giving predicament?

Fear not, you've come to the right place! Whether you're looking for gifts for women or gifts for men, almost everyone enjoys receiving flowers. Let's take a look at why these beautiful natural wonders make such great gift ideas.

Why Flowers are the Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

When in doubt about what kind of gift to give, give flowers. Read on to learn why flowers make the absolute perfect gift for any occasion.

There are Flowers for Any Budget

As with any other type of gift, you can certainly spend as much money on flowers as you want. But what if funds are tight at the moment and you have very little wiggle room in your budget? The good news is that you don't have to spend a fortune.

That's one of the beauty of buying flowers. They are available at a variety of price-points, so there's no need to get stressed out. Even an inexpensive bouquet is a great gift that will make a big splash. After all, sometime simple is better.

Anyone Can Enjoy Them

It's true. People love flowers. Even men. So it's hard to go wrong sending a bouquet or even a single rose, just to tell someone that you're thinking of them. And no matter who the gift is intended for, everyone around will be able to take advantage of the atmosphere that flowers instantly create.

They Look Great in any Room

Flowers not only make people happy, they instantly brighten any room while adding beauty, aroma and life. When there is a vase of gorgeous flowers on a desk or a table, it's hard to resist taking a moment to stop and enjoy the lovely colors and breathe in the unmistakably fresh aroma.

Flowers are naturally decorative, and often live for weeks.

There is a Perfect Flower for any Occasion

There is no shortage of occasions for giving flowers, and there's a perfect flower for every occasion. They make ideal gifts for girlfriend or wives, for the winter holidays like New Years and Christmas, for funerals or someone recovering from an illness, as a thank you or congratulations, or of course for Valentine's Day.

And nothing warms the heart more than giving flowers to that special someone in your life just as a way to say "I'm thinking of you".

One Size Fits All

Another great thing about giving a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a gift is you don't have to worry about picking out the right size. Other gifts, such as clothing or jewelry or shoes, can be tricky. But not flowers. They are always the right size!

Perfect for any Mood

No two days are the same, and while some days the sun is shining and the world feels like a beautiful place, the next day might be filled with rain and gloom. The same can be said of human emotions.

No matter a person's mood for the day, flowers have the power to lift your spirits and bring a smile to your face. They are simply impossible to resist. A vase full of roses or orchids can express deep love, serve as an apology, or tell your loved one that "I miss you and can't wait to see you again".

Flowers are Diet Friendly

There are certain occasions such as holidays when sweets are the traditional gift. Yet these days a lot of people have become much more health-conscious. There are also health concerns to consider such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and those on a strict gluten-free diet.

For these and other dietary reasons, it's often a good idea to skip the gift of sweets such as a box of chocolates in favor of a beautiful flower arrangement.

Flowers are Allergy Friendly

It's a common misconception that flowers cause allergic reactions such as uncontrollable sneezing. The reality is that while some types of flower do have heavy pollen, this isn't necessarily a significant threat to someone with allergies.

The good news is that certain types of flowers do not contain any pollen at all, and for those flowers that do, florists can often remove pollen upon request. So if this is a concern, contact your local florist to discuss possible options.

Each Kind of Flower Has a Special Meaning

Each type of flower has a long history with a story and meaning behind it. This history and meaning is what makes each kind special. Even the color of each flower has special significance.

Take the rose, for example. A red rose is traditionally associated with love, yet a yellow rose is symbolic of friendship. The more you learn about each type, the more special they become.

You Can Order Them From the Comfort of Home

We live in an age of total convenience. Giving a gift has never been easier. Thus the power to give flowers is right at your fingertips. There's no excuse not to brighten someone's day. Simply go online, find the perfect type of flower for the occasion, and click away.

It no longer matters the time of year or the time of day or night, placing your order is effortless and many orders can even be delivered not only the same day but often within hours.

The Power to Warm the Heart

Flowers are quite simply the perfect gift. They are beautiful, natural, and can say so many different things without having to say a word.

They are a special kind of gift that never go out of season. And with so many varieties to choose from, you can pick a different one for each and every occasion!

Click here to see the ultimate list of flower names and their meaning.

8 Most Popular Funeral Flowers And Why People Choose Them October 23, 2018 08:43

Los Angeles FloristEvery year, more than 2.7 million Americans die. When they do, they leave behind loved ones who are often devastated by the news of their deaths.  Did you just experience the death of someone important in your life? If so, you might be struggling to come to terms with it. You might also be wishing that there was a way you could show your loved one just how much you cared for and appreciated them one last time.

Fortunately, there is a way to do this. You can send funeral flowers to your loved one's funeral home. The flowers will be used to adorn their casket or urn during their funeral services.

Depending on which funeral flowers you choose, they'll also deliver a final message to your loved one. Here are the meanings behind the 8 most popular funeral flowers.

1. Lilies

Close your eyes and try to imagine what it smells like inside of a funeral home. Are you picking up on that familiar scent that usually hits you as soon as you set foot in a funeral home?

That smell is most likely the smell of lilies. Lilies are one of the most popular funeral flowers on the market today. They have a very strong and sweet smell to them that has turned them into a funeral home favorite.

People like more than just the smell of lilies. They also like what they represent. Most people believe that lilies symbolize a person's soul exiting their body and returning back to the state of innocence that it was in when the person was first born.

Lilies have also come to symbolize things like purity and radiance. You really can't go wrong when you send these to a loved one.

2. Roses

When you think about roses, you probably think about Valentine's Day and romantic love. Roses have become a symbol of love throughout the world over the course of time.

But roses are also used as funeral flowers quite a bit. They can be sent on their own or mixed into a larger arrangement or casket spray.

People send different colored roses to express different emotions. For example, they'll send red roses to represent love, yellow roses to represent friendship, and pink roses to represent gratefulness.

Choose the appropriate colored roses based on your relationship with the deceased.

3. Carnations

Much like roses, carnations come in all different colors, with each color symbolizing a different emotion.

You can find red carnations that stand for love and affection. You can also find white carnations that stand for innocence. There are even pink carnations that some people believe are made out of tears from the Virgin Mary, thus giving them a religious significance.

Regardless of what color carnations you choose, you can have them arranged in any way before they're delivered to a funeral home. They can be used to create wreaths, standing sprays, and other arrangements.

4. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are a little bit less popular than funeral flowers like lilies, roses, and carnations. But don't leave them out of the discussion when you're looking for the right funeral flowers.

The thought is that they're perfect for those wishing to express very strong and heartfelt emotions for someone who has died. They're also great for those who wish to choose something that'll stand out in the crowd since not everyone decides to go with them.

One tip: If you send hydrangeas to a funeral home, consider a hydrangea plant instead of individual flowers. It'll give the family of the deceased a chance to take them home and keep them.

5. Chrysanthemums

While most of the flowers on this list have universal meanings that stretch across the world, chrysanthemums are different. You wouldn't want to send chrysanthemums to a funeral home in Asia because they actually represent the idea of rebirth there and are often given to those throwing baby showers.

Here in the U.S., the meaning of chrysanthemums varies depending upon the color of the flowers. Red chrysanthemums usually represent love with white ones representing innocence.

6. Orchids

At this point, you might be picking up on a pattern as far as funeral flowers are concerned. Almost all of them symbolize love in some way.

Orchids keep that pattern going. If you want to show your love to someone who passed away recently, sending orchids to them is arguably the best way to do it.

7. Hyacinths

A lot of people who choose to send funeral flowers to a funeral home do so with some form of a flower arrangement. Rather than picking just one type of flower, they'll combine several of them together.

In the middle of funeral flower arrangements, you'll usually find hyacinths. They're very colorful flowers that pair nicely with tons of other flower types.

They're also supposed to let people know that you're praying for them and mourning their loss. Their bright pop of color will let the grieving family of the deceased know how much you care.

8. Tulips

Tulips are yet another type of funeral flower that comes in a range of colors with each color standing for a different emotion.

There are red tulips that represent love and white tulips that are associated with grace. You should feel free to mix and match the tulip colors to send a message to the deceased and their family.

Purchase Funeral Flowers for a Loved One Today

Picking out the right funeral flowers can be a lot harder than you might think. There are so many options, and since each one means something different, it's not always easy to find the right flowers to express the right emotions.

Work closely with a reputable florist to choose the flowers that will express your emotions best. Whether that means sending one big bouquet of roses or a combination of several different options, your flowers will look gorgeous when they arrive.

Check out our blog to discover other tips for picking out the perfect flowers for just about any occasion.

Bloom Meaning: How to Pick the Best Flowers for Congratulations October 01, 2018 08:26

Los Angeles FloristGiving someone a bouquet is a thoughtful and sincere way to acknowledge important moments in their life.Some of these moments might include things like high school or college graduations, getting a promotion at work, doing well at sports, becoming a grandparent, attaining a hard-earned achievement, and other successes.

What kind of flowers fits congratulatory events like these? To pick the right ones, you have to look at the bloom meaning.

Check out this guide to learn the best types of colors and flowers to congratulate someone on their success.

Why Do People Send Flowers for Congratulations?

Sending flowers conveys an expression of love or comfort. Many people buy flowers for their significant others on anniversaries, grieving friends and family after the death of a loved one, or people who have completed an important accomplishment.

How did it come to be this way?

You can trace the act of giving congratulatory flowers all the way back to Ancient cultures. In Greece, victories athletes received wreaths made of olive leaves after a win. They wore these wreaths on their heads to show off their accomplishments.

Charles II of Sweden believed each flower had their own meanings. He would send flower arrangements to express feelings in the 18th century.

Giving flowers become popular in the Victorian Era. At this time, many people considered expressing emotions like love in a public setting impolite. Because of this, people resorted to giving flowers instead.

The tradition of giving flowers to express emotion or celebrate a special occasion has continued on to this day.

The Meaning Behind Flower Colors

Every flower color portrays a different emotion. So before you pick out congratulatory flowers, you have to understand what these colors mean. Otherwise, you could end up sending someone romantic flowers by mistake.

Here's a quick breakdown of different flower colors and what they mean.


The color red symbolizes passion and vibrancy. That's why red flowers, red roses in particular, are perfect for romantic settings. They express emotions like admiration, respect, courage, and desire.


Because orange is so bold, this color represents excitement and enthusiasm. Orange flowers contain a lot of energy, so they're a perfect color to put in your celebratory bouquet.


Another good congratulations color, yellow flowers convey a strong sense of pride and success. But yellow also symbolizes friendship and joy. If you're getting ready to congratulate a close friend, you might want to pick some yellow flowers.


The color green makes people think of things like health and growth. These types of flowers are often a wish for good luck and a healthy life.


These comforting flowers are beautiful, but they aren't the right fit for congratulation flowers. When it comes to flowers, the color blue is a sign to relax, distress, and takes things slow. Blue flowers are all about peace and calm.


Purple flowers have a gentle, delicate, and old-fashioned feel. But they also represent grace, femininity, and sophistication. They fit in place with modern floral arrangements.


While pink is also a romantic color, it doesn't have the same desire or passion as a strong red. Pink flowers express feelings of joy, innocence, gentleness, grace, and love.


White flowers can take on several different emotions. Depending on how you arrange them, white flowers can be a symbol of humility and innocence or gentleness and sympathy.

The Best Type of Flowers for Congratulations

When you're picking the color of your congratulatory flowers, you should stay away from softer colors like purples, blues, and whites. Congratulations are exciting and successful times, so you want your bouquet to be vibrant and cheerful.

Colors like orange and yellow are the best choice for congratulatory flowers. Though these colors should be the focus, you can always include other colors along with them.

But once you pick the color, you have to choose the right kind of flowers too. Because every flower conveys a different meaning, we've put together a quick list of the best congratulations flowers you can give.

Irises: These flowers represent feelings of admiration, courage, and hope. This makes them a great choice for cheering people on and recognizing a success.

Jasmine: Giving someone a bundle of jasmine is like saying, "Good luck!" It's an encouraging gesture when taking a new step in life.

Orange Tiger Lilies: Orange tiger lilies show pride. For example, a parent might send their child orange tiger lilies after graduating from college.

Peruvian Lilies: These flowers show your friendship and devotion toward another person. Peruvian lilies are a good way to say congratulations to someone you know well.

Heather: When you give someone heather, you're telling them you admire what they've done. And you're wishing them luck on the next stage of their journey.

Yellow Poppies: A common symbol of prosperity, luxury, and success are yellow poppies.

Gladiolus: Gladiolus represent strength and integrity. You might give these flowers to someone who has shown strength in a stressful or difficult situation. While orange and yellow are always good colors for congratulations, you can also find gladiolus flowers that in red, green, purple, and pink.

Orange Roses: Remember, orange is enthusiastic. These are energetic flowers that convey feelings of passion and excitement.

Yellow Roses: Yellow roses represent friendship, but they also have a positive effect on your mood. These flowers can make people feel happy and energetic.

Hibiscus: These flowers symbolize seizing the moment. Because of this, they're a great addition to any congratulations bouquet.

Yellow Tulips: When you want to send someone cheerful thoughts, you should send them yellow tulips. These flowers will express happiness and lift their spirits.

Pink Tulips: While pink tulips also portray a sense of happiness, they represent strength and confidence as well.

Consider Bloom Meaning when Picking Congratulation Flowers

All flowers are beautiful, but there's a big difference between sympathetic flowers and congratulatory flowers. Seeing that difference comes down to understanding the bloom meaning. Every type of flower represents their own emotions, and each color expresses their own feelings.

So make sure you pay attention to the color and kind of flower when you're putting together a congratulatory bouquet. You don't want to send the wrong flowers at the wrong times.

Are you searching for the best congratulations bouquet? Take a look at some of our options.

How to Pick the Most Fragrant Types of Flowers for Your Bridal Bouquet September 19, 2018 06:22

Los Angeles FloristWhen it comes to planning a wedding, most people focus on making sure the decor looks perfect - selecting the right music, and choosing the best menu options for the reception. But, what often gets overlooked is filling the ceremony with the perfect fragrance.

A wedding is a full sensory event. And picking the types of flowers that will fill your day with storytelling aroma is an important part to include.

But how do you go about choosing the right fragrance? And which perfumed blooms are the best ones to use in your bouquet?

Let's look at the best way to pick the most fragrant flowers for your bridal bouquet and all throughout your special day.

Know What Tone You Want to Set

Scent is closely tied with memory. So you want to pick a fragrance that will set the tone and tell the story you want people to remember.

Do you want it to center around your personal favorite scent? Or have it tie in with the season, such as spring or Christmas? What about centering it around a theme?

Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects the setting and memory you want your special day to be about.

Here are some popular general themes you can incorporate into your bridal bouquet.


For the traditionalist at heart, your wedding is all about romance. And nothing says romance quite like roses.

Roses offer a sweet aroma. But with the variety of roses to choose from, there are also a variety of scents that are slightly different. Some can smell as sweet as candy, while others are more on the soft side.

Your florist will know which way to guide you in picking out the perfect rose fragrance.


If you need something to calm your nerves or want a more laid back feeling to your day, choose a flower that has a soothing effect.

Lavender is a perfect choice for this. Whether it's used dried or fresh, it will smell and look great no matter how you use it.

A calming fragrance will have the opposite effect on your brain than caffeine. This helps you to relax and keep you calm throughout the ceremony.


Or maybe you want your wedding to be a more upbeat affair. If that's the case, you want to choose something that will inject some rejuvenating energy into the air!

Eucalyptus is a good choice for this. Its fragrance is known to be fresh and induce some pep in your step.


If you want to keep the feel of your wedding delicate and feminine, you want a flower that has a soft, romantic scent. It should also look dainty in your bouquet which should be petite and not overwhelming.

You'll want a flower like Lilly of the Valley. This bloom has a short stem and is perfect for the smaller bouquet or as an accent.

And the smell is as delicate and feminine as the flower itself.


If you like the unexpected, choose a flower that has a unique scent to it.

For example, stocks have a sweet scent, but also add a bit of spice to the mix. They can inject an unexpected personality into any wedding atmosphere.

They also have great color and add volume to your bridal bouquet.

Think Outside the Floral Box

Flowers don't have to be the only fragrant part of your bouquet. For even more variety, look toward other options to add a unique smelling twist to your arrangement.

Do you have a favorite herb? Using something like mint can add an unexpected bit of zest to your bouquet.

Or maybe earthy scents are more your thing. Geranium leaves, for example, not only brings an earthy amora with it, it also gives a contrast of color and texture.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

Fragrant flowers don't have to be expensive. You can stick to your budget and still fill your wedding with your favorite scent. Perfumed blooms come in every price range.

For tight budgets, freesia, lavender, and hyacinth are great choices.

If there's a bit more wiggle room, Lily of the Valley, lilac, sweet pea, and tuberose are great middle range blooms.

And if you set your flower budget at the higher end, you can choose from flowers such as peonies, gardenia, patience garden roses, and magnolia.

Mix It Properly

Combining different scents is a great way to customize your fragrance and ensure you get the exact feel you want.

However, remember that not all fragrances will play nicely together. You want to make sure you choose flowers that will complement one another, not be in conflict. The last thing you want to create is an overpowering arrangement.

To know which combinations work best together, talk to your florist. They will be able to give you suggestions on the best types of flowers and fragrances to mix and match.

An example would be mint and hyacinth. Or garden roses and jasmine. These combinations work perfectly with each other and won't overpower your walk down the aisle.

Use Them in the Right Places

Your bouquet is a great spot to place fragrant flowers. Not only will you get to enjoy it as you walk down the aisle, so will everyone you pass.

But it's not the only place to use fragrance.

Consider having a wreath or arrangement near the entrance, greeting guests as they arrive. Place flowers in the seating area for your guests to enjoy throughout the ceremony. Or anywhere you want your story told through fragrance.

Just make sure your flowers are in an open area and it's not too much or overpowering. Some flowers pack a more potent scent than others. Your florist can help you decide on the right amount and flower for your particular space.

And leave the fragrant flowers off of the dinner tables at the reception. You don't want their scent to compete with the food.

Choosing the Right Types of Flowers to Add Fragrance to Your Wedding Can Make All the Difference

Your wedding is about you, your partner, and your story together. And telling that story through the types of flowers you pick, and their fragrance, will ensure your story is remembered by all those who share in your special day.

Have questions on how to tell your particular story through fragrance? Click here to contact us today!

10 Romantic Flowers to Send Besides Roses September 12, 2018 07:09

Los Angeles FloristEvery woman loves to receive flowers. It's an extremely romantic gesture regardless of the occasion. And although roses are always a favorite, they are not the only romantic type of flower that ladies enjoy being given. You might be surprised by the wide variety of flowers that inspire romance to bloom in the hearts of both men and women. If you have plans for a romantic occasion, you might be wondering what kind of flowers to consider other than roses.

Let's take a look at a few beautiful choices that you should place at the top of your list.

10 Romantic Flowers to Send Besides Roses

Whether it's your anniversary or Valentine's Day, make sure to send the most romantic flowers you can. And they don't always have to be roses. Continue reading for a list of 10 gorgeous flowers to send that aren't roses.

1. Magnolia

Magnolias are almost magical in their ability to find their way directly to the heart of that special someone in your life. This flower has gorgeous blossoms that create the ultimate romantic atmosphere.

Nothing is quite as stunning as an arrangement of large magnolias in soft colors to set the mood for true love and passion.

2. Jasmine

Jasmine is a petite flower that is typically associated with grace and beauty. It would be hard to beat these flowers as a way to express your the depth of your love. And you really don't need a special reason to give a bouquet of Jasmine, just knowing you were thinking of them is enough.

3. Orchids

The orchid represents seduction, and thus this is a flower that will truly impress your partner. More exotic and delicate than other romantic flowers, orchids represent luxury and symbolize love, hope, and luck.

These flowers are ideal to give on Valentine's Day or for a birthday.

4. Lilies

Lilies are the perfect choice for creating an atmosphere of romance and love. Nothing sets a dramatic background better than these flowers. A bouquet of lilies will undoubtedly put a smile on your sweetheart's face and provide memories that will last a lifetime.

Asiatic Lilies are available in a myriad of vibrant colors and are often allergy-free. The Stargazer Lily is an especially bold choice for birthdays or Valentine's, and these bright, beautiful flowers also represent wealth and prosperity.

5. Geranium

If your goal is to bring a smile to your lover's face, you could do far worse than giving the gift of a bunch of gorgeous geraniums. They have a low level of pollens, thus are less likely to cause irritation or sniffles.

These breathtaking flowers symbolize a fresh beginning, so perhaps geraniums would make the perfect choice for taking your relationship to the next level.

6. Tulips

Tulips are the perfect flower choice for the happy-go-lucky person in your life. The colors are bright and cheerful, representing the arrival of spring. Though tulips only bloom for 3-7 days, these flowers are aphrodisiacs and conjure romantic fantasies.

Giving a bouquet of tulips to your special someone is an ideal way to create a magical spark for just about any occasion you might dream up.

7. Carnations

Carnations have a reputation for being romantic and playful. Known for their intoxicating fragrance, this flower fills the air with the aroma of love. This is one of our top picks for Valentine's week or for the first romantic evening together.

This is the flower for the month of January. While pink carnations represent admiration and white carnations represent the purity of love, we suggest giving pastel carnations as a gift for the more introverted or subdued person in your life.

8. Alstroemeria

This flower is a wonderful way to express your love on Valentine's Day. The alstroemeria comes from the lily family and is gently scented. A symbol of friendship and devotion, these flowers make a bold statement in any room.

Often referred to as the "Peruvian lily", this flower in pink or red is perfect for anniversaries, or on any other occasion to show your partner how much you care.

9. White Chrysanthemum

This flower symbolizes joy and optimism, and dates all the way back to the 15th Century, B.C. In many cultures, chrysanthemums represent perfection, and as such can be given as a gift to express the perfection of your sweetheart.

Yellow mums are often given by a secret admirer, while red mums can be symbolic of sharing and love.

The chrysanthemum is a perennial flower, making it a great addition to your garden. The blooms peak in autumn just as summer flowers begin to fade.

10. Sunflower

A bouquet of sunflowers is bright, beautiful, and happy. This makes it ideal as an uplifting gift to a loved one on Valentine's Day.

Sunflowers are long-lasting and easy to care for, providing weeks of beauty and enjoyment. And although they are often considered more rustic and not overtly romantic, they are the perfect expression of pure adoration.

Ordering a large bouquet of sunflowers and arranging them in separate vases through your home is a splendid way of brightening the house for the holidays. You can also plant them outside, where they will attract a vast array of birds to your yard after the flowers have ripened and the seeds are ready.

Romance In Full Bloom

Nothing creates an atmosphere of love like romantic flowers. Whether you choose a single flower bouquet or the biggest bouquet of flowers you can find, beautiful flowers are the ultimate expression of romance.

The gorgeous flowers on this list prove that you don't need roses to make a huge impact on your partner. Each of these flowers is unique, as is the love of your life, and thus the flower you choose should reflect his or her most special qualities.

Flowers will always be associated with romance, so we invite you to take your romantic occasions to the next level by choosing flowers that demonstrate the love the two of you share in your hearts for each other.

8 Stylish Boutonniere Trends to Watch for in 2019 September 05, 2018 10:06

Los Angeles FloristAll weddings should be as unique as the love they celebrate. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind boutonniere that is also trendy, keep reading.From rustic cool to whimsically elegant, here are eight unique and stylish boutonniere ideas to fit your perfect day.

1. Texture

Boutonnieres no longer have to be simple and boring. Adding texture to various parts of wedding accents is huge right now, and we're loving the texturized boutonniere look.

Adding texture so your boutonniere really pops and is alive for the big day is easy. You can add texture by incorporating berries, succulents, and greenery that is flowy, soft, textured, and fresh.

You can also add texture with non-floral accents. Add pins to the boutonniere such as a gold arrow or another symbol that is special to your love or friendship.

Adding unique types of fabric to the arrangement also will add texture. Check out how to incorporate burlap, twine, and more below.

2. Succulents

From home interior decorating to gardening and now weddings, succulents are everywhere in 2018. They are beautiful, different, elegant, and easy to care for. They can live without water for days without wilting, which means you can create arrangements ahead of time.

Another great thing about succulents is their versatility. The most popular themes using succulents right now are Bohemian, classic/timeless, elegant, and whimsical wedding styles, but succulents can work for any wedding style and look great with any type of bouquet and boutonniere.

Eucalyptus, dusty miller, lavender, balsawood flowers, protea, berries, and cotton all make excellent pairings for succulents.

3. Cotton

If you're looking for the perfect touch for a rustic, winter, woodland, or whimsical wedding, then look no further than cotton. A cotton boutonniere is a great way to be different and stunning.

You can add small young cotton pieces for a little bit of vibrancy and texture. Or, you can choose to make cotton the main show with a ready-to-harvest large centerpiece.

For fall weddings, cotton looks great with wheat, pussy willow, mini lotus pods, silver brunia berries, forest or bright green succulents, and willow branches. Add some twine or burlap for the ultimate "cotton-picking" showdown.

For winter weddings, cotton can be paired with tallow berries, holly berries, cedar, pine, pinecones, and greenery. Burgandy princess pine looks especially stunning next to cotton.

4. Burlap or Twine

Adding burlap or twine to your boutonniere is the perfect extra touch for rustic or woodland weddings (and for any season). The most popular way to incorporate rustic fabrics is by wrapping the stems in burlap or twine.

Another way is to use burlap flowers in place of live florals for the boutonniere. These look great, especially on a herringbone jacket, and can save you a lot of money, too.

5. Berries

Berries are everywhere in 2018 wedding florals. And they're not just used for winter weddings anymore either.

Green berries are perfect for spring and summer weddings. Pair them with gum leaves and additional greenery.

For whimsical and elegance, the light colors of snowberries and white hypericum berries can be used with succulents or a large open bloom for any season. They really pop against dark suits.

Red berries, of course, go great in winter boutonnieres. However, they can also fit a fall wedding, too. Pair them with fall flowers and accents such as acorns, wheat, and rustic fabrics.

For spring and summer, a great way to celebrate the life of the seasons is with edible berries added to the boutonniere. Raspberries, viburnum berries, and blackberries are just some berry-fun ideas to consider.

Dark privet berries provide a lovely alternative to red berries for fall and winter styles. They look great with acorns and seeded eucalyptus.

6. Evergreen

For a woodsy wedding, evergreen makes an enchanting statement.

Evergreen placed as the base flora of the boutonniere is a great way to add greenery without settling for the typical leaves. Evergreen works well with white flowers, red berries, pine cones, and rustic ties.

You don't only have to use evergreen for winter weddings though. They can fit into any season, especially with boho, woodsy, rustic, and fairy-tale-inspired weddings.

7. Herbs

If you really want to be creative and smell wonderful, incorporate herbs into your floral arrangements. You can even make the boutonnieres yourself with various herbs and greenery.

Herbs like rosemary, mint, juniper, cinnamon, sage, and lavender make great boutonnieres alone or paired with wildflowers and wild greenery. Herbal arrangement fits any season, too.

If you want to really be organized, choose herbs that are used throughout the season and wedding. For example, mint and cinnamon are nice for a winter wedding where their warm flavors and smells are in the air. You can even serve minty drinks and desserts to match.

On the other end, a summer or spring wedding calls for lighter notes such as lavender and sage.

8. Grains and Hops

Grains and hops aren't just for making beer. They are natural elements you can add to your boutonnieres and other arrangements for a wedding that no one will forget. They are fetching for rustic and woodsy weddings. In addition, they are great for adding texture and neutrals.

The best grains for boutonnieres include wheat, barley, and gin. Hopps also add a unique element and green texture.

Grains and hops look nice with lavender and other herbs, as well as soft flowers such as baby's breath and small wildflowers.

Let us Make your Stylish Boutonniere Dreams Come True

As you can see, the options for a unique and trendy boutonniere to fit your perfect day are endless. Whatever style and pieces you desire, we can make it happen.

At Socal Petals, we offer floral services for all your wedding needs. From boutonnieres to bouquets to centerpieces and more, we listen to what you want and create arrangements based on your needs and picture.

Check out some of the boutonnieres we have made for our couples in the past. Contact us today to set up a meeting with one of our experts.

Tips for Choosing Get Well Flowers for Patients August 30, 2018 06:55

Los Angeles FloristThere are 136 million hospital visits in the United States alone per year. When a family member or friend is in the hospital, it's an emotional and difficult time. We know you want to make your loved one's stay in the hospital as comfortable and easy as possible.

Getting flowers for patients is a surefire way to ensure that they feel loved, but choosing the right flowers can put a lot of stress on you. Choosing the right type of flowers can help say exactly what you're thinking and put your patient's mind at ease.

Tips for Getting Flowers for Patients

Getting flowers for your loved ones in the hospital is easy when local flower shops have arrangements made for hospital delivery. All you have to do is choose from the specific hospital care package. If you decide to choose other flowers, keep some key things in mind.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

When you want to make a grand gesture to help someone feel better, it seems like getting a huge bouquet of flowers is a good idea. Going big and bold might seem like the best approach to bring cheer, but it can actually get in the way of the efforts of the hospital staff.

A small bouquet made out of flowers that face the front so that they can rest against the wall will be the least intrusive option for your flowers. There might not be any area in the room suitable for a large bouquet, anyway, depending on the medical equipment necessary for your loved one.

Do Your Research

Some hospitals have banned balloons and flowers altogether. Burn units, maternity wards, and intensive care are all likely candidates for not allowing gifts like these in the room.

Before you waste your money and send flowers to a room that won't let them in, do research and call the hospital to see if they allow room delivery.


When you're buying your flowers, make sure you select ones that are allergy-free. Even if you're sure that your recipient doesn't have any flower allergies, someone in the staff or another visitor might have an allergy.

You'll also want to do a thorough inspection of the flowers that you're sending if you're able to see them in person. If your flowers have any bugs or pests on them, they're going to cause a disruption at the hospital. You also want to assess if your flowers have any dirt on them that you can remove.

It's always a safe bet to wash your flowers with water to remove the possibility of anything you don't want on them getting into the hospital.

Don't choose flowers that have an overwhelming scent. Strong smells can derail recovery and interfere with hospital operations. You'll want to steer clear of freesia, lilies, and lilacs especially. Sunflowers, daffodils, and irises are always safe choices for your arrangement and are vibrant colors that help to cheer up the room.

Stick to the Stems

Choose flowers with woody stems in your bouquets. These stems are less likely to get soggy as quickly as traditional stems. The hospital staff won't have to spend as much time changing the water as much as they would with other flowers.

You can also request floral foam for the arrangement, which will help to hold the water more effectively. In general, you want your bouquet to give the hospital as little trouble as possible so that they can care for your loved one and not for the flowers.

Durable Vase

If you get a cheap vase that can break easily, chances are it will break. It's easy for the glass to get knocked off the table with the hustle and bustle of the room. Go for thicker glass or plastic if you have the option.

Go a Different Route

If you don't want to worry about a vase breaking, you can get a houseplant for your hospitalized friend instead. They'll last longer and won't be as disruptive to the hospital staff.

You can also choose to send the flowers home instead of to the hospital to avoid breaking any vases.

A Pop of Color

A cheery color can actually help someone feel better when they're recovering. Studies show that fresh cut flowers help give people energy. They were also shown to decrease feelings of anxiety and depression, symptoms that are common when dealing with hospital visits.

Flowers make people feel less negative overall and boost enthusiasm. The more colorful your flowers are, the better - that vibrancy will cheer your hospital patient friend right up.

Know Where They Go

To deliver the flowers to the patient, you have to know some key things to make sure the flowers get there - especially if you're not delivering them in person. You'll also have to know the room number where they're staying in advance.

You must know the full name of the patient, and the full address of the hospital. Some hospitals also have delivery hours, so you should be sure that you're getting in that window.

Pick Them Fresh

When you're choosing flowers as gifts for people in the hospital, you want to get them the best of the best. One way to be sure you're doing that is to order them from an experienced team of professionals with excellent reviews.

There's nothing worse than taking the time to get the perfect flowers for patients and have them arrive disheveled and wilting. That's why you should pick up your flowers at Peach Tree Petals. You'll get the freshest flowers available with the most well thought out bouquets and personal designs. Check out our most popular arrangements and brighten your loved one's day!

Rose Colors and Their Meaning: Are You Sending the Right Roses? August 22, 2018 06:48

Los Angeles Florist"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet..." One of the most iconic and classic flowers known to man is none other than the rose. Whether it's a single flower or an entire bouquet, sending a rose or a bouquet of roses is one of the most formal and meaning-packed gestures a person can make.

But what...uh...what, exactly is the meaning you're packing here?

You might already know that each color rose stands for a different feeling or message--but just what are each of the colors meant to convey?

Before you wrap up your flower order, take a second to look over the meanings of these different rose colors to be sure you're sending flowers that'll send just the right message!

Red Roses

Probably one of the most widely-understood rose colors is red. If you've always thought the red rose signified love and passion, then you nailed it!

Historically, red has always represented feelings of deep sincerity, passion and admiration--from a whole dozen red roses to a single scarlet stem, you really can't go wrong with expressing your passion through these gorgeous red blossoms.

Want to express to your significant other how head-over-heels you are for them? Pick up a bunch of red roses and you're sure to have them convinced!

White Roses

A bit less commonly known rose color meaning is white--does it stand for purity? More love? Grief?

If you guessed that a white rose is usually meant to represent innocence and new beginnings, then you guessed right again!

White roses are perfect as a classic wedding flower, or for any other occasion celebrating coming-of-age and purity, like a child's party or bar-mitzvah. You could also pull a Kanye West and send a huge white rose arrangement to your best frenemy, Taylor Swift; thoughts?!

Pink Roses

Perhaps some of the sweetest blooms out there, pink roses are actually known as the "thank you" flower!

Most naturally pink roses come in a soft blush color that gives off an air of innocence, sincerity, and grace.

If you're looking for the perfect way to say "thank you," "I love you," and "I appreciate you" all at once, think about sending a pretty little pink bouquet.

Orange Roses

One of the more uncommon hues of roses (though often some of the most beautiful!) are orange.

Orange roses can be used to signify excitement, encouragement, and curiosity!

The overall energy of the orange rose makes it super versatile; consider sending orange roses as a congratulatory gesture to someone embarking on a new job or other opportunity, or even in a fresh relationship when you may not be quite ready to say "I love you," but you're dying to show you care!

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are one of the more...confusing hues the world of roses has to offer.

While many recognize the yellow rose as being symbolic of friendship or joy, yellow roses are often seen as a symbol of jealousy, infidelity, or possession. Pretty opposite meanings, huh?

When it comes to yellow roses, you may want to stay away from sending these to a lover or partner, just in case they might be interpreted as a negative gesture! Think about sending roses to a friend who's particularly smitten with the color yellow, and who'll understand that you mean, "Hey, thanks for your friendship! You make me happy!"

Lavender Roses

Another under-appreciated color of rose is the lavender rose!

Lavender roses are usually emblematic of playful enchantment or love-at-first-sight. The sweet, understated-but-gorgeous hue of the lavender rose is the perfect way to show someone how charmed you are by them.

The lavender rose is the perfect way to suggest you'd like to see someone again--and that you'll be thinking of them every moment until you do. They can also make a friendly suggestion that you'd like to move on from the friend zone, please!

Green Roses

Some of the most striking of all the world's blooms are bright green roses, which are often used to signify growth.

Makes sense, right? When things on Earth are bright and green and vibrant, we know they're growing.

Any time someone in your life is embarking on a new beginning or adventure, consider sending along a bright pop of green roses. This shows support and confidence in the recipient and in all the ways you're sure they'll grow through their newest adventure.

Black Roses

Often seen as one of the more somber, sinister colors of the rose is black--which is, as you might already know, typically used to communicate grief or loss.

Black roses are, of course, appropriate in times of sympathy, but they can also be used in times of happier endings or farewells, too.

Some endings are good things; if someone in your life finally puts to rest that ancient car they've been pushing around as long as you've known them, or celebrates something else they're happy to be rid of, think about sending black roses as a quirky and beautiful "bye-bye"!

Rainbow Roses

While Shakespeare may not necessarily approve of the modern twist on the classic rose, the rainbow-colored or other mixed-hue rose can be a lovely and charming take on the flower that's perfect for lots of occasions.

Since the rainbow rose isn't as much of a traditional bloom, its meaning is pretty free for you to decide! This flower is bright, playful, and obviously full of joy.

Rainbow roses can work really well as a "Get Well Soon" gesture since they bring such bright and cheery colors wherever they go. Or maybe the rainbow rose feels like the perfect gift for a small child or teacher--whatever the occasion, rainbow roses are sure to brighten their recipient's day.

Want More on Rose Colors?

The world of rose colors is pretty fascinating, huh?

Roses can be such a classic and meaningful symbol for anything from romantic love to a vote of confidence. It's no wonder you've chosen to send some to a loved one!

For more on rose colors and the best bouquets for you, check out our gorgeous arrangements and color options!

Affordable Wedding Flowers That Look Amazing in Bouquets August 16, 2018 07:25

Los Angeles FloristPlanning a wedding is one of the most magical times of your life -- but it can also be the most stressful. Between budgeting for the venue and keeping track of the guest list, how are you supposed to find the right flowers for your bouquets and centerpieces?

Flowers are a cost that can sneak up on you if you're not careful. Although, it's not like you can just have a wedding without them! The good news is there are plenty of options for affordable wedding flowers out there.

All you have to do is find them. Here's your ultimate guide to creating beautiful bouquets on a tight budget.

Estimate How Much You Can Spend

Before you start looking at cheap wedding flower packages, you should have an idea of what "cheap" means. How much money can you afford to spend on flowers?

You may be surprised to find there's more money in your budget than you originally thought. Or, you might have to crunch the numbers a little more to get a spending amount you're happy with.

Either way, you can't understand what affordable wedding flowers are without this number in mind. A certain arrangement might seem cheap until you compare it to your budget, while another option might give you room to upgrade a few details.

Research the Cost of Different Flowers

Once you've double-checked your budget, it's time to have some fun. Start gathering flower arrangement inspiration. Make a list of everything you'd like to have -- like your bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres for the men, and arrangements for the tables.

Keep in mind you may have to compromise a few things. However, it could all work out if you find the right flower to make everything happen. A few lovely, inexpensive wedding flowers are listed below.


Carnations are popular for how long they last and how beautiful they look in tall arrangements. They have a tall, sturdy stem which is perfect for table settings as well as handheld items.

Still, there's a delicateness of the petals worth mentioning. As strong as these flowers are, the serrated set up of the petals adds a feminine touch to their look.


Hydrangeas are another option for affordable wedding flowers. Their petals are distinct from carnations, coming in large flower heads with a traditional formation rather than a serrated look.

This means you can get plenty of table arrangments out of a handful of hydrangeas. The large heads help you spread your budget for all the flower designs you'd like to have. The only catch is hydrangeas are sensitive once they're cut, but you can usually give them some life with more water and gentle care.


Lilies are another lovely option for wedding flowers. Not only are they affordable and eye-catching, but they're outright breathtaking.

These add a sense of sophistication and class to any wedding. They will look great if you have a sleek silhouette on your dress or if you're trying to create a simple wedding that still wow's the crowd.


Alstroemerias look like little lilies. They come in many more colors and they're a bit leafier, which helps create texture when setting up flower arrangements.

This flower looks great with traditional lilies or mixed with wildflowers. There are plenty of options you can play with to get the right look at a great price.

Baby's Breath

Speaking of mixing flowers and adding texture, don't forget about baby's breath! A little bit of this flower family can go a long way.

While baby's breath isn't necessarily show-stopping on its own, it's a beautiful complement to many kinds of flowers. A little bit of this helps make your bouquets and arrangements look bigger and full of life on your special day.

Think About Your Theme

Keep your wedding's theme in mind while considering all the options for affordable wedding flowers. The last thing you want to do is have soft blue bridesmaids dresses with bright red or yellow bouquets.

Try to make your wedding colors match as best as possible. This doesn't mean everything has to be an exact match, but it shouldn't be a sharp contrast, either.

This goes for the overall mood as well as the color. It doesn't really make sense to have a cozy backyard wedding with lavish flower arrangements everywhere or to go all-out on every part of the wedding then skimp on the flowers.

Also, think about what certain flowers signify and whether your wedding is outside or inside. Such details will help you choose between large arrangements or simple pieces that are easier to take care of.

Put All the Pieces Together

The final part of the flower shopping process is to put all the pieces together. Almost all arrangements will be a mix of flowers rather than one single kind placed throughout the wedding.

This creates a unique, elegant design that is a true reflection of the special love between you and your partner. Pay special attention to everything from the ribbon color for your bouquet to the width of the bow and the fabric it's made with. Take note of what you'll need to make the flowers look full and absolutely beautiful.

Not to mention, make sure your wedding florist and your wedding planner are on the same page! This ensures the process goes as smooth as possible from the moment you decide what you want to the day-of delivery and set up the process.

Set the Stage for Your Dream Wedding with Affordable Wedding Flowers

Everyone daydreams about their wedding from time to time, but it's a much different experience when you're planning the real thing. While classic wedding stress and jitters are sure to hit you, the actual celebration is sure to be everything you ever wanted and more.

Make it a dream come true with the right affordable wedding flowers. Use the tips above to help you find the best flowers for a great deal.

Better yet, get a wedding florist to help you sort out all the details! Click here to schedule your wedding consultation with SoCal Petals.

10 Most Expensive Flowers in the World August 09, 2018 07:43

Los Angeles FloristA beautiful bouquet of flowers is a gift as old as time. Flowers have always been a highly valued as gestures of appreciation and decoration. They're even good for one's mental health. Affordable and appropriate for almost any occasion, they are and always will be an easy and amazing purchase.

For some people though, affordable flowers aren't good enough. There are certain types of flowers that can be incredibly tough on the wallet but might be worth it for their eye-catching beauty, radiance, and exclusivity.

If you've got an eye for nice things, read on and as we detail the ten most expensive flowers available in the world.

10. Gloriosa

Native to South Africa and some parts of Asia, this flower has a striking, bright-red appearance. Its bloom is unique, growing long tendrils that change color over the length of the flower. The leaves of this plant can grow up to an incredible three meters long, making it one big flower.

The Gloriosa does have medical use in some functions, it can also be deeply poisonous and cause skin irritation. An average gloriosa flower can go for $10 on the market.

9. Hydragena

The hydrangea flowers have a very unique, bulbous appearance, making them a popular pick for weddings, showers, and other events. Visually, they appear almost as colorful cotton balls and grow in a cluster off of bush-like plants.

They are delicate and sell for up to $7 a stem, making bouquets a pricey affair. This doesn't stop their popularity, however, as they are one of the more commonly purchased flowers in the world.

8. Lisianthus

This incredible lavender flower is fragrant and colorful, but also fragile. The fragile nature of the lisianthus prompts its value. Though they bloom beautiful, lisianthus flowers can only last a short period of time once cut, making it a difficult flower to sell and a rare one to find.

They can be pricey, ranging between $20 and $35 for one bundle.

7. Lily of the Valley

This famed and sweetly scented flower is worth a pretty penny. You may have seen it most recently in the Royal Wedding, where Kate Middleton's bridal bouquet consisted almost solely of this flower.

The Lily of the Valley can cost up to $50 per bundle. Though it looks cute and sweet, it can be highly poisonous. It's a frequent choice for high-class weddings and symbolizes humility, sweetness, and purity of heart.

6. The Oriental Lily

The reason this particular flower is so highly coveted has to do with its growth process. They are pricey because it can take several years for them to bloom to their full blooming size, and they can be very fragile.

Colorful and exuberant in appearance, the oriental lily is an elegant addition to any arrangement. They're also wonderful at keeping a room smelling wonderful and inviting. A fully bloomed oriental lily can be between six and eight inches in size, and a bundle can cost up to $50. The flower can be found in various colors, most frequently yellow, white and pink.

5. Saffron

A huge jump in price from the previous options, saffron is easily one of the most expensive flowers in the world. The saffron flower is used for producing saffron spice, an expensive spice used by chefs and cooks around the entire world.

To be able to extract 450 grams of dry saffron, harvesters must reap over 50,000 flowers, all by hand. This can be long and difficult work, making the flower and the spice it produces highly coveted and expensive. Saffron spice alone can cost anywhere between $500 and $5000 per pound.

4. Gold of Kinabalu Orchid

This particular orchid, also referred to as Rothchild's orchid, wasn't even discovered until 1987. The rare flower was found in the rainforests that surround Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia. It is an incredibly unique flower because it holds its petals in a horizontal fashion and can take a lengthy fifteen years to fully bloom.

Gold of Kinabula is one of the most expensive flowers in the world, catching a fee of up to five thousand dollars per stem. Its rarity-- it only blooms in a small month window in the spring, and only at very particular altitudes-- has made it a coveted item on the black market for flower-collectors.

3. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

Another expensive orchid is actually not even of the natural world. The Shenzhen Nongke orchid was actually man-made, as some flowers are. It was created by scientists at the Shenzhen Nongke University. It took eight years of heavy research to be able to create the flower how it is today.

It's an elegant and delicate creation, and it takes four or five years to be able to see the orchid bloom. The original orchid was sold at an auction back in 2005 for a sum of $275,000. To date, that is the most expensive individual flower ever bought.

2. The Juliet Luxury Rose

Another man-made creation is the Juliet Rose, designed by rose breeder and writer David Austin. He unveiled the rose in 2006 where it became known as the five million dollar rose-- the amount it is said was needed for Austin to develop the unique flower.

The process of designing the Juliet Rose took fifteen years, making it the most expensive to develop flower of all time. The elegant large blooms are unique to Austin's flower and make it one of the most expensive flowers for weddings. It's available for sale via Austin's site for $82 a bouquet.

1. Kadupul Flower

This exquisite creation is more than expensive-- its impossible to possess. The Kadupul, known as The Queen of the Night, is considered priceless by many around the world.

The Kadupul grows in Sir Lanka, but only lives its gorgeous life for a few brief hours. It blooms sometime after midnight and dies by morning. Also, if picked, it dies within hours. Kadupul flowers, therefore, can't be bought and are impossible to grow. Their value is more than money, they have passed into the realm of mythicism.

The World's Most Expensive Flowers

Money can buy many things, and if you have money to throw around, you may be able to deck out your home with some of these extravagant and expensive flowers.

Working with a little more of a budget? Check out our on sale section for flowers both beautiful and a little easier on the wallet.

How to Choose A Funeral Bouquet August 03, 2018 08:22

Los Angeles FloristSaying goodbye to our loved ones is often a difficult time. We want to show respect and send them off in a way that reflects their time with us. Picking the right funeral bouquet is more than just buying flowers. It requires some thought. You can just grab a bouquet at the gas station on the way to the funeral, but do you really want that to be your last and lasting reminder? Picking out a nice bouquet is as much for you as it is for them.

Here are a few tips for choosing the best funeral bouquet.

Your Quick Guide to Funeral Bouquets

Funerals don't always need to be solemn and stuffy. With many people planning their own before they die, making requests for a more fun and upbeat affair are becoming the norm.

People are moving away from severe dark and black clothing to brighter colors, cheerful music and celebrations of love and life, not of loss.


Find out if the deceased made any plans. if so, this will make your flower purchase easier. They may have asked for a particular favorite flower to be used.

If it is a celebration of life, then splash out on color and stay away from the more traditional themes and somber bouquets.

If they always enjoyed life, then let your flowers reflect that in them. It doesn't need to be expensive to show your love and appreciation for their life and enjoyment of it.


If you knew the person well, you should know their favorite flower. If not, sometimes it can be nice to match up the flower to the person. Certain types of flowers seem to have certain characteristics.

You can consider their background when choosing flowers, perhaps they had a rose garden or loved lilacs in the spring. Maybe they hated carnations or were allergic altogether.


You can use their name, as well, which is very easy as many women have names for flowers. Daisy, Rose, Violet, and Lily, which is a very popular flower to buy for funerals.

Matching up the flower to the person being remembered can be fun and make you feel like you have made an extra effort. You can find hearty, sturdy flowers, as well, that are suitable for men.


You could also go with a particular color they liked. Maybe your aunt Gladys loved purple, so you could get purple gladioli for the bouquet. A flower bouquet in a special color for their favorite color is a nice way to remember them.

It's nice to remember the person with small tributes to them through the flowers. If they always wore yellow, use that for the flowers. If they loved the outdoors, consider a rustic bouquet in a basket or wooden box.

Culture and Background

Traditional wreaths or flowers on a cross are appropriate for people with religious backgrounds. The wreath is for eternity and the cross has more Catholic or religious symbols.

You do need to take into consideration their religious background, as some may not traditionally use flowers and be careful with religious symbols, and their appropriateness for the person.

If you are attending the funeral of someone from a diverse cultural background, some flowers may have different meanings. Be sure to look up what the flowers mean before you order them.

Types of Flowers and Arrangments

There are many directions you can go with bouquets and beyond, for funeral flowers.

  • bouquets
  • sprays
  • potted
  • wicker baskets
  • plastic pots
  • scarf
  • couch lid
  • easel stands

You may opt for a vase, a bowl, or an orchid dish with succulents for a beautiful arrangement.

You can buy something that will last. You can buy a potted plant that blooms and lasts longer than a traditional bouquet. This makes a nice memento for the family to retain long after the funeral.

Or, buy a shrub or perennial plants to plant at or on the gravesite that blooms for many years to come. Flowers like tulips or daffodils that come up every year are beautiful and keep on giving.


You may want to opt for a different type of arrangement. Succulents are a beautiful choice, as they require very little maintenance and last for years. These make a wonderful, long-lasting and very unique choice to bring.


Usually, with a funeral bouquet, you try not to worry about the cost. That doesn't mean you need to blow your whole budget. The nicest bouquets don't always cost the most.

The less expensive funeral bouquets are just as nice and if you have found something that has personal meaning, then you shouldn't worry about the cost if you didn't pay very much.

If you have a garden or know someone who does, a small bouquet of wildflowers or freshly cut flowers are always beautiful and always welcome. If you didn't know the person very well, then shop accordingly.

Consider Your Relationship

The size and cost of the flowers you choose should be appropriate for the relationship you had with the deceased. If you are immediate family, then you want to go with a bigger bouquet or the family will buy together.

If you are buying for a neighbor or work colleague you didn't know very well, but still want to buy an arrangement, then a nice bouquet in a vase or bowl is kind and suffice. It may seem inappropriate to get something larger.

In Lieu of Flowers

It isn't uncommon for people to ask for a charitable donation instead of sending flowers. You should make the donation, but if you still want to send flowers, as long as you know it will be alright, go ahead. it doesn't need to be something big, just a little funeral bouquet so the family knows you are thinking of them.

This is also a good time to consider the shrub or perennials at the grave site. You can plant them when it's convenient and let the family know if needed.

For more ideas or information about flowers for a funeral bouquet or any other flower needs, please contact us.

How to Hire Wedding Florists July 24, 2018 08:15

Los Angeles FloristIf you're a bride getting ready to plan a wedding, then you know choosing the perfect wedding flowers is one of the most important decisions you'll make for your special day. As all brides will soon learn, knowing how much money to spend on flowers will help shape the look of your wedding.

A good rule of thumb is to spend approximately 10 percent of your total budget on floral arrangements.

For a flawless look, consider hiring an experienced professional for the job. But if you've never worked with wedding florists, knowing where to start can seem overwhelming. Not to worry though, because we've created the perfect guide to help you choose a wedding florist with ease.

We hope our guide helps eliminate the guesswork and frees up your time to plan more fun things -- like your honeymoon! Continue on for our great tips below!

What to Look for in Potential Wedding Florists

To find the perfect florist for your wedding, you first need to determine what type of expert you need. The most common professional florists are:

Retail Florists

Retail florists are the most common type of florist to consult with. Because their neighborhood shops are easily accessible, you'll have no trouble popping in for an appointment. However, some retail florists are focused more on providing flowers for smaller scale events, so make sure to confirm whether they can accommodate larger weddings or events beforehand.

Floral Designers

Also known as weddings florists, floral designers provide a greater amount of planning along with their creativity. Floral designers are able to incorporate flowers into a broader scope and create a look that flows with the event.

They can assist you with your vision for centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, and a multitude of floral accents for your wedding.

Flower Availability

Whether you're of the "shop local" flower mentality or prefer more exotic special order flowers, make sure the florist you choose can accommodate your needs. There's nothing worse than having your dreams of a bridal bouquet with imported lily of the valley crushed because of inaccessibility.


When searching for the perfect wedding florist, you want to feel confident that the person you are hiring has a fair amount of experience. Don't be shy about asking questions about the number of weddings they have done or how many years they have been in business.

Depending on the state you live in, some florist certifications/licensing may be required, so make sure to find out if they are up to date on this. Also, make sure to visit their website to see examples of their designs.

Online Reviews

When first starting your journey, ask friends, family members, and co-workers for names of trusted florists. The advantage is being able to hear firsthand what type of experience someone you know has had with the florist.

Next, research their online reviews and see what the public has to say. Pay attention to any negative reviews and responses from the florist. Also, check out the Better Business Bureau for any potential complaints or lawsuits.

Samples of Work

If the wedding florist has a Facebook page, Instagram, or website, visit it right away to get an overview of their style. If you need a florist to create wildly creative arrangements, do they fit the bill?

If you don't like what you see, it's a sign to keep searching until you do.

What to Bring to Your First Meeting

Now that you've narrowed down your wedding florists to under five candidates, it's time to schedule a consultation. You're going to get the most out of your meeting if you come prepared, so make sure you get all of your details in order before you get together.

A few things to have ready are:

Budget Details

Above all, the most important thing you need to know beforehand is your budget. A wedding florist won't be able to give you an estimate if they don't have any specific budget guidelines. Also, if you're more interested in sinking dough into the bouquets than the centerpieces, make that known as well.

Samples of Floral Arrangements You Like (and Don't Like)

Florists are visual artists, so it's important to bring some photos and magazine clippings to express your preferences. Your idea of pink wildflowers and the florist's idea of pink wildflowers might be completely different. Also, it doesn't hurt to show them a few images of cringe-worthy arrangements to avoid -- it can only help.

A Picture of Your Wedding Dress

Even just the tiniest detail of your wedding dress can spark a creative idea, so go ahead and bring a picture of it. A picture of your dress also shows your florist what thematic elements can be introduced with flowers.

Wedding Site Details

During your initial meeting, make sure to tell the florist where the wedding will take place. Chances are, they have worked the event site before and may even have photos of past wedding arrangements they can show you.


If, after seeing examples of the florist's work online, you think you're interested in hiring them, make sure you've allowed for enough time to book them. Many popular and in-demand wedding florists are already booked solid nine months to a year out. Make sure to ask about their availability before getting too attached.

Wedding Planning Starts with Us

We hope you enjoyed our helpful guide to choosing the perfect wedding florists for your needs. Check out our wedding portfolio today to see some of our work and let us know when you're ready to start planning your special day!

Unique and Interesting Ways to Use Succulents in Your Wedding July 16, 2018 06:41

Los Angeles FloristEveryone wants their wedding to be beautiful, and flowers with greenery have been the gold standard for ages. Times are changing, however, as charming succulents have made their way onto the wedding scene. Have you considered succulent wedding bouquets and decor? You may want to do just that.

Succulents, which are water-conserving plants, come in vast array of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. This makes the possibilities nearly endless for use in wedding day decor and adornment. Whether your theme is desert, bohemian, or traditional, these beauties will perfectly compliment your colors and theme.

For 10 beautiful and unique ways to use succulents in your wedding, check out this lovely list.

1. Succulent Wedding Bouquets

Succulent wedding bouquets are stunning. They can be made of a few larger succulent plants or many smaller ones of different shapes and colors. They don't wilt or damage nearly as easily as flowers, so they'll keep looking fresh and gorgeous for a long time.

Succulents come in many colors, including pale and deep green, blue, purple, and pink. They can be used as the main component of your succulent bouquet or as accents for florals.

Some gorgeous succulents that work wonderfully in wedding bouquets for the bride or bridesmaids are:

  • Tillandsia (air plant)
  • Graptopetalum
  • Burro's Tail
  • Jade plant
  • Roseum
  • Aloe
  • Zebra plant
  • Hens-and-Chicks
  • Dudleya
  • Zwartkop

These plants come in many shapes and formations, including tiny rosettes, striking spikes, and small cascades.

2. Succulent Boutonnieres

Most boutonnieres are very small and simple, making them the perfect candidate for succulent beauties. A succulent boutonniere is especially charming when its centerpiece is a small rosette-shaped succulent surrounded by sprays of simple greenery or berries.

For an individualized spin on your wedding party's boutonnieres, choose a variety of compact, delightful succulents. Each boutonniere will be as unique as the person wearing it.

3. Succulent Crowns, Headpieces, and Hair Accessories

All hairstyles look beautiful with accent pieces. This includes up-dos, half-up-half-down styles, braids, loose buns, and down-dos. Succulents can easily be incorporated into wedding day styles for simple beauty.

Succulents can be arranged with other florals to make a stunning headpiece for the bride. For a more whimsical look, they can also be pinned and woven into crowns. Depending on your taste, these can be intricate or subtle.

For effortless yet gorgeous hair accessories, consider a single succulent tucked into the hair as a sweet accent.

4. Favors for Guests

Everyone loves to leave an event with a memento or gift. Why not give them a living representation of you and your spouse's growing love? Consider little succulents as a symbol of thanks to everyone who was a part of your special day.

Tiny succulents in small pots, glasses, jars, or cans make lovely favors for your wedding guests. Mix and match so the guests can choose or use your favorite succulent for a darling little gift.

5. Succulent Cake Decor

Cakes make the perfect canvas for plump, pretty succulents. They can easily be nestled into colorful clusters on your wedding cake.

The cool greens of many succulents pair well with both pale and bold frosting colors. For a floral look, group round and rosette-shaped succulents at the base of cake layers and all around the platter.

6. Place Card Holders for Tables

Place cards are especially helpful for large weddings with lots of seating for guests. Small succulent pots with name tags are an interesting way to let guests know you've reserved a spot just for them.

If you'd like the guests to take them home at the end of the celebration, use cute little containers that are easy to carry.

7. Table Settings and Decor

Gorgeous table settings pull together the decor of the entire wedding reception and give your guests something pretty to look at as they eat and drink to your happy new life. Centerpieces, dish gardens, and terrariums make endearing living decorations for cake and guest tables.

Succulents make marvelous, durable table settings that won't easily wilt or go flat. Plant them in long, low boxes or group several plantings in different sized containers in the center of tables for a desert or rock garden feel.

8. Chair Decor

Chairs for the guests lend another great opportunity to show off succulent wedding decor during your reception.

Small arrangements or sprays can be fastened to the backs of your chairs. This gives each guest's chair a special touch.

Succulents are especially suitable for chair decor because they can last through a bit of rough handling and no water. They'll still look great even when the guests are waving goodbye.

9. Altar Arrangements

All eyes are on the altar during the wedding ceremony, so the altar arrangements must be exceptionally beautiful. Succulents can make wonderful additions to large sprays, vases, garlands, and candle wreaths. They're also great complements to the succulent wedding bouquets.

Many succulent plants are small and are a shade of green. When added to large, eye-catching arrangements they add contrasting color that makes the hues of larger flowers, other greenery, and filler flowers really pop.

Spiky and pointy succulents can also add a bit of edgy drama to the soft edges of traditional flowers like roses, peonies, ranunculus, and gardenias. The unexpected sprays of these hot climate wonders add visual interest to popular arrangements.


10. Aisle Decor

Aisle decor, like altar decor, is essential for complete ceremony decorations. Arrangements, garlands, or small sprays are used to dress up the path leading to the altar.

Whether used on their own or to complement other flowers and greenery, succulents look perfect for your walk down the aisle.

Succulent Wedding Bouquets and Decor for Beauty and Whimsy

Succulents are no longer for rock gardens and desert landscaping only. They're quickly becoming a popular presence in wedding ceremonies everywhere. And they've earned the right with their adorable beauty and unusual charm.

Are you interested in succulent wedding bouquets and arrangements for your big day? Visit our website and take a look at our gorgeous succulent bouquets, arrangements, gardens, and more. You can contact us for more information or place your order today!

The Different Types of Funeral Flowers That You Can Send for Sympathy July 12, 2018 05:58

Every occasion calls for flowers, but funerals require extra thought and consideration when choosing the plants, their arrangement, and the time to send them.

Questions to Ask a LA Florist to Do Your Wedding June 26, 2018 05:23

Los Angeles FloristYou're set on getting hitched in Los Angeles, but have you thought about your wedding flowers? Floral wedding decorations may not be your first priority when planning your wedding, but the right arrangements can really tie together your theme and add more romance to every setting. The best way to make the most of wedding flowers whatever your budget is to get a professional in to help.

Here are some essential questions to ask a LA florist before you sign a contract.

Questions a Bride Should Ask a LA Florist Before Signing a Contract

Before you go any further, check they have the date free. There's nothing worse than finding a florist you love, but realizing they aren't able to do your wedding flowers.

If they're available for your wedding, use these questions to make sure they're the right florist for you:

Experience as a Florist

How Long Have You Been Doing Wedding Flowers?

Less experienced florists are more likely to offer cheaper packages as they try to build their portfolio. However, if you want to feel safe in the knowledge that you can leave all floral worries to a professional, you might want to consider a florist with more experience.

Can I See Examples of Your Recent Weddings?

Brides and grooms everywhere will only recommend a wedding service provider if they felt 100% happy with them. The smallest problem can feel like it ruins your big day - so if your florist is able to provide references from recent nuptials, you're onto a good start.

Ask to see their wedding portfolio, too. Florists have their own unique styles, just like any designer: you'll be able to see if you like their approach to flowers or if it doesn't quite match your taste.

What Insurance Cover Do You Have?

You don't want to assume that something will go wrong with your wedding day, but it's vital to make sure that one of the questions to ask your LA florist is about their insurance policy.

What happens if the flowers aren't delivered on time? What if the quality of flowers is poor? Where do you stand if your bouquet droops before you've even walked down the aisle?

What Is Your Deposit and Cancellation Policy?

As well as insurance for supplier problems on the day, it's important to find out your rights as a consumer should you call off the wedding too. Find out how much your deposit would be, and how far in advance of the wedding you can cancel with a refund.

Will You Be Personally Doing My Wedding Flowers?

Some florists work independently and manage all of their arrangements, bouquets, and boutonnieres - while others have large teams to help.

If you like a particular florist's style, make sure they will at least be having input and quality control on your wedding flowers. If they are unavailable on your wedding date to do this, see if you can negotiate a discount.

Questions to Ask a Florist About Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Are My Favourites in Season?

You might have your sights set on sunflowers, or have a penchant for peonies. However, if your flowers are out of season, you might need to consider alternatives - or rearrange your wedding budget.

Ask a LA florist if the flowers you want are in season. If the ones you want aren't available, a good florist will be able to recommend ideal alternatives.

What Wedding Flowers Would You Recommend for Hayfever Sufferers?

The only tears on your wedding day should be happy ones. If you suffer from hayfever, ask a LA florist if they can suggest low-pollen flowers to minimize potential puffy eyes on the big day.

What Colours Would Work with My Theme?

You might already have this worked out, but if you're still trying to figure out how to tie your wedding theme together then ask your LA florist for their advice.

You're not just paying them to arrange flowers. Their creative skills, eye for color, and design experience come with the package too.

Is Greenery Included in My Wedding Flowers Package?

Foliage can look amazing and be a cheap way to do wedding flowers. Ask an LA florist if your greenery is included, though, as this is sometimes an additional cost to your flower stems and can really add up fast.

Can You Safely Provide Edible Flowers for the Cake?

If you want your wedding florist in LA to contribute to the wedding cake decorations, make sure they are able to provide food-safe flowers and petals.

Can You Tell Me About Packages Versus a Custom Order?

A package can often save you money, as a florist is able to put together standard arrangements more quickly and without needing special additional orders.

However, it may not always save you money. Ask about bespoke wedding flowers versus package prices to see if you can save.

The Logistics of Wedding Flowers

When you think you've found a supplier you like, make sure you ask a LA florist how they manage the wedding day logistics too.

Is a Site Visit Required?

Find out if they are familiar with the church and venue, or if they will need to visit to plan logistics and design suitable arrangements. If a visit is required, make sure you know whether this is an additional cost.

Who Is Responsible for Transporting to the Venue?

Will the florist drop the arrangements off at your hotel in the morning, or will they be able to set up in the venue on the day? If the florist is responsible for transport, make sure they know when and where they need to be well in advance of the wedding date.

How Much Time Will You Need in the Venue to Set up the Flowers?

Make sure you know how long your floral arrangements will take to set up on the day of the wedding so that you can negotiate this with the church and reception venue.

The Next Steps After Your Wedding Flower Consultation

When you've gone through the list of questions to ask a LA florist and have been satisfied with all responses, it's time to sign your wedding flower contract.

Make sure that you know when and how to pay a deposit and any installments, and when your designs need to be finalized with your florist. The next step is to book a wedding flower design consultation and you'll be well on your way to a beautiful wedding day.

Why Flowers are the Perfect Gifts to Give Coworkers June 13, 2018 06:38

Los Angeles FloristBuying gifts for co-workers can sometimes feel like handing out invites for parties in grade school. What are you supposed to do if you're closer to one coworker than another? Or, if you just don't know someone in your department well enough to get them a gift they'll enjoy?

Here's a hint: when choosing gifts to give coworkers, always go with flowers. Flowers are the perfect way to celebrate or show some office appreciation, regardless of the occasion or how close you are to the other person.

The following are a few of the main reasons why flowers are the perfect professional gift to get someone.

Flowers Are Considerate and Professional

The main word above is "professional." When it comes to finding gifts to give coworkers, the last thing you want to do is be over the top and risk coming on too strong. Gifts are a kind, caring gesture, but the wrong ones can feel flirty or just a little out of place for an office setting.

Flowers, though, show you care without making the recipient feel like there's anything else to it. They are more meaningful than a card, yet also more suitable than a nice dinner or a good bottle of wine. Flowers hit the office gift sweet spot - not too generic or boring, not too forthcoming or personal.

Flowers Are Cost-Effective

Most of the time, you're not the only one in the office getting gifts for a colleague. Maybe everyone knows it's the department head's 5-year work anniversary next week, or someone on your team just announced they're an expecting parent.

These are both big accomplishments, which sometimes pressure co-workers to spend large amounts of money on a gift. If you want to do something nice without breaking the bank, buy flowers.

There are many different ways bouquets are priced. You can create a small bouquet with higher-end flowers, or order a large arrangement with simpler flowers that still look lovely. Not to mention, delivery versus pick-up fees help you cut down on costs, and even the card and added gifts are items to budget for.

To help you choose your arrangement and stay within budget, most flower shops break down their best bouquets by price. Take your time to search each tier and additional options in order to create the most beautiful (and budget-friendly) gift for your coworker(s)!

Flowers are not only cost-effective for you, but they also create a memorable experience for the other person. Your bouquet can be a perfect desk decoration or something to take home and display.

Flowers Are the Perfect Gifts to Give Coworkers for Any Occasion

As great as it is to know you're maintaining professionalism and staying within budget with flowers, arguably, the best reason these make great office gifts is because you can buy flowers for anything!

Is someone getting married? A promotion? Celebrating a big birthday?

Stop filling the break room with cakes and other sweets and be the person who shows up with flowers for the special coworker instead. You can do this for all of the occasions listed below.

To Celebrate a Birthday or Anniversary

Many offices are a cluster of different age groups. The intern you just hired might be turning 21 next week, or the CMO whose office is around the corner from you might be about to turn 40. Each is a special birthday to recognize in its own way.

Not to mention, there's such a thing as office birthdays - aka work anniversaries. It's noteworthy to celebrate a person's first year, their third year, or maybe even their tenth year in the office!

This is especially true if you've been around long enough to watch the individual progress within the company. Get them flowers to show how proud you are of their efforts for a work anniversary, or that you wish them well in the new year a birthday brings.

To Offer Support and Solace

Sometimes, you have to wish well for those around you due to more serious conditions. Maybe the person who sits across the way from you just lost a loved one, or recently came back to work after taking a long sick leave.

These are stressful times that can often feel overwhelming and lonely. When you buy a coworker in such a situation flowers, though, you're really offering hope and community. You're telling them that they have a shoulder to lean on if need be (again, in a professional manner).

People appreciate more than you may ever know. One simple bouquet can transform a person's attitude at work while life is hitting them with many other serious things.

To Welcome New Employees

What if you don't know a new employee at all, but you want to introduce yourself and welcome them? Get this person flowers.

Flowers keep the celebration going for recent graduates who are starting their first adult job. This can be your way of welcoming them into the "real world" and offering a bit of encouragement to do well. Flowers also make a great gift for new department heads and executives entering your company or team members who have recently been promoted to your level.

Thank You's, Farewells, and Good Luck Gifts

As employees enter the company, some will end up leaving, too. Get a goodbye gift for a coworker or a thank-you for someone you'd like to personally recognize before you make your exit.

A bouquet can wish someone good luck in their new endeavors or just show one last bit of appreciation before you take on your own fresh start. Either way, whatever you want to say, you can get the message across beautifully with flowers.

Choosing the Right Flowers

It's one thing to know flowers are the perfect gift for someone in your office, and another to know which kind of flowers are perfect for the occasion. The type and color of a flower say much about the feelings behind the gift.

To make sure the gifts to give coworkers you choose are just right, click here to read more about what different flowers represent.

Flowers at Work: How to Choose the Best Flowers to Send to a Workplace May 29, 2018 07:35

Los Angeles FloristThere's no better surprise than flowers at work. A bright colorful bouquet immediately sends a smile to someone special in your life. Someone you're grateful for, who you want to know that you appreciate them. But sending someone special flowers at work can be nerve-wracking. What bouquet should you choose? How can you make sure they get there? Does it send the right message?

There are a lot of things to consider before sending even the simplest bouquet of flowers at work. We got your covered with all the information and answers you could possibly need so you can make sure the flowers you choose are appropriate for any workplace atmosphere.

Who Are The Flowers at Work For?

Floral advice can vary based on who you're sending the flowers to. You're going to send a completely different bouquet to your significant other than you are to your mom. Here are some things to consider.

Someone You're Dating

If you are sending flowers to someone you just started dating, and things aren't exactly official yet, you might want to think twice before you send flowers to their office. While everyone loves getting flowers at work, if you just started dating, your special someone might not be ready to let everyone know you're dating.

But some occasions make it safer to send flowers than others, even if you just started dating. Valentine's Day, for example, is a safe place.

Everyone else at work will probably be receiving flowers, so you're special someone likely won't feel uncomfortable even if you just started dating, and might even feel left out or wished you did if you don't send flowers.

Sending flowers to the office will make special someone's day.

There's no better feeling than getting a bouquet of unexpected flowers at work. The sweet smelling colorful bouquet and the thoughtful note will brighten up anyone's dull work day and warm their heart. Your person will feel special, appreciated, and admired.

It's honestly one of the best surprises. Go above and beyond for anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions by not only sending beautiful blooms but also including a gift or something sweet.

Is it Okay to Send Flowers to a Man at Work?

Men love getting surprises at work too! If the man you want to show appreciation to, isn't into flowers, plants make a great gift as well!

There's a ton of plant and succulent options, that can brighten up an office window or breath life to a desk.

And the best part? Some plants can even last longer than flowers and only need a few drops of water a week.

How to Send Flowers to a Coworker

It's always nice to acknowledge your employee's hard work with a surprise. It can be with lunch, treats or simply telling them how much you appreciate them.

Flowers on Administrative Assistant Day really goes above and beyond, just make sure every administrative assistant in the office is getting a bouquet so no one feels left out or mistakes the gesture as romantic.

You can also chip in with other employees to send flowers or a plant to your boss on his or her birthday, work anniversary, retirement or to celebrate the birth of children. Make sure you do this as a group, so no one gets the wrong idea.

If a co-worker or boss has suffered from a loss or is hospitalized. It's always a good idea to have everyone chip in for flowers from the office. This is a great way to brighten up their day and remind them they have support at work.

What's the Work Environment Like?

This is another important factor to consider when sending someone flowers at work. What's their work environment like?

Does your significant other work in a formal office environment with a desk where the flowers can be placed? Or is your significant other a bartender, waiter or works retail where he or she doesn't have a place to put the flowers, so sending flowers at work doesn't really make sense? In this case, it's probably best to send flowers to their place of residence.

Choosing Flowers

Before you send flowers to someone at work, make sure you know what kind of flowers they like. For example, a lot of women dislike red roses. They find them to be generic and unimaginative.

Pay attention to the kind of flowers or plants your significant other keeps in their home or office if you've had a chance to see it. Think if your person's style and personality and find a bloom that matches that vibe.

Also if your recipient is a very private person, shy, and reserved, they might be embarrassed by flowers at work. Whereas if you're dating someone who loves to be the center of attention a big beautiful bouquet might just hit the spot.

It's also important to consider the other employees in the office when sending flowers. You don't want to send flowers that are too scented, in case anyone has allergies. Your florist can tell you which flowers are low scent or scentless.

You also want to pick a flower that won't die quickly, because dead flowers is a whole other smell. Also, try to send flowers at the beginning of the week so they can be appreciated longer and not die over the weekend.

The Logistics

Now that you have decided if it's appropriate to send someone flowers at work, and what kind of flower, bouquet or plant you're going to send, you just have to confirm the logistics.

Here's the information you should have ready: the full name and number for the recipient, so if the delivery person has a hard time locating them, there's a contact number.

It's also good to know when the person you're sending flowers to is in the office. Know around when they take lunch or leave for the day to ensure they're there when their delivery arrives.

If the person you're sending flowers too works for a huge company in a big building, make sure you have the department they work in. Also, know specifics like their floor number or room number if necessary.

Put time and thought into the message you're going to write on the card. Try to make it personal. Have that ready before you place your order.

And like anything you buy online, you'll, of course, need your credit card number, billing address, security code, expiration date, phone number, and e-mail.

Send Those Flowers!

Now that all your questions about sending flowers at work are answered, and you have all the information you need it's time to send them!

Contact us for more information and see how we can help you send the right bouquet to that special someone.