10 Best Smelling Flowers to Give as a Gift November 19, 2018 07:56

Los Angeles FloristWe've all heard the saying, "Take a minute to stop and smell the roses." While this a great saying, we do think it's a little unfair that roses get all the attention. After all, there are some other great smelling flowers out there that the world deserves to know about.

So, what are they?

Read on to learn about the ten best smelling flowers to give as a gift.

1. Lilies

There's a reason so many perfume and body care companies have so many lily scented products- because lilies smell so good.

While not all lilies have a strong smell, some can fill an entire room with their pleasant aroma.

Starfighter lilies are definitely the most powerful of all the lilies when it comes to smell. They have an extremely sweet aroma that almost makes you feel like you're taking a whiff of honey.

There's also Sonata lilies, which have a much more subtle, delicate smell than Starfighters.

2. Chocolate Cosmos

The Chocolate Cosmos flower is the perfect flower to give the chocolate lover in your life. This is because it smells like - you guessed it- chocolate.

However, the name of this vivacious red flower is a bit of a misnomer, as it actually has a strong vanilla scent to it as well.

This is a flower that is primarily found in Mexico. It is best to gift this flower during the summer months, as heat helps to bring out its powerful scent.

3. Frangipani

Funny name, serious scent.

The frangipani is a tropical flower that finds its home in Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, and the Pacific Islands. It is also the national flower of Nicaragua.

But, you will probably recognize this flower due to its use in leis, which are often given to tourists visiting Hawaii.

The Frangipani has a sweet smell to it which becomes more robust during the nighttime hours.

And, it's look is just as beautiful as its scent. When it blooms, the flower displays vibrant hues of yellow, pink, or white and red.

4. Peonies

Everyone's go-to summer flower, peonies also have a beautiful scent to them which makes them great to give as a gift.

Due to their fresh aroma, they are known for being one of the best smelling flowers around.

This flower has also been traced all the way back to use in ancient China for medical purposes, a fun fact to share with whoever you're giving these beautiful flowers to.

5. Jasmine Flower

Jasmine is also another flower with a scent that is used worldwide in health and beauty products.

This is a tiny flower that is native to the tropical regions of the world. When it blooms, it produces beautiful hues of yellow and white.

While these flowers are typically used in aromatherapies, teas, and ceremonies, they also make a great gift for a loved one who loves beautiful smelling flowers.

6. Sweet Pea

Another flower that is often used to make perfume fragrances, the sweet pea carry a light, yet at the same time wholesome, aroma to them.

Sweet peas are also great flowers to accompany other ones in a bouquet, as their scent and look complements many other types of flowers nicely.

A bouquet of flowers with some sweet peas mixed in is the perfect gift to give the flower lover in your life.

7. Gardenia

Gardenia is a flower that holds a waxy scent, and it is native to Australia, Africa, and South Asia.

Interestingly enough, this flower is also a member of the coffee family, and its namesake comes from the famous botanist, Alexander Garden.

Due to it's elegant and simple beauty, as well as its pleasant scent, this flower is often used in wedding ceremonies. Many parts of the world also use gardenia in perfumes, and the French use this flower to make boutonnieres.

8. Freesia

Does the person you're giving flowers to love fruity scents?

If so, then the freesia flower is the one to give them. Wine enthusiasts will also adore this flower, as some find that the fruity scent actually smells like wine.

While you won't get tipsy from smelling this beautiful flower, you will feel a happy buzz from the vivacious colors it produces.

You will see this flower come in nearly every color, from white to bright yellow to hot pink.

9. Hyacinth

Sweet, earthy, and robust.

No, we're not talking about a good bottle of wine. We're talking about the hyacinth flower.

Anyone who loves sweet things will adore the smell of the hyacinth flower. In fact, this flower is so sweet that it actually deters pests and animals who find its bright colors enticing.

The hyacinth is another great flower that looks absolutely stunning in a bouquet. This is the perfect flower to give as a sweet little pick me up for someone special in your life.

10. Four O'Clock

The odd name of this flower is named after its favorite time to bloom during the day- that is, during the early evening.

Odd name aside, this the four o'clock is a beautiful flower that anyone would love as a gift. It produces an intense fragrance once it blooms, and one plant can actually produce several different colors, from pink to yellow to white.

Best Smelling Flowers: Which One Will You Buy?

Now that you know about the best smelling flowers, all you need to decide is which ones to buy.

If you can't decide, we always encourage you to mix and match different flowers to make a beautiful bouquet.

If you have questions about putting together the perfect flower arrangement, be sure to contact us today.