Blooming January Flowers! January 26, 2016 05:07

In the first month of the year, it's great to have the beauty of flowers at your side, even in the winter.  Although the new year starts off with the cold season, there are still flowers that are going to grow and bloom into the wonder you experience throughout the other seasons. 

There are a number of flowers that you can choose from in January that can be your primary and complimenting flowers for whatever event or occasion you're having this month.  The key is knowing which flowers prime for blooming this month to make choosing your flower theme easy.  Here are a list of some of the blooming flowers in January that you can enjoy!  

Pansies - There's nothing like having the class of pansies at your side.  Also known as the viola, these are some of the most beautiful flowers you will find. Most pansies will bloom until heavy winter hits and will bloom again during the mild parts of winter, even in January.  A winter variety of pansies can even withstand light snowfalls.  Pansies come in pale pastel, deep blue, maroon, violet and an array of bi-colors.  When you buy these flowers for anyone, you will express a thoughtfulness that will warm their hearts.  

Witch Hazel - Witch hazel is a great complimenting flower that starts to bloom late fall to mid-January and lasts until mid-March or April.  They grow in clusters.  This is a creative flower to work with and to use in events where you want to be outside the box with your flower them.  This unique flowers comes in red or yellow and gives gardens a splash of color in the winter.  

Camellia - This is one of the most elegant and original flowers that you will find.  Winter camellias bloom from January until April.  They usually give color to gardens to an otherwise darker time of year.  It produces colorful and showy flowers in a range of colors from white, pink and red, to blends of violet-red, blackish red and shades of these blends.  The flower normally doesn't produce a fragrance.  They are waxy-petaled and bloom from autumn to spring, depending on the plant species.  One of the best things about this flower is that it comes in several forms, one being it the form of the classy peony.

Poinsettias - Poinsettias' blooms respond to the shortened hours of daylight, making it a perfect indoor plant for January.  The poinsettia is a native plant of Mexico.  The red poinsettia is known worldwide for the color used during the Christmas season, yet they are surprisingly available in other colors as well.  You can get this plant in orange, pale green, white, cream, pink, or marbled.  The poinsettia leaves are often mistaken for petals.  This results in this plant can very well be used for as floral decor.

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