Best Plants For Springtime! March 02, 2016 08:24

There's nothing like seeing the season of spring unfold before our eyes, as winter comes to an end.  It is a great time to enjoy the first blooms that occur during springtime.  Flowers and plants are so fresh with the newness of the season, that it can make it hard to decide on what's your favorite.  Your specific event or occasion will have an impact on the flowers you desire to plant as well. 

You can know that you'll be able to find the exact flowers that will suit your taste this spring.  Here are some of the best plants for springtime for you to thoroughly enjoy! 

Pansies - Plant pansies in early spring or early fall.  These hardy plants prefer partial shade in the spring.  There are an array of colors for pansies, such as red, yellow, orange, blue, violet, white, and bi-colors.  These flowers will also grow in winter in some parts of the country, but won't bloom when the weather gets extremely cold. However, they'll bounce back during warm spells.

Daffodils- Daffodils are one the more popular flowers in the spring.  Plant daffodil bulbs in the fall and enjoy early spring flowers. These easy-care bulbs are available in yellow and multi-colors of white, yellow and orange.  Daffodils may be dug up, divided and stored for planting the following fall. They may also be left in the ground if desired. Mass, naturalized plantings fit well into the informal garden.

Azaleas - Plant azaleas in spring in a partially shady spot. Keep these plants moist, and they'll reward you with a mass of beautiful color. They are poisonous to pets, so plant in the front yard, where pets likely have less access to them. The colors are red, pink, white, lavender, orange and variegated.

Tulips - One of the most beloved flowers by women are tulips.  They are so versatile and can be sued for a variety of events or occasions.  Plant tulips in the fall for spring blooming. They come in yellow, white, pink, red and multi-colors.  Like daffodils, they may be dug up, divided and stored until planting the following fall or left in the ground.  Plant your tulips and you will find be very satisfied with whichever color you choose to grow.

Petunias - Plant these easy-to-grow flowers after the last frost. Petunias like moist soil but not overly wet. Petunias come in white, several shades of red, pink purple, yellow and bi-colors. Pinching faded flowers encourages bushy growth and generous blooms.

Marigolds - Plant marigolds after the last frost. These flowers are easy to grow from seed, so start them indoors before the last frost and you'll have early spring blooms. They are available in shades of yellow, burgundy, orange and cream.

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