Best March Flowers! March 15, 2016 10:59

It is one of the most beautiful months of the year and we all treasure when it arrives.  March signifies so much for all of us, as the season of spring brings a fresh and new warmth from nature's best. All kinds of flowers have been awaiting spring, and now they really begin to bloom in the most wonderful way.  If you are having an event or occasion in March, you will have an array of beautiful flowers to select from.  Blooming flowers are what you desire and with the right choices, they can make your occasion to be the most amazing ever!  Here are some of the Best March Flowers during early spring that you will be truly pleased with.

Daffodils - As the birth flower of March, daffodils are one the more popular flowers in the spring.  These classic flowers are available in yellow and multi-colors of white, yellow and orange.  You can also plant daffodil bulbs in the fall and then enjoy them in March as well.  Daffodils may be dug up, divided and stored for planting the following fall. They may also be left in the ground if desired. Mass, naturalized plantings fit well into the informal garden.

Freesia - The freesia is embodies purity and the essence of springtime.  Freesia flowers are such happy and bright flowers, communicating the liveliness of the beginning of spring.  Its' colors include pink, white, purple, orange, red, or yellow.  With its' arching stems and satiny blooms, they make for great wedding flowers also.

Peony - The peony is one of the most elegant and romantic flowers that blossoms during spring and has become very popular.  The fragrant flower expresses a happy life.  The peony comes in white, pink, garnet, or red.  It has multiple petals that delicately overlap each other, that make for a full classy bloom. 

Tulips - One of the most beloved flowers by women are tulips.  They are so versatile and can be sued for a variety of events or occasions.  Plant tulips in the fall for spring blooming. They come in white, pink, yellow, red, and multi-colors.  For planting, like daffodils, they can be dug up, divided and stored until planting the following fall or left in the ground. 

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