How to Make Your Own Hand-Tied Bouquet May 4, 2016 10:16

If you are looking for a unique way to really take your love's breath away besides buying her flowers, you may consider making her a bouquet of your very own.  You won't be doing it all the time, and it's not hard at all to design one.  The most important ingredient you need is what your already have, which is your love.  Your heart behind your personal floral arrangement will go a long way, as you give her the
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Below are some easy steps to creating your own hand-tied bouquet of flowers. Follow these step-by-step instructions and her flowers will turn out more beautiful than you think.  And remember, have fun!

First, Get Your Materials so can begin creating your hand-tied bouquet.  You will need some raffia, or garden string, florist's scissors, foliage, and your choice of flowers that you will be using for the floral arrangement.  Choose at least 5 flowers, as well as any additional fillers that you think that she would like.

Next, you want to Gather Your Materials by choosing and conditioning 3-6 stems each of five different flower varieties and 15 stems of foliage.  Sort the flowers into individual piles to make it easy to see the colors and sizes of the flower heads.  Make sure you have your garden string and florist's scissors close to you so you can use them.
Once this is done, it is now time to Pick a Focal Flower for your bouquet.  This will be the flower that will be the center of your bouquet, which should be the one you believe your recipient loves the most.  You want your focal flower to be big.  Then, add 3-4 stems of foliage in a circle around your focal flower.  The flower should sit just beneath the tips of the leaves.  Hold the bunch at the binding point with your left hand if you are right-handed, or vice-versa if you are left-handed.

After you've chosen your focal flower, Add a Second Flower to it by picking another flower and inserting it into the bunch at the point where your thumb rests.  Then, insert the stem at an angle so the end of the stem points toward your body and the flower head is angled away from you.

Continue to Add Flowers
by adding one of each of the other flowers around the foliage, turning the bunch slightly in the same direction after you have added each bloom.  The flowers should sit slightly lower than the tips of the foliage leaves, just like your focal flower.

Next, Trim the Stems if it is too top-heavy.  Don't cut the stems too short because you will need to trim all the stems properly later.  Add another circle of foliage at an angle, turning the bunch slightly as you work.  The spiral of stems should now be apparent.

View the Bouquet From the Top to check the position of the flowers and the balance of colors.  Then, arrange the next sequence of flowers slightly lower around the sides to begin forming the domed shape.  Use up the remaining flowers and foliage, angling these stems so they sit even lower around the edges of the bunch.

Now Secure the Bouquet With Raffia or String.  Wrap a length of raffia or garden string a few times around the top of the binding point, immediately above your hand, and tie the ends firmly in a knot to secure the bunch.  Trim off any excess string.

The last step is to Trim the Ends.  Trim the ends of the stems straight across so that the bunch can stand upright in a vase and all the stems will be in water. Re-split any woody stems.  A well-arranged, securely tied bouquet like this should be able to stand upright unaided, as the spiral stems give it stability. Place the bouquet in a vase and you're done!
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