Fun Flowers For Kids to Plant May 11, 2016 08:04

Kids like getting out in the spring and digging in the dirt, especially when it comes to planting flowers.  They will thoroughly enjoy seeing their very own seeds sown into the ground and watching them flourish into a beautiful flower.  But before your kids can see their flowers, they will have to choice just the right flowers that appeal to them.  Us grown ups may not be aware of it, but there are several fun flowers for kids to plant and that they will absolutely love.  Here are just some of the best fun flowers and why kids will find them so enjoyable!

Arugula - The arugula is mostly enjoyed for its leaves and the peppery bite it adds to salads.  They may not sound too fun to kids.  However, what makes these flowers fun is that kids can actually eat its delicate white flowers.  This flower also produces seed so you can grow another crop the following year.  Plant the arugula in a spot where it can self-sow and grow again.  Arugula can tolerate a little shade and can be direct-sown right into the soil outdoors throughout March and April.

Violas - The viola, as known as violet, is a beautiful flower to behold and kids will love it!  It comes in a variety of colors such as white, purple, orange, blue, yellow, cream, and bi-colors, mostly blue and yellow.  Violas are adorable, self-sowing and edible.  Your beloved children can expect to use them to dress up a salad, garnish an omelet, soup with its petals, or even create one the Best Los Angeles Flowers just for Mommy.  March is the best Viola seeds can be direct-sown outdoors throughout March.  Viola seeds can take up to two weeks to germinate, therefore, make sure so be sure to keep the seed bed moist.

Calendula - Calendula flowers are beautiful, daisy-like bloomers in striking yellow-orange hues.  They are fun flowers to plant because their seeds are large, which makes them easy for kids to handle.  They are prolific, easy to grow and it is also known for having medicinal qualities.  Once they grow, kids can use calendula petals in a salad.  Calendula grows well in full sun and is a self-sowing perennial flower.  Children can save calendula seeds for future planting. 

Nasturtium - Nasturtiums are very fun for kids, being these are flowers that hummingbirds love.  It is a sight to see for kids as bumblebees immerse themselves inside of them.   They are very easy for kids to sow them with their little hands.  The entire nasturtium plant is edible as well.  Nasturtiums will self-sow and come back season after season.  Make sure you pick a sunny, well-draining spot also. Nasturtium seeds can be sown April through June.

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