The Lily: The Birth Flower of May! June 1, 2016 05:31

In the month of May, there is no other fitting flower to choice for your treasured events and occasions than the lily. 

The lily is the birth flower of May.  It one of the Best May Flowers that is beautiful, stunning and versatile of a flower to behold during the Spring season.  When you choose a flower, you want it to have meaning, so it is more than just a outward presentation with flowers, but one with an inward expression of your heart. 

The lily has a variety of meanings, which include purity, majesty, beauty, sweetness and humility.  The Tiger Lily is a symbol of wealth and pride.  The large showy flowers bloom out very wide and full.  They have six petals, which emulate stars. They are perfect for floral arrangements, centerpieces, wedding floral decor, and more. 

One characteristic of lilies is that they are often fragrant.  This will impact whether you select these flowers for your occasion because the fragrance could potentially affect your guests.  If your recipient is sensitive to scents, you may want to reconsider sending them lilies. The English word lily is derived from an Indo-European root, probably meaning white.  Lilies are native to the northern temperate regions.  They are birthed in Europe, the north Mediterranean, across most of Asia to Japan, south to the Nilgiri mountains in India, and south to the Philippines.  They also extend from southern Canada through much of the US.  Lilies are commonly adapted to either woodland habitats, often mountain, or grassland habitats.

Lilies are gorgeous within their color combinations within every species this wonderful flower has.  They come in an array of colors ranging from white, pink, rustic, orange, yellow, and red.  The lily is said to be a summer flowering.  There are a variety of types of lilies as well.  Asiatic hybrids, which are usually mistaken for tiger lilies, are the easiest to grow and bloom of all lily types.  The Martagons are tall lilies that have whorled leaves and small flowers that face downward. 

Another lily is the trumpet lily, which is named after its' shape.  They are tall majestic flowers.  This beautiful flower isn't as hardy as most other types of lilies and are often grown in containers.  The Oriental Lily is similar to the Asiatic Lily, which has wider leaves and a spicy strong perfume. The most common Oriental Lily is the "Stargazer". 

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