The Best June Flowers! June 10, 2016 06:31

It may be hot in June, but it still is one of the months in the summer time we love the most.  From vacationing to birthday celebrations, the weather is beyond compare to do just about anything you enjoy, including planting flowers!  You may or may not be a professional gardener, but you can still plant some of the most beautiful flowers available that you absolutely love. 

For planting, there are so many flowers to choose from for a garden and it is simply a matter of discovering the ones that are right for you.  Below are several great choices that are considered the Best June Flowers to plant this month.

Lantana - Sometimes called shrub verbena, lantana plants are sprawling plants regarded for their abundant production of flattened flower clusters that attract butterflies.  These plants prosper in high heat and humidity and look good in hanging baskets or as a ground cover.  In southern climates in the United States, some species of lantana set seed and are regarded as noxious weeds, especially in Florida.

Marigold - Easy to start from seed, both tall African and short, compact French types of marigold make great annuals to plant from starter packs from the nursery in June.

Madagascar Periwinkle - Regions with sandy soils and hot summer temperatures find Madagascar periwinkle a good flowering plant to grow beginning in June.  Also called vinca, they make a sound choice for parts of your garden that are out of the reach of irrigation as they are remarkably drought tolerant once established.

Starclusters - Also called pentas, starclusters grow into bushy plants with puffy clusters of tiny starry flowers that provide nectar to butterflies. Red-flowering varieties attract hummingbirds, too.  Starclusters relish high heat and humidity, making them a good choice for the American Gulf Coast.

Impatiens - Impatiens, perhaps the most popular summer annual for shady garden areas, can be planted in June.  The hotter the temperatures, the more watering they may need to prevent wilting. In sandy soil areas, impatiens do not make good choices when weather is hot, since the watering maintenance is substantial.

Ornamental Peppers - The flowers of ornamental peppers aren't as showy as the numerous purple, red, orange or yellow fruits that develop and look good in mid- to late summer.  If you do like them, June is the month to plant them, as they love the intense sunshine and heat and dazzle you by August.

Salvias - The red tubular flowers of various salvias attract hummingbirds, and other species of salvia yield cool purple to powedery blue or white flower spikes. Whichever you like, plant these heat-loving tropical plants in June to get them off to a good growing start.

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