The Lily--May's Birth Flower May 07, 2015 10:33

Calla Lily DreamEvery month has their specific birth flower, and for May, it is no different. The lily is May's birth flower and it is a sure delight to enjoy one of nature's most beautiful treasures. The Lilium, which is the Lily's actual name, is a genus of herbaceous flowering plants that grows from bulbs, all with large prominent flowers. It is a plant that is late spring to late summer flowering. The Lily communicates purity, beauty,majesty, sweetness, and humility.

This large flower has six petals with spots, similar to freckles, on the inner part of them. It is fragrant and ranges in color, including white, yellow, orange, and red. The Stargazer Lily is mostly pink with white lining on the outside of each petal. Lilies are trumpet-shaped flowers that grow to a 6 inches in diameter, its' stems grow to 3 feet in length and it can carry four to eight blossoms. Its' blooms open at various times, which adds to the life span of a cut-flower arrangement. Most lilies can live and be enjoyed for one to two weeks.

There are a variety of types of this flower as well, including the Tiger Lily, which symbolizes wealth and pride. The Asiatic Lily is amazing with its' rustic color and is fitting for men if your desire to send them flowers. No matter the lily, they all carry an amount of pollen that can stain the petals. Simply remove the stamens from the lilies to prevent this from occurring.

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