The Best June Flowers For Your Occasion! May 29, 2015 05:55

There is nothing like summertime, when all of the brightness of the sun and the beauty of mother nature is in full bloom.  It's a wonderful time to travel and explore the world with the ones you love.  It is also a great to celebrate an enormous array of occasions and events that you will always remember.  From birthday celebrations to graduation ceremonies, we all will experience the joy of summer! With all of your treasured events, it's great to know that the gift of flowers are available to make that loved one's moment even more special.  Now that it is summer, the Best June Flowers are here, ready and waiting to absolutely take your breathe away.  If you are having a June event, or desiring to surprise your dear friend with a stunning floral arrangement, here are some of the most seasonal and popular flowers in June just for you! 

Hydrangea - The hydrangea is a wonderful and unique flower all of its' own.  Women really adore the hydrangea.  Each individual flower is small; however, they come in bunches at the end of each stem, which make for a bountiful-look, especially within a bouquet.  Hydrangeas can be found primarily in white, yet also blue, red, purple, and pink.  It is a very versatile flower, making it a great choice for wedding flowers and many other memorable occasions.

Chrysanthemum - Everyone loves chrysanthemums, either for a primary flower or to compliment other flowers for an occasion.  Surprisingly, Chrysanthemums, also called "mums", are widely known as the most popular flowers next to roses.  One reason is because it belongs to the Asteraceae family, which is one of the largest families of flowering plants. As a result, there are of variety of mums that people enjoy.  Mums come in a wide range of colors, including yellow and gold, white, pink, orange, maroon, bronze, deep red, violet and purple.  Some even mix between two or more colors.  You will absolutely adore this flower!

Calla Lily - The cala lily is one of most beloved flowers in the world, known for its' elegant form.  It signifies beauty, magnificence, in addition to other meanings like purity and wealth.  Calla lilies come a variety of colors, such as white, pink, yellow, purple, and shades of green.  The cala is one of the more expensive flowers, but it is well worth it to use for your wedding, anniversary or corporate celebration.

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