Sending Sympathy Flowers June 24, 2015 06:25

The passing of someone dear creates the necessity for those in mourning to have a strong support system of friends and family. This support system, coupled with the traditional rituals and customs around death, like funerals, are integral parts of the grieving process according to grief counselors. It is often difficult to know just how to support someone in their time of loss and need. This can be especially difficult as modern approaches to burial rites and practices emerge and eclipse long-standing traditions such as wakes, funerals and grave burials. Sympathy flowers are still a wonderful choice to honor those who have passed and support the bereaved.

Historically, sympathy flowers are sent to funeral homes, churches, or grave sites for display during calling hours or wakes. Today, with new approaches to burial services emerging, this approach may not always be an option. Etiquette experts recommend sending sympathy flowers to cremation or memorial services if traditional viewings and funerals are not held, but suggest sending your condolences to the homes of the bereaved in the event there is not a ceremony.

For cremations and memorial services, arrangements such as long garland, wreaths, flowers in baskets, or sprays can beautifully accent urns or caskets. Loose flowers or petals and sympathy wreaths are lovely options for paying respects if the deceased has requested ashes to be scattered throughout water. Live plants are also an emerging trend in sympathy flowers as they give the grieving loved ones something to take home with them and remember the life of their loved one rather than their death. When the bereaved is ready, these live plants can even be turned into a small memorial garden to enjoy for years to come as opposed to a stem arrangement, which has a limited life.

We have all been in a position when we find out of the passing of someone too late to send flowers for the funeral or service, or maybe at the time we were simply unsure of how to proceed given the delicate nature of the situation, however, etiquette rules dictate it is still appropriate to send sympathy flowers and gifts to the homes of the grieving up to one month after the service. In fact, it is likely the outpouring of support and the emotions of the bereaved will be the highest during the time closest to the service, and so it might even be welcomed to receive condolences and an encouraging note after things begin to subside and the bereaved attempt to return to normal.

When selecting a sympathy arrangement to send, you’ll want yours to stand out and be representative of either the life and legacy of the deceased in memoriam, or truly innovative of encouragement and love for the recipient. To do that, it is important to work closely with experienced florists like those at Los Angeles florist, SoCal Petals. With over 20 years of combined industry experience, the florists at SoCal Petals have worked with many people to create wonderful sympathy arrangements that send the respect and condolences you wish to convey during this difficult time. SoCal Petals has a variety of bouquets, sprays, wreaths, casket adornments, and more available.

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