Great Life Span Tips For Cut-Flowers August 25, 2015 05:40

When it's time to get that special someone a gift for their precious occasion, nothing satisfies like a cut-flower arrangement.  The beauty of red roses, the purity of white peonies, and the joy of sunflowers can surely bring a smile to their face.  Cut-flowers have become a vital part of many holidays that we come to deeply love.  No matter where you are, most of everyone is going to buy some flowers.

One of the challenges of cut-flowers is the length of time the bouquet remains beautiful after you buy them. It does no good for the flowers to look good one day and be withered the next.  You desire your recipient to enjoy them as long as possible.  Below are some great tips on how to double lifespan of your floral arrangement.

Use a clean vase. Two of the enemies of lasting flowers are bacteria and drought.  Therefore, you want to begin with a clean vase. Scrub your vase with soap and hot water, rinse and fill with tap water.  Then, add 1/4 teaspoon of liquid bleach per quart.  This combats bacteria and fungus growth, yet at the same time, doesn't harm the flowers.

Keep leaves from below the waterline.   This is a great tip because sometimes we can just leave broken leaves in the water thinking it is doing no harm. Actually, submerged leaves rot, promoting bacteria and algae growth that shortens your flowers' life span.

Condition the stems.  Before plunging the stems into your vase of water, cut the stems at a forty-five-degree angle to allow for the greatest amount of water to be absorbed.  It conditions the flowers to absorb new water.

Change the water every day.  This keeps the water for your flowers free of bacteria.

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