Your Favorite Flowers Say a lot About You! September 1, 2015 06:43

It is truly amazing to see all of the beauty that flowers offer and our favorite ones actually say a lot about the type of person we are.  Different flowers have different meanings and you'll be surprised what they tell you about yourself.  Below are some of those favorite flowers we have come to so immensely enjoy to share what they actually say about you.

Rose - If the rose is your favorite flower, you are a romantic and passionate person. You see the very best in others and strive to bring it out. You value tradition, such as family dinners and holidays, and enjoy being directly involved — especially when it means entertaining! You seek perfection in your life and your relationships are deep and meaningful.

Daisy - You are a very upbeat and optimistic person — your glass is always half full! Friendships are very important to you, and you are a very loyal companion in return. The life of the party, you have a knack for making others smile and laugh, and aren’t afraid to speak your mind. You enjoy outside activities and are always up for trying new experiences.

Carnation - If the carnation is your favorite flower, you are a very down-to-earth person. You fear big changes and are content with your life just the way it is. You are practical and realistic — your friends tend to come to you for advice and direction.

Lily - You are a very commanding, yet nurturing person. You are “motherly” and tend to take care of others, especially those near to you. You take pride in your life, achievements, and personal relationships, and are highly respected by those around you.

Iris - If the iris is your favorite, you are a very creative and imaginative person. You enjoy change and are open-minded when it comes to new experiences. Others find it easy to talk to you, and value your opinions, however strong they may be. You keep your promises and have faith in others. You are a dreamer, you hope, and you tend to be a spiritual person.

Orchid and Tropical Flowers - You are a very exotic and worldly person. You have an air of mystery that naturally draws others to you. You are slightly reserved, but speak your mind when necessary. Though your circle of close companions is on the smaller side, your relationships are tight and very strong. You are secretive but honest, and your personal appearance is important to you.

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