10 Great Tips For Arranging Your Own Flowers! September 09, 2015 05:26

A wonderful expression of thoughtfulness to the special someone is to create a bouquet of your very own.  You can grab some of her favorite flowers, a vase, some water and then put your creativity to work.  When you are arranging your own flowers, you want your bouquet to look its' absolute best. Here are 10 great tips below to help you make the perfect floral arrangement.

1. Start With Fresh Flowers
- Before you even begin arranging your flowers, the best tip above all is to pick out some quality flowers that have a lot of life in them to begin with. 

2. Put Them In Water Fast
- After you purchase your flowers, always put them in water fast.  As soon as you get them home, fill some buckets with tepid water, add floral preservative, and then your fresh flowers.

3. Cut Off Some Stem - Providing your new flowers with a fresh cut will help them immediately be able to acclimate themselves to the new water and absorb it better.  Cut 1 inch off the stems using a sharp knife.  This is a good rule of thumb to follow, especially if you aren't arranging them quickly.

4. Water Temp Matters - Warm water helps tightly closed flower heads and causes them to open fully.  Let them stay in the water for a day or two before use.

5. Use Foam - Use florist's foam to keep flowers in place and constantly hydrated so they last the longest they possibly can.  Soak the foam for 15 minutes before cutting it to fit the container, in addition to watering the foam every couple of days.

6. Continue Trimming - Recut your stems just before adding them to the arrangement.  Strip off any dead leaves that fall below the water line because it helps minimize fungus and bacteria.

7. Large and Heavy Flowers First -  Add these first, turning the arrangement as you work to ensure even placement of them on each side. Then, fill in with smaller, airier blooms, and leave enough space between the stems so individual flowers have room to shine.  Include flowers with various shapes and stem lengths as well.

8. Similar Colors - Mix in similar color flowers, yet with different textures for a monochromatic arrangement that's interesting to see.

9. Fill-In - Save larger leaves and stems with leaves on them to fill in around the flowers. Also, drape some of the greenery over the container's rim.

10. Proper Placement - Lastly, always keep flowers away from sunlight and heating vents. Then, recut stems and add water often.

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