Aster-The Beautiful Birth Flower of September September 16, 2015 07:43

As we enter into the months of fall, we can miss all of the bountiful blooming of flowers that comes within the summer time.  However, it's great to know that every season supplies its' share of beautiful flowers, including the wonderful month of September. 

Yes, the Best Flowers of September are still available for your enjoyment.  You can find a number of flowers to select from within this month, including its' birth flower known as the aster.  This beloved flower symbolizes the feeling of powerful love.  They are usually given to someone that has given birth during September, congratulating them on their new bundle of joy. 

Asters are also fitting for September weddings and birthday celebrations.Aster literally means star in the Greek.  Also known as starworts, frost flowers or Michaelmas daisies, asters are native in certain areas in Asia, Africa, Europe, and America.  This flower belongs to the sunflower family and is closely related to the chrysanthemum.  It is perennial and grows easily in rich, moist soil.  Gardeners see the aster as one of their favorites because they are easy to plant and grow in September.  They can be planted in all zones as well.  

With it being the birth flower of September, the asters have also been used to commemorate 9/11.  Its' use during this time of reflection and mourning affirms the symbolism and beauty of this honorable flower.  Asters are also given on every September 4th. to show a sign of appreciation and gratitude to great teachers on Teacher's Day.

One of the great things about this flower is that it loves to get lots of sun, and when it does, it creates a stunning bloom.  It also comes in an array of bright colors, including various shades of pink, purple, white, lavender, blue, and red.  It's yellow central disc on this flower is similar to daisies and you'll see that it remains the same regardless of the flower color you choose.

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