The Best Cut Flowers To Grow November 04, 2015 06:16

When it comes to cut flowers, they can be the most beautiful bouquets that you experience.  From timeless roses to elegant peonies, once you get a taste of continually having cut flowers, you don't desire anything less than the best.  Yet, even these wonderful beauties of nature come to an end and wither away.  "Only if they could last," we might say. 

If you really like having cut-flowers and you are open to becoming a planter, another option is to simply grow your own.  It may seem a little overwhelming to begin planting your own flowers, however, there are an array of self-help tools to assist you with getting started.  After you decide to grow your own cut-flowers, the next thing to decide is which ones should you grow.  Below are just some of the best cut flowers to grow for your garden, and you'll be excited as you see spring up all of the amazing flowers you've been waiting for.

Celosia - The celosia is an unusual cut flower that grows to 4 feet tall and produces crests, or combs, of large velvety flowers that are very long lasting after they are cut. This flower comes in yellow, red or pink.  All celosias are tolerant of the hottest growing conditions and produce an abundance of seed.

Gomphrena - This beautiful flower produces unusual ball-shaped flowers of violet, red or white.  The flowers are borne atop wiry stems that are easy to arrange and the flowers are suitable for drying.  Amaranth grows well in the field and tolerates heat, dry conditions and insects.

Zinnia - The zinnia are very popular cut flowers because they are available in so many colors and interesting textures. Some zinnia plants produce small button type flowers and others produce flowers as big as 4 inches across.  Zinnias are tolerant of all types of soils and thrive in warm conditions that would cause other flowering plants to fade.

Sunflower - There's nothing like the sunflower growing in the autumn time.  Sunflowers come in bright yellow with brown centers and vary in shades of bright yellow, red, brown, copper, orange and bi-colored petals.  They also can have green centers also.  If you are going to plant sunflowers after the 4th of July, select those that are what is called "day-length neutral", which means they can grow tall even while the day length shortens.

Snapdragon - Snapdragons are are a good flower to grow in cooler climates and can be grown in the winter in the southern US.  The best harvest of the snapdragon comes during the spring.  They are great compliment flowers to your primary flowers within a floral bouquet.  Snapdragons produce one large floral spike with multiple blooms or they can be pinched back to provide multiple smaller stems. Some varieties of snapdragons are more suitable as bedding plants because they are low-growing, so be sure to purchase seed or plants that are the cutting types such as the "Rocket" series.

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