6 Reasons You Need a California Florist December 14, 2017 06:45

If you're newly engaged and planning a wedding, congratulations! But as you settle in with that sparkly ring and tell your families, chances are that your list of decisions is getting long: reception venue, ceremony time, bridesmaid dresses, cake flavors...

Of course, another important wedding detail is flowers! Floral decorations at weddings are not only steeped in tradition, but they offer the bride the chance to customize the wedding decor to suit the couples' preferences.

As you begin to make your floral decisions for your upcoming nuptials, don't forget to keep your local California florist in mind! There are many benefits to choosing a florist as opposed to going DIY with your blooms.

Read on to learn more!

1. Flower Prep Work is Daunting

Let's be real for a second. DIY flower arrangements are messy. Especially if you're wanting more than just a few blooms, your home or workspace will soon be covered in discarded stems and leaves. Your hands may end up stained, and you may even ruin that perfect manicure that you just got for your special day...

The prep work for floral arrangements is also space- and time-consuming. Flowers must be cut, arranged, stored/refrigerated, placed in water, and transported. f you opt to make your own arrangements, chances are you won't get much sleep the night before.

It's a much better idea to let your florist take on this task so you can get that much-needed, pre-wedding shuteye.

2. Choosing the Right Blooms

We know you love those gardenias, but did you know that if the temperature exceeds 70 degrees, they'll brown and wilt? Sunflowers, on the other hand, are heat-resistant and will hold up great in that warm reception room.

A florist can help you with decisions like this so you can choose the right blooms for your wedding season and venue (indoor/outdoor.) They'll know which blooms can handle a few minutes in the snow, and which ones need shade alllll day long.

Florists can also choose the right blooms to match the style and color of your wedding. What you think is "blue" on Pinterest may actually appear violet in real life. And blooms that appear large in pictures may actually come out smaller than you hoped.

Let a florist guide you through these issues, so you don't end up disappointed on your big day.

3. Select the Best Provider

You'd hate to drop a thousand dollars on flowers only to have them show up in bad condition. Any good California florist has worked with a variety of flower providers and wholesalers and knows who provides the most vibrant, high-quality blooms. By hiring a florist, you're removing that element of doubt and saving yourself future heartache.

One of the biggest concerns that brides have about hiring a florist is the cost. But remember, a florist can buy at wholesale prices, which aren't available to regular consumers. If you buy blooms yourself, you'll pay a higher price per stem.

Let the florist deal with this! It may ultimately save you money, so you can put the extra cash to better things (like that honeymoon in the Bahamas!)

4. Professional Arrangements

Your Pinterest boards are full of gorgeous blooms and bouquets, but have you actually tried to replicate one? It's never as easy as it looks! Chances are, you'll end up frustrated, tired, and rubbing your sore fingers.

Not so with the pros! A California florist has a wealth of little tricks to make 3 blooms look like 5, or keep petals fresh and bright all day. Experienced florists have done hundreds, if not thousands, of arrangements. They know which stems bend, which leaves are most durable, and how to twist flowers in a certain way.

Most florists also gladly take ideas, if you envision a certain design. They can help you incorporate beads/gems or find unique color arrangements, all of which add to that professional look that just can't be replicated.

5. Preserve Freshness All Day

Picture this: you just sat down at your reception and the champagne is flowing. You look over at your lovely bouquet of white roses, only to see...the petals are browning?!

This is something that many DIY brides overlook: they spend hours preparing flowers before the big event, only to forget the care and maintenance that the blooms need on the big day.

You can avoid this by hiring a California florist, who will know the proper arrangements and watering techniques to keep flowers fresh all day long. For example, many bouquets and boutonnieres need small water receptacles attached to the bottom of them.

Likewise, table and altar displays may benefit from a water change mid-day, and there's no way you'll have time to do that between the ceremony and reception!

6. A California Florist Can Reduce Stress on Your Big Day!

Here's the #1 reason to hire a florist: it's one less thing for you to worry about on the single most important day of your life. Not only can you avoid the headache and mess of prepping the floral arrangements the day before, you can think about more important things on the day of: like your new husband!

DIY floral arrangements are a gamble: you don't know whether the flowers will be fresh, colorful or even the right bloom. They may wilt midday, or your colors may come out wrong. By hiring a California florist, you take out this element of doubt, which means less stress!

Good florists work all day and night to ensure your wedding decor is perfect.

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