8 Botanical Gardens Beloved By Your Favorite LA Florist December 21, 2017 06:20

Flowers are just wonderful, aren't they? They brighten up a landscape or a room and they often offer fragrant aromas that only flowers can bring us. That's why we adore them and we share them with one another on special occasions. Flowers also bring us together. If you've ever visited a botanical garden or Arboretum, you know that these places are a haven for visitors of many backgrounds. We also see flowers as a way to represent things that are important to us like life, death, and love.

So why wouldn't we enjoy visiting some of the loveliest gardens in the LA area? These gardens showcase the same elegant and luxurious flowers found at your local LA florist.

Here, we're discussing the top eight botanical gardens in the LA area that your favorite florist also loves. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Fullerton Arboretum

Located at the California State University Fullerton, Fullerton Arboretum offers many park benches scattered throughout the gardens for visitors to sit and enjoy the scenery.

There are 26 acres here at the Fullerton campus exhibiting native vegetation and a rare fruit grove. There is also an 11,000 square foot organic vegetable garden and many other gardens scattered among the grounds.

Groundbreaking ceremonies for this garden took place forty years ago on December 11, 1977, by Dr. C Eugene Jones. Today, you can find tours, self-guided or guided and a museum exhibit.

Sometimes, you will find a special event at these gardens showcasing different gardening techniques and other features. It can be a nice scenic day for one, or the whole family.

2. San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitas

The San Diego Botanic Garden features a 35-acre paradise. There are flowering trees and plants from all climates around the world broken down into 24 separate gardens through a four-mile trail.

You can find yourself lost in exploration at the San Diego Botanic Garden with classes and events, birdwatching, art exhibits and more.

Rest assured, your LA florist has at least one flower found in this entire garden. Hopefully, it's your favorite.

There are lots of things to do for kids at this park and they hold special events for birthdays and scout groups. It's an important place to learn and observe nature.

3. Virginia Robinson Gardens in Beverly Hills

The Robinson House where the gardens are located was originally built in 1911. It was one of the first luxury properties in the Beverly Hills area at the time. You could spend an entire day just viewing the mansion and gardens.

This garden is regarded as a historical landmark and exotic paradise. Because they're listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Virginia Robinson Gardens is a great place for kids to learn and engage with plants of many species. The gardens offer children's group events to promote the occasion.

There is rich history on these grounds and you can find yourself immersed in the culture of yesterday, today, and tomorrow in Hollywood.

4. The Getty Center in Los Angeles

The Getty Center is another garden that your LA florist recommends for it's ever-evolving and extraordinary sights.

There are over 500 varieties of plant material used to landscape the Central Garden alone. You'll find many gardens and fountains and landscaping that features areas for you to rest and enjoy the scenery.

These gardens have been open since 1997 and continue to serve and allure the public today.

5. Sherman Gardens in Corona Del Mar

This 2.2-acre retreat offers astounding views of some of the most beautiful and luxurious plants in the area.

You can find a museum of living plants set among the immaculate gardens with patios and walkways for your leisurely stroll. Sign up for classes and events or plan your wedding at this gorgeous retreat.

This is also home to the Sherman Library, a historical research library dedicated to the history of the Pacific Southwest. You can find over 15,000 volumes in this collection that includes many California city directories.

Whatever you prefer, the Library, or the Gardens, or both, this is a fine daylong getaway in LA.

6. Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanic Garden

The Los Angeles Arboretum sits near the San Bernadino Mountain Range and features a stunning collection of plants from around the world. The expansive 127-acre gardens are lush and simply amazing.

You can come here to learn about their various events or just take a day to stroll through the paradise and enjoy nature.

This lush getaway is rich with history and their website even features a timeline that dates back millennia.

Stop in and grab a garden map and set yourself up for a full day of exploration at the Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanic Garden.

7. The Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino

There are just over 200 acres of land and gardens to experience at the Huntington Botanical Garden. It is used to keep the gardens, house art collections, and the library. You will also find that research is a part of this garden's mission.

If you have children, allow them to get involved in the educational programs and other school programs. Go with them! There are over 200 acres to explore!

8. Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is one not to be missed. Explore the garden or get lost in the conservation and research efforts held here.

You can learn and discover more about the native species located here and visit again and again. Stop and see the Blaksley Library along the way and don't forget to see the garden shop.

Whatever you're looking for in a botanical garden, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden has what you're looking for. Peace and quiet, most importantly.

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