Best Flowers For Quinceaneras March 7, 2017 08:08

For a young girl, a quinceanera is a joyous occasion that celebrates her arrival into womanhood in the Latin American community.  It is held on her 15th birthday, and the way it is honored can differ in many countries, such as religious overtones.  Regardless of the minor differences, the quinceanara is conducted lavishly and families esteem their little girl on this special day.

The quinceanera is a beautiful moment and deserves nothing less than the best of floral arrangements to match. Quinceanera bouquets are usually smaller in size and more colorful than wedding bouquets.  Below are some great choices for flowers to use as bouquets and in other ways for your quinceanera.

Daises - Daises are a great flower theme for your quinceanera and for a bouquet.  This versatile flower has so many colors to choose from, therefore, it can be an easier flower to use for matching any color theme you have for your fiesta.  Daises come in colors such as red, pink, yellow, white, orange, and maroon.  Within the daisy family, the gerbera daisy is very beautiful, rich and provides an elegant youthfulness to your flower theme.  You can float daises in water for a table accent.  They have long, wide stems as well, which make for excellent centerpieces. 

Roses - Roses are always a great choice for a quinceanera and frankly, any occasion.  The rose is a flower that grows all year long, therefore, they are at your disposal to use no matter what season your quinceanera falls in.  The flower represents love and beauty.  It can be very symbolic of her beauty and entrance into womanhood.  Red or white rose petals can be scattered on tables.  Pink rose centerpieces can bring an air of elegance to the quinceanera.  No matter the idea, you can simply be very creative with roses.

Peonies - Peonies are great for centerpieces and arrangements for your quinceanera.  It symbolizes a happy life.  They have a wonderful scent and are delicate.  They do not have strong stems and are recommended to be used mixed with other flowers.  Peonies come in colors such as pink, fuchsia, white, and burgundy.  The flower is full and delightful.  They can used for decor, especially accents on tables as flowers floating in water. 

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