Best Flowers for Romantic Dinners August 22, 2016 05:59

As a man, it's a good thing to do the things that keep the romance in the relationship.  One of the most thoughtful ways you can sweep her off her feet is by having a romantic dinner by candlelight.  There is something about the simple things to a woman that makes a romantic dinner loved by her.

When you are having a romantic dinner for your wife or significant other, nothing compares to what fresh, elegant flowers will do for your  evening.  Just like some soft music, they add to the mood and atmosphere of the night.  Here are some of the best flowers you can choose from that will make your night unforgettable and that she will absolutely love!

Deep Red Roses - Roses are the most popular flower in the world.  People love the versatility of the rose, making it a great flower for just about any event or occasion.  The red rose symbolizes love.  For your dinner you take the simple approach and have a nice, classy vase with one long-stem red rose in it.  You can also choose a half to one short-stem dozen deep red roses, cut to fit within a short bowl or square vase.  This will prevent the flowers from blocking your view of one another.

Calla Lilies - The calla lily is one of the most romantic flowers that you will ever find.  They are prized by women for their elegance and how they relate to the beauty of a woman not only on the outside, but on the inside.  Callas come in white, lavender, dark purple, pink, and more.  For a romantic dinner, you can set more than one as your centerpiece; however, the less you have of this flower, the better.  It is just that intimate!

Birds of Paradise - If you are desiring to have something exotic for your romantic dinner, choose the birds of paradise flower.  The birds of paradise, also called the crane flower, is as colorful and tropic as they come.  The name of the flower comes from its' spectacular shape that resembles a bird's beak and head plumage.  A few of these at your table will be a shear delight, and a great talking piece as well.

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