Best Gifts For Her Before Your Surprise Getaway! October 17, 2016 09:33

It is almost time to take that excursion that you have been planning for that special woman in your life, and you know it is what she has been absolutely waiting for.  It is time to sweep her off her feet, as you take her to relax and enjoy each other.  Yet with a woman, you can't just take her on a surprise getaway with giving her a surprise gift also!

If you really want to surprise her.  If you really desire to take her breath away. The best surprise is to give her a gift along with the surprise, as you tell her you are taking her on a getaway and where you will be taking her.  There are an array of ideas that you can do that she'll love, yet here are just a few of the best gifts to give her before your surprise getaway.

One of best gifts is some nice evening wear.  This won't just be any evening wear that you buy her.  This will be an evening gown that communicates where you are taking her for the getaway.  If you are taking her to the Caribbeans, get her a gorgeous summer gown, very breezy and complimenting to the perfect evening weather on the island.  Also, your color choice would be more light and festive, or more elegant, depending upon your getaway plans.  Either way, giving her this gift before you tell her where you are taking her will cause her to feel so loved by you.

Women love diamonds.  Nothing compares to how a woman feels about diamonds.  They express how much of a jewel she is in your eyes and in your eyes only.  You can show utmost affection by surprising her with some diamond earrings, ring  and/or necklace.  Then, tell her she can wear them at the getaway location.  She will not be absolutely speechless!

Send flowers to her job.  A perfect, simple way to set the mood is to send her a beautiful bouquet of flowers to her job.  Women enjoy being acknowledge before everyone that she is special to you and that you thought enough about her to send her an amazing floral arrangement.  Send her flowers from a premiere Beverly Hills Florist like SoCal Petals, and a note that expresses a hint regarding what you are about to do for her next.  She will immediately contact you, after which you can share your surprise getaway with her!  

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