Decor Ideas for your Home for Christmas December 23, 2016 08:25

When the greatest holiday time of the year arrives, you just don't want any kind of decor for your home.  You know you're going to have lots of family and friends over celebrating, and you want your home to look its' absolute best.  Here are some great suggestions for decorating your home to fill it with holiday cheer!

You can add a touch of Christmas by hanging an array of traditional and modern decorations throughout your home.  Hang some of your favorite-colored stockings above your fireplace and on the walls of your foyer.  Dust off those classic reefs in your basement and put them on your front door. Also, red ribbons are always in order for the holidays, whether you place them on your refrigerator, wall or on your front windows.  Get some tinsel to decorate your home as well. It's Christmas!

Another great choice for decorating your home for Christmas is with flowers.  Any time you surround the atmosphere with flowers, every room will be filled with life and the joy of the season.  You can delicately set some evergreens over your fireplace and on your stairwells.  Take a mix of red roses, carnations and lush greens placed within a Christmas slide for a little fun.  Lastly, you can always have delivered from SoCal Petals one of their lovely Christmas floral arrangements and centerpieces to place on your dining room table that your guest will simply adore. 

One of Best Christmas Flowers to use is the poinsettia plant.  The poinsettia is considered throughout the world the flower of Christmas.  It's known for its' wide, deep red leaves and rich greenery make them fit for the holiday season.  You can have your poinsettia placed in a gold, green or some other type of designed basket.  Set multiple poinsettias throughout your home, especially some within your foyer where your guest will enter in.  

Whatever Christmas decor you decide on, when it comes to floral decor, nothing compares to the superior flowers that you can enjoy from SoCal Petals!  We are a Santa Monica Florist that is a nationally-recognized FTD Florist, known for our premium flowers and our simple approach to providing you the Best Christmas Flowers in Southern California.  Our designers have over 50 years of combined experience and take pride in their craft.  You can view our breathtaking line of Christmas bouquets within our Christmas Collection and you will be left speechless!

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