How to send surprise flowers to her workplace October 26, 2016 06:20

If it's one thing that a woman loves, it's when you surprise her with flowers at the workplace.  She could have been in meetings since morning until the afternoon.  She could have been having a difficult time with handling client resolutions.  She just may not be having a good day so far, yet as soon as she receiving those precious flowers from you, all of a sudden, her countenance brightens up and nothing else seems to matter.

You can make her day by sending her some of the Best Los Angeles Flowers that she so deserves.  It is good to send them, but it would be great if you surprise her also!  Here are some great tips on how to send an arrangement of surprise flowers to her job that will leave her absolutely speechless!

Do a personal delivery.  Pick a day out of your busy schedule and deliver the flowers yourself.  She will be so surprised, as she would expect you to be at work yourself.  Yet, to take time to leave your job to personally deliver flowers to her.  

Get Her Colleague to present them to her.  With knowing where she works, you probably know of, or have spoken to her about one of her colleagues she works with.  Get in contact with that person and tell them that you desire to surprise her with flowers.  Her colleague will find that so awesome and can assist you with the time of day you plan to deliver them.  Once the flowers arrive, her colleague can present the flowers to her and read a special note just for her from you!

Surprise lunch and flowers!  Another awesome idea that will take her breathe away is to surprise her at the workplace and take her out for lunch.  She will find that so sweet and will like the kind gesture of stepping away from the office.  While you are both about to end having lunch, tell her you will be right back, go out to your car and bring in a wonderful bouquet of flowers for her to take back to her office.  You will make her blush as she gets so much attention from her colleagues, as she arrives back to her desk and get compliments all the day long.  Women love that and she will love you for it too!

Have SoCal Petals deliver flowers to her.  If you just don't have the time at the moment to deliver them yourself, you can always turn to SoCal Petals to deliver an amazing floral arrangement to her workplace on your behalf.  She deserves the best and SoCal Petals is an awarded Los Angeles Florist, consistently delivering superior flowers and more to each and every customer.  Simply choose an arrangement with the flowers that she loves and SoCal Petals will do the rest.  We also do custom design bouquets as well!

If you need your flowers fast, that's no problem for SoCal Petals with our signature same-day delivery.  Whether you need a Los Angeles Flower Delivery or a Playa Vista Flower Delivery, SoCal Petals will get your arrangement there fresh and on time.  For the best surprise flowers, order with SoCal Petals today!