No Sneezing Allowed! The Perfect Hypo Allergenic Flowers for People with Allergies June 3, 2019 09:05

Los Angeles FloristDo you have allergies or are you looking to buy a flower arrangement for someone who does? The great news is there's a wide range of hypo-allergenic flowers available. Generally, it's the pollen that causes problems for people with allergies. Hypo-allergenic flowers produce very little pollen, so they won't cause much of an issue for people who are allergic to flowers.

Here are some of the best hypoallergenic flowers that you might want to consider.


You won't have to worry about experiencing a sore throat or a runny nose around this kind of flower. Carnations are shaped like a ruffled ball and they can easily add texture to any arrangement of flowers you'd care to use them in.

This is a flower that's generally available in both spray color and standard, so you should be able to put them into any sort of color scheme or arrangement fairly easily.


This is a flower that has a very low level of pollen, but you should keep in mind that its scent can cause irritation to some people.

The hyacinth looks great when you display it alongside other spring flowers, such as tulips. With the right level of care, you can expect this plant to last at least eight days at a time.


While these flowers do have pollen, it's actually sticky, meaning it doesn't usually become airborne. These flowers can be bought throughout the year but are best used in tropical arrangements.

They're easier to care for than you'd think; they usually need an ice cube's worth of water once a week. If you're looking for hardy, low-maintenance, low-pollen flowers, then give these a shot.


This plant was so popular in the Netherlands that it once caused a huge market crash. Looking at this beautiful flower, it's easy to see why it was so popular.

Not only are tulips an amazing looking flower, but you can also use them without fear of an allergic reaction. They're available in a huge range of colors and varieties. Make sure you wear gloves when you plant these, as they've been known to give people with allergies a rash when handled.


If you're looking for a great flower for height, the snapdragon can add a little bit of texture to an arrangement. They're also a very low allergen flower.

These can often be used to create the framework for a flower arrangement. In most arrangements you use them in, the snapdragons will really grab the attention of anyone who looks at it. You can expect these flowers to last for around five days, as long as you care for them properly.


Irises are a springtime flower, but you can expect to find them available for purchase all year round. These are low pollen flowers, so you won't need to worry about having an allergic reaction.


Roses are a classic flower that most of us are familiar with. Different colored roses can symbolize different things. For example, a red one could be used to represent romantic love.

While roses certainly do have a good amount of pollen, it generally doesn't become airborne. This is because the pollen particles are much too big to get in the air.

Not only do roses look fantastic in almost any setting, but they'll also last long in a vase. The average rose will survive for over a week while in a vase.

Asiatic Lilies

Did you know you can actually modify a flower, making it much more bearable for someone who suffers from allergies?

For example, say you want to buy some lilies. You can simply cut off the stamens from the flower. This is where the pollen is kept, so once the stamen is removed, the lilies will no longer produce any pollen.

Just make sure you do this before anyone with allergies gets close to it, as lilies are some of the worst flowers for people with hayfever.


When you think of a beautiful flower, you probably don't imagine it belonging to a cactus. You might be surprised at how impressive of a flower certain cacti are capable of producing; some can sprout pink, orange, and yellow flowers.

Not only are these flowers great to look at, but they're also very low in pollen count. Anyone with allergies won't need to worry about being around a cactus.


If you have allergies, you don't need to stay away from this popular variety of flower. Peonies are known for their large, double bloomed flowers. These plants are in season from around April until about June.

With that being said, some retailers may be able to offer these amazing flowers out of season.


These are tall, slender, and brightly colored flowers. They're also great for people who have allergies thanks to their anti-allergic qualities. This plant produces significantly less histamine than other flowers, making it ideal for a hypoallergenic bouquet.


This is a great flower to use to add a bit of color to an arrangement. Adding this to a bouquet will create somewhat of a wildflower feel.

It's great for allergy sufferers due to its low pollen count. It's also a flower that's quite trendy at the moment.

Get the Perfect Hypo-Allergenic Flowers

A lot of people are allergic to flowers, so asking for hypo-allergenic flowers is not that strange of a request. Are you looking to go the extra mile for that special someone who's allergic to flowers? Just tell any good florist you're looking for hypo-allergenic flowers and they should be able to help you with the perfect arrangement.

People with allergies can't normally get flower arrangements, so getting one they can enjoy will probably be seen as an extra special and thoughtful gift.

Want to put together a special arrangement for a loved one? Then get in touch with us today!