Rose Colors and Their Meaning: Are You Sending the Right Roses? August 22, 2018 06:48

Los Angeles Florist"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet..." One of the most iconic and classic flowers known to man is none other than the rose. Whether it's a single flower or an entire bouquet, sending a rose or a bouquet of roses is one of the most formal and meaning-packed gestures a person can make.

But what...uh...what, exactly is the meaning you're packing here?

You might already know that each color rose stands for a different feeling or message--but just what are each of the colors meant to convey?

Before you wrap up your flower order, take a second to look over the meanings of these different rose colors to be sure you're sending flowers that'll send just the right message!

Red Roses

Probably one of the most widely-understood rose colors is red. If you've always thought the red rose signified love and passion, then you nailed it!

Historically, red has always represented feelings of deep sincerity, passion and admiration--from a whole dozen red roses to a single scarlet stem, you really can't go wrong with expressing your passion through these gorgeous red blossoms.

Want to express to your significant other how head-over-heels you are for them? Pick up a bunch of red roses and you're sure to have them convinced!

White Roses

A bit less commonly known rose color meaning is white--does it stand for purity? More love? Grief?

If you guessed that a white rose is usually meant to represent innocence and new beginnings, then you guessed right again!

White roses are perfect as a classic wedding flower, or for any other occasion celebrating coming-of-age and purity, like a child's party or bar-mitzvah. You could also pull a Kanye West and send a huge white rose arrangement to your best frenemy, Taylor Swift; thoughts?!

Pink Roses

Perhaps some of the sweetest blooms out there, pink roses are actually known as the "thank you" flower!

Most naturally pink roses come in a soft blush color that gives off an air of innocence, sincerity, and grace.

If you're looking for the perfect way to say "thank you," "I love you," and "I appreciate you" all at once, think about sending a pretty little pink bouquet.

Orange Roses

One of the more uncommon hues of roses (though often some of the most beautiful!) are orange.

Orange roses can be used to signify excitement, encouragement, and curiosity!

The overall energy of the orange rose makes it super versatile; consider sending orange roses as a congratulatory gesture to someone embarking on a new job or other opportunity, or even in a fresh relationship when you may not be quite ready to say "I love you," but you're dying to show you care!

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are one of the more...confusing hues the world of roses has to offer.

While many recognize the yellow rose as being symbolic of friendship or joy, yellow roses are often seen as a symbol of jealousy, infidelity, or possession. Pretty opposite meanings, huh?

When it comes to yellow roses, you may want to stay away from sending these to a lover or partner, just in case they might be interpreted as a negative gesture! Think about sending roses to a friend who's particularly smitten with the color yellow, and who'll understand that you mean, "Hey, thanks for your friendship! You make me happy!"

Lavender Roses

Another under-appreciated color of rose is the lavender rose!

Lavender roses are usually emblematic of playful enchantment or love-at-first-sight. The sweet, understated-but-gorgeous hue of the lavender rose is the perfect way to show someone how charmed you are by them.

The lavender rose is the perfect way to suggest you'd like to see someone again--and that you'll be thinking of them every moment until you do. They can also make a friendly suggestion that you'd like to move on from the friend zone, please!

Green Roses

Some of the most striking of all the world's blooms are bright green roses, which are often used to signify growth.

Makes sense, right? When things on Earth are bright and green and vibrant, we know they're growing.

Any time someone in your life is embarking on a new beginning or adventure, consider sending along a bright pop of green roses. This shows support and confidence in the recipient and in all the ways you're sure they'll grow through their newest adventure.

Black Roses

Often seen as one of the more somber, sinister colors of the rose is black--which is, as you might already know, typically used to communicate grief or loss.

Black roses are, of course, appropriate in times of sympathy, but they can also be used in times of happier endings or farewells, too.

Some endings are good things; if someone in your life finally puts to rest that ancient car they've been pushing around as long as you've known them, or celebrates something else they're happy to be rid of, think about sending black roses as a quirky and beautiful "bye-bye"!

Rainbow Roses

While Shakespeare may not necessarily approve of the modern twist on the classic rose, the rainbow-colored or other mixed-hue rose can be a lovely and charming take on the flower that's perfect for lots of occasions.

Since the rainbow rose isn't as much of a traditional bloom, its meaning is pretty free for you to decide! This flower is bright, playful, and obviously full of joy.

Rainbow roses can work really well as a "Get Well Soon" gesture since they bring such bright and cheery colors wherever they go. Or maybe the rainbow rose feels like the perfect gift for a small child or teacher--whatever the occasion, rainbow roses are sure to brighten their recipient's day.

Want More on Rose Colors?

The world of rose colors is pretty fascinating, huh?

Roses can be such a classic and meaningful symbol for anything from romantic love to a vote of confidence. It's no wonder you've chosen to send some to a loved one!

For more on rose colors and the best bouquets for you, check out our gorgeous arrangements and color options!