Succulent Bouquets March 21, 2017 05:55

Succulent bouquets have been gaining popularity in the Los Angeles wedding flower scene for the past few wedding seasons. This season, they’re expected to reach their peak.

Part of what has couples drawn to this wedding day fauna is the hardiness of these plants. Succulents are thicker and fleshier than typical plants, allowing them to store water for survival in dry climates. This makes them ideal for those desiring a low-maintenance house plant and for newlyweds who don’t want to toss all of their wedding day flowers once the dancing is over. Unlike cut stems used in bouquets and arrangements, succulents can be kept, taken home, planted, and kept alive for many years with little to no green thumb required!

Due to their natural ability to stay healthy in dry climates or during periods of drought in otherwise damp climates, succulents are often readily available. Their hardiness and easy ability to propagate keep the cost of these plants relatively low. This is great for those looking for Los Angeles wedding flowers because that means regardless of whether your wedding date is in the peak of wedding season or during an off-season time, say during the winter, succulents are almost always available and easy to procure for a reasonable cost, unlike other fashionable, seasonal blooms. Because a little can go a long way in the world of succulents, incorporating these into wedding decor helps keep couples within their budget, and ensures all of the money being spent on floral decor won’t have wilted when the stems eventually do.

Beyond the usefulness of this type of plant, succulents are aesthetically perfect for wedding day arrangements. Los Angeles florists have been using succulents in bouquets for brides and bridesmaids, hairpieces for flower girls, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and more. Succulents come in a variety of shades of green and even some hues of purple and blue. Palette variety coupled with the range of sizes and shapes of succulents make them a perfect compliment next any flower and a good fit for an abundance of wedding themes and design aesthetics. Though they work well arranged alongside most flowers and other floral accents, succulents make a unique bouquet or centerpiece all on their own.

Succulents also allow for brides and grooms to extend their thinking beyond just bouquets, pushing the creative envelope. Succulents make wonderful aisle accents when placed alongside the aisle or on the corner of guests’ chairs. We’re seeing succulents used for wedding cake decoration and given as wedding favors. Once the big day is over, the bridal party and guests can keep the succulents used as part of the wedding to have a gorgeous reminder of the special day long after it’s done.

Los Angeles florist, SoCal Petals, can make your succulent dreams come true. Whether you want these fun little plants to have a major role in the decor and design of the day or a more minor compliment, the talented florists at SoCal Petals are equipped to make your dreams come true.