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6 Reasons You Need a California Florist December 14, 2017 06:45

If you're newly engaged and planning a wedding, congratulations! But as you settle in with that sparkly ring and tell your families, chances are that your list of decisions is getting long: reception venue, ceremony time, bridesmaid dresses, cake flavors...

Of course, another important wedding detail is flowers! Floral decorations at weddings are not only steeped in tradition, but they offer the bride the chance to customize the wedding decor to suit the couples' preferences.

As you begin to make your floral decisions for your upcoming nuptials, don't forget to keep your local California florist in mind! There are many benefits to choosing a florist as opposed to going DIY with your blooms.

Read on to learn more!

1. Flower Prep Work is Daunting

Let's be real for a second. DIY flower arrangements are messy. Especially if you're wanting more than just a few blooms, your home or workspace will soon be covered in discarded stems and leaves. Your hands may end up stained, and you may even ruin that perfect manicure that you just got for your special day...

The prep work for floral arrangements is also space- and time-consuming. Flowers must be cut, arranged, stored/refrigerated, placed in water, and transported. f you opt to make your own arrangements, chances are you won't get much sleep the night before.

It's a much better idea to let your florist take on this task so you can get that much-needed, pre-wedding shuteye.

2. Choosing the Right Blooms

We know you love those gardenias, but did you know that if the temperature exceeds 70 degrees, they'll brown and wilt? Sunflowers, on the other hand, are heat-resistant and will hold up great in that warm reception room.

A florist can help you with decisions like this so you can choose the right blooms for your wedding season and venue (indoor/outdoor.) They'll know which blooms can handle a few minutes in the snow, and which ones need shade alllll day long.

Florists can also choose the right blooms to match the style and color of your wedding. What you think is "blue" on Pinterest may actually appear violet in real life. And blooms that appear large in pictures may actually come out smaller than you hoped.

Let a florist guide you through these issues, so you don't end up disappointed on your big day.

3. Select the Best Provider

You'd hate to drop a thousand dollars on flowers only to have them show up in bad condition. Any good California florist has worked with a variety of flower providers and wholesalers and knows who provides the most vibrant, high-quality blooms. By hiring a florist, you're removing that element of doubt and saving yourself future heartache.

One of the biggest concerns that brides have about hiring a florist is the cost. But remember, a florist can buy at wholesale prices, which aren't available to regular consumers. If you buy blooms yourself, you'll pay a higher price per stem.

Let the florist deal with this! It may ultimately save you money, so you can put the extra cash to better things (like that honeymoon in the Bahamas!)

4. Professional Arrangements

Your Pinterest boards are full of gorgeous blooms and bouquets, but have you actually tried to replicate one? It's never as easy as it looks! Chances are, you'll end up frustrated, tired, and rubbing your sore fingers.

Not so with the pros! A California florist has a wealth of little tricks to make 3 blooms look like 5, or keep petals fresh and bright all day. Experienced florists have done hundreds, if not thousands, of arrangements. They know which stems bend, which leaves are most durable, and how to twist flowers in a certain way.

Most florists also gladly take ideas, if you envision a certain design. They can help you incorporate beads/gems or find unique color arrangements, all of which add to that professional look that just can't be replicated.

5. Preserve Freshness All Day

Picture this: you just sat down at your reception and the champagne is flowing. You look over at your lovely bouquet of white roses, only to see...the petals are browning?!

This is something that many DIY brides overlook: they spend hours preparing flowers before the big event, only to forget the care and maintenance that the blooms need on the big day.

You can avoid this by hiring a California florist, who will know the proper arrangements and watering techniques to keep flowers fresh all day long. For example, many bouquets and boutonnieres need small water receptacles attached to the bottom of them.

Likewise, table and altar displays may benefit from a water change mid-day, and there's no way you'll have time to do that between the ceremony and reception!

6. A California Florist Can Reduce Stress on Your Big Day!

Here's the #1 reason to hire a florist: it's one less thing for you to worry about on the single most important day of your life. Not only can you avoid the headache and mess of prepping the floral arrangements the day before, you can think about more important things on the day of: like your new husband!

DIY floral arrangements are a gamble: you don't know whether the flowers will be fresh, colorful or even the right bloom. They may wilt midday, or your colors may come out wrong. By hiring a California florist, you take out this element of doubt, which means less stress!

Good florists work all day and night to ensure your wedding decor is perfect.

Contact Us Today for Your Wedding Flower Needs!

Put us on that pre-wedding to-do list - right up there with your reception venue and photographer! Beautiful flower arrangements will "wow" your guests from the moment they step foot into your ceremony.

We'd love to sit down with you and talk through your dream wedding flowers. We can help you choose the perfect blooms for your wedding season. Don't wait another day: let us play a part in your fairy tale wedding!


Sending Sympathy Flowers June 24, 2015 06:25

The passing of someone dear creates the necessity for those in mourning to have a strong support system of friends and family. This support system, coupled with the traditional rituals and customs around death, like funerals, are integral parts of the grieving process according to grief counselors. It is often difficult to know just how to support someone in their time of loss and need. This can be especially difficult as modern approaches to burial rites and practices emerge and eclipse long-standing traditions such as wakes, funerals and grave burials. Sympathy flowers are still a wonderful choice to honor those who have passed and support the bereaved.

Historically, sympathy flowers are sent to funeral homes, churches, or grave sites for display during calling hours or wakes. Today, with new approaches to burial services emerging, this approach may not always be an option. Etiquette experts recommend sending sympathy flowers to cremation or memorial services if traditional viewings and funerals are not held, but suggest sending your condolences to the homes of the bereaved in the event there is not a ceremony.

For cremations and memorial services, arrangements such as long garland, wreaths, flowers in baskets, or sprays can beautifully accent urns or caskets. Loose flowers or petals and sympathy wreaths are lovely options for paying respects if the deceased has requested ashes to be scattered throughout water. Live plants are also an emerging trend in sympathy flowers as they give the grieving loved ones something to take home with them and remember the life of their loved one rather than their death. When the bereaved is ready, these live plants can even be turned into a small memorial garden to enjoy for years to come as opposed to a stem arrangement, which has a limited life.

We have all been in a position when we find out of the passing of someone too late to send flowers for the funeral or service, or maybe at the time we were simply unsure of how to proceed given the delicate nature of the situation, however, etiquette rules dictate it is still appropriate to send sympathy flowers and gifts to the homes of the grieving up to one month after the service. In fact, it is likely the outpouring of support and the emotions of the bereaved will be the highest during the time closest to the service, and so it might even be welcomed to receive condolences and an encouraging note after things begin to subside and the bereaved attempt to return to normal.

When selecting a sympathy arrangement to send, you’ll want yours to stand out and be representative of either the life and legacy of the deceased in memoriam, or truly innovative of encouragement and love for the recipient. To do that, it is important to work closely with experienced florists like those at Los Angeles florist, SoCal Petals. With over 20 years of combined industry experience, the florists at SoCal Petals have worked with many people to create wonderful sympathy arrangements that send the respect and condolences you wish to convey during this difficult time. SoCal Petals has a variety of bouquets, sprays, wreaths, casket adornments, and more available.

If you are unable to find exactly what you need among the variety in SoCal Petals’ extensive sympathy and funeral flowers collection, our talented FTD Master Florists are happy to work with you to create just the right arrangement for the viewing, wake, funeral, memorial service, or just to send to a grieving loved one several weeks after the service to remind them you’re still thinking of them. SoCal Petals also offers convenient flat-rate same and next day Irvine flower delivery. Please view our sympathy and funeral collection online to place an order or call us at 888.212.0038 to speak with a florist to create exactly what you need.

June 6 is National Gardening Exercise Day June 2, 2015 06:48

The month of June marks the official start of summer, and this season is the perfect time to start those gardening projects you’ve been thinking of all winter long. June 6th is National Gardening Exercise Day, a day recognized by “aerobic gardeners” all over America as a fun way to flex more than just their green thumbs.

Gardening has proven health benefits like improved muscle flexibility, improved cardiovascular health, and getting outside in the sunshine and working with your hands exposes you to natural vitamin D, which is a great way to boost your overall mood!

According to Jeffrey Restuccio, a gardening exercise expert consulted by Weight Watchers, many gardening/yard work activities have similar cardio benefits to other calorie burning activities. For example, trimming shrubs or trees using a power cutter can use just as much energy as walking at a moderate pace, and raking; planting seeds and shrubs can burn through as much energy as you would if you were to bike at a leisurely pace.

Switching up your regular exercise routine on this June 6th holiday in favor of this “aerobic gardening” can be a fun way to get your garden and yard looking pristine, but a great garden takes a lot of patience and dedication. For more instant gratification, let SoCal Petals, provide you with premium plants delivered right to your door.

The FTD recognized florist has a variety of plants perfect to bring the garden indoors, or to plant when the timing is right for you. One of Peachtree’s more popular foliage displays is the Schefflera Arboricola, or Dwarf Umbrella Tree. Arriving in a modern, round, graphite container,  this lush and vibrant 10’ in diameter shrub is perfect for indoors or outdoors.

The Classic Planter is another superb choice for that instant garden feel. This classic ceramic planter is perfect for a patio or sunroom without having to wait for the work from your green thumb on National Gardening Exercise Day to take hold. This arrangement is unique to the SoCal Petals and is created specifically for you at time of order based upon the freshest and highest quality foliage and blooms available at the time. When you place your order, you will be able to discuss with the talented florists about the availability and arrangement of the best greenery for this planter.

Since opening its doors, SoCal Petals has quickly established itself as California’s premier flower shop. With free Los Angeles flower delivery, commitment to excellence in both customer service and quality of product, SoCal Petals is perfect for all of your summer foliage needs whether it be to add a bit of greenery indoors or on your patio, you can place you can receive your order with easy, same-day delivery service and be enjoying it right away while waiting to enjoy the added fruits of your labor from National Gardening Exercise Day. Orders can be made online through Socal Petals’ user friendly website, by phone 888.212.0038, or stop by the California Flower flower shop to place an order in person and take advantage of daily pickup specials.

WeightWatchers.com, "Get a Garden Workout." Web. 2 Jun. 2015.

The Best June Flowers For Your Occasion! May 29, 2015 05:55

There is nothing like summertime, when all of the brightness of the sun and the beauty of mother nature is in full bloom.  It's a wonderful time to travel and explore the world with the ones you love.  It is also a great to celebrate an enormous array of occasions and events that you will always remember.  From birthday celebrations to graduation ceremonies, we all will experience the joy of summer! With all of your treasured events, it's great to know that the gift of flowers are available to make that loved one's moment even more special.  Now that it is summer, the Best June Flowers are here, ready and waiting to absolutely take your breathe away.  If you are having a June event, or desiring to surprise your dear friend with a stunning floral arrangement, here are some of the most seasonal and popular flowers in June just for you! 

Hydrangea - The hydrangea is a wonderful and unique flower all of its' own.  Women really adore the hydrangea.  Each individual flower is small; however, they come in bunches at the end of each stem, which make for a bountiful-look, especially within a bouquet.  Hydrangeas can be found primarily in white, yet also blue, red, purple, and pink.  It is a very versatile flower, making it a great choice for wedding flowers and many other memorable occasions.

Chrysanthemum - Everyone loves chrysanthemums, either for a primary flower or to compliment other flowers for an occasion.  Surprisingly, Chrysanthemums, also called "mums", are widely known as the most popular flowers next to roses.  One reason is because it belongs to the Asteraceae family, which is one of the largest families of flowering plants. As a result, there are of variety of mums that people enjoy.  Mums come in a wide range of colors, including yellow and gold, white, pink, orange, maroon, bronze, deep red, violet and purple.  Some even mix between two or more colors.  You will absolutely adore this flower!

Calla Lily - The cala lily is one of most beloved flowers in the world, known for its' elegant form.  It signifies beauty, magnificence, in addition to other meanings like purity and wealth.  Calla lilies come a variety of colors, such as white, pink, yellow, purple, and shades of green.  The cala is one of the more expensive flowers, but it is well worth it to use for your wedding, anniversary or corporate celebration.

When you are in need of high-quality, fresh flowers in June, no one compares to SoCal Petals!  As a superior Los Angeles Florist, our design team has over 50 years of combined experience in creating the most stunning floral arrangements.  We have a wide range of floral collections for you to choose from this summer, from our SoCal Petal Originals to our luxury flower bouquets.  
We also take pride in providing our signature same-day delivery within the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.  SoCal Petals can deliver any of our beautiful floral bouquets and assorted gifts to that special someone the same day you place your order.  Therefore, your Irvine Flower Delivery or Bel-Air Flower Delivery can be performed in no time! You will receive nothing less than the best with SoCal Petals. 
Reference:  www.theflowerexpert.com, flowers & seasons