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Holiday Blooms: Top 10 Christmas Flowers December 24, 2019 04:20

Recent studies show that nine out of ten millennials celebrate Christmas for religious and secular reasons alike. This makes sense- after all, it's the perfect excuse to spend time with loved ones, give gifts, and exchange cheer.

One of the best gifts you can give your family and friends are arrangements involving flowers. They're gorgeous, get people in the holiday spirit, and can be pressed and kept close to the gift getter's heart forever. More than anything, there are a ton of types out there, making it easy to pick an amazing bouquet for anyone.

Read on to learn the best Christmas flowers that you can get as a table centerpiece or as a present for a special someone!

Traditional Christmas Flowers

Christmas is a time when many traditions are honored. There are many flowers that help these traditions move forward since they've been helping generations of people get into the holiday spirit. Read on to learn what these flowers are!

1. Roses

While roses are perfect for pretty much any occasion, they're especially lovely around Christmastime. If you plan to go on a Christmas date with your significant other, ripe red roses on green stems need to make an appearance. The thorns also bring out the holiday spirit since they invoke the image of tiny icicles!

2. Poinsettias

Poinsettias are one of those flowers that just scream 'Christmas.' It's the time of year that they're the most popular, mainly because they grow in the winter seasons. They also are aesthetically pleasing and feature the perfect colors for the holidays. Red petals and green leaves? Check!

3. Mistletoe

We know, we know- mistletoe isn't technically a flower. But it does flower and grow berries, so that kind of counts... right? 

In any case, mistletoe is a must-have for any Christmas celebration. It's beautiful and makes a great decoration at family events. It's also especially great for Christmas parties with friends. After all, who doesn't want to play a little matchmaker sometimes? This will give you the opportunity to nudge those two under the mistletoe.)

4. White Lilies

White lilies are sharp, snazzy, and can be put into pretty much any bouquet. They're especially great because of their color. The white petals that adorn them are reminiscent of snow, making those who see them yearn for a white Christmas. White lilies also look excellent when adorned with silver tinsel or bells, making them the perfect Christmas table centerpiece.

5. Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding hearts are a less traditional flower, but they're beautiful and really amazing. They blossom into the shapes of tiny hearts that line the stem that they sprout from. These are the perfect Christmas gift for a significant other because of the romantic vibe they give off.

Bouquets and More

In many situations, one or two fresh cut flowers aren't going to do the trick. You're going to want a bouquet or an arrangement to make your event truly stand out. Read on to learn some of the best floral decorations that you can buy to grace your mantle at an affordable price! 


6. Gift of Joy

One of our favorite arrangements is one that we call the Gift of Joy- with good reason. It incorporates some of the best traditional Christmas flowers, including roses and red carnations. To give it even more of a holiday twist, this bouquet comes in a red vase with shining snowflake adornments. Friends and family are sure to love this bouquet as a decoration at your Christmas event!

7. A Holly Jolly Christmas

Like the Gift of Joy bouquet, the Let's Be Jolly bouquet incorporates roses and red carnations that stand out amidst the green leaves. Unlike the other bouquet, though, this arrangement comes in a vase made to look like Santa's torso!

It's red with raised buttons and an adorable buckled belt, so why wait? Get yours today! If you're looking for something kitschy and fun, this is it!

8. Edible Arrangements

Edible arrangements are always fun gifts, and you can incorporate food into any bouquet. Order the bouquet of your dreams online and then bake some delicious cookies. You can put them into the foliage and give it away as a gift! You can also place a floral centerpiece on your table and surround it with fresh fruit. The possibilities are endless!

9. Tabletop Centerpieces

Of course, not all of the best arrangements are edible. Pinecones make people think of winter and the holidays because of the evergreen trees they grow on, and they're gorgeous and unique to look at. There are beautiful arrangements prominently featuring this symbol for the season, so that's definitely an option to look into.

10. Sleigh Bells Ring (With a Floral Thing)

A classical centerpiece with pinecones and green needles isn't your only option for the perfect holiday decor. Floral arrangements come in all kinds of fun shapes! You can get ones that are shaped like stars and snowflakes, and you can even buy a particularly awesome bouquet shaped like Santa's sleigh. Do your research and have fun getting into the holiday spirit!

Get Shopping!

Christmas is a time of cheer, high spirits, and a beautiful winter aesthetic. There's no better way to invoke those ideas than through using flowers, so what are you waiting for? Start planning your floral arrangements!

Now that you know what some of the best Christmas flowers and bouquets options are, it's time to get shopping. Buy some awesome Christmas flowers and check out some more of our lovely floral collections that you can get at an amazing price!

Get decorating and have a very merry Christmas!