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7 Life Moments You Should Give Congratulation Flowers to Your Loved Ones November 14, 2017 06:30

congratulation flowersSome of life's biggest moments occur without any warning. But many others happen after a lot of planning and hard work. Moments that truly match our hopes and dreams are the ones we remember forever. It's not uncommon for years or even a decade to pass between life's biggest moments. That's why it's so important to savor your own moments, as well as those of loved ones.

If you want to celebrate a truly big moment with a loved one, congratulation flowers are the perfect option. Since you never want to let this type of moment slip by, here are seven occasions that definitely deserve congratulation flowers:

1. Engagement

Some couples get engaged after being together for a long time. Others do it much more quickly. Regardless of how it happens, making this commitment is a big step.

Sending congratulation flowers is a great way to let a newly engaged couple know you're thinking about them. One option is to choose a bouquet that features their favorite colors or flowers.

Other great picks are a Pure Essence or Fanfare bouquet. Both choices will look great in a couple's home and bring lots of happiness as they start planning their wedding.

2. Graduation

Many people have multiple graduation milestones in their lives. Whether it's high school, college or grad school, a lot of work goes into getting to this point.

In addition to bringing a lot of excitement, this specific milestone can bring up some anxiety about what's next. Congratulation flowers are a great way to let a graduate know you're very proud of what they've accomplished.

This gift will also show that you know they'll do great with whatever they pursue next. School colors are the perfect option for this type of bouquet. A SoCal Petals designer can pick and pair amazing flowers for a graduation bouquet.

3. Birth

When a couple has their first child, it really does change everything. And even though they may have a better idea of what to expect when their next child comes, it's still just as big of a milestone.

One of the fun things about sending flowers for a birth is you can really celebrate the baby with a creative arrangement. For a baby girl, a Pretty in Pink bouquet is an excellent option.

This bouquet features pink roses and lisianthus. For a baby boy, a White Garden Greens bouquet will look incredible in the baby's nursery.

4. Dream Job

Many of the promotions people get over their careers are mini-milestones. While it's exciting to get a new title or raise, a lot of promotions don't completely change someone's professional trajectory.

However, there are also really big milestones that take the form of landing a dream job. Given the incredible amount of work that can go into reaching this point, starting a dream job is definitely a time to celebrate.

If you want to send congratulation flowers, you can't go wrong with a Copper Orchid Elegance arrangement. A Frosty Forest arrangement is another great choice. It features Hydrangea blooms, White roses, and calla lilies.

5. Buying a First Home

Given that housing prices in so many areas continue to go up, there's no doubt that buying a home for the first time is a very big milestone. While it's really just the start of a special experience, it's a moment that deserves a celebration.

If someone is hosting a housewarming party, bringing flowers will give the new homeowners something really nice to use in their home. And if you aren't able to see a house in person, you can still send something really beautiful.

Plants are an ideal option for congratulating friends or family members on buying their first home. The same is true for succulents. You can choose from a number of orchid plants, including colored varieties.

Succulents work great for matching the aesthetics of a home. An Imari Succulent Gardens Planters makes for a really nice display piece, as does a succulent design in a wooden box.

6. Achieving a Public Goal

It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to achieve a big goal. Add in the pressure that goes along with making a goal public, and it's easy to see why this milestone deserves to be celebrated.

A Smile Bouquet can work perfectly for celebrating this occasion. This bouquet features sunflowers, solidago, and greens in a clear vase. It will remind the recipient that after all their hard work, they deserve to take a step back and enjoy it.

7. Retiring

When someone is at an earlier milestone like graduating high school, they probably have no idea where their career will take them. But over time, they work hard and make the most of the opportunities that come their way.

Retiring is a big milestone because of everything that goes into reaching it. This event also signifies a completely new chapter in someone's life. You can share your pride and excitement with someone for what comes next through flowers.

In addition to retiring, a related occasion that calls for congratulation flowers is selling a company. This event is often the result of cramming a decade's worth of work into just a few years.

For both of these events, Lucky Bamboo is a very nice choice. It's the ideal way to wish someone the best with whatever they decide to pursue next.

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