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How to Hire Wedding Florists July 24, 2018 08:15

Los Angeles FloristIf you're a bride getting ready to plan a wedding, then you know choosing the perfect wedding flowers is one of the most important decisions you'll make for your special day. As all brides will soon learn, knowing how much money to spend on flowers will help shape the look of your wedding.

A good rule of thumb is to spend approximately 10 percent of your total budget on floral arrangements.

For a flawless look, consider hiring an experienced professional for the job. But if you've never worked with wedding florists, knowing where to start can seem overwhelming. Not to worry though, because we've created the perfect guide to help you choose a wedding florist with ease.

We hope our guide helps eliminate the guesswork and frees up your time to plan more fun things -- like your honeymoon! Continue on for our great tips below!

What to Look for in Potential Wedding Florists

To find the perfect florist for your wedding, you first need to determine what type of expert you need. The most common professional florists are:

Retail Florists

Retail florists are the most common type of florist to consult with. Because their neighborhood shops are easily accessible, you'll have no trouble popping in for an appointment. However, some retail florists are focused more on providing flowers for smaller scale events, so make sure to confirm whether they can accommodate larger weddings or events beforehand.

Floral Designers

Also known as weddings florists, floral designers provide a greater amount of planning along with their creativity. Floral designers are able to incorporate flowers into a broader scope and create a look that flows with the event.

They can assist you with your vision for centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, and a multitude of floral accents for your wedding.

Flower Availability

Whether you're of the "shop local" flower mentality or prefer more exotic special order flowers, make sure the florist you choose can accommodate your needs. There's nothing worse than having your dreams of a bridal bouquet with imported lily of the valley crushed because of inaccessibility.


When searching for the perfect wedding florist, you want to feel confident that the person you are hiring has a fair amount of experience. Don't be shy about asking questions about the number of weddings they have done or how many years they have been in business.

Depending on the state you live in, some florist certifications/licensing may be required, so make sure to find out if they are up to date on this. Also, make sure to visit their website to see examples of their designs.

Online Reviews

When first starting your journey, ask friends, family members, and co-workers for names of trusted florists. The advantage is being able to hear firsthand what type of experience someone you know has had with the florist.

Next, research their online reviews and see what the public has to say. Pay attention to any negative reviews and responses from the florist. Also, check out the Better Business Bureau for any potential complaints or lawsuits.

Samples of Work

If the wedding florist has a Facebook page, Instagram, or website, visit it right away to get an overview of their style. If you need a florist to create wildly creative arrangements, do they fit the bill?

If you don't like what you see, it's a sign to keep searching until you do.

What to Bring to Your First Meeting

Now that you've narrowed down your wedding florists to under five candidates, it's time to schedule a consultation. You're going to get the most out of your meeting if you come prepared, so make sure you get all of your details in order before you get together.

A few things to have ready are:

Budget Details

Above all, the most important thing you need to know beforehand is your budget. A wedding florist won't be able to give you an estimate if they don't have any specific budget guidelines. Also, if you're more interested in sinking dough into the bouquets than the centerpieces, make that known as well.

Samples of Floral Arrangements You Like (and Don't Like)

Florists are visual artists, so it's important to bring some photos and magazine clippings to express your preferences. Your idea of pink wildflowers and the florist's idea of pink wildflowers might be completely different. Also, it doesn't hurt to show them a few images of cringe-worthy arrangements to avoid -- it can only help.

A Picture of Your Wedding Dress

Even just the tiniest detail of your wedding dress can spark a creative idea, so go ahead and bring a picture of it. A picture of your dress also shows your florist what thematic elements can be introduced with flowers.

Wedding Site Details

During your initial meeting, make sure to tell the florist where the wedding will take place. Chances are, they have worked the event site before and may even have photos of past wedding arrangements they can show you.


If, after seeing examples of the florist's work online, you think you're interested in hiring them, make sure you've allowed for enough time to book them. Many popular and in-demand wedding florists are already booked solid nine months to a year out. Make sure to ask about their availability before getting too attached.

Wedding Planning Starts with Us

We hope you enjoyed our helpful guide to choosing the perfect wedding florists for your needs. Check out our wedding portfolio today to see some of our work and let us know when you're ready to start planning your special day!