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5 Creative Ways to Give Roses to Someone February 8, 2018 06:20

Your partner has been dropping a few not-so-subtle hints that they want flowers recently. Maybe you just want to shower your special someone in gifts, or perhaps you want to send a friend flowers after a difficult time.

While of course, the types of flowers that you choose are important, the way in which you actually give roses to someone should also be taken into consideration.

However, in today's social media-obsessed world, if you want your flowers to hit your loved one's newsfeed, you're going to need to think outside of the box.

Read on to learn a few of the best and most creative ways to give roses to the best people in your life.

Rose Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a way to combine special memories, a fun date night activity, and beautiful flowers?

Try one of our favorite ways to give roses, by breaking up a traditional bouquet and creating clues for a scavenger hunt, tying one on the stem of each rose.

When choosing the locations to hide the roses, try to think about your favorite places to go as a couple.

The sight of your first date? Slip the hostess a tip and ask her to hang onto a rose for your loved one to claim. That park bench where you said "I love you" for the first time? Enlist one of your friends to sit there, holding a rose and directing your loved one towards their next clue.

For easy carrying, we suggest providing that special someone with a basket. Make sure that you're standing at the end of the scavenger hunt, holding the final rose.

Not the most creative type when it comes to dreaming up clues, and find yourself needing a little assistance while writing them?

Don't panic. Instead, use this free scavenger hunt creator to help.

Pressed In A Special Book

Are you a lover of all things literary? Do you and your partner enjoy spending hours combing through the shelves of used bookstores? Do you just have a book that always makes both of you laugh?

We love the idea of choosing to give roses that have been pressed in a book that carries meaning to you both. Plus, pressed roses ensure that your flowers will look beautiful for years to come once they've dried out.

For best results, we recommend choosing a book that's on the heavier side, and writing a special message to your loved one on the inside front cover.

Scattered Across A Table

Who says that roses always have to be given in a bouquet or placed in a vase? Who says they always have to be given in "flower form" at all?

We love the idea of gifting that special someone with rose petals.

However, we all know that rose petals scattered across the bed, while romantic, definitely carries certain connotations. If you're just not there in your relationship yet, or if you're concerned about pressuring your partner, give the gift that everyone loves:


Ask your boss if you can leave work an hour early, and cook a special meal for your loved one. You may want to practice at a friend's house if you're new to cooking, to avoid any fireman-inducing kitchen accidents.

To create a romantic and elegant atmosphere (even if you're just serving cheeseburgers) scatter rose petals across the table and serve your partner an awesome meal.

The Flower Crown

Unless you've been living under a rock, you likely already know that flower crowns aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

Whether you and your partner love to hit up music festivals or if you just want to make your partner feel like a Queen for a day, the flower crown is an unusual and fashionable way to give roses.

Follow these easy instructions to make your own flower crown, or ask your florist if they're able to make one for you. To take the gift to another level, make your own box to put the crown in. Decorate it with pictures of the two of you together, or just comb flea markets or Etsy to find a unique box that your loved one can use for years to come.

Don't forget to make sure that the room you give them to her in has the right lighting, because we can pretty much guarantee that she's going to ask you to take a picture for her Instagram.

Send A Secret Message

Sometimes, it's not just about the way you give the roses, but the kinds of messages you're sending when you give them.

No, we're not just talking about saying "I love you." While we don't doubt that's true, there are lots of other things you can say with flowers that are far more complicated -- and meaningful -- than just the standard message.

Did you mess up and are looking to apologize? If so, then go with yellow roses, which stand for remembrance and forgiveness.

Want to celebrate a major accomplishment? Send blush pink flowers, which symbolize your respect and admiration for your partner.

Looking to take your relationship to the next level? If so, select lavender roses, which are traditionally sent at the start of a new relationship to convey enthusiasm about the person you're with.

To make sure she gets the message, it's a smart idea to include a card that helps you to indicate exactly what you want your roses to say!

You're Ready To Give Roses In A Way She'll Never Forget

When it comes to sending flowers to the special someone in your life, it's important that you prove yourself -- and make the gift even more memorable -- by doing it in a creative, unique way.

Of course, the quality of the roses you choose to send is also crucial.

No matter the type of flowers, the occasion, or the message you want to send, if you live in and around the Los Angeles area, we're here to help.

Have you done so well on your bouquets in the past that you're in need of flowers for your wedding? If so, get in touch with us to schedule your flower consultation.

The next time you have something important to say, make sure you say it with flowers.