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What Are the Most Popular Flowers for the Holidays? October 30, 2017 07:54

Holiday FlowersWhat Are the Most Popular Flowers for the Holidays?


Did you know over $200 million worth of poinsettias is sold each holiday season?

The flowers we decorate with during the holidays are more than just pretty things. Holiday flowers have an amazing cultural history behind them. For example, the poinsettia came from the Aztecs originally.

This flower that we associate with the winter months is actually a tropical plant. They were once used for everything from dying clothes to treating illnesses and decorating for religious ceremonies. There are 100 poinsettia species, some of which are up to 12 feet in height!

But these aren't the only great holiday flowers out there. Here are some other, lesser-known holiday flowers to keep or send this season. Cheer up the season for your friends, family, or yourself with these picks!

1. Christmas Cactus

As poinsettias show, there's no reason why a plant that thrives in warm climates can't also give a cozy winter holiday feel to your decor.

It may sound strange, but the Christmas cactus is actually a great choice for the holidays. Cactuses are great at surviving for long periods of time, so this is a holiday houseplant you can keep for years to come.

Depending on what species you get, it will bloom at a different time of the year. You can plan ahead to have it bloom at the right time by setting it outside at the end of summer for three weeks. Then, bring it inside before the temperature drops to the 40s.

Don't forget to fertilize this cactus once a month from April to October, too. You can keep it in a pot all year, since these plants thrive on being pot-bound.

To care for your Christmas cactus, keep it in a bright window. Avoid very warm temperatures and extremely dry soil, which can cause your flower buds to fall off before they open.

Water the soil when it's dried out, but be careful not to over-water. Cactuses are succulents and don't need a lot of water to live.

2. Rosemary

This fragrant herb also makes a great holiday decoration. And yes, these plants do have flowers! The lavender-colored flowers usually bloom in the spring or summer months. However, depending on the climate, they may flower at different times, even early December.

The shape of the needles is reminiscent of a Christmas tree. In fact, you can even trim and shape your rosemary plant into the pyramid Christmas tree shape if you'd like. Not only is this plant beautiful, but it will also provide you with a delicious herb to add to your holiday cooking.

To keep your rosemary plant all year, put it outside when the frost thaws in spring. Make sure to fertilize it a few times throughout the year, but otherwise, just let it grow. You can always trim it back to a Christmas tree shape when the holidays come around again.

When you bring it inside, put it in a bright window. If rosemary doesn't get enough light, it will let its leaves drop. Every few days, check the pot and water if needed. The soil should always be moist.

Rosemary may seem like a hardy plant, but in fact, they need a lot of water to thrive. Keep your plant from drying out and it will provide you with fragrant herbs all through the season.

3. Cyclamen

This plant actually loves cold temperatures, making it a great choice for holiday flowers.

If you care for a cyclamen the right way, they can even stay in bloom for up to eight weeks!

These flowers do best in medium light and relatively cool areas of the house. When flowers or leaves die, pull off the stem to encourage healthy growth.

Instead of watering these plants from the top, water from the base by putting the pot in a shallow dish of water for 15 to 20 minutes. It's best not to get any water on the leaves and flowers.

Once the holiday season is over, it can be very difficult to get this flower to bloom again, so this is one you will have to buy fresh every year.

4. Paperwhites

These pretty blooms last for two to three weeks, brightening up your holidays with their white flowers.

These flowers grow from bulbs, and bloom for about two to three weeks. They also have a lovely fragrance while in bloom.

Paperwhites are great for winter temps, as warm temperatures will make them grow long, unattractive stems instead. They should be placed somewhere bright but still cool.

When the flowers bloom, use decorative stakes to keep them upright. Keep the soil moist with frequent watering.

These flowers are actually tropical, so they can't be replanted outside during winter months once the holidays end. Instead, just grow them from new bulbs each year.

5. Amaryllis

Amaryllis will bloom for four to six weeks, carrying you through the New Year with beautiful flowers.

The bold white blossoms are a great addition to your holiday decor. They also grow from bulbs, and should be kept in bright light. Give the pot a turn every couple of days to promote even growth.

Water regularly, but don't saturate the plant too much. After the holidays are over, you can save this plant for next year. Cut off the stalks when the flowers wilt, but keep the leaves as they are.

After the frost thaws, plant amaryllis outside in the shade. When fall hits, take it into the basement or another cool, dark area, and let it go dormant. In November, start watering it again and it will be ready to bloom once more for the holidays.

Ready to Send Holiday Flowers?

There are many great choices of holiday flowers out there. Even if you're not a gardener, you can still send beautiful flowers to your friends and family.

Not everyone has time and space to grow holiday flowers themselves, but everyone can order these beautiful flowers for the holiday season. All you need is a favorite holiday flower and a great florist.

We have many different flowers for the holidays and all different occasions - plus same-day delivery! Contact us today to get the holiday flowers you love with no hassle.