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Tips for Selecting the Right Flowers for Your Corsage and Boutonniere June 17, 2019 06:04

Los Angeles WeddingsIt's finally your time to shine! Your wedding day is set and the idea of marriage is finally tangible. It's a moment that you've been patiently waiting for. Everything must be absolutely perfect! And there's no reason why it can't be. By now you know that wedding planning takes a lot of dedication, hard work, and plenty of decision making. 

As you sit with your partner and decide on all the many questions of how to piece together your wedding, don't forget to plan out your corsage and boutonniere. Both the corsage and boutonniere have a rich history. And it's an element of your wedding that you won't want to skip. 

Not sure how to select the right flowers for your corsage and boutonniere? Don't worry, you're in the right place, and we're here to ease some of that pre-wedding day stress away. Continue reading for the best tips!

Decide on a Color Scheme

You've already started your wedding planning, so you know how essential colors are. For every wedding, there is a general color scheme found from the bridesmaids' dresses to the centerpieces and all the way to the corsage and boutonniere. Before deciding on the perfect flowers for your corsage or boutonniere, you'll need to have a color scheme for the wedding picked out. 

If you haven't decided on the color scheme for the wedding, then it may be a good idea to wait until you have your colors set in stone before purchasing your corsage or boutonniere. This is because you'll want all of the colors to blend well with one another. You don't want to decide on purple flowers for the corsage and then late decide to sprinkle shades of red throughout your wedding as the main color. 

Here are some common choices of flowers: 

  • Spray Roses
  • Carnations
  • Cymbidium Orchids
  • Standard Roses
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Mini Calla Lily

If you have a color scheme in mind or already have one planned out, talk to your wedding coordinator about which other colors would fit in well with the overall scheme. Just because you've decided on a white and red wedding, doesn't mean you have to go with red flowers or roses for the corsage and boutonniere. But, the colors that you do choose should tie in together quite well. 

Match the Corsage and Boutonniere

Just as you want the colors from your wedding to match with the colors on your corsage and boutonniere, you want the actual corsage and boutonniere to match as well. Marry them together by using the same flower type, colors, or special accent plants. 

Although the colors don't need to be the exact same, again, work around the central color scheme. For example, decide on a flower type and then you can have a shade of coral while your partner has a shade of light blue (as long as these colors tie into the wedding's color palettes). 

Here are some classic wedding palettes:

  • Black and White
  • Lavender and Sage
  • Coral and Light Blue
  • Peach and Sage
  • Red and Gold
  • Scarlet and Navy
  • Yellow and Gray

These are all wonderful color palettes for a wedding, however, this is not an exhausted list. There are many stunning colors that go well together. And choosing colors, flower types, or special accent plants that compliment each other well is a sure way to match the corsage and boutonniere perfectly!

Corsage and Boutonniere Accessories Should Compliment the Flower

When choosing corsage and boutonniere accessories or special accents, the accent or accessory should compliment the main flower greatly. Any beautiful flower needs a just as beautiful accessory or accent, but it's important to remember that you won't want to take away from the main flower. 

These add-ons are just that: add-ons. They do an amazing job at highlighting the flower, but you should stick to only one or two accents or accessories. 

Here are some beautiful add-ons to consider:

  • Jewels 
  • Feathers
  • Bows
  • Sparkles
  • Ribbon
  • Greenery
  • Accent Flowers

Pairing the perfect accent or accessory with the perfect flower is a sure way to stun your wedding guest and quite possibly your partner as well. 

Choose a Corsage Style Based on Dress

Before choosing a wedding corsage style, take into consideration the style of the dress. You tried on dress after dress, waiting to finally find the right one. Or, maybe all it took was one to know it was the dress of your dreams. Either way, your wedding dress is special and unique to your own style and personality.

Your wedding corsage should be equally tailored to your style and personality. So when choosing a style for your corsage, keep your dress in ming. Is your wedding dress simple and elegant? 

Or is it bold and statement-making? Go with a simple and elegant or bold and daring corsage to match up correctly with the same style of dress. 

Choose Flowers that You Both Adore

When it's all said and done, the only opinion that truly matters is yours and your partner's. The day is all about you two, and the decision is ultimately yours. You want every part of your wedding to be a symbol and reflection of the love that you have for one another.

Remember this when choosing the right flowers for your corsage and boutonniere. Pick out flowers that you both adore. Maybe there's a special flower that brings back past memories of when you started dating one another.

Or maybe there's a certain flower that has always seemed to follow you guys around. Choose the one that you both can agree on.

And for more wedding decor tips, check out our blog on the most common flower mistakes that you should know about!

Best of the Best: The Top 10 Most Popular Wedding Flowers of 2018 April 3, 2019 08:27

Los Angeles Wedding FloristThe world's largest wedding bouquet weighed over 202 lb and consisted of more than 1500 flowers. This OTT arrangement featured at the wedding of Christa Rasanayagam and Arulanantham Suresh Joachim, a habitual Guinness-World-Record-breaker. 

The good news is that this kind of trend never became a thing. However, 2018 does have a fair share of popular wedding flowers for you to consider for your special day. 

1. Popular Wedding Flowers in Ultra Violet

Ultra violet is 2018's color of the year, and the best way to include this popular shade in your wedding color scheme is with wedding flowers. 

Glamorous and striking, ultra violet adds energy and excitement to any wedding. It's famous for these uplifting qualities in the realm of color therapy too.

What's more, is that this one of Mother Nature's favorite tones, so you have plenty of variety to choose from for your wedding flowers. 

Big beautiful hydrangeas, delicate orchids, and classic roses all come in shades of ultra violet. You're sure to find something to suit the design of your bouquet.

Less is definitely more if you want to include ultra violet in your floral arrangements, and it plays nicely with the traditional wedding colors of cream and white.

2. Happy Days

Yellow is universally accepted as a happy tone but you want to steer clear of the in-your-face hues of this primary color for your wedding. This year, soft, butter yellow adds a hint of sunshine to the proceedings and looks beautiful alongside apricot orange shades.

Icelandic poppies, Juliet roses, peonies, ranunculus, chrysanthemums, and carnations are your go-to blooms for this wedding color combination. 

3. Off-the-Wall Flowers

Brides are getting creative with their wedding arrangements these days. Wall arrangements are hot news. Super colorful and decorative, living walls in seasonal shades are a great backdrop for photographs as well as gift and buffet tables. 

Wreaths and hoops are adorning tables and even making their way down the aisle in place of traditional bouquets. There are infinite ways to combine these circular shapes and sizes to add a unique touch to your wedding set up.

Mandalas are also big news this year, with petals, flowers, and greenery placed in attractive round patterns to generate good vibes. They look great too and there's no end to the way you can include mandalas in your wedding decor. They look great in front of the altar or on a strategically placed tabletop.

4. Wearable Wedding Flowers

Flower crowns have been around since Ancient Greek times and they've been making a comeback in recent years. 

For 2018, savvy brides are taking it to another level, with floral arrangements worn as bracelets, cuffs, and tiaras.  You can go big with huge floppy blooms, or pick a petite ensemble to suit your mood. 

5. Delightful Dahlias

Once deemed to be old-fashioned, dahlias are back with a big beautiful bang to become one of the most popular flowers for 2018 weddings.

Unashamedly showy and available in every color of the rainbow, as well as brown, dahlias are a versatile and attractive choice for your wedding bouquet or table arrangements. 

These beauties have a long flowering season and you can get your hands on dahlias of every shape and size all the way from May through November. 

6. Staying Single

Surprisingly, arrangements in just one tone are incredibly striking. Hydrangeas are your go-to when it comes to something blue, with thistle and delphiniums to add texture. 

For a classic white bouquet, there's an endless choice. Roses, lily of the valley, hydrangeas, peonies, tulips, and orchids are some of the most popular wedding flower choices for traditional brides.

You can compose a purple rain of blooms with sweet peas, calla lilies, anemones, and hellebores or be pretty in pink with roses, cherry blossoms, tulips, and peonies. 

7. Succulent Sophistication

Endearing and enduring, succulents have been all-the-rage in interior design during 2017. Now they're making their way down the aisle.

You can't beat succulents for adding texture to an arrangement and they're even great on their own, or as a small wedding favor for guests. 

8. Embossed with Moss

While no-one's made their way to the altar clutching a ball of moss (yet), this unusual plant is everywhere on the wedding scene at the moment.

Moss is the new greenery for 2018 and it's making an appearance in increasingly innovative ways. You can slip it in amongst your table arrangements, use it as a runner under the buffet spread and even have a moss monogram made for your wedding.  

Moss adds a fairytale feel to any wedding decor and it's more versatile than the more usual sprays of wedding greenery.  

9. Foraged Flowers

Although DIY won't do when you're a stressed-out bride, going for the foraged look is a way to add an element of charming disarray to your bouquet. 

These kind of bouquets are becoming one of the most popular wedding flower choices for the modern bride.

Foraged floral arrangements comprise elements sourced directly from the bosom of Mother Nature. They can include anything your florist finds along the way from autumn leaves to attractively shaped twigs and vines. 

If you are going for a back-to-nature feel for your wedding, you'll hit the mark with a foraged flower arrangement this year. 

10. Getting Artistic With Anthuriums

If its dramatic impact you want, that's what you'll get when you choose to include anthuriums in your bridal bouquet. Hailed as the next best thing to a protea, even a single anthurium can lift an ordinary bouquet to another level.

They're available in a huge assortment of glossy shades to suit any wedding color scheme. Their attractive tapered shape gives a modern-feel to even the most traditional bouquet. 

Where to Go for Wedding Flowers in Atlanta

Fashions come and go, but your wedding photos last forever. Be sure that you are comfortable with all your choices and don't blindly follow fads. 

Whether you have your heart set on these kinds of popular wedding flowers or prefer your own fanciful designs on your wedding day, get in touch and we'll arrange it all for you.