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How to Pick the Most Fragrant Types of Flowers for Your Bridal Bouquet September 19, 2018 06:22

Los Angeles FloristWhen it comes to planning a wedding, most people focus on making sure the decor looks perfect - selecting the right music, and choosing the best menu options for the reception. But, what often gets overlooked is filling the ceremony with the perfect fragrance.

A wedding is a full sensory event. And picking the types of flowers that will fill your day with storytelling aroma is an important part to include.

But how do you go about choosing the right fragrance? And which perfumed blooms are the best ones to use in your bouquet?

Let's look at the best way to pick the most fragrant flowers for your bridal bouquet and all throughout your special day.

Know What Tone You Want to Set

Scent is closely tied with memory. So you want to pick a fragrance that will set the tone and tell the story you want people to remember.

Do you want it to center around your personal favorite scent? Or have it tie in with the season, such as spring or Christmas? What about centering it around a theme?

Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects the setting and memory you want your special day to be about.

Here are some popular general themes you can incorporate into your bridal bouquet.


For the traditionalist at heart, your wedding is all about romance. And nothing says romance quite like roses.

Roses offer a sweet aroma. But with the variety of roses to choose from, there are also a variety of scents that are slightly different. Some can smell as sweet as candy, while others are more on the soft side.

Your florist will know which way to guide you in picking out the perfect rose fragrance.


If you need something to calm your nerves or want a more laid back feeling to your day, choose a flower that has a soothing effect.

Lavender is a perfect choice for this. Whether it's used dried or fresh, it will smell and look great no matter how you use it.

A calming fragrance will have the opposite effect on your brain than caffeine. This helps you to relax and keep you calm throughout the ceremony.


Or maybe you want your wedding to be a more upbeat affair. If that's the case, you want to choose something that will inject some rejuvenating energy into the air!

Eucalyptus is a good choice for this. Its fragrance is known to be fresh and induce some pep in your step.


If you want to keep the feel of your wedding delicate and feminine, you want a flower that has a soft, romantic scent. It should also look dainty in your bouquet which should be petite and not overwhelming.

You'll want a flower like Lilly of the Valley. This bloom has a short stem and is perfect for the smaller bouquet or as an accent.

And the smell is as delicate and feminine as the flower itself.


If you like the unexpected, choose a flower that has a unique scent to it.

For example, stocks have a sweet scent, but also add a bit of spice to the mix. They can inject an unexpected personality into any wedding atmosphere.

They also have great color and add volume to your bridal bouquet.

Think Outside the Floral Box

Flowers don't have to be the only fragrant part of your bouquet. For even more variety, look toward other options to add a unique smelling twist to your arrangement.

Do you have a favorite herb? Using something like mint can add an unexpected bit of zest to your bouquet.

Or maybe earthy scents are more your thing. Geranium leaves, for example, not only brings an earthy amora with it, it also gives a contrast of color and texture.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

Fragrant flowers don't have to be expensive. You can stick to your budget and still fill your wedding with your favorite scent. Perfumed blooms come in every price range.

For tight budgets, freesia, lavender, and hyacinth are great choices.

If there's a bit more wiggle room, Lily of the Valley, lilac, sweet pea, and tuberose are great middle range blooms.

And if you set your flower budget at the higher end, you can choose from flowers such as peonies, gardenia, patience garden roses, and magnolia.

Mix It Properly

Combining different scents is a great way to customize your fragrance and ensure you get the exact feel you want.

However, remember that not all fragrances will play nicely together. You want to make sure you choose flowers that will complement one another, not be in conflict. The last thing you want to create is an overpowering arrangement.

To know which combinations work best together, talk to your florist. They will be able to give you suggestions on the best types of flowers and fragrances to mix and match.

An example would be mint and hyacinth. Or garden roses and jasmine. These combinations work perfectly with each other and won't overpower your walk down the aisle.

Use Them in the Right Places

Your bouquet is a great spot to place fragrant flowers. Not only will you get to enjoy it as you walk down the aisle, so will everyone you pass.

But it's not the only place to use fragrance.

Consider having a wreath or arrangement near the entrance, greeting guests as they arrive. Place flowers in the seating area for your guests to enjoy throughout the ceremony. Or anywhere you want your story told through fragrance.

Just make sure your flowers are in an open area and it's not too much or overpowering. Some flowers pack a more potent scent than others. Your florist can help you decide on the right amount and flower for your particular space.

And leave the fragrant flowers off of the dinner tables at the reception. You don't want their scent to compete with the food.

Choosing the Right Types of Flowers to Add Fragrance to Your Wedding Can Make All the Difference

Your wedding is about you, your partner, and your story together. And telling that story through the types of flowers you pick, and their fragrance, will ensure your story is remembered by all those who share in your special day.

Have questions on how to tell your particular story through fragrance? Click here to contact us today!

8 Stylish Boutonniere Trends to Watch for in 2019 September 5, 2018 10:06

Los Angeles FloristAll weddings should be as unique as the love they celebrate. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind boutonniere that is also trendy, keep reading.From rustic cool to whimsically elegant, here are eight unique and stylish boutonniere ideas to fit your perfect day.

1. Texture

Boutonnieres no longer have to be simple and boring. Adding texture to various parts of wedding accents is huge right now, and we're loving the texturized boutonniere look.

Adding texture so your boutonniere really pops and is alive for the big day is easy. You can add texture by incorporating berries, succulents, and greenery that is flowy, soft, textured, and fresh.

You can also add texture with non-floral accents. Add pins to the boutonniere such as a gold arrow or another symbol that is special to your love or friendship.

Adding unique types of fabric to the arrangement also will add texture. Check out how to incorporate burlap, twine, and more below.

2. Succulents

From home interior decorating to gardening and now weddings, succulents are everywhere in 2018. They are beautiful, different, elegant, and easy to care for. They can live without water for days without wilting, which means you can create arrangements ahead of time.

Another great thing about succulents is their versatility. The most popular themes using succulents right now are Bohemian, classic/timeless, elegant, and whimsical wedding styles, but succulents can work for any wedding style and look great with any type of bouquet and boutonniere.

Eucalyptus, dusty miller, lavender, balsawood flowers, protea, berries, and cotton all make excellent pairings for succulents.

3. Cotton

If you're looking for the perfect touch for a rustic, winter, woodland, or whimsical wedding, then look no further than cotton. A cotton boutonniere is a great way to be different and stunning.

You can add small young cotton pieces for a little bit of vibrancy and texture. Or, you can choose to make cotton the main show with a ready-to-harvest large centerpiece.

For fall weddings, cotton looks great with wheat, pussy willow, mini lotus pods, silver brunia berries, forest or bright green succulents, and willow branches. Add some twine or burlap for the ultimate "cotton-picking" showdown.

For winter weddings, cotton can be paired with tallow berries, holly berries, cedar, pine, pinecones, and greenery. Burgandy princess pine looks especially stunning next to cotton.

4. Burlap or Twine

Adding burlap or twine to your boutonniere is the perfect extra touch for rustic or woodland weddings (and for any season). The most popular way to incorporate rustic fabrics is by wrapping the stems in burlap or twine.

Another way is to use burlap flowers in place of live florals for the boutonniere. These look great, especially on a herringbone jacket, and can save you a lot of money, too.

5. Berries

Berries are everywhere in 2018 wedding florals. And they're not just used for winter weddings anymore either.

Green berries are perfect for spring and summer weddings. Pair them with gum leaves and additional greenery.

For whimsical and elegance, the light colors of snowberries and white hypericum berries can be used with succulents or a large open bloom for any season. They really pop against dark suits.

Red berries, of course, go great in winter boutonnieres. However, they can also fit a fall wedding, too. Pair them with fall flowers and accents such as acorns, wheat, and rustic fabrics.

For spring and summer, a great way to celebrate the life of the seasons is with edible berries added to the boutonniere. Raspberries, viburnum berries, and blackberries are just some berry-fun ideas to consider.

Dark privet berries provide a lovely alternative to red berries for fall and winter styles. They look great with acorns and seeded eucalyptus.

6. Evergreen

For a woodsy wedding, evergreen makes an enchanting statement.

Evergreen placed as the base flora of the boutonniere is a great way to add greenery without settling for the typical leaves. Evergreen works well with white flowers, red berries, pine cones, and rustic ties.

You don't only have to use evergreen for winter weddings though. They can fit into any season, especially with boho, woodsy, rustic, and fairy-tale-inspired weddings.

7. Herbs

If you really want to be creative and smell wonderful, incorporate herbs into your floral arrangements. You can even make the boutonnieres yourself with various herbs and greenery.

Herbs like rosemary, mint, juniper, cinnamon, sage, and lavender make great boutonnieres alone or paired with wildflowers and wild greenery. Herbal arrangement fits any season, too.

If you want to really be organized, choose herbs that are used throughout the season and wedding. For example, mint and cinnamon are nice for a winter wedding where their warm flavors and smells are in the air. You can even serve minty drinks and desserts to match.

On the other end, a summer or spring wedding calls for lighter notes such as lavender and sage.

8. Grains and Hops

Grains and hops aren't just for making beer. They are natural elements you can add to your boutonnieres and other arrangements for a wedding that no one will forget. They are fetching for rustic and woodsy weddings. In addition, they are great for adding texture and neutrals.

The best grains for boutonnieres include wheat, barley, and gin. Hopps also add a unique element and green texture.

Grains and hops look nice with lavender and other herbs, as well as soft flowers such as baby's breath and small wildflowers.

Let us Make your Stylish Boutonniere Dreams Come True

As you can see, the options for a unique and trendy boutonniere to fit your perfect day are endless. Whatever style and pieces you desire, we can make it happen.

At Socal Petals, we offer floral services for all your wedding needs. From boutonnieres to bouquets to centerpieces and more, we listen to what you want and create arrangements based on your needs and picture.

Check out some of the boutonnieres we have made for our couples in the past. Contact us today to set up a meeting with one of our experts.

Questions to Ask a LA Florist to Do Your Wedding June 26, 2018 05:23

Los Angeles FloristYou're set on getting hitched in Los Angeles, but have you thought about your wedding flowers? Floral wedding decorations may not be your first priority when planning your wedding, but the right arrangements can really tie together your theme and add more romance to every setting. The best way to make the most of wedding flowers whatever your budget is to get a professional in to help.

Here are some essential questions to ask a LA florist before you sign a contract.

Questions a Bride Should Ask a LA Florist Before Signing a Contract

Before you go any further, check they have the date free. There's nothing worse than finding a florist you love, but realizing they aren't able to do your wedding flowers.

If they're available for your wedding, use these questions to make sure they're the right florist for you:

Experience as a Florist

How Long Have You Been Doing Wedding Flowers?

Less experienced florists are more likely to offer cheaper packages as they try to build their portfolio. However, if you want to feel safe in the knowledge that you can leave all floral worries to a professional, you might want to consider a florist with more experience.

Can I See Examples of Your Recent Weddings?

Brides and grooms everywhere will only recommend a wedding service provider if they felt 100% happy with them. The smallest problem can feel like it ruins your big day - so if your florist is able to provide references from recent nuptials, you're onto a good start.

Ask to see their wedding portfolio, too. Florists have their own unique styles, just like any designer: you'll be able to see if you like their approach to flowers or if it doesn't quite match your taste.

What Insurance Cover Do You Have?

You don't want to assume that something will go wrong with your wedding day, but it's vital to make sure that one of the questions to ask your LA florist is about their insurance policy.

What happens if the flowers aren't delivered on time? What if the quality of flowers is poor? Where do you stand if your bouquet droops before you've even walked down the aisle?

What Is Your Deposit and Cancellation Policy?

As well as insurance for supplier problems on the day, it's important to find out your rights as a consumer should you call off the wedding too. Find out how much your deposit would be, and how far in advance of the wedding you can cancel with a refund.

Will You Be Personally Doing My Wedding Flowers?

Some florists work independently and manage all of their arrangements, bouquets, and boutonnieres - while others have large teams to help.

If you like a particular florist's style, make sure they will at least be having input and quality control on your wedding flowers. If they are unavailable on your wedding date to do this, see if you can negotiate a discount.

Questions to Ask a Florist About Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Are My Favourites in Season?

You might have your sights set on sunflowers, or have a penchant for peonies. However, if your flowers are out of season, you might need to consider alternatives - or rearrange your wedding budget.

Ask a LA florist if the flowers you want are in season. If the ones you want aren't available, a good florist will be able to recommend ideal alternatives.

What Wedding Flowers Would You Recommend for Hayfever Sufferers?

The only tears on your wedding day should be happy ones. If you suffer from hayfever, ask a LA florist if they can suggest low-pollen flowers to minimize potential puffy eyes on the big day.

What Colours Would Work with My Theme?

You might already have this worked out, but if you're still trying to figure out how to tie your wedding theme together then ask your LA florist for their advice.

You're not just paying them to arrange flowers. Their creative skills, eye for color, and design experience come with the package too.

Is Greenery Included in My Wedding Flowers Package?

Foliage can look amazing and be a cheap way to do wedding flowers. Ask an LA florist if your greenery is included, though, as this is sometimes an additional cost to your flower stems and can really add up fast.

Can You Safely Provide Edible Flowers for the Cake?

If you want your wedding florist in LA to contribute to the wedding cake decorations, make sure they are able to provide food-safe flowers and petals.

Can You Tell Me About Packages Versus a Custom Order?

A package can often save you money, as a florist is able to put together standard arrangements more quickly and without needing special additional orders.

However, it may not always save you money. Ask about bespoke wedding flowers versus package prices to see if you can save.

The Logistics of Wedding Flowers

When you think you've found a supplier you like, make sure you ask a LA florist how they manage the wedding day logistics too.

Is a Site Visit Required?

Find out if they are familiar with the church and venue, or if they will need to visit to plan logistics and design suitable arrangements. If a visit is required, make sure you know whether this is an additional cost.

Who Is Responsible for Transporting to the Venue?

Will the florist drop the arrangements off at your hotel in the morning, or will they be able to set up in the venue on the day? If the florist is responsible for transport, make sure they know when and where they need to be well in advance of the wedding date.

How Much Time Will You Need in the Venue to Set up the Flowers?

Make sure you know how long your floral arrangements will take to set up on the day of the wedding so that you can negotiate this with the church and reception venue.

The Next Steps After Your Wedding Flower Consultation

When you've gone through the list of questions to ask a LA florist and have been satisfied with all responses, it's time to sign your wedding flower contract.

Make sure that you know when and how to pay a deposit and any installments, and when your designs need to be finalized with your florist. The next step is to book a wedding flower design consultation and you'll be well on your way to a beautiful wedding day.