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Staying Trendy for your Wedding April 11, 2017 05:13

Los Angeles FloristWhether you’re the kind of bride who’s always been ahead of the curve when it comes to trends or you have a more unique style, when planning a wedding, it’s impossible to avoid incorporating some trends entirely as they’re so pervasive. Vogue online recently comprised a list of wedding trends you likely won’t be able to, or want to, avoid for your 2017 wedding. It’s important for Los Angeles wedding florist, Socal Petals, to stay on top of these trends to best provide Atlanta brides with the best possible floral experience for their wedding day, so we’ve comprised a list of the hot trends you’ll want to keep an eye on this wedding season.

Grand Gestures: In years past, couples have waited until midnight for a romantic send off coupled with some grand, unexpected gesture like a rice toss or dazzling sparkler display. These grand gestures create unique experiences for guests (not to mention awesome photo opportunities!), and as such, couples have stopped waiting until the very last moment to enjoy them. Now, we’re seeing couples incorporating these types of events into the ceremony itself, usually right after the first kiss. One prognosticated trend from Vogue the florists at SoCal Petals loves is filling the ceiling of the ceremony space with drapery and flowers, and even floating orbs. This creates such a unique, romantic ambience that wows guests and allows couples to incorporate their signature floral design in new ways.

Trees: If this is the year for grand gestures, one way couples are accomplishing this is by incorporating trees. Yes, trees. Trees create a sizable impact and the atmosphere of the ceremony or reception space can be manipulated by the size, shape, and variety of tree included. Couples are using everything from Birch, Olive, and Lemon trees in their wedding spaces. Trees are an especially great option for couples who are environmentally conscious, as they can be planted after the wedding rather than tossed out like most wedding day decor.

Greenery and Color: Neutrals have been at the forefront of the color palette for weddings in the last few years, but 2017 brings about an important shift in this trend. As Pantone named Greenery as 2017’s color of the year, an emergence of the use of greenery in weddings has begun and has only picked up speed since the beginning of the year. As such, we’re seeing couples moving away from using an abundance of blooms in their floral decor and bouquets, and instead using more greenery and plant life.

While green is this year’s "it" color, neutrals are being cast aside for brighter, more vibrant colors as a whole. For what flowers are being used for weddings, Vogue has recognized a trend of color. For 2017 wedding flowers, the bolder, the better. All colors and varieties are on trend this season, and we especially love the pairing of these bright colors with the range of green hues popular at this time.

Be it greenery, trees, floral ceilings and archways, or traditional bouquets and centerpieces, this Los Angeles wedding florist can do it all. If your wedding will be a grand gesture or an intimate affair, the talented florists at SoCal Petals are capable of executing your vision down to every last detail, including delivery and setup. We’re confident you’re going to find what you need in a wedding florist with SoCal Petals

Succulent Bouquets March 21, 2017 05:55

Succulent bouquets have been gaining popularity in the Los Angeles wedding flower scene for the past few wedding seasons. This season, they’re expected to reach their peak.

Part of what has couples drawn to this wedding day fauna is the hardiness of these plants. Succulents are thicker and fleshier than typical plants, allowing them to store water for survival in dry climates. This makes them ideal for those desiring a low-maintenance house plant and for newlyweds who don’t want to toss all of their wedding day flowers once the dancing is over. Unlike cut stems used in bouquets and arrangements, succulents can be kept, taken home, planted, and kept alive for many years with little to no green thumb required!

Due to their natural ability to stay healthy in dry climates or during periods of drought in otherwise damp climates, succulents are often readily available. Their hardiness and easy ability to propagate keep the cost of these plants relatively low. This is great for those looking for Los Angeles wedding flowers because that means regardless of whether your wedding date is in the peak of wedding season or during an off-season time, say during the winter, succulents are almost always available and easy to procure for a reasonable cost, unlike other fashionable, seasonal blooms. Because a little can go a long way in the world of succulents, incorporating these into wedding decor helps keep couples within their budget, and ensures all of the money being spent on floral decor won’t have wilted when the stems eventually do.

Beyond the usefulness of this type of plant, succulents are aesthetically perfect for wedding day arrangements. Los Angeles florists have been using succulents in bouquets for brides and bridesmaids, hairpieces for flower girls, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and more. Succulents come in a variety of shades of green and even some hues of purple and blue. Palette variety coupled with the range of sizes and shapes of succulents make them a perfect compliment next any flower and a good fit for an abundance of wedding themes and design aesthetics. Though they work well arranged alongside most flowers and other floral accents, succulents make a unique bouquet or centerpiece all on their own.

Succulents also allow for brides and grooms to extend their thinking beyond just bouquets, pushing the creative envelope. Succulents make wonderful aisle accents when placed alongside the aisle or on the corner of guests’ chairs. We’re seeing succulents used for wedding cake decoration and given as wedding favors. Once the big day is over, the bridal party and guests can keep the succulents used as part of the wedding to have a gorgeous reminder of the special day long after it’s done.

Los Angeles florist, SoCal Petals, can make your succulent dreams come true. Whether you want these fun little plants to have a major role in the decor and design of the day or a more minor compliment, the talented florists at SoCal Petals are equipped to make your dreams come true. 

Best Flowers For Quinceaneras March 7, 2017 08:08

For a young girl, a quinceanera is a joyous occasion that celebrates her arrival into womanhood in the Latin American community.  It is held on her 15th birthday, and the way it is honored can differ in many countries, such as religious overtones.  Regardless of the minor differences, the quinceanara is conducted lavishly and families esteem their little girl on this special day.

The quinceanera is a beautiful moment and deserves nothing less than the best of floral arrangements to match. Quinceanera bouquets are usually smaller in size and more colorful than wedding bouquets.  Below are some great choices for flowers to use as bouquets and in other ways for your quinceanera.

Daises - Daises are a great flower theme for your quinceanera and for a bouquet.  This versatile flower has so many colors to choose from, therefore, it can be an easier flower to use for matching any color theme you have for your fiesta.  Daises come in colors such as red, pink, yellow, white, orange, and maroon.  Within the daisy family, the gerbera daisy is very beautiful, rich and provides an elegant youthfulness to your flower theme.  You can float daises in water for a table accent.  They have long, wide stems as well, which make for excellent centerpieces. 

Roses - Roses are always a great choice for a quinceanera and frankly, any occasion.  The rose is a flower that grows all year long, therefore, they are at your disposal to use no matter what season your quinceanera falls in.  The flower represents love and beauty.  It can be very symbolic of her beauty and entrance into womanhood.  Red or white rose petals can be scattered on tables.  Pink rose centerpieces can bring an air of elegance to the quinceanera.  No matter the idea, you can simply be very creative with roses.

Peonies - Peonies are great for centerpieces and arrangements for your quinceanera.  It symbolizes a happy life.  They have a wonderful scent and are delicate.  They do not have strong stems and are recommended to be used mixed with other flowers.  Peonies come in colors such as pink, fuchsia, white, and burgundy.  The flower is full and delightful.  They can used for decor, especially accents on tables as flowers floating in water. 

Whenever you have your quince, you will definitely need flowers to help your fiesta be the most memorable ever.  Socal Petals has the highest quality of quinceanera bouquets you will find.  This Los Angeles florist has a large assortment of quinceanera bouquets, floral arrangements and floral decor.  Our floral designers have over 50 years of experience and can meet all of your floral needs.  Floral arrangements for quinceaneras should be breathtaking and that's what SoCal Petals will do for you.

Not Too Late for Valentine's Day Flowers March 2, 2017 06:21

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but there’s still time to send your love some gorgeous stems. Many feel Valentine’s Day can be cliche. If your Valentine falls into that camp, the weeks post-Valentine’s Day area perfect time to surprise him or her with a flowers to let them know you were thinking about them outside of the Valentine’s Day holiday hype. The florists at Los Angeles' premier florist SoCal Petals is a natural choice when looking to send a surprise to your valentine after Valentine’s Day. Below are some perfect options sure to delight your beloved recipient:

Season of Love Bouquet: Available in three sizes to meet your needs, this bouquet exemplifies the idea that love is a season, not a single day. Your sweetheart will receive a beautiful display of blushing tulips arranged in a metallic, heart-shaped vase, which can be reused all year long to keep love in bloom.

Art of Love Rose Bouquet: Nothing says “I love you” quite like roses. Known to symbolize that loving feeling since the Victorian era, roses embody the Valentine’s spirit, even if it’s not February 14th. This arrangement brings together hot pink, red, and blush pink roses together in a pink and red mosaic vase perfectly accenting the nuances of the hues of the roses. This bouquet comes in two sizes and is available for same-day Atlanta flower delivery.  

Wildflower Bouquet: If your special someone isn’t into the Valentine’s Day scene, they might also eschew traditional floral arrangements. Luckily, the Los Angeles florist is as skilled in the non-traditional as they are the traditional. One gorgeous option for the loved one who moves to the beat of their own drummer is our wildflower bouquet. This bouquet is gorgeous in its simplicity featuring verdant greens and vibrant yellow sunflowers accented by Queen Anne’s Lace and other seasonal flowers. By using seasonal wildflowers, our florists have created a bouquet with the same free-spirit as its recipient.

Orchid Bloom: It’s no secret we love flowers, but loving flowers can be tough as their beauty is fleeting. Orchids are a great way to gift flowers to your loved one and ensure they’ll be enjoyed for months to come. Our highly skilled florists hand-select orchids based on seasonal availability to ensure you’re sending only the freshest, highest quality orchids available. Orchid colors vary from chocolates, reds, whites, yellows, and purples.

Though it’s not too late to send flowers to someone you love, you will want to act fast. Many of these aforementioned arrangements qualify for our flat-rate, same-day Los Angeles flower delivery.

The Calla Lily: A Flower of Beauty! February 20, 2017 10:37

When you are looking for a flower with elegance, style and grace, there is one flower that expresses all of these attributes and more--the calla lily.  This flower is so unique with its' trumpet-shape, as well as it signifies beauty and magnificence.  Callas are native to South Africa and they come in a variety of colors, including white, shades of green, pink, lavender, deep purple, yellow and orange.  Although it blooms in during late spring and summer, they are still one of the Best February Flowers to choose.

One reason why calla lilies are held to be one of the best flowers in the world is that they are so suitable for weddings.  With thousands of weddings that go on each year, it always comes to be one of the most popular flowers that brides choose.  The calla lily is such a pure, yet romantic flower, that many brides like what it means and its' look.  It is truly a breathtaking flower and will always set the right mood for weddings.

The calla lily is so amazing, that it can stand by itself and still create the atmosphere that you are looking for.  You can put one single stem of a calla lily into a vase and it would be beautiful.  They can be simple, but very effective in making the room look gorgeous.  Callas can also make a bouquet or centerpiece just by themselves.  You don't have to add any other flowers with calla lilies to make it work.  That is just the magnificent presence that the calla lily brings.

Callas make for a great bouquet for an array of events and occasions.  If you are pursuing to surprise your wife on your anniversary, celebrate by sending her a bouquet of lilies.  For an evening dinner with couples or friends, use callas to add a wonderful floral decor to your home.  They are also great for a variety of celebrations, from award banquets to formal ceremonies.  Callas are not cheap flowers; however, you don't have to buy a lot of them to get the effect you desire.

For the best in calla lilies and any other flower, no one compares to SoCal Petals!  We are a Long Beach Florist recognized as one of the best in the Southern California area.  We are an awarded FTD Master Florist, consistently designing the quality floral arrangements that will leave you speechless.  From calla lilies to deep red roses, SoCal Petals has the superior flowers that you long for!

If you need your flowers in a hurry, our signature same-day delivery is available for only $13.99, in addition to our next-day delivery for $11.99.  No matter if you need a
Los Angeles Flower Delivery or a Playa Vista Flower Delivery, SoCal Petals can get your flowers there fresh and on time.  Don't wait for any longer for the premium floral arrangements and assorted gifts that you deserve.

What a Girl Wants After Valentine's Day! February 16, 2017 05:17

Now that the big day is gone, it can be a challenge for a man to know how to follow up behind all of the Best Long Beach Flowers, candy and the "I love you's".  You may wonder with having so much success with leaving her speechless and bringing her to tears, how do you keep the fire going now?  Well, no need to worry.  Here are just a few things that a girl wants after Valentine's Day to continue the romance within your relationship!

Show Your Love More - It's easy to say I love you on Valentine's Day.  She knows that's what you're supposed to do. Yet, saying and showing it after the holiday is what will really impress her.  Take the time to do the things that show her you really do love her.  Your actions will prove you meant every word you said on Valentine's Day!

Quality Time - Nothing says you love her more than simply your quality time.  She can't wait to sit close to you and listen to you talk about your day at work, your plans and all the great things going on in your life.  Women also enjoy the time you can spend together taking a spontaneous stroll in the park, and even a quaint little picnic, enjoying each other's company.

Plan the Next Big Getaway - After Valentine's Day, the stage is set to tell her you are making plans to take her on the perfect getaway.  Go ahead and tell her about all of the aspects of the getaway that you are arranging, from where you both will be traveling, how long and what you'll be doing there.  If she works, she can go ahead and make preparations to take time off as well.  Giving her a getaway like this is sure to keep her love tank so full and always thinking of you!

More Surprise Flowers - What a woman likes after Valentine's Day will always be more surprise flowers!  A woman loves the way that flowers display the beauty of how you feel about her.  She is lovely to you, therefore, a floral bouquet is shows her that she is your masterpiece.  After the big day, gifts are nice, yet nothing speaks to your continued thoughtfulness and love like flowers do.

When you are looking for the superior flowers that your special someone deserves, you can turn to a Los Angeles Florist like SoCal Petals as a trusted source for your premium floral needs.  We create only the best, being recognized as one of the top florists in Los Angeles.  From deep red roses and chrysanthemums, to wonderful calla lilies and stunning peonies, SoCal Petals has all of the superior flowers just for you!

If you need your flowers fast, we also can get you our high-quality arrangements to you the same day.  Our signature same-day delivery is available for $13.99, in addition to our next-day delivery for only $11.99.  Whether you need a Los Angeles Flower Delivery or a Hollywood Flower Delivery, SoCal Petals consistently services the Southern California area with fresh and on-time bouquets.

What You Can Do With Dead Floral Arrangements January 4, 2017 07:02

When you first purchase your floral arrangement, they are so gorgeous and breathtaking. They melt your heart away each time you look at them.  You almost would like for your amazing bouquet of flowers to remain the way they look, however, they won't.  At some point after a week or two, with them being cut flowers, they are going to die and we're left with only dead flowers.  Then we wonder if there is anything we can do with them.

These dead flowers may not have any further use as being a floral arrangement.  However, you don't have to let the dead flowers go to waste or throw them away.  There are several ideas of what you can do with your dead flowers.  Here are a few tips regarding what you can do with them and be satisfied with how you recycled those flowers.

Dry the Flowers - Remove flowers such as carnations, roses, larkspur and baby's breath. Gather the stems together with a rubber band. Hang them upside down until dry. Use the dried flowers in wreaths or potpourri. Flowers that are rotted or molded won't dry well. Neither will colors such as dark red, which dry black, or some whites, which dry to a beige color. Remove flower heads from their stems and press them.

Add to Compost Heap - Compost adds organic material back to the soil. Starting a compost heap is as easy as piling up dead flowers with grass clippings, and shredded newspapers. Remove the flowers and greenery from the arrangement and add to the heap.  Spray the pile lightly with water to start the decomposition process.  Add kitchen refuse such as vegetable and fruit peelings. In a few months the dead flowers will be part of the compost and help your flower garden grow.

Reuse the Container and Floral Foam - Remove the flowers and greenery by pulling the stems out of the floral foam. Soak the foam in water to re-hydrate it. Assemble a new arrangement with fresh flowers and greenery.

Re-gift the Arrangement - Let the arrangement completely dry. Spray paint it black. Add a black bow and give the arrangement to a good friend for his 30th, 40th or 50th birthday as a gag gift, or give it to an ex to mark a breakup or divorce (if he or she has a sense of humor).

Make New Arrangements - Not all the flowers will die at once. Some flowers such as carnations will last longer than others. Remove the flowers that are still alive. Cut an inch off the stems and place them in iced water. Regroup the flowers into a smaller, shorter arrangement.

If you need beautiful cut-flower bouquets that you can thoroughly enjoy, no one does flowers like SoCal Petals!  We are a well-known Los Angeles Florist that specializes in creating premium floral arrangements, wedding bouquets, assorted gifts, and more.  From gorgeous lilies to elegant peonies, SoCal Petals is the one-stop floral source for you.

We also have our signature same-day delivery up to 2pm daily.  You can have your flowers the same day for only $13.99, as well as our next-day delivery for $9.99.  Whether you are in need of a Los Angeles Flower Delivery or a West Hollywood Flower Delivery,  we can deliver your flowers throughout Los Angeles to your desired destination. 

Reference:  www.gardenguides.com, Katie Rosehill, Tips on What to Do With Dead Flower Arrangements

Decor Ideas for your Home for Christmas December 23, 2016 08:25

When the greatest holiday time of the year arrives, you just don't want any kind of decor for your home.  You know you're going to have lots of family and friends over celebrating, and you want your home to look its' absolute best.  Here are some great suggestions for decorating your home to fill it with holiday cheer!

You can add a touch of Christmas by hanging an array of traditional and modern decorations throughout your home.  Hang some of your favorite-colored stockings above your fireplace and on the walls of your foyer.  Dust off those classic reefs in your basement and put them on your front door. Also, red ribbons are always in order for the holidays, whether you place them on your refrigerator, wall or on your front windows.  Get some tinsel to decorate your home as well. It's Christmas!

Another great choice for decorating your home for Christmas is with flowers.  Any time you surround the atmosphere with flowers, every room will be filled with life and the joy of the season.  You can delicately set some evergreens over your fireplace and on your stairwells.  Take a mix of red roses, carnations and lush greens placed within a Christmas slide for a little fun.  Lastly, you can always have delivered from SoCal Petals one of their lovely Christmas floral arrangements and centerpieces to place on your dining room table that your guest will simply adore. 

One of Best Christmas Flowers to use is the poinsettia plant.  The poinsettia is considered throughout the world the flower of Christmas.  It's known for its' wide, deep red leaves and rich greenery make them fit for the holiday season.  You can have your poinsettia placed in a gold, green or some other type of designed basket.  Set multiple poinsettias throughout your home, especially some within your foyer where your guest will enter in.  

Whatever Christmas decor you decide on, when it comes to floral decor, nothing compares to the superior flowers that you can enjoy from SoCal Petals!  We are a Santa Monica Florist that is a nationally-recognized FTD Florist, known for our premium flowers and our simple approach to providing you the Best Christmas Flowers in Southern California.  Our designers have over 50 years of combined experience and take pride in their craft.  You can view our breathtaking line of Christmas bouquets within our Christmas Collection and you will be left speechless!

From Christmas floral arrangements and holiday bouquets, to Christmas centerpieces and poinsettia baskets, you can get it all at SoCal Petals.  We also offer our signature same-day delivery option for your floral shopping pleasure when you need your flowers fast.  Throughout the Southern California area, SoCal Petals performs our very own deliveries, and will get your flowers fresh and on time as well.  For a Beverly Hills Flower Delivery or a Torrance Flower Delivery for the holidays, you can count on SoCal Petals.

Ways to say, "I love you" this holiday season! December 16, 2016 06:28

We all know how actions speak louder than words, and that couldn't be more true this Christmas season to say, "I love you".  Here are some ways to show your special lady how much you love her this holiday season!

Have delivered to her home a bouquet of flowers.  A woman never loses her adoration for flowers.  They a simply the best part of nature that speaks the language of love to her heart.  Right before Christmas, send her a big, elegant bouquet of the Best Christmas flowers that will leave her speechless!  Show up at her doorstep after they're delivered with a second gift to say just how much you love her.

Surprise her with a sleigh ride.  Another way to say I love you to that special someone is to take her on a sleigh ride through downtown in your city.  These sleigh rides by horse can be so fun and loving.  You both can snuggle together and enjoy a night on the town, as you take in what Christmas time is truly about.  It will be a loving moment that she will never forget!

Create her a Christmas love letter of your own.  Sometimes with a woman, it is the small things that really count.  You can get our own Christmas color paper, some glue and scissors, and go to work.  Cut out some Christmas trees, and a snowman to put right on the front of the card.  Be creative as you desire on the inside of the card and leave room to write your endearing, heartfelt words that will take her breath away.  Then, follow up the card with an amazing Christmas gift to bring tears to her eyes!

Take off of work just to prepare for Christmas with her.  Whether at work or at home, it can be busy very quickly during the holiday season, especially the closer it gets to Christmas.  It would be a nice gesture of saying I love you by taking time out of your end-of-the-year schedule and tell her you took the day off to get ready for the holiday with her.  Take her to her favorite stores, grab a bite to eat and enjoy each other's company with holiday cheer!  The quality time you spend with her will speak volumes and warm her heart.

For the best Christmas flowers, there is no Los Angeles Florist like SoCal Petals.  We have the quality flowers and superior floral designs that you absolutely deserve.  We are a 2016 Expertise Best Florists in Los Angeles Award 2016, as well as  nationally-recognized FTD Master Florist.  We are exceptional at what we do, and our goal is provide 100% satisfaction to our customers with each and every arrangement. 

We have our own Christmas Collection for you to enjoy, where you can select a bouquet to say I love you with.  From our Holiday Celebrations Bouquet to our Red Poinsettia Basket, SoCal Petals does it all!  We also can perform flower deliveries throughout Los Angeles and the Southern California area.  Whether you need a Los Angeles Flower Delivery or a Playa Del Mar Flower Delivery, SoCal Petals will get it there fresh and on time.  Don't wait until Christmas Eve!

Choose Custom-Design Bouquets At SoCal Petals November 29, 2016 09:00

Flowers are nature's own and you can rest assured that your recipient will absolutely love how they make them feel.  There are some things that you can go and buy as a gift for your friend or loved one.  Yet, nothing brings joy to the heart in the way that floral arrangements do, especially when they are custom-made.

SoCal Petals has an amazing array of floral arrangements for you to enjoy!  Our collection of arrangements range from birthday bouquets and anniversary flowers, to sympathy flowers and congratulation flowers.  This Los Angeles Florist also has our custom-design bouquets available for you as well. 

Why choose a custom-design bouquet?  One reason to go custom is you will be able to give your loved one the specific flowers that they adore.  If you know that they like roses, lilies and peonies, you can request to have an arrangement with those flowers and lush greens, all nestled within a glass vase.  From sunflowers to chrysanthemums, you can be as creative as you like, all to give her the floral arrangement that she will never forget.

When you choose a custom-design bouquet, you have the opportunity to express the thoughtfulness of your heart. You didn't only buy her flowers, but you took the time to go beyond that and have a bouquet made that shows you listen to her.  She will be swept off of her feet when she receives an arrangement that has meaning to it.  For example, if you are celebrating your anniversary, you can have a bouquet that has the same flowers in it that you first gave to her. Your flowers can also have a theme relative to where you first met.  The possibilities are endless! 

Also, from $40 and up, you can have a beautiful arrangement custom-designed according to the dollar value that you would like to spend.  Therefore, you can have a custom-designed bouquet that fits any budget.  You have the option of making a custom arrangement as small or as large as you desire.  With over 50 years of combined experience, our designers can create the stunning flowers that you are looking to surprise her with.  From deep red rose to elegant calla lilies, no one compares to SoCal Petals!

If you need your custom-design bouquet in a hurry, that's no problem for SoCal Petals.  We have our signature same-day delivery at your disposal from morning to evening.  Up to 3pm, you can have your flowers delivered the same day for only $11.99, as well as our next-day delivery for $9.99.  Whether you are in need of a Los Angeles Flower Delivery or an LAX Florist,  We can deliver your flowers throughout LA in no time at all.  Feel free to speak directly with one of our professional designers to share what your custom-design needs are and we will be more than happy to serve you.  Even if you come and pick up your flowers, you can see your arrangement designed right before your eyes to assure satisfaction.

The Best Sympathy & Funeral Flowers for You! November 25, 2016 06:21

Flowers are one of the most delicate gifts that you can give someone. They always make the heart melt with joy and they are able to comfort the heavy soul.  In times of bereavement and loss, there is nothing like sending your friend or loved one a bouquet of sympathy flowers to make their day a little brighter.

If you are trying to decide on what flowers to get for your loss, Here are some of the Best Sympathy and Funeral Flowers for you.

One of the best sympathy flowers is the White Poppy.  White poppies are beautiful flowers and they specifically represent consolation, which is exactly what your loved ones may need at this time of grieving. Like all oriental poppies, white poppies bloom during the late spring season and consist of large showy flowers on top of single stems.  They have distinctive buds that are covered in a dark bristle-like hair.  Flowers with large blooms are said to be more appropriate to send to a memorial service or funeral home.  This will always be an excellent choice.

Zinnias are a popular garden plant because they are easy to grow, as well as a great for sympathy arrangements.  Zinnia bouquets in mixed colors are used in memorial of a lost friend or loved one.  This flower comes in a wide variety of colors, even light green.  In addition, they are also said that they can be purchased as cut flower bouquets, or short varieties can be sent in small flower pots as a living memorial for a friend. 

Last but not least, one the most popular flowers in the world is the Stargazer Lily and is a wonderful sympathy flower.  Stargazer lilies are bloom very large and full, resembling an actual star.  It has several meanings, including purity and sympathy.  Although you may have suffered a loss, the stargazer lily is perfect for expressing comfort, yet also life and beauty, all at the same time.  It is a bold flowers with a subtle fragrance, which you may want to keep in mind when choosing this flower.  It is said that they are stargazer lily arrangements are appropriate for both funeral homes and church-related memorial functions.

For the best sympathy flowers and more, you can always count on a superior Beverly Hills Florist like SoCal Petals.  We are an awarded FTD Master Florist, as well as a recipient of a 2016 Expertise Best Florists in Los Angeles Award.  We are excellent at what we do, and we thoroughly enjoy exceeding our customer expectations every time.  From stargazer lilies and peace lily plants, to roses and chrysanthemums, SoCal Petals does it all!

SoCal Petals also has the service level to match our premium floral arrangements.  Our signature same-day delivery allows us to get your flowers to you when you need them, even at short notice.  Up to 3pm daily, you can have your flowers delivered the same day for only $13.99 and next-day delivery for $11.99 also throughout the Southern California area.  Therefore, Whether you are in need of a Los Angeles Flower Delivery or a Venice Beach Flower Delivery, SoCal Petals can give you the service you deserve.  For the unique sympathy and funeral flowers, standing sprays and more, call SoCal Petals today!

Reference: www.gardenguide.com, Leah Deitz, The Best Sympathy Flowers

Chrysanthemums - The Birth Flower of November November 17, 2016 07:38

In the month of November when you are deciding on the Best Los Angeles Flowers to send, a wonderful choice would be to go with the chrysanthemum.  Chrysanthemum, also known as "mums", is the birth flower of November, which will make it symbolic in itself.  The flower will have a delightful meaning to your recipient.  It means cheerfulness, rest, loveliness, optimism, abundance, wealth. It is said that red chrysanthemums means love, yellow means slighted love and white means truth.

The chrysanthemum is said to be a flowering perennial plant of the genus Chrysanthemum in the daisy family.  Chrysanthemums were cultivated in China as a flowering herb as far back as the 15th century BCE. An ancient Chinese city was named Chu-Hsien, meaning “chrysanthemum city”.  The flower was introduced into Japan probably in the 8th century CE, and the Emperor adopted the flower as his official seal.  The flower was brought to the Western World in the 17th century. It was named by Carolus Linnaeus from the Greek prefix chrys-, which means golden (the color of the original flowers), and -anthemon, meaning flower.

The flower also comes in various forms, including daisy-like, decorative, pompons or buttons.  Chrysanthemum flowers are boiled to make a sweet drink in some parts of Asia. The resulting beverage is known simply as “chrysanthemum tea”.  Chrysanthemum tea has many medicinal uses, including an aid in recovery from influenza.  This is an amazing flower and you can't go wrong with getting mums for any of your special events and occasions.

SoCal Petals is an Los Angeles Florist that has an array of floral arrangements that consist of Chrysanthemums and more that you will love.  Some examples include our Daylight Bouquet.  This arrangement bursts with sun-filled excitement and cheer expressed through each radiant bloom. Gorgeous yellow roses and gerbera daises are accented with the golden hues of Viking chrysanthemums and solidago arranged with lush greens in a clear glass square tapered vase to create a splendid way to brighten their day.  You can also try our Well Done Bouquet, which consists of green Fuji chrysanthemums, bright roses, sunny Asiatic lilies Pink roses, pink Peruvian lilies, yellow Asiatic lilies and lush greens in a cubed vase, come together for a colorful, celebratory flower bouquet for a job well done!

As an awarded FTD Master Florist, we have a track record of consistently not only meeting, but exceeding our customer expectations.  From mums to gerber daisies, SoCal Petals has the flower selection that you deserve.  We also make sure that your flowers are fresh, high-quality and delivered when you need them, even if it's the same day.  Our signature same-day delivery is available for only $13.99 and next-day delivery for $11.99. Whether it is a Los Angeles Flower Delivery or a Playa Del Mar Flower Delivery, SoCal Petals can get them there in no time.  For floral arrangements, gift baskets, assorted gifts, and more, call and experience SoCal Petals!

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Sympathy Flowers Collection From SoCal Petals November 9, 2016 07:01

When you or someone close to you experiences a loss, you want to give them just the right support in those times that they need you the most.  For those moments, SoCal Petals has the best sympathy flowers that you can have sent to them to comfort their hearts.

With knowing all of the circumstances that can arise in life, SoCal Petals understands and that's why we have created our Sympathy Flowers Collection just for you.  This collection is full of a variety of floral arrangements for all aspects of any funeral, as well as any bouquets you desire for the family to take home with them.  From casket and standing sprays, to peace lilies and floral arrangements, you will be thoroughly pleased with this amazing collection.  Here are some of our flowers from our Sympathy Flowers Collection.

Elegant Remembrance Standing Heart - is an exquisite display of peace and love. 77 Stems of white roses are artfully arranged in the shape of a heart and presented on a wire easel, creating a simply beautiful tribute for their final farewell service.  Approximately 24"H x 22"W.

Divinity Arrangement -  is an outstanding expression of blushing elegance. Pink roses, carnations, gladiolus, anthurium, Oriental lilies, gerbera daisies and hydrangea are arranged to form a unique and fascinating arrangement accented by burgundy ti leaves and assorted greens, to create a loving tribute to one who will always be missed.  It is approximately 53"H x 28"W.

Eternal Affection Arrangement - is a peaceful offering of heartfelt sympathy.  This casket spray consists of white gladiolus, Peruvian lilies, carnations, mini carnations and lush greens are beautifully arranged in a round whitewash handled basket to create a beautiful display of soft serenity.

Faith & Understanding Standing Spray - will fill the room with color and elegance at their final tribute. Fuchsia roses, magenta gladiolus, blue delphinium and purple carnations are accented with a variety of lush greens and a lavender wired taffeta ribbon to create a memorable display that commemorates a life that brought inspiration and happiness to others.  The spray incorporates two smaller breakaway bouquets that can provide continuing solace to the bereaved and be saved as keepsakes.  It is approximately 48"H x 19"W.

If you are looking for premium sympathy flowers, SoCal Petals is a one-stop source for all of your floral needs.  We are a 2016 Expertise Best Florists in Los Angeles, as well as a nationally-honored FTD Master Florist, affirming our proven track record of providing superior flowers that exceed customer expectations.  You can depend on SoCal Petals.

If you need your flowers quickly, our signature same-day delivery is beyond compare.  Up to 3pm, you can request your flowers to be delivered the same day for only $13.99 and next-day delivery for $11.99.  If you need a Los Angeles Flower Delivery or Playa Vista Flower Delivery, you can call SoCal Petals and have the peace of mind that your flowers will be there when you need them. 

Should I Buy Flowers From the Grocery Store or a Florist? November 2, 2016 07:06

Flowers are one thing that you just don't want to buy from anywhere.  It would be so easy to just go to the nearest grocery store and pick up some flowers for your wife.  Yes, she may like them, but will she love them?  The love of your life truly deserves the best and if you want the best, buy your flowers from a professional florist.

If you are trying to decide on whether to give her grocery store flowers versus from a florist, here are just a few reasons why to get the one you love a bouquet from a professional Los Angeles Florist like SoCal Petals.

Fresh & quality flowers available - The difference between the grocery store and a local florist is the quality of flowers that you have at your disposal.  Florists have a core value to have fresh and quality flowers due to it being their necessity in order to provide superior floral services.  Therefore, they constantly have fresh flowers shipped in locally and even nationwide to always make sure their flowers are as premium as they can get.  With florists, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your flowers will be fresh and the life span of those cut flowers will be the best they can be. 

More variety of choices - Because they are florists, their expertise is flowers and they have an array of flowers to select from that grocery stores will just not have.  Florists will have all types of flowers, including flowers such as birds of paradise, poms, amaranthus, and more.  Grocery stores may have your popular  flowers like roses, lilies and tulips, yet they may not have the variety of colors that a florist can offer.  For more color options and choices, a florist will be the best choice.

Isn't expensive as you think - There is a misconception that going to a professional florist will cost a pretty penny, which is not true at all.  Floral arrangements from florists are not expensive. They also have a variety of bouquet sales and specials each day for customers to enjoy. Aside from online deals, florists even have pick up specials for arrangements, which you can get a bouquet at a great price.  If you were going to the grocery store to pick up flowers, you can go to a florist and do the same.    

A florist can deliver - A florist can deliver your flowers to your loved one, which can't be done with picking them up from a grocery store.  When you go and get flowers from a grocery store, you lose the element of surprise that comes along with having your flowers delivered.  Instead of the woman you love being swept off her feet when she unexpectedly finds a bouquet of flowers on her work desk, you will have to deliver them.

Instead of going to get your flowers from the grocery store, come and get your flowers from SoCal Petals.  We are an awarded FTD Master Florist, as well as  an 2016 Expertise Best Florists in Los Angeles winner.  Whether you need a Bel-Air Flower Delivery or Venice Beach Flower Delivery, SoCal Petals can get your flowers there the same day you order them.  For superior flowers and more, call SoCal Petals today! 

How to send surprise flowers to her workplace October 26, 2016 06:20

If it's one thing that a woman loves, it's when you surprise her with flowers at the workplace.  She could have been in meetings since morning until the afternoon.  She could have been having a difficult time with handling client resolutions.  She just may not be having a good day so far, yet as soon as she receiving those precious flowers from you, all of a sudden, her countenance brightens up and nothing else seems to matter.

You can make her day by sending her some of the Best Los Angeles Flowers that she so deserves.  It is good to send them, but it would be great if you surprise her also!  Here are some great tips on how to send an arrangement of surprise flowers to her job that will leave her absolutely speechless!

Do a personal delivery.  Pick a day out of your busy schedule and deliver the flowers yourself.  She will be so surprised, as she would expect you to be at work yourself.  Yet, to take time to leave your job to personally deliver flowers to her.  

Get Her Colleague to present them to her.  With knowing where she works, you probably know of, or have spoken to her about one of her colleagues she works with.  Get in contact with that person and tell them that you desire to surprise her with flowers.  Her colleague will find that so awesome and can assist you with the time of day you plan to deliver them.  Once the flowers arrive, her colleague can present the flowers to her and read a special note just for her from you!

Surprise lunch and flowers!  Another awesome idea that will take her breathe away is to surprise her at the workplace and take her out for lunch.  She will find that so sweet and will like the kind gesture of stepping away from the office.  While you are both about to end having lunch, tell her you will be right back, go out to your car and bring in a wonderful bouquet of flowers for her to take back to her office.  You will make her blush as she gets so much attention from her colleagues, as she arrives back to her desk and get compliments all the day long.  Women love that and she will love you for it too!

Have SoCal Petals deliver flowers to her.  If you just don't have the time at the moment to deliver them yourself, you can always turn to SoCal Petals to deliver an amazing floral arrangement to her workplace on your behalf.  She deserves the best and SoCal Petals is an awarded Los Angeles Florist, consistently delivering superior flowers and more to each and every customer.  Simply choose an arrangement with the flowers that she loves and SoCal Petals will do the rest.  We also do custom design bouquets as well!

If you need your flowers fast, that's no problem for SoCal Petals with our signature same-day delivery.  Whether you need a Los Angeles Flower Delivery or a Playa Vista Flower Delivery, SoCal Petals will get your arrangement there fresh and on time.  For the best surprise flowers, order with SoCal Petals today!

SoCal Petals Assorted Gifts Collection! October 11, 2016 06:38

There nothing like being able to get a variety of assorted gifts for that special person in your when your anniversary or their birthday arrives.  One gift of the Best Hawthorne Flowers will bring tears to their eyes, yet when you couple it with a secondary gift, that when you can be certain you will leave them speechless.

These are the gifts that express your thoughtfulness, as you shower them with what delights them the most. No one compares to SoCal Petals. We have a vast array of gifts that will fit perfectly with your bouquet with our Assorted Gifts Collection!  From cheerful and bountiful balloons, to succulent gourmet chocolates, SoCal Petals does it all.  Here are just a few of our superior assorted gifts that we trust that you will thoroughly enjoy!

Godiva® Gold Ballotin Assorted Chocolates - For the recipient that adores chocolate, add one of our 19-piece box gold ballotin assorted chocolates featuring premium Godiva belgian chocolates. Godiva is one of the most superior chocolates in the world, full of rich, velvety chocolate. These chocolates are exquisitely presented within a classic box, tied with a two-toned brown and gold ribbon.

Birthday Balloon Bunch -
Give your loved a whole lot of fun with our Birthday Balloon Bunch.  This balloon bouquet consists of 5 mylar balloons or 2 mylar balloons surrounded with 6 latex balloons and tied together with a ribbon. We also have them available for other occasions as well!

Autograph Elephant -
Among all of our stuffed animal collection, the autograph elephant is very creative, allowing you to write on it your most endearing sentiments, as well as your name via an oil based pin.  It has white polka dots all over its' body, and the ears, tip of nose and bottom of feet have pink floral material. This wonderful stuff animal is 10" inches in height, and it comes in pink for girls and blue for boys.  They will absolutely love it!

Hand Written Greeting Cards -
With SoCal Petals, you not only have the option of a typed-message card or note.  You can add one of our hand written greeting cards to make your gift more personable.  This full size card can be according to the occasion or event you inform us of, and will personally pen your words of affection to the one you love the most. 

SoCal Petals is a Los Angeles Florist that has been nationally-recognized as an FTD Master Florist and awarded for our premium bouquets.  Throughout the Los Angeles and Southern California, SoCal Petals has the amazing floral arrangements, assorted gifts and more that will exceed your expectations.  Also, When you are in need a of  Los Angeles Flower Delivery or a Playa Vista Flower Delivery, our signature same-day delivery will get your flowers there in no time. You don't have to look any further.  Choose SoCal Petals!

The Sunflower: One of Fall's Best Flowers October 4, 2016 06:05

When September comes, we all are aware that fall is upon us.  During this season there are some wonderful flowers that become so fitting and precious to us.  One of those favorite flowers during the fall is on other than the sunflower.  There's no flower like the sunflower.  It is one of the most well-known flower in the world for its' simplicity of beauty, appearance, grace, its' seeds, and much more.

Sunflowers make up the genus Helianthus, and in the Greek, helios means sun and anthos means flower.  The genus of sunflowers, which contains about 67 species, is thought to be native to the Americas originally, and were domesticated around 1000 B.C.  As the popularity of Sunflowers has grown, it has come to be loved and distributed worldwide. 

It is composed of yellow ray flowers and a central disk, which causes it to appear similar to the sun.  As a result, just like when we feel the rays of the sun and feel happy, so the emotional ties that we have come to embrace with sunflowers.  The outer flowers on the Sunflower are the ray florets and can be yellow, maroon, orange, or other colors. The central disk is composed of either yellow, brown, or purple flowers, depending on the species, and the flower is actually a head (formerly composite flower) of numerous flowers crowded together.  Sunflowers are sterile as well.

Unlike other flowers, sunflower plants are cultivated for their seeds and oil. It is said that refined sunflower-seed oil is edible. Sunflowers have 39 to 49% oil in the seed, which accounts for roughly 14% of the world's production of seed oils and about 7% of the oil cake and meal produced from oil seeds. It is also said that sunflower oil is considered a premium oil because of its light color, high level of unsaturated fatty acids and lack of linolenic acid, bland flavor and high smoke points. It is the most commonly used oil.

Sunflowers are also used to create stunning floral arrangements during the fall season.  SoCal Petals is a Los Angeles Florist is a nationally-recognized FTD Master Florist and a recipient of an Expertise 2016 Best Florists in Los Angeles Award.  We take pride in what we do, making sure we provide our customers with the superior floral arrangements that you deserve.  Throughout the Los Angeles and Southern California, you can turn to SoCal Petals to perform all of your floral and assorted gift needs. 

Also, When you are in need a of  Santa Monica Flower Delivery or a Manhattan Beach Flower Delivery done in a hurry, SoCal Petals understands and our signature same-day delivery is available to help you in those crunch times.  Up to 3pm daily you can take advantage of our same-day delivery for only $13.99, as well as our next-day delivery for $11.99.  We handle all of our deliveries, making sure your flower arrive fresh and on time.  For the best sunflowers and more, choose SoCal Petals today!

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