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The Best Dining Table Flowers and Centerpieces to Pair With Your Food December 6, 2019 06:17

Los Angeles Florist

It's party season, and if you want your soiree to go from an average dinner party to the next level, it's time to start thinking about the details. 

One of the best ways to make your party a little more beautiful is a classic: floral party arrangements

But if you're going to have a truly amazing centerpiece and not a distraction from the main event, you have to put some thought into your dining table flowers. Here's how to choose the perfect centerpiece for the occasion and a few ideas to tie your flowers to your overall party theme. 

The Basics

Before you think about choosing the perfect floral centerpiece, you have to stop and think about the party you're throwing. For example: 

  • What's your venue?
  • What is your table like? 
  • How many guests will you have? 
  • Do any guests have allergies or flowers they actively hate?
  • What kind of meal will you have? 
  • What's the vibe or aesthetic you want your party to have?

These are just a few questions that will dramatically alter your options for arrangements. Here are a few common factors to keep in mind before you spring for that gorgeous centerpiece. 


The first factor (and one of the most important) is the height of your floral arrangement. 

You want your floral arrangement to attract attention in a pleasant way, but you also want to have a conversation with the person sitting across from you, not the flowers. This is why eye-level centerpieces are a no-go at the dining table. 

To avoid blocking your line of sight, look for arrangements that are either low to the table or above eye-level. Low centerpieces are a good fit for most parties, as above-eye-level arrangements are more ostentatious and better suited to formal parties. 

Table Shape and Capacity

From there, your next biggest consideration for your arrangement isn't actually the flowers, but the table itself. Specifically, the shape and seating capacity of the table. 

Most people have rectangular tables, which means you have to account for sight lines across the short and long ends of the table. Rectangular tables are usually larger and have a greater seating capacity, which means you may have space for larger statement arrangements. 

Smaller tables, particularly circular or square tables, are more crowded with dinner party accouterments (food, place settings, place cards, water pitchers, glasses, etc.). For smaller or crowded tables, stick with smaller arrangements as accent pieces and save statement arrangements for your side tables. 


Unlike many other occasions, choosing flowers for a dinner party means that you have multiple smells to contend with. At a dinner party, the focus of the event is not the flowers, but the food, which means you don't want the scent of the flowers to compete or clash with the smell of the food. 

Generally, your safest bet for dinner parties is to stick with flowers that don't have a strong aroma. If you do want a flower that has a distinctive aroma, be careful to select a scent that pairs nicely with the meal you've selected. 

Match the Meal

This is where our last tip comes into play: match your flowers to your meal, both aromatically and thematically. 

This is actually the fun part of selecting a floral arrangement for a party. It's the moment when you get to make your party special by paying attention to the smallest details, your chance to impress your guest with your hosting talents. 

The best place to start is to think about the cuisine you'll serve. This will generally set the tone for the type of party you host, which will change the flowers that are aesthetically and aromatically appropriate. 

A Few Dining Table Ideas

With that in mind, you're ready to think about your flower options in specific detail. Here are a few ideas to help you get started. 

French From Start to Finish

Modern French cuisine is more inclined to rewrite the rules, but classic French cuisine a la Mastering the Art of French Cooking is all about tradition and refinement. If you're hosting a traditional French dinner party plucked straight from an evening scene in Paris, look for formal, traditional yet beautiful flowers. 

Your best bet with traditional French cuisine is a rose centerpiece. It's a classic, elegant flower with a delicate yet lovely scent that perfectly complements beef bourguignon or French onion soup. Bonus points for French roses!

Mastering the Art of Ikebana

If you're branching into Asian cuisine and hosting a Japanese dinner party, it's the perfect occasion to foray into ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement with strict aesthetic rules. 

The key to ikebana is to emphasize the ingredients without the fuss of extraneous components, so you're making a statement streamlined to only the most important elements. 

Even if you're not an ikebana master, you can still incorporate flowers that are thematically well suited to your menu, like ginger blossoms or even a live orchid plant (just make sure you know how to take care of the orchid once the party is over). 

Looking for Dining Table Flowers?

If you're looking for dining table flowers, we're here to provide the perfect blossoms for your dream party. 

For somewhere to get started, click here to check out our available floral centerpieces, featuring everything from roses to lilies to sunflowers. You'll be amazed how the right floral centerpiece can bring your whole party into focus. Your loved ones will never forget this dinner party. 


What Is Your Birth Flower (And What Does It Say About You) November 20, 2019 06:13

Los Angeles FloristApril showers bring May flowers. But, just what kind of blossoms will they be? There's a special birth flower to match the month you were born. It's time to weed out the rest and find out which one belongs to you and your special day. Are you loyal and dependable or innocent and pure? Read on to find out about the flower power behind your birthday bloom.


Carnations start off the year as the birth flower for January. They're an apt choice because they can grow when the weather's cold. Known for their ruffled petals, carnations have the scientific name Dianthus, meaning flower of the gods in Greek.

Many people see them as representing devotion. If you were born in January, you'll likely make a loyal and dependable friend. Snowdrops are also associated with January. They stand for hope and beauty and make a perfect birthday gift.


Violets take on the mantle as this month's birth flower. They come in vivid colors and were used in ancient times in herbal treatments and to sweeten wine. 

Violets are thought to mean fidelity and modesty. This could explain where the saying, ‘shrinking violet’ comes from. If you were born in February, you'll possess the qualities of humility and honesty.

The pale yellow primrose is another February birth flower. It symbolizes young love.


Nothing says Spring like the daffodil. Their cheery yellow flowers symbolize fresh beginnings and rejuvenation. They also represent fidelity due to their ability to bloom year on year. The Chinese see them as a sign of good luck and prosperity.

Jonquils are another March birth flower and symbolize rebirth. 


The humble daisy is April’s birth flower. It's associated with innocence, purity, and loyalty in love. Some also say it represents fertility and motherhood. 

The name daisy comes from ‘day’s eye’ because the flower shuts at night and opens when the sun rises. This is where the saying ‘fresh as a daisy’ comes from.

Sweet peas are an alternative April birth flower. They symbolize blissful pleasure.


The exquisite lily of the valley is this month's birth flower. It has delicate bell-like flowers and a lovely sweet smell. In the 1950s, the French company Dior produced a fragrance simulating lily of the valley. The flower was Christian Dior's favorite.

Lily of the valley represents sweetness, purity, and humility. It's also said to symbolize a ‘return to happiness.'

The hawthorn is another May birth flower. It predicts hope and supreme happiness for those born in this month.


The ever-popular rose is June's birth flower. The Romans and ancient Greeks associated roses with love and passion. Typically, roses are said to symbolize honor, beauty, and love. Yellow roses represent meaningful, loyal friendship.

Like daffodils, roses also make an ideal Mother's day gift. The honeysuckle is also associated with June and stands as a representation of the everlasting bonds of love.


The larkspur is July's birth flower. It's a cottage garden classic and one of the few true blue flowers. It's said to be a sign of an open heart.

Larkspurs also come in other colors which include purple and pink. The pink larkspur is associated with fickleness. The white varieties symbolize happiness. All larkspurs are said to signify positivity and love.

The water lily is another choice for July. It symbolizes majesty and purity. 


The gladiolus is the August birth flower. This striking flower has pointed tips and dramatic stalks of flowers.

This flower takes its name from the Latin word ‘gladius’ which means ‘sword.' Gladioli are said to symbolize generosity, strength, and moral integrity.

The poppy is the other August birth flower. It's renowned for its bright red colors. It's become a symbol of remembrance and also signifies a vivid imagination.


The aster is September’s birth flower. It represents daintiness and love. Its flowers also symbolize wisdom, courage, and faith.

The aster takes its name from the Greek word for 'star' due to the shape of its flower. 

Morning glory is the other birth flower for this month. It can symbolize unrequited love but can also stand for the affection of someone who's near and dear.


The marigold is the star birth flower this month. Known for their spicy scent and gold petals, these flowers are associated with a steely determination to succeed.

Marigolds also symbolize a personality full of drive, creativity, and passion.

Cosmos is also a birth flower for October. It's associated with peace and tranquility.


If you want to give someone their birth flower this month, you should present them with a bunch of chrysanthemums. These blossoms are also known as mums and chrysanths.

They were first cultivated by the Chinese as a flowering herb way back in the fifteenth century. They're associated with friendship and well-wishing and are also thought to bring joy and good luck to your home.

The people of Japan hold chrysanthemums in such high regard that they even have a special day dedicated to their honor. Chrysanthemum Day, which is also known as the Festival of Happiness, takes place in September every year.


When it's December, it has to be holly. This flowering plant boasts bright red berries and glossy green foliage. When it comes to what it symbolizes, it has a powerful history.

It's been associated with fertility and as a charm to help ward off witches and bad fortune. It also symbolizes a desire for domestic happiness. 

The narcissus is another birth flower for December. It's become associated with wealth, hope, and good wishes. Narcissus might sometimes suggest that you want the person you love to remain just the way they are. 

Getting to Know Your Birth Flower

Birth flowers have become symbols of a wide variety of personality traits. Get to know the birth flower of your friends so that you can give them the perfect gift on their special day along with an appropriate message.

9 Flower Books that Make Excellent Gifts September 27, 2019 07:07

Los Angeles Florist

All around the world, there are about 400,000 estimated flower species.

That's a lot of flowers, and people love them. Some people can't get enough of them and even find themselves reading books about them. 

Add some enjoyable flower books to your summer reading list, or give these books as excellent gifts to friends.

1. Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury

Dandelion Wine may be one of the most interesting flower books. 

Most people don't see a dandelion as a flower, but rather as a weed. However, as the book says: "A common flower, a weed that no one sees, yes. But for us, a noble thing, the dandelion."

This book actually started out as a short story. It follows the story of a twelve-year-old boy. He lives in a fictional, rural town in the midwest. The story takes place in the summer of 1928.

This book will make you look at dandelions and weeds differently as you read the perspective of an innocent child. The flower has a special meaning to the main character, which you can find out about when you read this book.  

2. The Art of Flora Forager by Bridget Beth Collins

In this book with flowers, there is beautiful artwork that will make this book a keeper.

There are beautiful pieces of art not only of flowers but also of fungi and leaves. For example, in some of the artwork, Bridget will take pieces of nature like rocks or leaves and form them into some other kind of shape.

There are all kinds of different scenes and images on here that really capture the author's imagination and creativity. 

These artworks originally appeared on Instagram until they were compiled into the aesthetically pleasing little book.  

3. Flower by Andrew Zuckerman

Flower is a beautiful book featuring some of the most beautiful flower photography. 

Andrew Zuckerman is an American filmmaker, and he put this book together after capturing pictures of common and exotic flowers. His photography style captures the exquisite details and bold colors of the plants. 

This book would be a great addition to any coffee table. 

4. Radical Gardening by George McKay

If you are into gardening and growing your own flowers as well as the history behind it, you may be interested in this book.

This book will also explore some of the politics behind gardening, which you may not have even known existed. This book also talks about how some marginalized communities have found solace in the midst of the vegetables, fruits, and flowers. 

This refreshing and honest book will fuel your passion for gardening as well as open your eyes to so many new ideas and information.  

5. Edible Landscaping by Rosalind Creasy

If you love flowers but also want a garden that can produce some food for you and your family to eat, this may be just the book for you.

This book will help you make your garden look aesthetic while also being functional. It will also help you figure out how to eat healthier and more organically.  

6. The Flower Book by Rachel Siegfried

The title of this book kind of speaks for itself.

This giant book was written by Rachel Siegfried, a florist and farmer from the U.K. This book is 10 x 12 inches and actually weighs close to 4 pounds!

Now this is definitely a coffee table book. Inside, there are enlarged photos of flowers along with tips on how to care for different ones. This book will have you flipping through the pages over and over again because, with each time, you will notice something different in the photographs. 

7. Living Art: Style Your Home with Flowers by Olivier Giugni

Giugnia knows that flowers can brighten up your home and make you happier. 

He demonstrates that in his book and tells you how to utilize flowers in the right way when it comes to interior design.

He gives you examples of other homes, including his own. You will notice how the flowers don't even stand out and just blend in with the room. However, their presence still gives the room a certain feel to it. 

Even if you don't follow some of the tips in this book, it's still a great resource for inspiration. 

8. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

This is more of a modern book that uses a wallflower as a metaphor throughout the book.

This story is set in the 1990s and follows the story of a high school freshman. He is a "wallflower." Always on the side, observing everything but never really being noticed.

However, towards the end of the book, things start to change and people realize how beautiful a wallflower really is. 

9. The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

The Secret Garden is a classic. If you don't know, the story follows Mary, who is an orphan. She is sent to live at her uncle's mansion where she finds the key to a secret garden. 

In this book, there are all kinds of beautiful descriptions of the flowers in this hidden garden. The imagery will make you feel like you are right there with the characters.

Read These Flower Books Today

These flower books will give you a deeper appreciation for nature. 

It may even inspire you to start planting some of your own. Or you may be inspired to share the love and send a beautiful bouquet to someone you care about.

We have you covered. Check out these luxury bouquets today! 


Blooming Lovely: 11 Inspiring Flower Quotes August 20, 2019 05:10

Los Angeles FloristIf you want people to feel happy and more positive, research shows that giving them flowers is one of the best approaches to take. Buying flowers for yourself can also help to bring a smile to your face and give your mood a boost. There's a way to make your floral gifts more meaningful, though. Adding a card with the right quote can add a personal touch and show the recipient a little extra motivation or encouragement.

Not sure which quote to use?

Listed below are 11 beautiful flower quotes that are definitely worth remembering. 

1. If We Could See the Miracle of a Single Flower Clearly, Our Whole Life Would Change

This quote from Buddha is a great one to write in a card to accompany a gift of a single flower.

It's also a great reminder to focus on the small things in life and not take them for granted. Often, it's the details that seem the least meaningful that end up mattering the most.

2. Flowers Don’t Worry About How They’re Going to Bloom. They Just Open Up and Turn Toward the Light and That Makes Them Beautiful

If you're purchasing some flowers for someone who's going through a difficult or stressful time (and if you're not planning to, you should, as flowers have been proven to help relieve stress), this quote from Jim Carrey would be a great one to include in the card.

It's a good reminder that everything happens in its own time and we all need to enjoy the process a little more.

3. Flowers Don't Tell, They Show

This quote from Stephanie Skeem couldn't be truer.

Flowers don't have to tell you how beautiful they are. They just show you. This quote helps remind us to let our actions do the talking for us.

Instead of talking about what we deserve and how great we are, we ought to just show people by the way we act and present ourselves to the world.

4. Many Eyes Go Through the Meadow, but Few See the Flowers in It

Ralph Waldo Emerson did a great job of summing up one of the major problems in the world today. Everyone is so busy going about their day that they don't stop to notice the details and see the beauty in the mundane moments.

Use this quote when you're buying flowers for yourself or a friend who needs to slow down a bit.

5. Flowers Always Make People Better, Happier and More Helpful; They are Sunshine, Food and Medicine for the Soul

Luther Burbank's message about flowers is a great one that can accompany almost any bouquet.

If someone (maybe even you) needs to feel better, happier, and more helpful, a beautiful bouquet with this quote attached to it is sure to help guide them in the right direction.

6. Love is the Answer, and You Know That for Sure; Love is a Flower, You've Got to Let it Grow

For those who are looking for the perfect message to accompany a bouquet being sent to a loved one, you can't go wrong with this quote from the incredible John Lennon. It'll help to bring a smile to any recipient's face.

7. If You Look the Right Way, You Can See That the Whole World is a Garden

Frances Hodgson Burnett definitely got it right with this quote. Use it with someone who's struggling to stay positive to remind them that, if they look at any situation long enough, they'll be able to find a silver lining in it. 

8. If I Had a Flower for Every Time I Thought of You... I Could Walk Through My Garden Forever

Here's another great love quote — this one from Alfred Lord Tennyson — to use when sending flowers to a partner or romantic interest.

Flowers themselves are the perfect choice to show someone you're thinking of them, but this sweet message in a card will make the bouquet even more meaningful.

9. For Happiness One Needs Security, but Joy can Spring Like a Flower Even from the Cliffs of Despair

This quote from Anne Morrow Lindbergh is perfect for anyone who's going through a difficult time.

It serves as a reminder that there's something beautiful to be found in every moment of our lives, even those that are the most challenging. It also reminds us that we can grow and thrive even when life is difficult.

10. A Flower Does Not Think of Competing with the Flower Next to It. It Just Blooms

If you're putting together a flower bouquet for a recent graduate, this is a wonderful quote to include in their card.

When you're graduating from high school or college, it's easy to feel as though you're not prepared for the real world or not doing enough.

This quote will help to remind the recipient that they have plenty of time to become who they want to be. They'll get there in their own time. 

11. You're Only Here for a Short Visit. Don't Hurry, Don't Worry. And be Sure to Smell the Flowers Along the Way

These days, it's easy to feel as though we don't have time to do any of the things we want to do. It's true that we are definitely busier than we once were.

That's why it's more important than ever for us to heed the words of Walter Hagen and stop and smell the flowers every once in a while.

Order a Bouquet to Go with These Flower Quotes Today

You never knew there were so many great flower quotes out there, did you?

As you can see, there are a lot of great messages about flowers that you can choose to accompany the next flower arrangement you send out or purchase for yourself.

Has it been a while since you bought someone flowers? When did you last buy flowers for yourself?

Whether you're buying for yourself or someone else, we can help at Socal Petals.

Contact us today to order a bouquet or learn more about all the different types of flowers we have to offer.

White Wedding: Best White Flowers for Your Big Day July 31, 2019 06:41

Los Angeles WeddingsAre you flourishing your wedding in wonderful shades of white or going crazy with your bouquets? Either way, flowers can root out a big chunk of your budget. According to The Knot's 2017 Real Wedding Study, wedding flowers cost an average of $2,379.  If you're paying that much, you want to make sure the beautiful blossoms you choose are the perfect fit. As a symbol of appreciation, innocence, and an open heart, consider adding white flowers to your bouquet.

Use this guide to discover the best white flowers for your wedding day and let new ideas bloom!

1. Calla Lily

This trumpet-shaped flower rests at the tip of a long, smooth stem. As a symbol of magnificent beauty, calla lilies can add a lot of appeal to your wedding bouquet.

Consider creating a simple bouquet with three long-stemmed calla lilies.

Tie the knot between your bouquet and centerpieces by adding these flowers throughout the room. Lilies are also associated with faith, holiness, and divine purity. In fact, their shape symbolizes victory as well. 

2. White Tulips

These small white flowers are loved throughout the world. 

Though they're available in a multitude of colors, white tulips stand out. You can recognize these flowers bay their cup shape. Like lilies, they grow at the end of a green stem.

If you're planning a spring wedding, consider adding white tulips to the mix. These white flowers symbolize beauty, warmth, and new beginnings. For other occasions throughout the year, they can indicate serenity, forgiveness, and purity as well.

In the language of flowers, tulips symbolize claiming worthiness. 

3. Dahlia

Another springtime flower, dahlias are planted right after the last frost. They come in an array of colors, including white. At the center of these flowers, a sunlit center glows against the inner petals. 

You can recognize these white flowers based on their lobe shape.

As part of your wedding arrangement, dahlias symbolize commitment and a lasting bond. 

They're also a token of survival. You can add these flowers to your bouquet to indicate the long-lasting unity and commitment you're making on your wedding day.

4. White Roses

According to this report, 27.8 million roses were sold in a single year. That's no surprise since these flowers are chosen for every occasion. 

After red, this white flower is the second most popular rose color. They're often featured in flourishing wedding bouquets.

This flower symbolizes beauty, purity, hope, and virtue. 

White roses are also chosen to represent young, true love.

Since they bloom during all seasons, white roses can take a spot within your bouquet regardless of your wedding date.

5. Camellia

This white flower is fragrant and sweet. Like the dahlia flower, camellias feature a yellow center before expanding with layer after layer of white.

These flowers symbolize devotion from one young lover to another. An exotic flower, camellias are available in a range of colors. Each holds its own meaning.

White camellias say "you're adorable."

They also stand for a lively spirit and precious love.

6. Hydrangea

If you're looking for small white flowers to accent your bouquet, check out hydrangeas. These flowers are like little fluffy snowballs. Hydrangeas are often grouped together, composed of smaller white blooms.

At their center, hydrangeas hold faint blue specks, adding a hint of color to each blossom.

These small white flowers symbolize devotion and friendship. They can also communicate deep understanding. 

If your bouquet is already full of color, adding a few hydrangeas to the mix can give the bouquet balance. 

White hydrangeas add eloquence to any centerpiece or bouquet. They're even featured among our most popular pieces.

7. Queen Anne's Lace

Add eloquence to your bouquet with Queen Anne's Lace. These flowers are also known as bishop's lace or bird's nest and originated in Europe.

Named based on their lacy appearance, these flowers are built with an umbrella-shaped cluster. Queen Anne's Lace symbolize sanctuary in the language of flowers.

These flowers can add a unique appeal to your wedding bouquet. 

8. Lily of the Valley

These flowers have a quant hanging bell-like shape. Lily of the valley flowers are cultivated for their scent. In fact, they're often used within the perfume industry.

These white flowers can reflect the bride's magnificence and beauty.

They also symbolize the return of happiness.

Lily of the valley flowers are ideal for springtime centerpieces and bouquets. You can add them among larger blossoms to create a beautiful balance.

9. Jasmine

Take a deep breath of these fragrant blooms. With their alluring fragrance, jasmine flowers are used in the perfume industry as well as bouquets. These white flowers are small and star-shaped.

This flower symbolizes attachments and sensuality.

They also represent modesty, elegance, and grace.

10. Iris

If you're looking for another springtime flower, try adding iris to your wedding plans. These white flowers are refreshing with delicate petals.

When those petals open, they reveal yellow centers that add a hint of color to each blossom. 

White iris flowers symbolize purity and faith. They're also used to celebrate 25th wedding anniversaries (so keep them in mind for the future, too!).

11. White Amaryllis

Like the calla lily, the white amaryllis flower is a beautiful, trumpet-shaped addition to any bouquet. These flowers have layers of white blossoms with hints of lime in the center.

While there are purple and pink petals, the white amaryllis represents radiant beauty.

It also symbolizes innocence and purity.

These flowers can add a captivating effect to your wedding centerpieces. 

12. White Orchid

While there are many colored orchids to choose from, the white orchid is considered the rarest of them all.

This flower is an elegant blossom that adds an exotic flair to every arrangement. 

Orchids represent purity, innocence, divine beauty, and virtue. They can dress up a bouquet by adding the elegance and glamour you're looking for.

All Accessorized in White: White Flowers for Your Wedding Day

Let your flower power blossom! With this guide, you can choose the perfect white flowers for your big day.

Now you can head down the aisle all dressed in white—and glowing with your beautiful bouquet.

Contact us today to discuss creating the perfect arrangement for your wedding day.

8 Warm Choices for Summer Wedding Flowers July 23, 2019 07:49

Los Angeles WeddingsNearly 71% of all weddings happen on a Saturday. And nearly 80% of all weddings occur between May and October.  The summer months are popular for good reason. The warm weather, long days, and good vibes all around. If you're having a summer wedding, you should maintain the seasonal theme with your flowers. 

Not sure about which flowers to choose? Keep reading for 8 ideas summer flower arrangements. 

History of Flowers at Weddings

Traditionally, people who had weddings in ancient Rome and Greece would wear garlands around their necks. The flowers represented hope and new life for the marriage. 

During the Middle Ages, women had bouquets made of spices and herbs. They were meant to ward away evil spirits. Flowers were included in the wedding bouquet during the Victorian period.

The tradition of a bouquet made of flowers became popular by Queen Victoria who married Prince Albert. She held a bouquet of moss and orange blossom. 

Flowers also held a special meaning. Each flower represented a different message and people would send different flowers as a form of expressing love. 

Today, flowers now reflect the bride's style and aesthetic. A bouquet of flowers is a gorgeous accessory that should complement the theme of the wedding both in color and the type of flower chosen.

For example, if you're having a vintage-themed wedding, you may want to express that with white anemones. If you're going for the classic romantic look, you'd go for roses. 

Top Summer Flower Arrangements

Want to reflect the fun, summer feeling at your wedding? Here are 8 summer flower arrangements to choose from. 

1. Sunflowers

What better way to celebrate the sun than with bright yellow sunflowers at your wedding? These cheery flowers are said to be good luck

You can use sunflowers for a pop of color in a floral arrangement. For a rustic or vintage feel, you can add a single sunflower to your bouquet of garden flowers.

You can also go all out and have a bouquet of sunflowers or decorate your wedding with sunflowers to go with a casual summer wedding theme. For a romantic look, you can combine sunflowers, roses, and gerbera daisies. 

2. Hydrangeas

These flowers are in season from July to November. Hydrangeas have a unique, voluminous look. They can fill up a centerpiece or bouquet and create volume. 

You can use hydrangeas to add an elegant touch to your wedding. You include them in your bouquet, centerpiece, or even on your cake. 

3. Garden Roses

With the rise of Pinterest and do it yourself weddings, many people are looking for unique flower choices instead of the classic rose. However, garden roses are a versatile flower choice that can match any wedding theme. 

They exude romance and elegance. They also come in a variety of soft colors such as white, pink, orange and red. 

You can go classic and combine a bouquet of roses and calla lilies. You can also go with a rustic look and combine roses with greenery. 

4. Chamomile Daisies

It's not just for your tea. For a whimsical-style wedding, you can incorporate chamomile daisies into your decor. These small flowers look cute and button-like. 

You can use these flowers as a filler, or you can even use them as the primary wedding flower. Create a bouquet of chamomile daisies to give your wedding an all-natural garden feel. 

You can create a runner of chamomile daisies. These flowers give off a happy, cheery vibe.

5. Protea

If you want a unique flower arrangement for your wedding in the summer, you can go with protea flowers. These flowers are native to South Africa and hold up well in the hot Georgia climate.

Protea flower plants are bold, beautiful, and definitely untraditional. If you want your flower arrangements to turn heads because of their beauty, these are the flowers to choose. 

6. Dahlias

Dahlias have a rich, vibrant look that makes them the perfect summer flower. If you want a romantic summer wedding, but you're sick of roses, this is the flower for you. 

These flowers come in a variety of colors ranging from deep purple to red to white. 

7. Baby's Breath

Sometimes, simplicity can be beautiful. You don't need the biggest, brightest flowers to make a statement. You can create a romantic, dreamy atmosphere with baby's breath. 

These flowers are a great choice if you're budget-conscious. They can be used as a filler to add volume and elegance to other flowers. Or, they can be used as the main attraction for your wedding. 

You can put together a bouquet of baby's breath for a soft, beautiful look. You can use baby's breath , centerpieces, and all throughout your wedding.

8. Peonies

Peonies are a good choice if you're holding a late spring/early summer wedding. These fluffy flowers come in shades of pink, red, yellow, and white. 

For a budget-friendly idea, use peonies as the accent flower in your bouquet or wedding decor. You can pair them with wildflowers for a boho-chic summer wedding. You can also go for the romantic look of white and peach peonies. 

Choosing Your Summer Flower Arrangements

Choosing your wedding flowers should be a fun part of your wedding planning. Flowers are a great way to add your own flair and style to your big day. 

Looking for more summer flower arrangement ideas? Stressing about which ones to choose?

We have in-house wedding floral consultants that can help you choose the perfect flowers. Contact us to learn more. 

Keeping the Magic Alive: 8 Tips to How to Keep Flowers Fresh Longer July 17, 2019 05:51

Keep Flowers FreshThere's nothing quite like a bouquet of freshly cut roses to brighten up a room. But, unfortunately, this thing of beauty is not meant to be a joy forever. As enjoyable as lovely and sweet-smelling flowers are to have around, once they start to wilt it's time to get rid of them. While you can't keep fresh flowers around forever, there are a few things you can do to help prolong their lives.

Here are eight tips on how to keep flowers fresh that will let you continue to enjoy your bouquet for a few extra days.

1. Trim and Prune Your Flowers

Most people already know to cut a bit off of the stems of their fresh flowers before putting them in a vase -- but not many people know why or how to do it.

Trimming a little from the bottom of the stem of your flowers helps them to take in water and any extra plant food or preservatives you may give them. A plant that can drink well will last longer than one that can't.

Aside from trimming the stems, you should also prune your flowers by removing leaves and shoots below the water line or any dead or wilted blooms.

Removing leaves below the waterline can cut down on bacteria growth and help your bouquet stay healthier, longer.

2. Clean the Vase

The key to keeping your fresh cut flowers fresh is cutting down and preventing as much bacteria as possible.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by thoroughly washing out your vase before you put your flowers into it.

There's no secret trick to sterilizing your vase, and you don't need any special vase cleaner. The goal is to remove any residue left behind by past flowers and any bacteria that may be hiding inside.

To sterilize your vase, all you need to do is scour the inside of it with regular dish soap and then thoroughly rinse it with hot water. Finally, dry the vase off with a clean rag and place it upside down until you are ready to put your flowers in it.

3. Start With Warm Water

It's a proven fact that cold temperatures help flowers stay fresher longer -- something that we'll explore further, later in this article.

So, it stands to reason that filling your vase with ice-cold water will help your flowers keep their freshly-cut look and smell about them. But, the opposite is true.

While keeping your flowers cool once they're in the vase will help them stay fresh in the long run, you should first put them in warm water. Warm water will help your flowers start drinking, and can prevent stem shock.

Also, any plant food or additives you put in your bouquet's water will also dissolve faster in warm temperatures.

Just remember to use warm water, not hot water, as water that is too hot can end up damaging your flowers.

4. Add Plant Food

Another easy way to keep your flowers looking fresher and healthier longer is by feeding them.

Most store-bought bouquets come with a little packet of plant food that will help your flowers stay looking their best. But, for these packets to work the way they should, you need to make sure you follow their instructions.

Depending on the type of food, you could have to account for anything from the amount of water in the vase to the temperature of that water.

If your flowers didn't come with a packet of plant food, there are a few other options available to help keep your blossoms fresh.

While sugary soda is bad for us, it's great for flowers. Adding four tablespoons of your favorite clear soda to their water will help your flowers stay looking their best for s few extra days.

Another way to keep your bouquet pristine is by adding two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and sugar to your vase before adding your flowers. This combination will help keep bacteria at bay while keeping your flowers happy.

5. Keep Away from Windows and Vents

When it comes to keeping your flowers fresh, their placement is significant.

While sunlight is excellent for flowers that are still rooted in the ground, it's not as good for cut flowers in a vase.

Putting your flowers in direct sunlight can cause them to wilt faster and can boost the growth of certain bacterias in the vase.

You should also avoid putting your flowers directly under or near an air or heating vent.

6. Change the Water

As we said before, the key to preserving your flowers is by cutting back on the number of harmful bacteria in their vase. Another excellent way to do this is by dumping out the water every few days.

Judging when you need to swap out your flowers' water is easy. Once the water in the vase begins to yellow, fog up, or smell, it's time to dump it.

But, it's not enough to pour the old water out and add in new. When changing your flowers' water be sure to scrub out the vase again. Doing this will remove any plant residue or bacteria that may have built up inside of the vessel.

7. Remove Wilted Flowers

Wilted flowers and leaves can contaminate other healthy blooms by boosting the growth of bacteria. Removing wilted or dead leaves and petals before putting your flowers in a vase will help your bouquet look better and last longer.

This method goes hand in hand with changing the water. Whenever you take your flowers out of the vase to dump their water, give them a good once over and remove any blossoms or leaves that have started to decay.

8. Stick Your Flowers In the Fridge

Finally, the only surefire way to keep your flowers fresh is by treating them like all the other pieces of slowly decaying organic matter.

When you're not going to be around to enjoy your flowers -- pop them in the fridge!

Think of your beautiful arrangement of flowers like a head of lettuce. When you leave lettuce out on the counter at room temperature for too long, it begins to wilt.

The leaves get brown around the edges and turn rubbery, and before you know your once fresh and crisp head of iceberg has practically melted.

Sticking your flowers in the fridge slows down the decomposition process. And the longer something takes to decay, the longer you have to enjoy it.

How to Keep Flowers Fresh

A bouquet of freshly cut flowers can make for a beautiful, thoughtful gift, or can add a vibrant pop of color to any room. No matter why you buy flowers, we all want to be able to enjoy them for as long as possible.

Now that you know how to keep flowers fresh, why not test out our tips on a stunning bouquet?

Whether you're interested in buying a few flowers for yourself, or as a gift, we have the perfect arrangement for you.

Contact us for more information about our available flowers or to place an order today!

Wedding Planning Tips: What Types of Flower Arrangements Do You Need? July 12, 2019 04:52

Los Angeles WeddingsFlowers are a hugely important part of any wedding.  They bring a warmth and dimension that other types of decor do not. A beautiful flower design will take your theme and aesthetic to the next level.  The only problem is that there are so many different types of arrangements to think of. There are the flowers for the wedding party, the ceremony, and reception.

You'll work with a florist and wedding planner to figure out what you want. But, it's always good to come to the table with some ideas. 

You can do the bare minimum and just have some centerpieces and bouquets. Or, maybe you'd like to go all out. Have you ever heard of a flower wall?

Even if you land somewhere in between, you should be aware of all the flower options available. 

Bouquets, decorative arrangements, corsages, and more. Here are all the types of flower arrangements you'll want and need for your wedding.

Personal Flowers 

Before you even get to the ceremony or reception, there are all sorts of wedding flowers to think of. Not only will every person in your wedding party have some kind of flower element, but you might also want other important people to have them, too.


Obviously, the bride will have her main bouquet. But, you'll probably have to plan for at least a few additional ones. 

Each bridesmaid will have their own. Usually, they are a matching, smaller version of the bride's.

Additionally, the bride should have a "tossing" bouquet to throw at the end of the reception. This could be the same as the bridesmaid bouquets. 

Hair Accessories and Crowns 

The bride, bridesmaids, and flower girls might want to have some flower hair accessories. Flowers and succulents can be added to clips or combs. 

Another fun option is to get flower crowns for an ethereal look. 


The groom, groomsmen, ring bearers, and fathers of the couple should get boutonnieres. These can all be the same or the groom can have one that stands out.

You might also elect to get boutonnieres for other important men involved in the ceremony. That might include an officiant, ushers, and grandfathers.  


A corsage should be given to important women who aren't in the bridal party. That usually means mothers and grandmothers of the couple, and if you have a female officiant.

Flowers for Pets

Incorporating your beloved pet in your wedding is an adorable addition to any ceremony. You can make them look "dressed up" with a flower collar. 

Ceremony Flowers

Don't overlook the flowers for your ceremony. Having beautiful arrangements will add even more romance to your wedding. 

Plus, during your cocktail hour, many of the flowers can be moved to the reception area. That means some extra bang for your buck! 


The first impression your guests will have of your wedding is when they get to the entryway. If you're getting married in an indoor area, there will probably be some kind of lobby. 

You can add various arrangements in there or perhaps around the entrance. Is your wedding outside? Then you might want to make a beautiful sign framed in flowers that points guests towards their seats. 


You can decorate your aisle with flowers in a myriad of different ways. 

A long flower garland can be laid out on the ground next to the chairs. An aisle marker can also be made with flowers or shrubs lined up in decorative planters.

Not having flower girls? You can still decorate the aisle with a thick sprinkling of petals for a pop of color. 

Arch or Backdrop

The area where you're getting married should have some kind of floral focal point. If you aren't having a religious ceremony, that means arranging some kind of arch or backdrop. 

An arch decorated with flowers makes for a beautiful frame for the happy couple. Another idea is to have a wall of flowers behind you. Both provide an amazing look for wedding videos and pictures. 

If your ceremony and reception are in the same spot, you might want to move it to sit behind the couple's dining table.

Altar or Chuppah

If you are having a religious ceremony, you still want to make the altar or chuppah a focal point. Depending on what the venue allows, an altar could be covered in flowers or just some modest centerpieces. 

A Jewish chuppah or canopy looks amazing adorned in flowers. The look is very similar to a floral arch. 

Reception Flowers 

You're used to seeing the same old centerpiece arrangements at every wedding. But, these days, there are so many other reception flower options beyond the ordinary. Talk with your florist to find out about some creative options.


A centerpiece is the obvious choice if you're electing to have round tables during your sit down dinner. You can do one giant bouquet in the middle. Another option is to have a sprinkling of flowers in the middle or a succulent. 

Centerpieces are a no-brainer for the dining tables. But, you can also consider them for the bars, around the welcome table, the bathrooms, and more. 

Table Garlands

If you're choosing to have one or two long dining tables, consider a table garland instead of centerpieces. It can be made of a variety of flowers and leaves. Within the garland, you can use tapered candles for a really romantic look.

Getaway Car Flowers

End the evening with a bang by decorating your getaway car with flowers and a "Just Married" sign. You might also want to arrange to have your guests throw flower petals as you leave. 

Flower Arrangements You Need For Your Wedding

Choosing your flower arrangements is a big part of any wedding. They provide a colorful, elegant look unlike any other kind of decoration. Putting thought and care into your floral design will ensure a one-of-a-kind celebration.

Are you getting married and in need of a florist for your Atlanta or Los Angeles wedding? Then contact us to discuss what you're looking for.

6 Tips for Finding the Best Get Well Flowers for Someone June 25, 2019 06:02

Los Angeles FloristWhen you hear a friend or loved one is ill, the first thing you want to do is help. You might visit them at home to cook them a meal. Or you might visit them in the hospital to keep them company. But if visiting isn't possible, then send a message to let them know you're thinking of them. It'll help boost their spirits, which is exactly what they need to get on the mend faster.

One of the best ways to send a message is by sending flowers. Studies have shown that flowers trigger your so-called 'happy' brain chemicals: dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin.

But how do you know what to send? Read on to learn how to choose the best Get Well flowers.

1. Does Your Friend or Loved One Have Allergies?

If they're already ill, you don't want to make them worse by provoking allergies. And if they're at home, don't send something like lilies if they have cats. The pollen is toxic to them.

Also avoid flowers like daisies, sunflowers, chrysanthemums or goldenrod. They produce a lot of pollen which makes allergies much worse.

But there are plenty of flowers you can send instead.

Choose hypoallergenic plants like succulents. They're easy to look after and they'll last well beyond your loved one's illness. You can also choose arrangements with different plants for more color and variety.

Geraniums are hardy flowers and you can find them in a range of bright colors. Clematis, periwinkle, and columbine are also good options for allergy sufferers.

2. Think of Where the Person is Staying

Is your loved one ill at home? A blooming plant is a better option than a bouquet. Something like a potted hydrangea is an unusual choice but it'll last longer than cut flowers.

Incidentally, hydrangeas are also an excellent choice for allergy sufferers. 

Potted pansies are another good choice. Their bold colors make them an attractive plant to have nearby and the flowers symbolize loving thoughts.

For loved ones in the hospital, try a colorful bouquet. It'll brighten a boring hospital room and cheer them up.

Peonies are a fantastic flower in spring, with their spectacular blooms. They represent healing and good health. Daisies are a good springtime choice and liven up any room.

You can also go down the seasonal route and choose flowers that your loved ones might see outside. It'll help them feel involved in the world beyond their window.

Or pick a bouquet of many blooms to give your friend something more interesting to look at throughout the day.

3. The Best Get Well Flowers Last 

Certain blooms are known for having a better vase life. These long-lasting flowers are a better choice if your loved one will be staying in the hospital for more than a few days.

It'll save you from having to send multiple bouquets. And the hospital staff won't have to keep disposing of wilted blooms.

Phalaenopsis orchids are a good choice, since many blooming varieties flower for weeks at a time. They're also easy to care for, needing minimal watering. Orchids will easily outlast their illness.

Chrysanthemums in their cut form provide a lot of color. Choose your loved one's favorite color, or pick colors that are naturally more cheerful, like orange, yellow, or pink.

Carnations are also a fabulous option. Red carnations represent perseverance and strength, which is a wonderful symbol to give your loved one while they recover.

4. Choose Plants That Are Easy to Look After

Specialty flowers may look and smell great, but they require more care and attention that your loved one might not be able to give.

Hardy flowers that only need sunlight and water are better choices.

Hostas need minimal water and sunlight. They're also good for allergy sufferers and many varieties are unscented.

Zinnias, delphiniums, and gladiolus also last a long time. They provide plenty of color and spread cheer to whoever receives them.

To get zinnias to last a long time, change the water every two days. Chrysanthemums need fresh water every day.

Make sure you remove carnation petals or leaves that land in the water. Otherwise, it can change the bacteria balance for the flowers.

5. Use Flowers to Send a Message

Make sure you send flowers as soon as you can. The simple act of sending them shows the person matters to you, which can help boost their mood.

The language of flowers was a popular way to send secret messages during the Victorian era.

A sweet basil plant shows you're sending good wishes. 

The cactus represents endurance while white heather symbolizes protection. Mixed zinnias mean you're thinking of an absent friend.

Daffodils show you're sending your regards. Giving daffodils as a gift also symbolizes good luck for the recipient.

Just beware the old folklore not to bring daffodils into a house while chickens are sitting on eggs!

Yellow flowers, in general, are a great choice because they're so brigh and give off a "happy" vibe.

6. Check if They're Injured or Ill

An injured person can stand more heady scents in 'get well' bouquets. So you might send something highly fragrant like freesia or lilacs to a friend recovering from a broken leg.

Cheerful fragrances can help boost their mood.

But an ill person might not be able to stand such perfumes. Choose quieter blooms (or succulents) to say 'get well soon' without overpowering them.

Or choose something more unusual like lavender stems. Their quiet scent can help improve sleep, which is something ill patients need to heal faster.

The scent of lavender may also help combat anxiety. Just another reason to send a bouquet including lavender.

Now You Know Which Flowers to Send to Say 'Get Well'

Flowers are a thoughtful gift and putting a little time into choosing the right ones is a great way to show you care.

With such a dazzling array of flowers and plants to choose from, you'll be able to pick the right gift for your friend or loved one.

If you're still looking for the best Get Well flowers to send, then browse our selection of bouquets and potted plants.

Tips for Selecting the Right Flowers for Your Corsage and Boutonniere June 17, 2019 06:04

Los Angeles WeddingsIt's finally your time to shine! Your wedding day is set and the idea of marriage is finally tangible. It's a moment that you've been patiently waiting for. Everything must be absolutely perfect! And there's no reason why it can't be. By now you know that wedding planning takes a lot of dedication, hard work, and plenty of decision making. 

As you sit with your partner and decide on all the many questions of how to piece together your wedding, don't forget to plan out your corsage and boutonniere. Both the corsage and boutonniere have a rich history. And it's an element of your wedding that you won't want to skip. 

Not sure how to select the right flowers for your corsage and boutonniere? Don't worry, you're in the right place, and we're here to ease some of that pre-wedding day stress away. Continue reading for the best tips!

Decide on a Color Scheme

You've already started your wedding planning, so you know how essential colors are. For every wedding, there is a general color scheme found from the bridesmaids' dresses to the centerpieces and all the way to the corsage and boutonniere. Before deciding on the perfect flowers for your corsage or boutonniere, you'll need to have a color scheme for the wedding picked out. 

If you haven't decided on the color scheme for the wedding, then it may be a good idea to wait until you have your colors set in stone before purchasing your corsage or boutonniere. This is because you'll want all of the colors to blend well with one another. You don't want to decide on purple flowers for the corsage and then late decide to sprinkle shades of red throughout your wedding as the main color. 

Here are some common choices of flowers: 

  • Spray Roses
  • Carnations
  • Cymbidium Orchids
  • Standard Roses
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Mini Calla Lily

If you have a color scheme in mind or already have one planned out, talk to your wedding coordinator about which other colors would fit in well with the overall scheme. Just because you've decided on a white and red wedding, doesn't mean you have to go with red flowers or roses for the corsage and boutonniere. But, the colors that you do choose should tie in together quite well. 

Match the Corsage and Boutonniere

Just as you want the colors from your wedding to match with the colors on your corsage and boutonniere, you want the actual corsage and boutonniere to match as well. Marry them together by using the same flower type, colors, or special accent plants. 

Although the colors don't need to be the exact same, again, work around the central color scheme. For example, decide on a flower type and then you can have a shade of coral while your partner has a shade of light blue (as long as these colors tie into the wedding's color palettes). 

Here are some classic wedding palettes:

  • Black and White
  • Lavender and Sage
  • Coral and Light Blue
  • Peach and Sage
  • Red and Gold
  • Scarlet and Navy
  • Yellow and Gray

These are all wonderful color palettes for a wedding, however, this is not an exhausted list. There are many stunning colors that go well together. And choosing colors, flower types, or special accent plants that compliment each other well is a sure way to match the corsage and boutonniere perfectly!

Corsage and Boutonniere Accessories Should Compliment the Flower

When choosing corsage and boutonniere accessories or special accents, the accent or accessory should compliment the main flower greatly. Any beautiful flower needs a just as beautiful accessory or accent, but it's important to remember that you won't want to take away from the main flower. 

These add-ons are just that: add-ons. They do an amazing job at highlighting the flower, but you should stick to only one or two accents or accessories. 

Here are some beautiful add-ons to consider:

  • Jewels 
  • Feathers
  • Bows
  • Sparkles
  • Ribbon
  • Greenery
  • Accent Flowers

Pairing the perfect accent or accessory with the perfect flower is a sure way to stun your wedding guest and quite possibly your partner as well. 

Choose a Corsage Style Based on Dress

Before choosing a wedding corsage style, take into consideration the style of the dress. You tried on dress after dress, waiting to finally find the right one. Or, maybe all it took was one to know it was the dress of your dreams. Either way, your wedding dress is special and unique to your own style and personality.

Your wedding corsage should be equally tailored to your style and personality. So when choosing a style for your corsage, keep your dress in ming. Is your wedding dress simple and elegant? 

Or is it bold and statement-making? Go with a simple and elegant or bold and daring corsage to match up correctly with the same style of dress. 

Choose Flowers that You Both Adore

When it's all said and done, the only opinion that truly matters is yours and your partner's. The day is all about you two, and the decision is ultimately yours. You want every part of your wedding to be a symbol and reflection of the love that you have for one another.

Remember this when choosing the right flowers for your corsage and boutonniere. Pick out flowers that you both adore. Maybe there's a special flower that brings back past memories of when you started dating one another.

Or maybe there's a certain flower that has always seemed to follow you guys around. Choose the one that you both can agree on.

And for more wedding decor tips, check out our blog on the most common flower mistakes that you should know about!

No Sneezing Allowed! The Perfect Hypo Allergenic Flowers for People with Allergies June 3, 2019 09:05

Los Angeles FloristDo you have allergies or are you looking to buy a flower arrangement for someone who does? The great news is there's a wide range of hypo-allergenic flowers available. Generally, it's the pollen that causes problems for people with allergies. Hypo-allergenic flowers produce very little pollen, so they won't cause much of an issue for people who are allergic to flowers.

Here are some of the best hypoallergenic flowers that you might want to consider.


You won't have to worry about experiencing a sore throat or a runny nose around this kind of flower. Carnations are shaped like a ruffled ball and they can easily add texture to any arrangement of flowers you'd care to use them in.

This is a flower that's generally available in both spray color and standard, so you should be able to put them into any sort of color scheme or arrangement fairly easily.


This is a flower that has a very low level of pollen, but you should keep in mind that its scent can cause irritation to some people.

The hyacinth looks great when you display it alongside other spring flowers, such as tulips. With the right level of care, you can expect this plant to last at least eight days at a time.


While these flowers do have pollen, it's actually sticky, meaning it doesn't usually become airborne. These flowers can be bought throughout the year but are best used in tropical arrangements.

They're easier to care for than you'd think; they usually need an ice cube's worth of water once a week. If you're looking for hardy, low-maintenance, low-pollen flowers, then give these a shot.


This plant was so popular in the Netherlands that it once caused a huge market crash. Looking at this beautiful flower, it's easy to see why it was so popular.

Not only are tulips an amazing looking flower, but you can also use them without fear of an allergic reaction. They're available in a huge range of colors and varieties. Make sure you wear gloves when you plant these, as they've been known to give people with allergies a rash when handled.


If you're looking for a great flower for height, the snapdragon can add a little bit of texture to an arrangement. They're also a very low allergen flower.

These can often be used to create the framework for a flower arrangement. In most arrangements you use them in, the snapdragons will really grab the attention of anyone who looks at it. You can expect these flowers to last for around five days, as long as you care for them properly.


Irises are a springtime flower, but you can expect to find them available for purchase all year round. These are low pollen flowers, so you won't need to worry about having an allergic reaction.


Roses are a classic flower that most of us are familiar with. Different colored roses can symbolize different things. For example, a red one could be used to represent romantic love.

While roses certainly do have a good amount of pollen, it generally doesn't become airborne. This is because the pollen particles are much too big to get in the air.

Not only do roses look fantastic in almost any setting, but they'll also last long in a vase. The average rose will survive for over a week while in a vase.

Asiatic Lilies

Did you know you can actually modify a flower, making it much more bearable for someone who suffers from allergies?

For example, say you want to buy some lilies. You can simply cut off the stamens from the flower. This is where the pollen is kept, so once the stamen is removed, the lilies will no longer produce any pollen.

Just make sure you do this before anyone with allergies gets close to it, as lilies are some of the worst flowers for people with hayfever.


When you think of a beautiful flower, you probably don't imagine it belonging to a cactus. You might be surprised at how impressive of a flower certain cacti are capable of producing; some can sprout pink, orange, and yellow flowers.

Not only are these flowers great to look at, but they're also very low in pollen count. Anyone with allergies won't need to worry about being around a cactus.


If you have allergies, you don't need to stay away from this popular variety of flower. Peonies are known for their large, double bloomed flowers. These plants are in season from around April until about June.

With that being said, some retailers may be able to offer these amazing flowers out of season.


These are tall, slender, and brightly colored flowers. They're also great for people who have allergies thanks to their anti-allergic qualities. This plant produces significantly less histamine than other flowers, making it ideal for a hypoallergenic bouquet.


This is a great flower to use to add a bit of color to an arrangement. Adding this to a bouquet will create somewhat of a wildflower feel.

It's great for allergy sufferers due to its low pollen count. It's also a flower that's quite trendy at the moment.

Get the Perfect Hypo-Allergenic Flowers

A lot of people are allergic to flowers, so asking for hypo-allergenic flowers is not that strange of a request. Are you looking to go the extra mile for that special someone who's allergic to flowers? Just tell any good florist you're looking for hypo-allergenic flowers and they should be able to help you with the perfect arrangement.

People with allergies can't normally get flower arrangements, so getting one they can enjoy will probably be seen as an extra special and thoughtful gift.

Want to put together a special arrangement for a loved one? Then get in touch with us today!

Zodiac Flowers and What They Mean May 22, 2019 04:39

Zodiac FlowersChances are, you know all about your zodiac sign. After all, astrology dates back thousands of years and remains hugely popular in modern society. But did you know that each zodiac sign also has a specific flower associated with it? When you think about it, it makes sense that flowers would be associated with birth signs. After all, flowers are incredibly meaningful in their own right. If you're interested in cracking the code of your zodiac flowers, look no further. Here's a handy guide on what your astrological flower power entails.

Honeysuckle (Aries: March 21-April 19)

The first flower sign is the honeysuckle, which is associated with the zodiac sign Aries. Aries is signified by the ram, so those born under this sign are strong-willed people born to lead.

Like Aries attracts business partners and followers through assertiveness and will, your energy draws people in. This is also similar to how the real world honeysuckle draws in bees and other creatures with its sweetness.

Poppy (Taurus: April 20-May 19)

Those born under the poppy have a penchant for all things elegant and high-class. You have an eye for style and excel at honing in on the fine details of life and design.

"Refined" is the perfect word to describe poppies. Your class and style are alluring to everyone around you. Not only do you revel in receiving pleasure, but you also enjoy giving it out in droves.

Poppy signs also enjoy security. Because of that, they're naturally resilient and built to withstand life's many trials. Your patience and willful nature make you perfectly suited to adversity.

Lavender (Gemini: May 20-June 20)

Lavender is a flower that you can find everywhere. It dots beautiful landscapes all around the world and enhances them with their presence. The same can be said for those born under the lavender sign. 

Lavenders are filled with ideas and love to share them with everyone they meet. Their expressive nature runs the entirety of the spectrum, and those around them are always going to be affected by the lavender's whims.

Like the Gemini sign that it's associated with, lavender signs are sometimes of more than one mind. Luckily, their keen intellect grants them the ability to reign in their expansive nature and use it to their own beautiful ends. 

Acanthus (Cancer: June 21-July 22)

For those born under acanthus, emotion rules the day. More specifically, acanthus signs have a strong intuition when it comes to matters of the heart. They're known for their sensitivity and ability to tune into the emotional needs of those around them.

This makes acanthus signs incredibly good listeners and nurturers. But it also means they need to guard their hearts. Acanthus folks are easily affected by outside factors, so they need to be sure to nurture a positive environment to avoid being overwhelmed by external negativity.

Sunflower (Leo: July 23-August 22)

When you think of sunflowers, you most likely think of warmth. Apply that same line of thought to anyone born under the sunflower sign.

Sunflowers are warm and open, which makes them excellent natural leaders. They'll rise above adversity and rule the day, standing as a shining example to others.

Sunflowers will often find themselves in positions of leadership or authority, with others expecting them to set the example. They reward that expectation with their loyalty and strong friendship. If you're a sunflower, you're the center of attention for good reason.

Morning Glory (Virgo: August 23-September 22)

Contemplation and planning are par for the course when it comes to morning glory signs. Action is followed only by careful consideration.

Your observant and patient nature makes you organized. In turn, your analytical mind is perfect for helping others. That organization can help others get on their feet and get their own affairs in line.

Don't be surprised if people seek you out for your advice. Your ability to always keep your own life tidy is a skill you can and should impart onto others.

Rose (Libra: September 23-October 22)

No flower is more widely associated with beauty than the rose. If you were born under the rose sign, this association is perfectly suited to you.

You have a big heart and a keen sense for all the most beautiful aspects of life. Pursuits such as art and poetry fill you with joy, as do all beautiful creations.

This also makes you especially sensitive to cruelty. Seeing injustice is something you can't tolerate, which causes you to attempt to spread joy and truth everywhere you go.

Chrysanthemum (Scorpio: October 23-November 22)

Focused, serious, and deep are all ideal words to describe those born under chrysanthemum. You're a person of many layers with a deeply embedded desire for clarity and honesty.

Your focused nature makes you the perfect candidate to clarify complicated situations. When something is murky, you lend clarity and understanding.

This also makes you a great helper for those who can't identify their own problem areas. You can easily illuminate issues and provide straightforward solutions.

Narcissus (Sagittarius: November 23-December 21)

Narcissus signs are direct people. They don't beat around the bush and get straight to the point.

For this reason, they're often seen as influential. Though they can come on strong at first, it soon becomes apparent that this is just their unique method of communication. 

Their active imagination and tendency towards good luck also make them ideal for creative professions.

Carnation (Capricorn: December 22-January 10)

Hard work is the name of the game for carnations. Their determination and strong will make them natural leaders.

Fundamentally, they are reliable and dependable. It's not uncommon to see others relying on carnations as a crutch or source of inspiration.

Orchid (Aquarius: January 20-February 19)

Orchid flowers are some of the strongest personalities among the zodiac flowers. Inventive and sharp-witted, their creative minds are a great strength and occasional weakness.

Because they look at the world differently than most, they can come off bristly, but it's actually a deep personal sense of right and wrong. Above all, they're unique critical thinkers whose curious nature usually sense them on a lifelong quest for knowledge.

Water Lily (Pisces: February 20-March 20)

The watery nature of this sign makes it the most intuitive of all the flower signs. Able to absorb ideas, emotions, and sensations from those around you, water lilies are deeply emotional.

It's important to not let those feelings control you. But if you learn to let them work for you instead of against you, those strong emotions can lead you to excel in the arts like few other signs can.

Understand the Zodiac Flowers

Now that you've learned about the zodiac flowers, you should have a deeper understanding of yourself. Knowing about the astrological origins of your traits can be enlightening.

Another benefit is that you can now give the gift of flowers in a more personal way than ever before. If you're looking for the perfect gift for any of the zodiac signs, shop for the best flowers here.

The Best Summer Flowers to Give and Display May 13, 2019 07:14

The grass is green, the sky is blue, the sun is shining, and the weather is nice and warm. There's no denying it -- it's summertime! There are tons of fun ways to enjoy the summer months. Visiting a beach or going to a theme park are popular choices. Another great idea? Enjoying the many beautiful summer flowers!

Whether in your garden or in a thoughtful bouquet, we've got the definitive guide to the best summer flowers. Learn what they are, what they mean, how to combine them, and more -- keep reading!


We're going to go over some of the most popular options first before we look at other interesting flowers. Roses are the most recognizable flower of them all so we'll start with this stunning classic!

While they make a very popular Valentine's Day bouquet, summer is their time to shine. The majority of roses start blooming in mid-June, smack in the middle of summer.

With so many colors to choose from, these will certainly brighten up any space. Roses are sure to make anyone who receives them smile!


Like roses, daises are one of the most recognizable flowers out there. Plus, did you know that in "flower language", they symbolize loyalty and love?

With their fresh white petals and cheerful yellow centers, they are the epitome of summer. Daises have a friendly and sweet air about them and will brighten up any bouquet.


Not everyone loves hydrangeas. It's a shame because these flowers are beautiful, versatile, and hardy.

Hydrangeas grow in cute and colorful clusters. One head of hydrangea makes a dramatic statement by itself -- no other flowers needed.

Hydrangeas look gorgeous even after you take them out of an arrangement. Leave them in a vase with a little water and plenty of air circulation and in about two weeks, they'll dry out perfectly.


These dense, orange blooms aren't just pretty to look at. They traditionally help keep away pests from your garden or home.

Their strong scent keeps away both insects and animals. Plus, their packed petals will bolster your bouquet.


The scent of lavender is said to be relaxing and calming. You'd think it was a flower but you'd be wrong -- it's actually an herb.

Humans aren't the only ones that love lavender's scent. Bees and butterflies are attracted to it, making it a charming addition to your patio or outdoor space.

Dried lavender makes a fragrant potpourri. Keep some in satchels to freshen up your clothing drawers or place them around the home to keep it smelling great.


Sunflowers are a popular theme during the warm part of the year. These yellow summer flowers are like having sunshine on a stalk.

These flowers are very dramatic, growing up to 15 feet high with a single, giant bloom. While they do work nicely in a bouquet, a single sunflower in a vase looks amazing by itself.


Here's another flower that likes to show off. Amaranth blooms can grow up to six feet tall and come in a variety of shades.

You can get them in purple, orange, red, gold, and even green. You can't go wrong with so many shades to choose from.

While they're eye-catching, they play along with other flowers when creating an arrangement. Make sure to pair them with flowers that complement their strong colors.


Cosmos are delicate and pretty, the very definition of a typical flower. They come in soft colors like white, pink, and crimson and have bright yellow centers.

These flowers look beautiful in little bunches. They can also frame other, larger blooms.

Common Zinnias

Zinnias are another versatile flower. Because they come in tons of different colors, they're a great addition to any arrangement.

Plus, you'll help pollinate other flowers if you place them anywhere outdoors. Bees adore them and you'll see them flock to these gorgeous blooms.


These dainty flowers look like little multicolored bells sitting on a stalk. Popular foxglove colors are lavender, red, pink, and white.  

Although the blossoms look delicate, the flower can grow quite large. If foxglove is left on its own, it can reach heights of up to six feet!


Looking for something showy but are afraid you can't keep a bouquet fresh and vibrant? Try some daylilies.

These hardy beauties do just fine with very little attention. Plus, their blazing blooms look just like a summer sunset.

Anyone who receives a bouquet with a spray of daylilies has been handed a little piece of summer.


Peonies produce magnificent blooms with thick, lush petals. Their abundant blossoms make a great focal point for any arrangement.

Although they come in bright fuchsias and reds, the soft corals, pinks, and whites are very romantic. A June bride would be smart to add them to her bouquet.

How to Combine Summer Flowers

Now you have a beautiful selection of flowers to start with. How can you make them work together best in an arrangement or in your home?

Here are a few ideas for pairing complimentary colors together:

  • Purple and yellow are a bold combo. Pair some lavender stalks with a few tight marigold blooms.
  • A rich, dark purple amaranth bloom works well with soft purples or blues like hydrangeas.
  • Multicolored zinnias look cute against a more neutral flower. Daisies, with their whites and yellow, provide the perfect background.
  • Peonies have a soft and romantic quality. Roses have the same attitude and would make a stunning bridal bouquet together.

No matter what, have fun and be creative when putting together your flower arrangements. Or, you can always call a professional!

Enjoy Summer Flowers Bouquets

If you want more summer flowers arrangement ideas, we're always happy to help. Our experts have spent years in the floral industry and they're always ready to put together the perfect combination for your event or celebration.

Need it fast? No worries -- we offer same day deliveries all with the same loving care and high standards we demand.

Check out some of our summer arrangements and show someone special how much you really care about them or just treat yourself!

Buy Yourself Some Flowers, You Deserve Them May 8, 2019 10:06

You talk about your favorite flowers. You drop not-so-subtle hints about how much you love getting flowers "just because." And you even come right out and ask your significant other to consider sending you flowers every once in a while.Yet, you still get...nothing. You wait and you wait and you wait. But flowers never show up at your front door.

If you're tired of waiting around for flowers, it's time to take matters into your own hands. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying your own flowers and displaying them in your home.

Check out 7 reasons why you should buy your own flowers every now and then below.

1. You Know What Kinds of Flowers You Like

Roses have turned into the go-to flowers for most people shopping for their significant others. And while it's great to receive a gorgeous bouquet of roses, there are other flowers out there in the world!

Maybe you love tulips and wish you could put them around your house more. Or maybe you love hydrangeas and wish someone would pick you up a bouquet featuring different types of them.

Whatever the case, you know what you like better than anyone else. So treat yourself to flowers and choose exactly what you want.

2. You Love the Way They Look in Your Home

Is there anything better than walking into a home that's filled with flowers?

Even if the house isn't immaculate, flowers can brighten up any space and make it look alive. Whether you choose to place them in a foyer, a dining room, a living area, or all of the above, you'll enjoy coming home every day and seeing flowers everywhere after buying your own flowers.

3. You Love the Way They Smell Too

Flowers will do more than just look good when you bring them into your home. They'll also let off a pleasant aroma that'll make it impossible for you to be in a bad mood.

From the second you walk into your home at the end of a long day, you'll get hit with the sweet smell of the flowers that you've placed inside your home. They'll welcome you and put your mind at ease so that you can relax.

4. You Want to Make a Good Impression

Did you just invite a bunch of people to come to your house for dinner on a Saturday night?

It doesn't matter if you're hosting a holiday meal or just getting a group of good friends together for the first time in months. You need to have some beautiful centerpieces on hand to decorate your dinner table. They'll make a great impression on people when they show up.

And if you're going to purchase centerpieces for your dinner party, why not go the extra mile and splurge on flowers to put in other parts of your home as well? There are so many beautiful arrangements that will bring any area of your home to life.

You'll set the right tone with your flowers and let everyone know that you went above and beyond with your party decorations.

5. You Need to Eliminate Stress

It's not a secret that America as a whole is a stressed-out nation. According to studies, about 80 percent of people in the U.S. say that they're under stress on a regular basis.

Do you fall into this category? If so, start taking steps to change that so that you don't let stress get the best of you. It can cause all kinds of serious physical and mental health problems for people.

You can beat stress by committing to exercising more. You can also do it by practicing meditation.

But one of the most effective ways to knock stress out, without putting in a ton of effort on your part, is by buying your own flowers. It's going to be difficult for you to sit around and be stressed when you're surrounded by incredible flowers.

6. You Want to Boost Your Mood

Have you been feeling a little bit down in recent days for some reason?

It's not uncommon for people to feel this way. Everyone feels blue sometimes.

If you want to boost your mood, there are lots of quick and easy things you can do to make it happen. You can:

  • Go out of your way to talk to a stranger
  • Flash a smile at someone
  • Spend 15 minutes sipping a delicious cup of coffee
  • Play your favorite song over and over (and over!) again
  • Go for a long walk

You can also run to the store, pick up a bouquet of spring flowers, and sit and look at them for as long as you want. This will boost your mood right up and pull you out of the rut that you've been stuck in.

7. You Feel Like Treating Yourself "Just Because"

There is nothing better than getting flowers "just because." It shows that someone out there cares about you.

But there is also nothing quite like buying flowers "just because" for yourself. When you do it, you're practicing self-love and showing that you care about yourself.

Take a look at what flowers are on sale today and make it a point to stop by the flower shop to pick some up for yourself. Buying your own flowers is a great way to build up your confidence and feel better about who you are as a person. 

Consider Buying Your Own Flowers Today

If you wish you had flowers in your home right now, stop sitting around waiting for someone else to buy them for you. You deserve to buy yourself some flowers.

By buying your own flowers, you'll let the world know that you don't need anyone else to take care of you. You'll feel empowered when you do it, and you'll wonder why you didn't do it a whole lot sooner.

Do you need help picking out the right bouquet for yourself? Contact us today to see what we have available.

Win the Crown: Here's What Flowers to Use for a Homecoming Corsage April 16, 2019 05:51

Los Angeles FloristHomecoming has a fascinating history. There's actually a debate on which school started the tradition. Some say it's the University of Missouri, while others believe it's Baylor University in Texas. But no matter where the tradition started, one thing's for sure. Homecoming is an important part of the high school experience. And there are certain things you have to get right for the event.

One of those things, of course, is the homecoming corsage. Here, we'll talk a bit about its history, the best flowers to use for your corsage, as well as those for your date's boutonniere.

Homecoming Corsages: A Brief History

Flowers as part of formal wear didn't just happen in the last century or so. As far back as the Victorian Era, stylish women wore flowers on the bodice of their dress. They called it "bouquet de corsage" - a French phrase which translates to "the bouquet of the bodice."

Eventually, the term was shortened to just corsage. Corsage placement also evolved over time. From the bodice of a dress, it became more common to put a corsage on the shoulder strap. 

That was until spaghetti straps and strapless dresses became popular. From then on, it became customary for corsages to be worn on the wrist.

To this day, wrist corsages are still the preferred way to show off flowers as part of one's prom attire. But there are other ways to wear a corsage if you're going for a different look or just want a more modern take on the tradition. 

The Different Types of Homecoming Corsages

We talked about the different types of corsages in a previous post. Here, we mentioned how corsages can be worn on one's waist, dress, jacket or gown.

But which is the best way to wear a corsage for homecoming? Let's talk a bit about each type of corsage so you can decide how to wear yours and how to match it to your date's boutonniere, too.

Wrist Corsages

Wrist corsages for homecoming are not that different from those worn for a wedding. It's a small arrangement, usually consisting of 3 or 4 flowers.

But you can wear one that only has a single flower in it. A single, open rose would be a great choice for this. 

As for why wrist or wristlet corsages are popular, it has something to do with how comfortable they are to wear. With a wrist corsage, you don't need to check your dress every now and then if it's still there. Plus, there's little risk of damaging your gown, unlike pin-on types. 

Pin-On Corsages

Pin-on corsages, as the name implies, are corsages that are to be pinned on one's dress. They're a more traditional choice and perfect for gowns that have straps. 

But if you're worried they might damage your dress, you can opt for faux pin-on corsages that use magnets. They're more expensive, but certainly worth the extra investment if you're wearing couture or vintage. 

Modern Corsages

As we mentioned earlier, there are other ways to wear a corsage for homecoming. Some options to consider include ring corsages, hand corsages, and armband corsages. 

But they're not for everyone. A ring corsage, for example, isn't the best option if you want big, attention-grabbing flowers. Hand corsages or nosegay corsages are nice though carrying them all night long may be bothersome for you. 

As for armband corsages, they make for a bold look, sure. Just remember that since they're longer, they require more flowers and will cost more. Dancing with one on can also feel uncomfortable as the night goes on.

On to Flower Choices: What Are Your Best Bets?

The important thing when picking flowers for your corsage is to make sure they match your dress and your personality. But if you want something timeless, you can't go wrong with these traditional options.


Are chrysanthemums too plain for a corsage? We don't agree, especially since much of their beauty lies in their meaning. 

If you're going for the crown, you may find it interesting that chrysanthemum flowers are considered the blossom of nobility in ancient China. In Britain and the United States, chrysanthemums are associated with happiness, joy, and optimism - all very good things to remember for the big night. 

Of course, you can't forget about how chrysanthemums come in different colors or how they can add liveliness to a mixed bouquet. If you're basing your choice on versatility alone, chrysanthemums are a sure bet. Plus, they make a great match for your date's boutonniere for homecoming. 


Like chrysanthemums, carnations make great corsages and boutonnieres for homecoming. They also come in different colors and are associated with love, affection, and admiration.

One of the best things about carnation corsages is they're hardy. So if you plan to dance all night long, you can be confident they'll remain beautiful throughout and even beyond homecoming. They're also a budget-friendly option, something you might want to mention to your date if he's buying your corsage.


As we've said before, orchids represent a lot of good sentiments such as love, beauty, refinement, and charm. Any guy or girl would appreciate being associated with those sentiments, especially during homecoming. 

But beyond what they symbolize, orchids make great floral accessories for homecoming because of their gorgeous colors and shapes. Their waxy texture also makes them ideal for events in hot climates. 


What's more traditional than a rose? If you think they're too traditional though you can personalize them by adding crystals or having them dyed in your favorite color. 

Tip: If you're worried about roses bruising easily, you can ask your florist to spray your corsage with a preservative. 

Ready to Choose a Homecoming Corsage? 

If you're looking for a Los Angeles florist for your corsage and boutonniere needs, we can help. Whether you want a traditional or non-traditional homecoming corsage, Socal Petals can hook you up with the freshest and most gorgeous flowers available. 

For more information on our flowers and prices, don't hesitate to contact us

Best of the Best: The Top 10 Most Popular Wedding Flowers of 2018 April 3, 2019 08:27

Los Angeles Wedding FloristThe world's largest wedding bouquet weighed over 202 lb and consisted of more than 1500 flowers. This OTT arrangement featured at the wedding of Christa Rasanayagam and Arulanantham Suresh Joachim, a habitual Guinness-World-Record-breaker. 

The good news is that this kind of trend never became a thing. However, 2018 does have a fair share of popular wedding flowers for you to consider for your special day. 

1. Popular Wedding Flowers in Ultra Violet

Ultra violet is 2018's color of the year, and the best way to include this popular shade in your wedding color scheme is with wedding flowers. 

Glamorous and striking, ultra violet adds energy and excitement to any wedding. It's famous for these uplifting qualities in the realm of color therapy too.

What's more, is that this one of Mother Nature's favorite tones, so you have plenty of variety to choose from for your wedding flowers. 

Big beautiful hydrangeas, delicate orchids, and classic roses all come in shades of ultra violet. You're sure to find something to suit the design of your bouquet.

Less is definitely more if you want to include ultra violet in your floral arrangements, and it plays nicely with the traditional wedding colors of cream and white.

2. Happy Days

Yellow is universally accepted as a happy tone but you want to steer clear of the in-your-face hues of this primary color for your wedding. This year, soft, butter yellow adds a hint of sunshine to the proceedings and looks beautiful alongside apricot orange shades.

Icelandic poppies, Juliet roses, peonies, ranunculus, chrysanthemums, and carnations are your go-to blooms for this wedding color combination. 

3. Off-the-Wall Flowers

Brides are getting creative with their wedding arrangements these days. Wall arrangements are hot news. Super colorful and decorative, living walls in seasonal shades are a great backdrop for photographs as well as gift and buffet tables. 

Wreaths and hoops are adorning tables and even making their way down the aisle in place of traditional bouquets. There are infinite ways to combine these circular shapes and sizes to add a unique touch to your wedding set up.

Mandalas are also big news this year, with petals, flowers, and greenery placed in attractive round patterns to generate good vibes. They look great too and there's no end to the way you can include mandalas in your wedding decor. They look great in front of the altar or on a strategically placed tabletop.

4. Wearable Wedding Flowers

Flower crowns have been around since Ancient Greek times and they've been making a comeback in recent years. 

For 2018, savvy brides are taking it to another level, with floral arrangements worn as bracelets, cuffs, and tiaras.  You can go big with huge floppy blooms, or pick a petite ensemble to suit your mood. 

5. Delightful Dahlias

Once deemed to be old-fashioned, dahlias are back with a big beautiful bang to become one of the most popular flowers for 2018 weddings.

Unashamedly showy and available in every color of the rainbow, as well as brown, dahlias are a versatile and attractive choice for your wedding bouquet or table arrangements. 

These beauties have a long flowering season and you can get your hands on dahlias of every shape and size all the way from May through November. 

6. Staying Single

Surprisingly, arrangements in just one tone are incredibly striking. Hydrangeas are your go-to when it comes to something blue, with thistle and delphiniums to add texture. 

For a classic white bouquet, there's an endless choice. Roses, lily of the valley, hydrangeas, peonies, tulips, and orchids are some of the most popular wedding flower choices for traditional brides.

You can compose a purple rain of blooms with sweet peas, calla lilies, anemones, and hellebores or be pretty in pink with roses, cherry blossoms, tulips, and peonies. 

7. Succulent Sophistication

Endearing and enduring, succulents have been all-the-rage in interior design during 2017. Now they're making their way down the aisle.

You can't beat succulents for adding texture to an arrangement and they're even great on their own, or as a small wedding favor for guests. 

8. Embossed with Moss

While no-one's made their way to the altar clutching a ball of moss (yet), this unusual plant is everywhere on the wedding scene at the moment.

Moss is the new greenery for 2018 and it's making an appearance in increasingly innovative ways. You can slip it in amongst your table arrangements, use it as a runner under the buffet spread and even have a moss monogram made for your wedding.  

Moss adds a fairytale feel to any wedding decor and it's more versatile than the more usual sprays of wedding greenery.  

9. Foraged Flowers

Although DIY won't do when you're a stressed-out bride, going for the foraged look is a way to add an element of charming disarray to your bouquet. 

These kind of bouquets are becoming one of the most popular wedding flower choices for the modern bride.

Foraged floral arrangements comprise elements sourced directly from the bosom of Mother Nature. They can include anything your florist finds along the way from autumn leaves to attractively shaped twigs and vines. 

If you are going for a back-to-nature feel for your wedding, you'll hit the mark with a foraged flower arrangement this year. 

10. Getting Artistic With Anthuriums

If its dramatic impact you want, that's what you'll get when you choose to include anthuriums in your bridal bouquet. Hailed as the next best thing to a protea, even a single anthurium can lift an ordinary bouquet to another level.

They're available in a huge assortment of glossy shades to suit any wedding color scheme. Their attractive tapered shape gives a modern-feel to even the most traditional bouquet. 

Where to Go for Wedding Flowers in Atlanta

Fashions come and go, but your wedding photos last forever. Be sure that you are comfortable with all your choices and don't blindly follow fads. 

Whether you have your heart set on these kinds of popular wedding flowers or prefer your own fanciful designs on your wedding day, get in touch and we'll arrange it all for you.

The Different and Most Popular Types of Orchids March 19, 2019 08:58

Los Angles FloristWhen you want a flower that says luxury, few flowers convey the message quite like an orchid. Anytime you see this coveted bloom, you can understand why--orchids are just the right mix of delicate, exotic, graceful, and strong. Funnily enough, orchids in ancient Greece were a symbol of virility. The connotation of luxury came several centuries later with the Victorians.

However, you may not know that there are many different types of orchids to choose from, each with its own distinctive look. Here, we're breaking down a few beautiful orchid varieties for you to consider in your next arrangement.


The Phalaenopsis orchid, or Moth orchid, is probably the orchid you picture when you think of orchids.

That's because you've seen them all over design magazines and coffee tables across America. It's also one of the easiest orchids to grow at home.

It is a gorgeous, simple plant with thick leaves, an arching stem, and sprays of vibrant blooms with wide outer petals around smaller, richly-colored petals at the center.

Now, easy is a relative term. The Phalaenopsis doesn't like direct sunlight and has a low drought tolerance. If you buy a Phalaenopsis as your first orchid plant, you need to water it when the exposed roots turn silvery, usually once a week. It should get water only every other week during the flowering season.


One of the other most popular orchid species (besides Phalaenopsis) is the Cattleya Labiata orchid, often hailed as the Queen of Orchids for its delightful fragrance and rich colors.

It's named for William Cattley, the first person to grow the orchid in the 1800s.

The good news for orchid lovers is that the Cattleya has been widely hybridized, which means there's a variety of colors and styles, though bicolor features are especially popular.

If you do wish to grow a Cattleya, you're best served by growing it in a greenhouse, as they need heat and humidity to thrive.


Cymbidium orchids are commonly known as Boat orchids and are frequently used in corsages because of their small blooms.

But don't worry--the cymbidium packs a lot of punch in a small flower. A single plant has multiple flower spikes with showy six-petal blooms. Even if they're not in bloom, they put on a show with long thin leaves which can reach up to four feet in length.


Dendrobium orchids are considered one of the most common types of household orchids, which makes a lot of sense since they're relatively easy to care for.

There's also a huge variety of Dendrobiums out there--about 1,200 species. The even better news is that they grow in a wide range of clients from hot, swampy lowlands to high, cold mountains.

This means you can select the type of Dendrobium that's best suited to the climate you live in, rather than trying to create a greenhouse in your home to keep the orchid alive.

Don't be worried about everyday blooms, either--Dendrobiums produce impressive blooms in a variety of colors (all with minimal maintenance).


Encyclia orchids are a highly unique flower, even among their exotic family members.

Encyclias consist of a small, upright central petal with several long, curling petals under it, sort of like fingers. Some horticulturalists liken an Encyclia flower to an octopus.

It isn't fragrant like many of its cousins, but the Encyclia has a lot more attitude to go around. It also blooms longer than many other orchids--in fact, they usually for several consecutive months at a time.


Once you see the Miltonia orchid, it's easy to understand where it got its nickname as the pansy orchid. It has the same features that make the pansy so welcome in cold weather. However, the Miltonia stays in bloom from late spring into summer.

Of course, the blooms are stunning and aromatic in their own right, which makes it easy to understand why homeowners love the Miltonia so much.

While you might be tempted to keep this flower in the sun and tropical conditions like its warm-weather cousins, the Miltonia actually prefers low light. You can tell if the orchid is happy by touching the leaves--cool leaves mean one delighted Miltonia.


Vanda orchids are just as exotic as their name implies. Sometimes called the Singapore orchid, Vanda orchids are often displayed in special hanging baskets.

When you see one, you'll understand why. Vanda orchids have a small collection of delicate blooms topping a spray of slanting green leaves. What's visually distinctive is the tangle of thick white roots that spread underneath the plant, many as long as the stem itself.

Because of this, Vandas need to grow in specialized baskets or a chunky growing medium. These are not for the uninitiated--in fact, Vanda orchids are extremely picky about their growing environment. They like high light and humidity and won't tolerate much else.


Also known as the lady's slipper orchid, the Paphiopedilum only produces one flower per plant. It doesn't sound like much until you see that one bloom.

The name comes from the Paphiopedilum's unusual appearance. It has one upright petal on top with two long, narrow petals sprouting downwards at an angle. Between the two long petals is a large, cup-like petal--the lady's slipper.

It's an intriguing flower, and if you take care of it, it will reward your hard work. In fact, some healthy Paphiopedilums can bloom for a whole year. The good news is that it's also a hardy orchid, which makes it very beginner-friendly.

Choosing the Right Types of Orchids for You

Now that you know all about the various types of orchids, are you ready to choose one to make a statement?

We offer a variety of orchid options, from our orchid garden to our orchid planter.

If you would like to order one of our beautiful orchids, check out our delivery area or get in touch with us today.

The Different Types of Wildflowers You Can Have In Your Bouquet March 12, 2019 07:43

Los Angeles FloristIs your best friend having a housewarming party? Or maybe you want to woo that special someone on your first date? Flowers make the perfect gift in a variety of situations. They can welcome a new family to the neighborhood, cheer up a sick family member in the hospital, or show your wife how much you care.

But what should you include in your gorgeous bouquet? There are so many types of wildflowers that it can be hard to pick the best.

Do you need some inspiration? Keep reading to discover different types of wildflowers you can have in your bouquet.

Chocolate Cosmos

With fall right around the corner, you'll probably be looking for a way to incorporate deeper colors into your bouquets. Chocolate cosmos are one of the best flower types to really bring in that autumn feel.

The best part is that they're rather small, so they don't have to be the main attraction. You can choose larger flowers in varying shades of red, orange, and yellow, then throw some chocolate cosmos into the mix to ensure your bouquet doesn't look too summery.


Do you want to create a bouquet reminiscent of a lush rainforest? You'll want to include lots of bright colors and greenery. Clematis should be included among other flower types to give this bouquet a real wow factor.

They add interest by leaning downwards instead of straight up. This will give your bouquet an extra level and make it seem like it's bursting at the seams. Plus, you'll see more exposed leaves which help to add greenery to really complete the effect.

Blue Hydrangea

Are you looking for a more unique bouquet? Blue Hydrangeas are a great way to add something with a little extra texture and color.

A bushel of these small flowers has a fluffy and intricate appearance from afar and the gorgeous hue will add a nice pop of color. They can be a nice way to create a fun centerpiece for your dining room table or welcome a newly born baby boy into the world.


Has your wife or girlfriend done something special for you recently? Maybe she surprised you with tickets to your favorite team's game, or maybe she's been very supportive during a difficult time. A bouquet is a great way to show her that she is appreciated and loved.

Roses are among the most common flower types that go in bouquets - and there's a good reason why. Red roses are the epitome of love and passion. They make great bouquets throughout the year, so don't worry about saving it for Valentine's Day.

If you want something a little more unique, consider opting for different colored roses. Pink roses symbolize admiration and gentleness while peach roses symbolize appreciation. For something really different, go for a bouquet of lavender roses which represents a deep, fairy-tale love.


Are you looking for the perfect bouquet for the sophisticated and classy women in your life? Dendrobiums make a great gift for mothers, coworkers, and friends.

These purple orchids are simple, but elegant and really make a statement. They're a great way to celebrate a promotion or housewarming party and will act as a focal piece in any room of the house or office.


Just because summer is winding down, doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to those bright yellow flowers until next year. In fact, yellow field flowers make great additions to autumn-themed bouquets. They compliment red and orange flowers and mimic the color of changing leaves.

Love-in-a-puffs bring happiness into any room, so they're great for anyone who needs a good smile. The simple shape and fun color also make them a great addition to a rustic wedding centerpiece. There are so many ways to incorporate these little flowers to bring joy into any bouquet.


Close your eyes and imagine you're in a field of wildflowers. What does it look like? What does it smell like?

Lavender is one of the best flower types to mimic this dream. Their soft purple color is very relaxing to look at and they are among the most fragrant flowers. A bouquet of lavender is a great way to freshen up any room naturally or help you de-stress after a rough few days.

Mini Calla Lilies

Have you ever gone to the garden section and ended up a handful of similar-shaped flowers? This can make your bouquet seem a little flat and bland. You'll want to vary your flower types and shapes.

Calla Lilies have a unique asymmetrical shape that makes them a great go-to when you need some more variety. If you don't want them to be the focal point of the bouquet, consider getting mini call lilies. The small size allows them to blend in enough that another flower can be the star, while still adding interest to the bouquet.

The best part is that they come in different colors, including white, pink, yellow, purple, and even black. You're sure to find the right color of mini calla lilies to complete any bouquet, whether it's for a funeral or an anniversary.

Types of Wildflowers for Bouquets

If you want to send a friend or loved one the gift of flowers, you may not be quite sure what to include in the bouquet. But, don't worry - it doesn't have to be so complicated. Just follow our guide to different types of wildflowers for inspiration.

Are you ready to order flowers? Check out our original bouquets today.

How to Write the Perfect Flower Card Message March 4, 2019 11:10

Los Angeles FloristToday, people send flowers to friends and family to express various emotions. Some send them to say thank you while others do so to congratulate people. And, some even send them to express their condolences. But, most of the time, these flowers don't travel to their recipient on their own. No, they have the company of a card with a message. In fact, greeting card sales add up to a whopping $7.5 billion each year.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know what to write in these cards. This is especially true when someone passes away or if you want to tell a person you love them.

Read this article to find out more about how to write the perfect card message to go with your next bouquet of flowers.

Consider the Occasion

Before you start writing your card, you need to consider the occasion. For example, the message you write for newlyweds won't be the same as for mothers day. Here are some examples you can get inspiration from:


Nothing tells someone you're in love like a big bunch of red roses. But, if you want to impress that special someone, you're also going to have to write them a note that pulls on the heartstrings.

The note you write will depend on how much of a wordsmith you are. You could choose to write an entire poem. You could also research poems online.

Additionally, you could keep it simple with a one-liner. With a few simple words, you can tell that special someone they're the love of your life.

You could also tell them they make your dreams come true. The options are endless.


Sympathetic cards are some of the most difficult to write. If you are sending your condolences to a friend or family member, put thought into your message. Your card should support and comfort them.

If you don't know the deceased, keep it simple. If you live nearby, you can offer them physical support. For example, you could offer to bring them food. You could also help them make funeral arrangements like choosing the flowers. Be careful to not make promises you can't keep.

Family Cards

Family cards are among the most popular today. Card companies design specific cards for:

  • Mother and fathers day
  • Brothers and sisters
  • Aunties and uncles
  • Nieces and nephews

When it comes to writing a message for a family member, consider how close you are to them. You may want to make your card emotional.

You may also want to share a funny anecdote. Whichever route you choose to go down, keep your message personal.


If you are sending flowers and a card to congratulate someone, get as much detail about the event as possible. Here are some of the various events you may want to congratulate your loved ones for:

Birthday Wishes

There are so many different birthday cards you can send today. Depending on the person you are sending the card to, you could add a level of humor to your message. Card messages with ageist jokes are very common.

When sending a birthday message, try and remember the person's age. Kids, in particular, love showing off their age as they get older. Every year is like a new milestone to them.

Adults, on the other hand, would often prefer to forget their age. Try and steer clear of specific numbers, especially if you're not 100% sure of their age.

New Born Baby

If you have friends who are welcoming a new baby to their family, you may want to send them a quick congratulations. Once again, you can choose between comical and emotional messages. You could also write a poem if it's relevant.

Your friend may have once said they would never have a kid. You could remind them of that. Aside from cracking a joke, you'll be reminding them of your years of friendship.


Did someone help you in your time of need? Or did they give you an incredible gift on your wedding day? Whatever the reason, a thank you message should come from the heart. It should show the recipient you're truly grateful for their efforts.

Keep Your Card Message Short and Sweet

The key to writing a card to go with your flowers is to keep it short and sweet. If you can't fit everything you want to say on the card, write them a separate letter. A few words should suffice to get your message across.

This is a great rule if you're writing a card for a funeral or other sensitive circumstances. Keeping your message short will stop you from overthinking it. It may stop you from saying something which may offend them as well.

Choose a Relevant Quote

Quotes are a great way to get the reader's attention. Plus, there are thousands to chose from. You can find quotes on various topics on the internet. You can also choose between emotional and comical ones.

If there is a saying which has meaning to you and your loved one, use it. This could have more impact than anything else you could write.

Add a Thoughtful Gift to Make Your Message More Meaningful

No matter how nice a card you send, you need to choose the flowers to match. With more than 15,300 retail florist businesses in the United States alone, making a final decision can be challenging.

Today, there are individual bouquets of flowers which show different sentiments. For example, loved ones buy their partner roses on Valentine's Day. Also, people buy white Lillies for those mourning a loved one. Whatever the occasion, choose relevant flowers to go with your message.

Order Your Flowers From Peach Tree Petals Today

As you can see, there are various ways you can express yourself on a flower card message. The key is to keep the specific occasion in mind. You should also consider how well you know the person you're sending the flowers to.

If you want to order some flowers for someone special in the Los Angeles area, why not call Socal Tree Petals today? We have bouquets for all occasions and we provide a same-day delivery service.

The 7 Best Chocolate Gifts to Pair with Your Flowers February 12, 2019 08:20

What's better than getting flowers? Having some delicious chocolate with them! Here's the best chocolate gifts to pair with the flowers you send. Valentine's Day doesn't need to be around the corner for it to be a good time to send someone flowers and chocolate. In fact, most women will accept these gifts with open arms all year 'round. There's just something classic and heart-warming about pairing the perfect chocolate treat with a beautiful bundle of flowers.

You may be looking for the right combination to make a special occasion even more memorable. Or you may just be wanting to show someone who means a lot in your life some extra appreciation through a random act of kindness.

No matter what the scenario is, we've got you covered with the perfect ways to make a loving statement. Keep reading to find out what we think are 7 of the best chocolate gifts to pair with flowers. 

1. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries are one of the best chocolate gifts because they mix two delicious worlds together -- fresh fruit and tasty chocolate. This gift can often add a cherry on top to a romantic gesture. The combination of both flavors creates a blend that is almost indescribable to those who have never experienced it.

Another great advantage to this gift is that you could possibly save money if you have a little extra time to spare. Whipping up a quick batch of chocolate covered strawberries is fairly easy.

If you want to add a personal touch to your gift then consider doing a DIY recipe for chocolate covered strawberries

2. Godiva Chocolate

Nothing says classic and elegant in the world of chocolate the way Godiva does. Godiva is a Belgium brand established in 1926 and they've seemed to have perfected chocolate throughout their years of business. Godiva features plenty of luxury packaged sets that are the best box of chocolates for gifts for any level of chocolate connoisseur.

This high-quality brand sells a multitude of flavors and styles from dark ganache hearts to white chocolate mint truffles.

Pick up a gorgeous bundle of flowers and a beautifully wrapped gift box filled with the most decadent assortments of chocolate to make any occasion priceless.

3. Liquor-Infused Chocolate

We're not sure if the inventor of liquor-infused candy has received any honorary awards yet but they certainly should have by now. If you're looking to add a festive twist to pair with your flowers then finding a good liquor-infused chocolate will definitely do the trick. The blend of sweetness with the rich, punchy infusion makes for one delicious dessert.

And nowadays there are plenty of liquors that have been tested with chocolate. One of the best chocolates that have been infused with liquor is John & Kira's Chocolate Figs.

These irresistible goodies are made with organic dried figs that are imported from Spain and are filled with a smooth, whiskey infused Valrhona dark chocolate ganache. Did someone say "heaven on Earth"?

4. Spicy Chocolate Treats

Who would have thought that adding seasoning to chocolate would be such a hit? But chocolate and spices are easy to find and people love the combination so much that it often makes for one of the most exciting chocolate gift ideas. And, just like liquor, plenty of chocolate and spice pairs have been tested.

You can currently find chocolate with added spices including, chili, habanero, cardamom, paprika, salt, saffron and many more. There are even brands that market "the world's hottest chocolate" to buyers.

A treat with some sugar and spice would be one of the best chocolate gifts for someone who to have a little fun with their flavors. 

5. Classic Chocolate Bar

The chocolate bar has been a staple in chocolate candy production since the beginning of time. Anyone can enjoy the tasty, classic feeling of a well made chocolate bar.

This is what makes it one of the best chocolate gifts. Chocolate bars are simple yet make a bold statement in the chocolate world. 

Most of them are smooth, creamy and rich. Even textured chocolate bars have a way of preserving their timeless taste and nostalgic feel.

Pairing gentle, calming flower with a sweet, hearty chocolate bar can help to create a comforting child-like moment for the recipient. 

6. International Chocolate

This chocolate gift idea may be of interest to the traveler at heart. Consider gifting chocolates that are sourced from different places in the world to create an exotic feel for a homey gift. This gift would be exciting for many reasons.

Firstly, the receiver may have never tasted -- let alone heard of -- some of the chocolates since they are international. This creates an element of surprise for each bit. Also, they get a chance to experience, and sometimes learn about, different styles and flavors of chocolate from all over the globe.

Trader Joe's has created a lovely chocolate gift that allows tasters to get their taste bud passports stamped with every bit. This is definitely worth trying at least for the thrill.

7. Rich Hot Chocolate Mix

Winter is almost not complete without a succulent, hand-warming cup of deliciously rich hot chocolate to melt your body and your soul. Although there are plenty of hot chocolate mixes on the market, it's sometimes important to find the best quality ones to help bring up that decadent flavor and velvety texture. 

Williams Sonoma features a holiday-inspired collection that will please any chocolate lover looking to indulge in a cup of hot cocoa. There are a variety of flavors to try, such as refreshing peppermint, buttery salted caramel or chocolaty traditional flavor.

Without a doubt, these are the perfect additions to any snowy morning or chilly night by the fireplace. 

Looking to Pair Flowers with the Best Chocolate Gifts?

We've given you the best of the best when it comes to some great chocolate gift ideas. Any of these items listed would make for perfect companions to go alongside flowers.

However, don't worry if you need more specific guidance on which of these chocolate gifts go with which flower. Feel free to contact us today for more help with creating the perfect gift flower and chocolate gift for anyone on any occasion. 

Top 10 Allergy-Friendly Flowers January 10, 2019 06:16

Los Angeles FloristOver 50 million Americans currently suffer from moderate to severe allergies. But just because the special people in your life have to deal with a runny nose and watery eyes, doesn't mean that they don't deserve flowers.

Still, we know that you want to send them allergy-friendly bouquets that will look beautiful for any occasion -- without causing someone to sneeze and sniffle.

So, what are the ten best types of flowers to send to an allergy sufferer, or just someone with an especially sensitive nose?

Keep on reading this post to find out.

1. Roses

You might be surprised to see roses on a list of allergy-friendly flowers, given how famous they are for their signature scent.

However, because they have a low pollen count, a beautiful bouquet of roses won't cause the recipient to have to deal with itchy eyes and a runny nose.

Plus, they're also one of the longest-lasting flowers on this list, and they bloom perfectly in nearly every season.

That's just one more reason to say it with roses.

2. Tulips

Tulips have long been heralded as one of the best flowers to include in cheerful and festive bouquets, especially at the start of the warmer months.

But few people realize that they're also a wonderful option to include in bouquets for people with a sensitive nose.

Tulips can add color to any arrangement, and they come in lots of different varieties. You can work with parrot tulips, the Red Cross tulip, French tulips, and even tulips in stunning pinks and purples.

The sky is the limit when it comes to this flower.

3. Orchids

While orchids do contain a bit of sticky pollen, they still work as allergy-friendly flowers and plants because the pollen hardly ever actually becomes airborne.

We think that orchids make a stunning addition to a wedding bouquet, a dinner table arrangement, or even a romantic surprise for a loved one.

And, like roses, orchids also last for a long time.

4. Daffodils

Is there anything sweeter than a bright yellow daffodil in a floral arrangement?

We don't think so.

Not only will daffodils put a smile on every face, but they also produce a very limited amount of pollen.

Tuck them into your spring and summer bouquets for a pop of color.

5. Carnations

Carnations are one of the most common flower types used in arrangements for numerous reasons.

They're affordable, stunning, and can help to add layers to texture and volume to smaller arrangements. Plus, they're completely free of allergens and have a lighter scent.

They also come in a wide variety of colors, including bright red, white, and even blush pink.

This makes them perfect for almost every type of arrangement.

6. Hydrangeas

It's no secret that hydrangeas are a favorite flower of Southerners -- and it's certainly not difficult to see why.

Hydrangeas are especially popular for those who are looking to make a statement with their centerpieces, which is why you see them included in so many weddings and special events.

These are the perfect flowers for those who aren't afraid to go bold, no matter the occasion.

Plus, they're completely free from pollen.

7. Irises

When you're on the hunt for a flower that comes with a sense of refinement and elegance, look no further than the iris.

The stunning yellow and purple coloring of this flower makes a statement in any bouquet.

Plus, they'll look their best for about a week, so they're ideal for arrangements that you need to shine for a longer period of time.

Get them in the springtime.

8. Snapdragons

Looking for some unexpected flowers to add to your arrangement?

Sending something to someone who always seems to think outside of the box?

If so, then you simply must include snapdragons. These have a low pollen count, and they're great for adding some serious height on any type of arrangements.

They can last about five days with the right care, and they're quickly becoming a major trend in the flower world.

9. Peonies

It seems like you can't go on Instagram these days without seeing countless images of peonies.

These flowers are all the rage, but the good news is that they're also a great option to send to those who deal with allergies.

We just can't get enough of the beautiful pink tones of peonies, and we know that the influencers and trendsetters in your life will certainly agree.

10. Hyacinth

Are you looking for a flower that's safe to give to those who suffer from allergies, but that still gives off a beautiful fragrance?

If so, then look no further than the spring hyacinth.

We love the pastel shades of this bloom and those you're giving the flowers to will love that they can last for over a week. If you want to create a truly allergy-friendly arrangement, then we suggest pairing hyacinth with some bright tulips.

Ready to Create an Allergy-Friendly Arrangement?

We hope that this post has helped you to understand how to select allergy-friendly flowers for the next arrangement or bouquet that you plan to send to someone special.

Remember that there's no occasion too small to brighten someone's day and show them how much you care with a flower delivery.

However, we know that sometimes, those important occasions can sneak up on you. That's why we offer same-day delivery in Los Angeles.

Browse through our stunning selection of flowers and gifts, and place your order with us today.

10 Best Smelling Flowers to Give as a Gift November 19, 2018 07:56

Los Angeles FloristWe've all heard the saying, "Take a minute to stop and smell the roses." While this a great saying, we do think it's a little unfair that roses get all the attention. After all, there are some other great smelling flowers out there that the world deserves to know about.

So, what are they?

Read on to learn about the ten best smelling flowers to give as a gift.

1. Lilies

There's a reason so many perfume and body care companies have so many lily scented products- because lilies smell so good.

While not all lilies have a strong smell, some can fill an entire room with their pleasant aroma.

Starfighter lilies are definitely the most powerful of all the lilies when it comes to smell. They have an extremely sweet aroma that almost makes you feel like you're taking a whiff of honey.

There's also Sonata lilies, which have a much more subtle, delicate smell than Starfighters.

2. Chocolate Cosmos

The Chocolate Cosmos flower is the perfect flower to give the chocolate lover in your life. This is because it smells like - you guessed it- chocolate.

However, the name of this vivacious red flower is a bit of a misnomer, as it actually has a strong vanilla scent to it as well.

This is a flower that is primarily found in Mexico. It is best to gift this flower during the summer months, as heat helps to bring out its powerful scent.

3. Frangipani

Funny name, serious scent.

The frangipani is a tropical flower that finds its home in Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, and the Pacific Islands. It is also the national flower of Nicaragua.

But, you will probably recognize this flower due to its use in leis, which are often given to tourists visiting Hawaii.

The Frangipani has a sweet smell to it which becomes more robust during the nighttime hours.

And, it's look is just as beautiful as its scent. When it blooms, the flower displays vibrant hues of yellow, pink, or white and red.

4. Peonies

Everyone's go-to summer flower, peonies also have a beautiful scent to them which makes them great to give as a gift.

Due to their fresh aroma, they are known for being one of the best smelling flowers around.

This flower has also been traced all the way back to use in ancient China for medical purposes, a fun fact to share with whoever you're giving these beautiful flowers to.

5. Jasmine Flower

Jasmine is also another flower with a scent that is used worldwide in health and beauty products.

This is a tiny flower that is native to the tropical regions of the world. When it blooms, it produces beautiful hues of yellow and white.

While these flowers are typically used in aromatherapies, teas, and ceremonies, they also make a great gift for a loved one who loves beautiful smelling flowers.

6. Sweet Pea

Another flower that is often used to make perfume fragrances, the sweet pea carry a light, yet at the same time wholesome, aroma to them.

Sweet peas are also great flowers to accompany other ones in a bouquet, as their scent and look complements many other types of flowers nicely.

A bouquet of flowers with some sweet peas mixed in is the perfect gift to give the flower lover in your life.

7. Gardenia

Gardenia is a flower that holds a waxy scent, and it is native to Australia, Africa, and South Asia.

Interestingly enough, this flower is also a member of the coffee family, and its namesake comes from the famous botanist, Alexander Garden.

Due to it's elegant and simple beauty, as well as its pleasant scent, this flower is often used in wedding ceremonies. Many parts of the world also use gardenia in perfumes, and the French use this flower to make boutonnieres.

8. Freesia

Does the person you're giving flowers to love fruity scents?

If so, then the freesia flower is the one to give them. Wine enthusiasts will also adore this flower, as some find that the fruity scent actually smells like wine.

While you won't get tipsy from smelling this beautiful flower, you will feel a happy buzz from the vivacious colors it produces.

You will see this flower come in nearly every color, from white to bright yellow to hot pink.

9. Hyacinth

Sweet, earthy, and robust.

No, we're not talking about a good bottle of wine. We're talking about the hyacinth flower.

Anyone who loves sweet things will adore the smell of the hyacinth flower. In fact, this flower is so sweet that it actually deters pests and animals who find its bright colors enticing.

The hyacinth is another great flower that looks absolutely stunning in a bouquet. This is the perfect flower to give as a sweet little pick me up for someone special in your life.

10. Four O'Clock

The odd name of this flower is named after its favorite time to bloom during the day- that is, during the early evening.

Odd name aside, this the four o'clock is a beautiful flower that anyone would love as a gift. It produces an intense fragrance once it blooms, and one plant can actually produce several different colors, from pink to yellow to white.

Best Smelling Flowers: Which One Will You Buy?

Now that you know about the best smelling flowers, all you need to decide is which ones to buy.

If you can't decide, we always encourage you to mix and match different flowers to make a beautiful bouquet.

If you have questions about putting together the perfect flower arrangement, be sure to contact us today.

Bloom Meaning: How to Pick the Best Flowers for Congratulations October 1, 2018 08:26

Los Angeles FloristGiving someone a bouquet is a thoughtful and sincere way to acknowledge important moments in their life.Some of these moments might include things like high school or college graduations, getting a promotion at work, doing well at sports, becoming a grandparent, attaining a hard-earned achievement, and other successes.

What kind of flowers fits congratulatory events like these? To pick the right ones, you have to look at the bloom meaning.

Check out this guide to learn the best types of colors and flowers to congratulate someone on their success.

Why Do People Send Flowers for Congratulations?

Sending flowers conveys an expression of love or comfort. Many people buy flowers for their significant others on anniversaries, grieving friends and family after the death of a loved one, or people who have completed an important accomplishment.

How did it come to be this way?

You can trace the act of giving congratulatory flowers all the way back to Ancient cultures. In Greece, victories athletes received wreaths made of olive leaves after a win. They wore these wreaths on their heads to show off their accomplishments.

Charles II of Sweden believed each flower had their own meanings. He would send flower arrangements to express feelings in the 18th century.

Giving flowers become popular in the Victorian Era. At this time, many people considered expressing emotions like love in a public setting impolite. Because of this, people resorted to giving flowers instead.

The tradition of giving flowers to express emotion or celebrate a special occasion has continued on to this day.

The Meaning Behind Flower Colors

Every flower color portrays a different emotion. So before you pick out congratulatory flowers, you have to understand what these colors mean. Otherwise, you could end up sending someone romantic flowers by mistake.

Here's a quick breakdown of different flower colors and what they mean.


The color red symbolizes passion and vibrancy. That's why red flowers, red roses in particular, are perfect for romantic settings. They express emotions like admiration, respect, courage, and desire.


Because orange is so bold, this color represents excitement and enthusiasm. Orange flowers contain a lot of energy, so they're a perfect color to put in your celebratory bouquet.


Another good congratulations color, yellow flowers convey a strong sense of pride and success. But yellow also symbolizes friendship and joy. If you're getting ready to congratulate a close friend, you might want to pick some yellow flowers.


The color green makes people think of things like health and growth. These types of flowers are often a wish for good luck and a healthy life.


These comforting flowers are beautiful, but they aren't the right fit for congratulation flowers. When it comes to flowers, the color blue is a sign to relax, distress, and takes things slow. Blue flowers are all about peace and calm.


Purple flowers have a gentle, delicate, and old-fashioned feel. But they also represent grace, femininity, and sophistication. They fit in place with modern floral arrangements.


While pink is also a romantic color, it doesn't have the same desire or passion as a strong red. Pink flowers express feelings of joy, innocence, gentleness, grace, and love.


White flowers can take on several different emotions. Depending on how you arrange them, white flowers can be a symbol of humility and innocence or gentleness and sympathy.

The Best Type of Flowers for Congratulations

When you're picking the color of your congratulatory flowers, you should stay away from softer colors like purples, blues, and whites. Congratulations are exciting and successful times, so you want your bouquet to be vibrant and cheerful.

Colors like orange and yellow are the best choice for congratulatory flowers. Though these colors should be the focus, you can always include other colors along with them.

But once you pick the color, you have to choose the right kind of flowers too. Because every flower conveys a different meaning, we've put together a quick list of the best congratulations flowers you can give.

Irises: These flowers represent feelings of admiration, courage, and hope. This makes them a great choice for cheering people on and recognizing a success.

Jasmine: Giving someone a bundle of jasmine is like saying, "Good luck!" It's an encouraging gesture when taking a new step in life.

Orange Tiger Lilies: Orange tiger lilies show pride. For example, a parent might send their child orange tiger lilies after graduating from college.

Peruvian Lilies: These flowers show your friendship and devotion toward another person. Peruvian lilies are a good way to say congratulations to someone you know well.

Heather: When you give someone heather, you're telling them you admire what they've done. And you're wishing them luck on the next stage of their journey.

Yellow Poppies: A common symbol of prosperity, luxury, and success are yellow poppies.

Gladiolus: Gladiolus represent strength and integrity. You might give these flowers to someone who has shown strength in a stressful or difficult situation. While orange and yellow are always good colors for congratulations, you can also find gladiolus flowers that in red, green, purple, and pink.

Orange Roses: Remember, orange is enthusiastic. These are energetic flowers that convey feelings of passion and excitement.

Yellow Roses: Yellow roses represent friendship, but they also have a positive effect on your mood. These flowers can make people feel happy and energetic.

Hibiscus: These flowers symbolize seizing the moment. Because of this, they're a great addition to any congratulations bouquet.

Yellow Tulips: When you want to send someone cheerful thoughts, you should send them yellow tulips. These flowers will express happiness and lift their spirits.

Pink Tulips: While pink tulips also portray a sense of happiness, they represent strength and confidence as well.

Consider Bloom Meaning when Picking Congratulation Flowers

All flowers are beautiful, but there's a big difference between sympathetic flowers and congratulatory flowers. Seeing that difference comes down to understanding the bloom meaning. Every type of flower represents their own emotions, and each color expresses their own feelings.

So make sure you pay attention to the color and kind of flower when you're putting together a congratulatory bouquet. You don't want to send the wrong flowers at the wrong times.

Are you searching for the best congratulations bouquet? Take a look at some of our options.

How to Pick the Most Fragrant Types of Flowers for Your Bridal Bouquet September 19, 2018 06:22

Los Angeles FloristWhen it comes to planning a wedding, most people focus on making sure the decor looks perfect - selecting the right music, and choosing the best menu options for the reception. But, what often gets overlooked is filling the ceremony with the perfect fragrance.

A wedding is a full sensory event. And picking the types of flowers that will fill your day with storytelling aroma is an important part to include.

But how do you go about choosing the right fragrance? And which perfumed blooms are the best ones to use in your bouquet?

Let's look at the best way to pick the most fragrant flowers for your bridal bouquet and all throughout your special day.

Know What Tone You Want to Set

Scent is closely tied with memory. So you want to pick a fragrance that will set the tone and tell the story you want people to remember.

Do you want it to center around your personal favorite scent? Or have it tie in with the season, such as spring or Christmas? What about centering it around a theme?

Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects the setting and memory you want your special day to be about.

Here are some popular general themes you can incorporate into your bridal bouquet.


For the traditionalist at heart, your wedding is all about romance. And nothing says romance quite like roses.

Roses offer a sweet aroma. But with the variety of roses to choose from, there are also a variety of scents that are slightly different. Some can smell as sweet as candy, while others are more on the soft side.

Your florist will know which way to guide you in picking out the perfect rose fragrance.


If you need something to calm your nerves or want a more laid back feeling to your day, choose a flower that has a soothing effect.

Lavender is a perfect choice for this. Whether it's used dried or fresh, it will smell and look great no matter how you use it.

A calming fragrance will have the opposite effect on your brain than caffeine. This helps you to relax and keep you calm throughout the ceremony.


Or maybe you want your wedding to be a more upbeat affair. If that's the case, you want to choose something that will inject some rejuvenating energy into the air!

Eucalyptus is a good choice for this. Its fragrance is known to be fresh and induce some pep in your step.


If you want to keep the feel of your wedding delicate and feminine, you want a flower that has a soft, romantic scent. It should also look dainty in your bouquet which should be petite and not overwhelming.

You'll want a flower like Lilly of the Valley. This bloom has a short stem and is perfect for the smaller bouquet or as an accent.

And the smell is as delicate and feminine as the flower itself.


If you like the unexpected, choose a flower that has a unique scent to it.

For example, stocks have a sweet scent, but also add a bit of spice to the mix. They can inject an unexpected personality into any wedding atmosphere.

They also have great color and add volume to your bridal bouquet.

Think Outside the Floral Box

Flowers don't have to be the only fragrant part of your bouquet. For even more variety, look toward other options to add a unique smelling twist to your arrangement.

Do you have a favorite herb? Using something like mint can add an unexpected bit of zest to your bouquet.

Or maybe earthy scents are more your thing. Geranium leaves, for example, not only brings an earthy amora with it, it also gives a contrast of color and texture.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

Fragrant flowers don't have to be expensive. You can stick to your budget and still fill your wedding with your favorite scent. Perfumed blooms come in every price range.

For tight budgets, freesia, lavender, and hyacinth are great choices.

If there's a bit more wiggle room, Lily of the Valley, lilac, sweet pea, and tuberose are great middle range blooms.

And if you set your flower budget at the higher end, you can choose from flowers such as peonies, gardenia, patience garden roses, and magnolia.

Mix It Properly

Combining different scents is a great way to customize your fragrance and ensure you get the exact feel you want.

However, remember that not all fragrances will play nicely together. You want to make sure you choose flowers that will complement one another, not be in conflict. The last thing you want to create is an overpowering arrangement.

To know which combinations work best together, talk to your florist. They will be able to give you suggestions on the best types of flowers and fragrances to mix and match.

An example would be mint and hyacinth. Or garden roses and jasmine. These combinations work perfectly with each other and won't overpower your walk down the aisle.

Use Them in the Right Places

Your bouquet is a great spot to place fragrant flowers. Not only will you get to enjoy it as you walk down the aisle, so will everyone you pass.

But it's not the only place to use fragrance.

Consider having a wreath or arrangement near the entrance, greeting guests as they arrive. Place flowers in the seating area for your guests to enjoy throughout the ceremony. Or anywhere you want your story told through fragrance.

Just make sure your flowers are in an open area and it's not too much or overpowering. Some flowers pack a more potent scent than others. Your florist can help you decide on the right amount and flower for your particular space.

And leave the fragrant flowers off of the dinner tables at the reception. You don't want their scent to compete with the food.

Choosing the Right Types of Flowers to Add Fragrance to Your Wedding Can Make All the Difference

Your wedding is about you, your partner, and your story together. And telling that story through the types of flowers you pick, and their fragrance, will ensure your story is remembered by all those who share in your special day.

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