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Bloom Meaning: How to Pick the Best Flowers for Congratulations October 01, 2018 08:26

Los Angeles FloristGiving someone a bouquet is a thoughtful and sincere way to acknowledge important moments in their life.Some of these moments might include things like high school or college graduations, getting a promotion at work, doing well at sports, becoming a grandparent, attaining a hard-earned achievement, and other successes.

What kind of flowers fits congratulatory events like these? To pick the right ones, you have to look at the bloom meaning.

Check out this guide to learn the best types of colors and flowers to congratulate someone on their success.

Why Do People Send Flowers for Congratulations?

Sending flowers conveys an expression of love or comfort. Many people buy flowers for their significant others on anniversaries, grieving friends and family after the death of a loved one, or people who have completed an important accomplishment.

How did it come to be this way?

You can trace the act of giving congratulatory flowers all the way back to Ancient cultures. In Greece, victories athletes received wreaths made of olive leaves after a win. They wore these wreaths on their heads to show off their accomplishments.

Charles II of Sweden believed each flower had their own meanings. He would send flower arrangements to express feelings in the 18th century.

Giving flowers become popular in the Victorian Era. At this time, many people considered expressing emotions like love in a public setting impolite. Because of this, people resorted to giving flowers instead.

The tradition of giving flowers to express emotion or celebrate a special occasion has continued on to this day.

The Meaning Behind Flower Colors

Every flower color portrays a different emotion. So before you pick out congratulatory flowers, you have to understand what these colors mean. Otherwise, you could end up sending someone romantic flowers by mistake.

Here's a quick breakdown of different flower colors and what they mean.


The color red symbolizes passion and vibrancy. That's why red flowers, red roses in particular, are perfect for romantic settings. They express emotions like admiration, respect, courage, and desire.


Because orange is so bold, this color represents excitement and enthusiasm. Orange flowers contain a lot of energy, so they're a perfect color to put in your celebratory bouquet.


Another good congratulations color, yellow flowers convey a strong sense of pride and success. But yellow also symbolizes friendship and joy. If you're getting ready to congratulate a close friend, you might want to pick some yellow flowers.


The color green makes people think of things like health and growth. These types of flowers are often a wish for good luck and a healthy life.


These comforting flowers are beautiful, but they aren't the right fit for congratulation flowers. When it comes to flowers, the color blue is a sign to relax, distress, and takes things slow. Blue flowers are all about peace and calm.


Purple flowers have a gentle, delicate, and old-fashioned feel. But they also represent grace, femininity, and sophistication. They fit in place with modern floral arrangements.


While pink is also a romantic color, it doesn't have the same desire or passion as a strong red. Pink flowers express feelings of joy, innocence, gentleness, grace, and love.


White flowers can take on several different emotions. Depending on how you arrange them, white flowers can be a symbol of humility and innocence or gentleness and sympathy.

The Best Type of Flowers for Congratulations

When you're picking the color of your congratulatory flowers, you should stay away from softer colors like purples, blues, and whites. Congratulations are exciting and successful times, so you want your bouquet to be vibrant and cheerful.

Colors like orange and yellow are the best choice for congratulatory flowers. Though these colors should be the focus, you can always include other colors along with them.

But once you pick the color, you have to choose the right kind of flowers too. Because every flower conveys a different meaning, we've put together a quick list of the best congratulations flowers you can give.

Irises: These flowers represent feelings of admiration, courage, and hope. This makes them a great choice for cheering people on and recognizing a success.

Jasmine: Giving someone a bundle of jasmine is like saying, "Good luck!" It's an encouraging gesture when taking a new step in life.

Orange Tiger Lilies: Orange tiger lilies show pride. For example, a parent might send their child orange tiger lilies after graduating from college.

Peruvian Lilies: These flowers show your friendship and devotion toward another person. Peruvian lilies are a good way to say congratulations to someone you know well.

Heather: When you give someone heather, you're telling them you admire what they've done. And you're wishing them luck on the next stage of their journey.

Yellow Poppies: A common symbol of prosperity, luxury, and success are yellow poppies.

Gladiolus: Gladiolus represent strength and integrity. You might give these flowers to someone who has shown strength in a stressful or difficult situation. While orange and yellow are always good colors for congratulations, you can also find gladiolus flowers that in red, green, purple, and pink.

Orange Roses: Remember, orange is enthusiastic. These are energetic flowers that convey feelings of passion and excitement.

Yellow Roses: Yellow roses represent friendship, but they also have a positive effect on your mood. These flowers can make people feel happy and energetic.

Hibiscus: These flowers symbolize seizing the moment. Because of this, they're a great addition to any congratulations bouquet.

Yellow Tulips: When you want to send someone cheerful thoughts, you should send them yellow tulips. These flowers will express happiness and lift their spirits.

Pink Tulips: While pink tulips also portray a sense of happiness, they represent strength and confidence as well.

Consider Bloom Meaning when Picking Congratulation Flowers

All flowers are beautiful, but there's a big difference between sympathetic flowers and congratulatory flowers. Seeing that difference comes down to understanding the bloom meaning. Every type of flower represents their own emotions, and each color expresses their own feelings.

So make sure you pay attention to the color and kind of flower when you're putting together a congratulatory bouquet. You don't want to send the wrong flowers at the wrong times.

Are you searching for the best congratulations bouquet? Take a look at some of our options.

How to Pick the Most Fragrant Types of Flowers for Your Bridal Bouquet September 19, 2018 06:22

Los Angeles FloristWhen it comes to planning a wedding, most people focus on making sure the decor looks perfect - selecting the right music, and choosing the best menu options for the reception. But, what often gets overlooked is filling the ceremony with the perfect fragrance.

A wedding is a full sensory event. And picking the types of flowers that will fill your day with storytelling aroma is an important part to include.

But how do you go about choosing the right fragrance? And which perfumed blooms are the best ones to use in your bouquet?

Let's look at the best way to pick the most fragrant flowers for your bridal bouquet and all throughout your special day.

Know What Tone You Want to Set

Scent is closely tied with memory. So you want to pick a fragrance that will set the tone and tell the story you want people to remember.

Do you want it to center around your personal favorite scent? Or have it tie in with the season, such as spring or Christmas? What about centering it around a theme?

Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects the setting and memory you want your special day to be about.

Here are some popular general themes you can incorporate into your bridal bouquet.


For the traditionalist at heart, your wedding is all about romance. And nothing says romance quite like roses.

Roses offer a sweet aroma. But with the variety of roses to choose from, there are also a variety of scents that are slightly different. Some can smell as sweet as candy, while others are more on the soft side.

Your florist will know which way to guide you in picking out the perfect rose fragrance.


If you need something to calm your nerves or want a more laid back feeling to your day, choose a flower that has a soothing effect.

Lavender is a perfect choice for this. Whether it's used dried or fresh, it will smell and look great no matter how you use it.

A calming fragrance will have the opposite effect on your brain than caffeine. This helps you to relax and keep you calm throughout the ceremony.


Or maybe you want your wedding to be a more upbeat affair. If that's the case, you want to choose something that will inject some rejuvenating energy into the air!

Eucalyptus is a good choice for this. Its fragrance is known to be fresh and induce some pep in your step.


If you want to keep the feel of your wedding delicate and feminine, you want a flower that has a soft, romantic scent. It should also look dainty in your bouquet which should be petite and not overwhelming.

You'll want a flower like Lilly of the Valley. This bloom has a short stem and is perfect for the smaller bouquet or as an accent.

And the smell is as delicate and feminine as the flower itself.


If you like the unexpected, choose a flower that has a unique scent to it.

For example, stocks have a sweet scent, but also add a bit of spice to the mix. They can inject an unexpected personality into any wedding atmosphere.

They also have great color and add volume to your bridal bouquet.

Think Outside the Floral Box

Flowers don't have to be the only fragrant part of your bouquet. For even more variety, look toward other options to add a unique smelling twist to your arrangement.

Do you have a favorite herb? Using something like mint can add an unexpected bit of zest to your bouquet.

Or maybe earthy scents are more your thing. Geranium leaves, for example, not only brings an earthy amora with it, it also gives a contrast of color and texture.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

Fragrant flowers don't have to be expensive. You can stick to your budget and still fill your wedding with your favorite scent. Perfumed blooms come in every price range.

For tight budgets, freesia, lavender, and hyacinth are great choices.

If there's a bit more wiggle room, Lily of the Valley, lilac, sweet pea, and tuberose are great middle range blooms.

And if you set your flower budget at the higher end, you can choose from flowers such as peonies, gardenia, patience garden roses, and magnolia.

Mix It Properly

Combining different scents is a great way to customize your fragrance and ensure you get the exact feel you want.

However, remember that not all fragrances will play nicely together. You want to make sure you choose flowers that will complement one another, not be in conflict. The last thing you want to create is an overpowering arrangement.

To know which combinations work best together, talk to your florist. They will be able to give you suggestions on the best types of flowers and fragrances to mix and match.

An example would be mint and hyacinth. Or garden roses and jasmine. These combinations work perfectly with each other and won't overpower your walk down the aisle.

Use Them in the Right Places

Your bouquet is a great spot to place fragrant flowers. Not only will you get to enjoy it as you walk down the aisle, so will everyone you pass.

But it's not the only place to use fragrance.

Consider having a wreath or arrangement near the entrance, greeting guests as they arrive. Place flowers in the seating area for your guests to enjoy throughout the ceremony. Or anywhere you want your story told through fragrance.

Just make sure your flowers are in an open area and it's not too much or overpowering. Some flowers pack a more potent scent than others. Your florist can help you decide on the right amount and flower for your particular space.

And leave the fragrant flowers off of the dinner tables at the reception. You don't want their scent to compete with the food.

Choosing the Right Types of Flowers to Add Fragrance to Your Wedding Can Make All the Difference

Your wedding is about you, your partner, and your story together. And telling that story through the types of flowers you pick, and their fragrance, will ensure your story is remembered by all those who share in your special day.

Have questions on how to tell your particular story through fragrance? Click here to contact us today!

8 Stylish Boutonniere Trends to Watch for in 2019 September 05, 2018 10:06

Los Angeles FloristAll weddings should be as unique as the love they celebrate. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind boutonniere that is also trendy, keep reading.From rustic cool to whimsically elegant, here are eight unique and stylish boutonniere ideas to fit your perfect day.

1. Texture

Boutonnieres no longer have to be simple and boring. Adding texture to various parts of wedding accents is huge right now, and we're loving the texturized boutonniere look.

Adding texture so your boutonniere really pops and is alive for the big day is easy. You can add texture by incorporating berries, succulents, and greenery that is flowy, soft, textured, and fresh.

You can also add texture with non-floral accents. Add pins to the boutonniere such as a gold arrow or another symbol that is special to your love or friendship.

Adding unique types of fabric to the arrangement also will add texture. Check out how to incorporate burlap, twine, and more below.

2. Succulents

From home interior decorating to gardening and now weddings, succulents are everywhere in 2018. They are beautiful, different, elegant, and easy to care for. They can live without water for days without wilting, which means you can create arrangements ahead of time.

Another great thing about succulents is their versatility. The most popular themes using succulents right now are Bohemian, classic/timeless, elegant, and whimsical wedding styles, but succulents can work for any wedding style and look great with any type of bouquet and boutonniere.

Eucalyptus, dusty miller, lavender, balsawood flowers, protea, berries, and cotton all make excellent pairings for succulents.

3. Cotton

If you're looking for the perfect touch for a rustic, winter, woodland, or whimsical wedding, then look no further than cotton. A cotton boutonniere is a great way to be different and stunning.

You can add small young cotton pieces for a little bit of vibrancy and texture. Or, you can choose to make cotton the main show with a ready-to-harvest large centerpiece.

For fall weddings, cotton looks great with wheat, pussy willow, mini lotus pods, silver brunia berries, forest or bright green succulents, and willow branches. Add some twine or burlap for the ultimate "cotton-picking" showdown.

For winter weddings, cotton can be paired with tallow berries, holly berries, cedar, pine, pinecones, and greenery. Burgandy princess pine looks especially stunning next to cotton.

4. Burlap or Twine

Adding burlap or twine to your boutonniere is the perfect extra touch for rustic or woodland weddings (and for any season). The most popular way to incorporate rustic fabrics is by wrapping the stems in burlap or twine.

Another way is to use burlap flowers in place of live florals for the boutonniere. These look great, especially on a herringbone jacket, and can save you a lot of money, too.

5. Berries

Berries are everywhere in 2018 wedding florals. And they're not just used for winter weddings anymore either.

Green berries are perfect for spring and summer weddings. Pair them with gum leaves and additional greenery.

For whimsical and elegance, the light colors of snowberries and white hypericum berries can be used with succulents or a large open bloom for any season. They really pop against dark suits.

Red berries, of course, go great in winter boutonnieres. However, they can also fit a fall wedding, too. Pair them with fall flowers and accents such as acorns, wheat, and rustic fabrics.

For spring and summer, a great way to celebrate the life of the seasons is with edible berries added to the boutonniere. Raspberries, viburnum berries, and blackberries are just some berry-fun ideas to consider.

Dark privet berries provide a lovely alternative to red berries for fall and winter styles. They look great with acorns and seeded eucalyptus.

6. Evergreen

For a woodsy wedding, evergreen makes an enchanting statement.

Evergreen placed as the base flora of the boutonniere is a great way to add greenery without settling for the typical leaves. Evergreen works well with white flowers, red berries, pine cones, and rustic ties.

You don't only have to use evergreen for winter weddings though. They can fit into any season, especially with boho, woodsy, rustic, and fairy-tale-inspired weddings.

7. Herbs

If you really want to be creative and smell wonderful, incorporate herbs into your floral arrangements. You can even make the boutonnieres yourself with various herbs and greenery.

Herbs like rosemary, mint, juniper, cinnamon, sage, and lavender make great boutonnieres alone or paired with wildflowers and wild greenery. Herbal arrangement fits any season, too.

If you want to really be organized, choose herbs that are used throughout the season and wedding. For example, mint and cinnamon are nice for a winter wedding where their warm flavors and smells are in the air. You can even serve minty drinks and desserts to match.

On the other end, a summer or spring wedding calls for lighter notes such as lavender and sage.

8. Grains and Hops

Grains and hops aren't just for making beer. They are natural elements you can add to your boutonnieres and other arrangements for a wedding that no one will forget. They are fetching for rustic and woodsy weddings. In addition, they are great for adding texture and neutrals.

The best grains for boutonnieres include wheat, barley, and gin. Hopps also add a unique element and green texture.

Grains and hops look nice with lavender and other herbs, as well as soft flowers such as baby's breath and small wildflowers.

Let us Make your Stylish Boutonniere Dreams Come True

As you can see, the options for a unique and trendy boutonniere to fit your perfect day are endless. Whatever style and pieces you desire, we can make it happen.

At Socal Petals, we offer floral services for all your wedding needs. From boutonnieres to bouquets to centerpieces and more, we listen to what you want and create arrangements based on your needs and picture.

Check out some of the boutonnieres we have made for our couples in the past. Contact us today to set up a meeting with one of our experts.

10 Most Expensive Flowers in the World August 09, 2018 07:43

Los Angeles FloristA beautiful bouquet of flowers is a gift as old as time. Flowers have always been a highly valued as gestures of appreciation and decoration. They're even good for one's mental health. Affordable and appropriate for almost any occasion, they are and always will be an easy and amazing purchase.

For some people though, affordable flowers aren't good enough. There are certain types of flowers that can be incredibly tough on the wallet but might be worth it for their eye-catching beauty, radiance, and exclusivity.

If you've got an eye for nice things, read on and as we detail the ten most expensive flowers available in the world.

10. Gloriosa

Native to South Africa and some parts of Asia, this flower has a striking, bright-red appearance. Its bloom is unique, growing long tendrils that change color over the length of the flower. The leaves of this plant can grow up to an incredible three meters long, making it one big flower.

The Gloriosa does have medical use in some functions, it can also be deeply poisonous and cause skin irritation. An average gloriosa flower can go for $10 on the market.

9. Hydragena

The hydrangea flowers have a very unique, bulbous appearance, making them a popular pick for weddings, showers, and other events. Visually, they appear almost as colorful cotton balls and grow in a cluster off of bush-like plants.

They are delicate and sell for up to $7 a stem, making bouquets a pricey affair. This doesn't stop their popularity, however, as they are one of the more commonly purchased flowers in the world.

8. Lisianthus

This incredible lavender flower is fragrant and colorful, but also fragile. The fragile nature of the lisianthus prompts its value. Though they bloom beautiful, lisianthus flowers can only last a short period of time once cut, making it a difficult flower to sell and a rare one to find.

They can be pricey, ranging between $20 and $35 for one bundle.

7. Lily of the Valley

This famed and sweetly scented flower is worth a pretty penny. You may have seen it most recently in the Royal Wedding, where Kate Middleton's bridal bouquet consisted almost solely of this flower.

The Lily of the Valley can cost up to $50 per bundle. Though it looks cute and sweet, it can be highly poisonous. It's a frequent choice for high-class weddings and symbolizes humility, sweetness, and purity of heart.

6. The Oriental Lily

The reason this particular flower is so highly coveted has to do with its growth process. They are pricey because it can take several years for them to bloom to their full blooming size, and they can be very fragile.

Colorful and exuberant in appearance, the oriental lily is an elegant addition to any arrangement. They're also wonderful at keeping a room smelling wonderful and inviting. A fully bloomed oriental lily can be between six and eight inches in size, and a bundle can cost up to $50. The flower can be found in various colors, most frequently yellow, white and pink.

5. Saffron

A huge jump in price from the previous options, saffron is easily one of the most expensive flowers in the world. The saffron flower is used for producing saffron spice, an expensive spice used by chefs and cooks around the entire world.

To be able to extract 450 grams of dry saffron, harvesters must reap over 50,000 flowers, all by hand. This can be long and difficult work, making the flower and the spice it produces highly coveted and expensive. Saffron spice alone can cost anywhere between $500 and $5000 per pound.

4. Gold of Kinabalu Orchid

This particular orchid, also referred to as Rothchild's orchid, wasn't even discovered until 1987. The rare flower was found in the rainforests that surround Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia. It is an incredibly unique flower because it holds its petals in a horizontal fashion and can take a lengthy fifteen years to fully bloom.

Gold of Kinabula is one of the most expensive flowers in the world, catching a fee of up to five thousand dollars per stem. Its rarity-- it only blooms in a small month window in the spring, and only at very particular altitudes-- has made it a coveted item on the black market for flower-collectors.

3. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

Another expensive orchid is actually not even of the natural world. The Shenzhen Nongke orchid was actually man-made, as some flowers are. It was created by scientists at the Shenzhen Nongke University. It took eight years of heavy research to be able to create the flower how it is today.

It's an elegant and delicate creation, and it takes four or five years to be able to see the orchid bloom. The original orchid was sold at an auction back in 2005 for a sum of $275,000. To date, that is the most expensive individual flower ever bought.

2. The Juliet Luxury Rose

Another man-made creation is the Juliet Rose, designed by rose breeder and writer David Austin. He unveiled the rose in 2006 where it became known as the five million dollar rose-- the amount it is said was needed for Austin to develop the unique flower.

The process of designing the Juliet Rose took fifteen years, making it the most expensive to develop flower of all time. The elegant large blooms are unique to Austin's flower and make it one of the most expensive flowers for weddings. It's available for sale via Austin's site for $82 a bouquet.

1. Kadupul Flower

This exquisite creation is more than expensive-- its impossible to possess. The Kadupul, known as The Queen of the Night, is considered priceless by many around the world.

The Kadupul grows in Sir Lanka, but only lives its gorgeous life for a few brief hours. It blooms sometime after midnight and dies by morning. Also, if picked, it dies within hours. Kadupul flowers, therefore, can't be bought and are impossible to grow. Their value is more than money, they have passed into the realm of mythicism.

The World's Most Expensive Flowers

Money can buy many things, and if you have money to throw around, you may be able to deck out your home with some of these extravagant and expensive flowers.

Working with a little more of a budget? Check out our on sale section for flowers both beautiful and a little easier on the wallet.

How to Choose A Funeral Bouquet August 03, 2018 08:22

Los Angeles FloristSaying goodbye to our loved ones is often a difficult time. We want to show respect and send them off in a way that reflects their time with us. Picking the right funeral bouquet is more than just buying flowers. It requires some thought. You can just grab a bouquet at the gas station on the way to the funeral, but do you really want that to be your last and lasting reminder? Picking out a nice bouquet is as much for you as it is for them.

Here are a few tips for choosing the best funeral bouquet.

Your Quick Guide to Funeral Bouquets

Funerals don't always need to be solemn and stuffy. With many people planning their own before they die, making requests for a more fun and upbeat affair are becoming the norm.

People are moving away from severe dark and black clothing to brighter colors, cheerful music and celebrations of love and life, not of loss.


Find out if the deceased made any plans. if so, this will make your flower purchase easier. They may have asked for a particular favorite flower to be used.

If it is a celebration of life, then splash out on color and stay away from the more traditional themes and somber bouquets.

If they always enjoyed life, then let your flowers reflect that in them. It doesn't need to be expensive to show your love and appreciation for their life and enjoyment of it.


If you knew the person well, you should know their favorite flower. If not, sometimes it can be nice to match up the flower to the person. Certain types of flowers seem to have certain characteristics.

You can consider their background when choosing flowers, perhaps they had a rose garden or loved lilacs in the spring. Maybe they hated carnations or were allergic altogether.


You can use their name, as well, which is very easy as many women have names for flowers. Daisy, Rose, Violet, and Lily, which is a very popular flower to buy for funerals.

Matching up the flower to the person being remembered can be fun and make you feel like you have made an extra effort. You can find hearty, sturdy flowers, as well, that are suitable for men.


You could also go with a particular color they liked. Maybe your aunt Gladys loved purple, so you could get purple gladioli for the bouquet. A flower bouquet in a special color for their favorite color is a nice way to remember them.

It's nice to remember the person with small tributes to them through the flowers. If they always wore yellow, use that for the flowers. If they loved the outdoors, consider a rustic bouquet in a basket or wooden box.

Culture and Background

Traditional wreaths or flowers on a cross are appropriate for people with religious backgrounds. The wreath is for eternity and the cross has more Catholic or religious symbols.

You do need to take into consideration their religious background, as some may not traditionally use flowers and be careful with religious symbols, and their appropriateness for the person.

If you are attending the funeral of someone from a diverse cultural background, some flowers may have different meanings. Be sure to look up what the flowers mean before you order them.

Types of Flowers and Arrangments

There are many directions you can go with bouquets and beyond, for funeral flowers.

  • bouquets
  • sprays
  • potted
  • wicker baskets
  • plastic pots
  • scarf
  • couch lid
  • easel stands

You may opt for a vase, a bowl, or an orchid dish with succulents for a beautiful arrangement.

You can buy something that will last. You can buy a potted plant that blooms and lasts longer than a traditional bouquet. This makes a nice memento for the family to retain long after the funeral.

Or, buy a shrub or perennial plants to plant at or on the gravesite that blooms for many years to come. Flowers like tulips or daffodils that come up every year are beautiful and keep on giving.


You may want to opt for a different type of arrangement. Succulents are a beautiful choice, as they require very little maintenance and last for years. These make a wonderful, long-lasting and very unique choice to bring.


Usually, with a funeral bouquet, you try not to worry about the cost. That doesn't mean you need to blow your whole budget. The nicest bouquets don't always cost the most.

The less expensive funeral bouquets are just as nice and if you have found something that has personal meaning, then you shouldn't worry about the cost if you didn't pay very much.

If you have a garden or know someone who does, a small bouquet of wildflowers or freshly cut flowers are always beautiful and always welcome. If you didn't know the person very well, then shop accordingly.

Consider Your Relationship

The size and cost of the flowers you choose should be appropriate for the relationship you had with the deceased. If you are immediate family, then you want to go with a bigger bouquet or the family will buy together.

If you are buying for a neighbor or work colleague you didn't know very well, but still want to buy an arrangement, then a nice bouquet in a vase or bowl is kind and suffice. It may seem inappropriate to get something larger.

In Lieu of Flowers

It isn't uncommon for people to ask for a charitable donation instead of sending flowers. You should make the donation, but if you still want to send flowers, as long as you know it will be alright, go ahead. it doesn't need to be something big, just a little funeral bouquet so the family knows you are thinking of them.

This is also a good time to consider the shrub or perennials at the grave site. You can plant them when it's convenient and let the family know if needed.

For more ideas or information about flowers for a funeral bouquet or any other flower needs, please contact us.

Questions to Ask a LA Florist to Do Your Wedding June 26, 2018 05:23

Los Angeles FloristYou're set on getting hitched in Los Angeles, but have you thought about your wedding flowers? Floral wedding decorations may not be your first priority when planning your wedding, but the right arrangements can really tie together your theme and add more romance to every setting. The best way to make the most of wedding flowers whatever your budget is to get a professional in to help.

Here are some essential questions to ask a LA florist before you sign a contract.

Questions a Bride Should Ask a LA Florist Before Signing a Contract

Before you go any further, check they have the date free. There's nothing worse than finding a florist you love, but realizing they aren't able to do your wedding flowers.

If they're available for your wedding, use these questions to make sure they're the right florist for you:

Experience as a Florist

How Long Have You Been Doing Wedding Flowers?

Less experienced florists are more likely to offer cheaper packages as they try to build their portfolio. However, if you want to feel safe in the knowledge that you can leave all floral worries to a professional, you might want to consider a florist with more experience.

Can I See Examples of Your Recent Weddings?

Brides and grooms everywhere will only recommend a wedding service provider if they felt 100% happy with them. The smallest problem can feel like it ruins your big day - so if your florist is able to provide references from recent nuptials, you're onto a good start.

Ask to see their wedding portfolio, too. Florists have their own unique styles, just like any designer: you'll be able to see if you like their approach to flowers or if it doesn't quite match your taste.

What Insurance Cover Do You Have?

You don't want to assume that something will go wrong with your wedding day, but it's vital to make sure that one of the questions to ask your LA florist is about their insurance policy.

What happens if the flowers aren't delivered on time? What if the quality of flowers is poor? Where do you stand if your bouquet droops before you've even walked down the aisle?

What Is Your Deposit and Cancellation Policy?

As well as insurance for supplier problems on the day, it's important to find out your rights as a consumer should you call off the wedding too. Find out how much your deposit would be, and how far in advance of the wedding you can cancel with a refund.

Will You Be Personally Doing My Wedding Flowers?

Some florists work independently and manage all of their arrangements, bouquets, and boutonnieres - while others have large teams to help.

If you like a particular florist's style, make sure they will at least be having input and quality control on your wedding flowers. If they are unavailable on your wedding date to do this, see if you can negotiate a discount.

Questions to Ask a Florist About Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Are My Favourites in Season?

You might have your sights set on sunflowers, or have a penchant for peonies. However, if your flowers are out of season, you might need to consider alternatives - or rearrange your wedding budget.

Ask a LA florist if the flowers you want are in season. If the ones you want aren't available, a good florist will be able to recommend ideal alternatives.

What Wedding Flowers Would You Recommend for Hayfever Sufferers?

The only tears on your wedding day should be happy ones. If you suffer from hayfever, ask a LA florist if they can suggest low-pollen flowers to minimize potential puffy eyes on the big day.

What Colours Would Work with My Theme?

You might already have this worked out, but if you're still trying to figure out how to tie your wedding theme together then ask your LA florist for their advice.

You're not just paying them to arrange flowers. Their creative skills, eye for color, and design experience come with the package too.

Is Greenery Included in My Wedding Flowers Package?

Foliage can look amazing and be a cheap way to do wedding flowers. Ask an LA florist if your greenery is included, though, as this is sometimes an additional cost to your flower stems and can really add up fast.

Can You Safely Provide Edible Flowers for the Cake?

If you want your wedding florist in LA to contribute to the wedding cake decorations, make sure they are able to provide food-safe flowers and petals.

Can You Tell Me About Packages Versus a Custom Order?

A package can often save you money, as a florist is able to put together standard arrangements more quickly and without needing special additional orders.

However, it may not always save you money. Ask about bespoke wedding flowers versus package prices to see if you can save.

The Logistics of Wedding Flowers

When you think you've found a supplier you like, make sure you ask a LA florist how they manage the wedding day logistics too.

Is a Site Visit Required?

Find out if they are familiar with the church and venue, or if they will need to visit to plan logistics and design suitable arrangements. If a visit is required, make sure you know whether this is an additional cost.

Who Is Responsible for Transporting to the Venue?

Will the florist drop the arrangements off at your hotel in the morning, or will they be able to set up in the venue on the day? If the florist is responsible for transport, make sure they know when and where they need to be well in advance of the wedding date.

How Much Time Will You Need in the Venue to Set up the Flowers?

Make sure you know how long your floral arrangements will take to set up on the day of the wedding so that you can negotiate this with the church and reception venue.

The Next Steps After Your Wedding Flower Consultation

When you've gone through the list of questions to ask a LA florist and have been satisfied with all responses, it's time to sign your wedding flower contract.

Make sure that you know when and how to pay a deposit and any installments, and when your designs need to be finalized with your florist. The next step is to book a wedding flower design consultation and you'll be well on your way to a beautiful wedding day.

Flowers at Work: How to Choose the Best Flowers to Send to a Workplace May 29, 2018 07:35

Los Angeles FloristThere's no better surprise than flowers at work. A bright colorful bouquet immediately sends a smile to someone special in your life. Someone you're grateful for, who you want to know that you appreciate them. But sending someone special flowers at work can be nerve-wracking. What bouquet should you choose? How can you make sure they get there? Does it send the right message?

There are a lot of things to consider before sending even the simplest bouquet of flowers at work. We got your covered with all the information and answers you could possibly need so you can make sure the flowers you choose are appropriate for any workplace atmosphere.

Who Are The Flowers at Work For?

Floral advice can vary based on who you're sending the flowers to. You're going to send a completely different bouquet to your significant other than you are to your mom. Here are some things to consider.

Someone You're Dating

If you are sending flowers to someone you just started dating, and things aren't exactly official yet, you might want to think twice before you send flowers to their office. While everyone loves getting flowers at work, if you just started dating, your special someone might not be ready to let everyone know you're dating.

But some occasions make it safer to send flowers than others, even if you just started dating. Valentine's Day, for example, is a safe place.

Everyone else at work will probably be receiving flowers, so you're special someone likely won't feel uncomfortable even if you just started dating, and might even feel left out or wished you did if you don't send flowers.

Sending flowers to the office will make special someone's day.

There's no better feeling than getting a bouquet of unexpected flowers at work. The sweet smelling colorful bouquet and the thoughtful note will brighten up anyone's dull work day and warm their heart. Your person will feel special, appreciated, and admired.

It's honestly one of the best surprises. Go above and beyond for anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions by not only sending beautiful blooms but also including a gift or something sweet.

Is it Okay to Send Flowers to a Man at Work?

Men love getting surprises at work too! If the man you want to show appreciation to, isn't into flowers, plants make a great gift as well!

There's a ton of plant and succulent options, that can brighten up an office window or breath life to a desk.

And the best part? Some plants can even last longer than flowers and only need a few drops of water a week.

How to Send Flowers to a Coworker

It's always nice to acknowledge your employee's hard work with a surprise. It can be with lunch, treats or simply telling them how much you appreciate them.

Flowers on Administrative Assistant Day really goes above and beyond, just make sure every administrative assistant in the office is getting a bouquet so no one feels left out or mistakes the gesture as romantic.

You can also chip in with other employees to send flowers or a plant to your boss on his or her birthday, work anniversary, retirement or to celebrate the birth of children. Make sure you do this as a group, so no one gets the wrong idea.

If a co-worker or boss has suffered from a loss or is hospitalized. It's always a good idea to have everyone chip in for flowers from the office. This is a great way to brighten up their day and remind them they have support at work.

What's the Work Environment Like?

This is another important factor to consider when sending someone flowers at work. What's their work environment like?

Does your significant other work in a formal office environment with a desk where the flowers can be placed? Or is your significant other a bartender, waiter or works retail where he or she doesn't have a place to put the flowers, so sending flowers at work doesn't really make sense? In this case, it's probably best to send flowers to their place of residence.

Choosing Flowers

Before you send flowers to someone at work, make sure you know what kind of flowers they like. For example, a lot of women dislike red roses. They find them to be generic and unimaginative.

Pay attention to the kind of flowers or plants your significant other keeps in their home or office if you've had a chance to see it. Think if your person's style and personality and find a bloom that matches that vibe.

Also if your recipient is a very private person, shy, and reserved, they might be embarrassed by flowers at work. Whereas if you're dating someone who loves to be the center of attention a big beautiful bouquet might just hit the spot.

It's also important to consider the other employees in the office when sending flowers. You don't want to send flowers that are too scented, in case anyone has allergies. Your florist can tell you which flowers are low scent or scentless.

You also want to pick a flower that won't die quickly, because dead flowers is a whole other smell. Also, try to send flowers at the beginning of the week so they can be appreciated longer and not die over the weekend.

The Logistics

Now that you have decided if it's appropriate to send someone flowers at work, and what kind of flower, bouquet or plant you're going to send, you just have to confirm the logistics.

Here's the information you should have ready: the full name and number for the recipient, so if the delivery person has a hard time locating them, there's a contact number.

It's also good to know when the person you're sending flowers to is in the office. Know around when they take lunch or leave for the day to ensure they're there when their delivery arrives.

If the person you're sending flowers too works for a huge company in a big building, make sure you have the department they work in. Also, know specifics like their floor number or room number if necessary.

Put time and thought into the message you're going to write on the card. Try to make it personal. Have that ready before you place your order.

And like anything you buy online, you'll, of course, need your credit card number, billing address, security code, expiration date, phone number, and e-mail.

Send Those Flowers!

Now that all your questions about sending flowers at work are answered, and you have all the information you need it's time to send them!

Contact us for more information and see how we can help you send the right bouquet to that special someone.

How to Choose the Perfect Graduation Flowers for Your Favorite Graduate May 22, 2018 08:49

Los Angeles FloristYou've sat through all the speeches and the roll-call of names. The moment where you greet your special graduate for the first time finally arrives.  Presenting them with a gift of graduation flowers is the perfect way to show you are both happy for them and bursting with pride.

They also have the added bonus of adding a splash of color and festiveness to your graduation photos!

With so many flowers to choose from, picking the right bouquet for the occasion can feel overwhelming.

This helpful guide for what kind of flowers for graduation to choose can take the stress out of the decision.

Use Colors for a Festive Look

One of the advantages of giving flowers as a gift is the vast variety of colors they come in. Presenting your new grad with a burst of bright, colorful blooms will match the celebratory feel of the moment. It is hard to go wrong with a mix of blue, pink, white, red or yellow flowers.

You could also choose flowers to match the colors of the school. Most schools have adopted a pair of compatible colors, which makes it easy to create an arrangement limited to just those two.

Unless, of course, one of the school's color is black.

And yet you could still wow your graduate with an arrangement including some black dahlias, black pansies (neither of which are actually black, but rather a deep purple), or purple calla lily.

Convey a Message Through Blossoms

You can also take advantage of the special language of flowers, as almost all symbolize their own unique sentiment.

Have fun with choosing flowers that symbolize something appropriate for a graduate. Here are a few suggestions for the best flowers for graduation:


You can never go wrong with a classic bouquet of graduation roses. Red roses send a clear message of love. The meaning of other colors is not as well known.

White roses symbolize new beginnings and pink are symbols of admiration. Sending a bunch of yellow roses used to be an accusation of infidelity, but now they are more commonly associated with friendship and joy.

Bird of Paradise

These flowers manage to capture all the emotions of this significant milestone. They symbolize joyfulness. They also are used to convey a message of excitement and wonderful anticipation.


Some say these flowers are symbols of love, with red carnations also sending a message of admiration. You should probably stay away from yellow carnations, as some say these are symbols of disappointment or rejection. Hardly the message you want to send to your graduate!


Different colors of irises send different messages. Purple means wisdom and compliments while white conveys hope and faith.


A bunch of these bright yellow blossoms indicates joy and happiness as well as new beginnings. But don't give just one, as this predicts misfortune.

Long-Lasting Gifts

If you want to present the graduate with a gift that will last long after the celebration is over, consider giving them a plant.

And don't worry that a houseplant won't seem festive enough. There are many beautiful and colorful options available. For example, orchids make for a particularly elegant gift. Despite their exotic appearance, they are no more difficult to care for than other typical houseplants.

Another approach is to try something symbolic, such as some lucky bamboo. These plants bring a quiet serenity to their surroundings. One stalk means truth, three is for new beginnings, and five represents wealth.

If you want something more colorful, you could also send flowering plants. Chrysanthemums and African Violets are festive and will continue to flower for months and even years.

Finally, for those who prefer more understated plants, succulents are very popular these days and can fit in with any decor.

Graduation Flowers for a Party

For a celebration following the ceremony, you will want to use flowers in vibrant colors and eye-catching displays. Bouquets for right after the ceremony need to be easy to carry and not ostentatious. But flowers that are part of the party decorations can be as bountiful as you like.

A centerpiece of flowers that match the school's colors would work well with the other decorations.

You could also create a large display of flowers that can be given as party favors to the guests at the end of the event. Choose flowers that stand well on their own, such as roses, carnations, lilies, and sunflowers.

What About Flowers for Boys?

Presenting flowers to girls as a graduation gift is a common practice. But not so much for boys. Some may even feel a little awkward if presented with a large bouquet of roses.

But just because they are not traditional recipients of blooms doesn't mean boys should have to miss out completely on this gesture of love and celebration.

If you want to present graduation flowers to the boys of the class, consider giving out leis. The practice started in Hawaii but has now spread to all regions of the U.S. Boys and girls alike are presented with necklaces of flowers.

Because they are typically presented when someone is leaving or arriving, they are quite fitting as a graduation gift. They can be symbolic of both leaving school and embarking on a new phase of life.

Many leis are made from strings of orchids, but other flowers can be used as well. Lilies, roses, tulips, and even leaves all make beautiful leis.

Sending Flowers to the Long-Distance Graduate

For those times when you are not able to attend the graduation ceremony, you can still present the graduate with a graduation flower bouquet.

You can check the delivery area of your favorite florist to make sure they can take care of your order.

One nice bonus of having flowers delivered is they will come beautifully arranged and in an attractive container. You don't have to limit yourself to flowers. Balloons, chocolate, and plush animals also make great graduation gifts.

Order in Person or Online

Although same-day delivery is possible, you may want to check with your florist in advance about availability. Giving flowers to graduates is such a widespread practice, you want to make sure you get the best selection of graduation flowers.

Graduation is such a significant milestone in everyone's lives. Every graduate should be proud of this achievement. Presenting them with a festive and meaningful gift of flowers will make them feel loved and supported.

5 Reasons to Always Use Local Flower Delivery May 15, 2018 09:55

Los Angeles FloristNeed to send flowers to the people that you love the most? Before you rush to order flowers from that big, impersonal chain florist? Consider working with a local flower delivery service instead. Shopping local isn't just a great way to support your community. It also ensures that you get the highest quality of flowers and customer service. Why send an arrangement at all if it's just going to arrive crushed, withered, and without any care at all?

Instead, read on to learn what a difference working with a local florist can make.

1. The Flowers Will Be Fresh And In Season

Especially if you're not exactly an expert when it comes to buying flowers, it can be tough to know which buds are in season when you're doing your shopping.

Unfortunately, many larger florists and national chains don't care about which flowers will look the best for the time of year you're buying within. Instead, they just want to unload their excess flowers as fast as possible.

This means that, by the time that your flowers arrive?

Not only will they look less than lovely, they probably won't give off that amazing scent that elevates your arrangements, either.

However, when you work with a local flower delivery company, you can expect your special someone to get flowers that are in season and fresh.

Instead of growing tons and tons of flowers under a single greenhouse roof? Smaller florists have the time and the interest in creating a stunning bouquet that's filled with only the freshest, well cared for flowers.

After all, it's hard to send the right message when your flowers are dead on arrival.

2. They'll Get There Faster

So, you've made a pretty huge mistake.

Maybe you've forgotten an anniversary, had a birthday slip your mind, or just said something you shouldn't have.

Whatever the reason, you need flowers delivered -- as soon as possible.

You're not going to be able to make that happen unless you work with a florist that offers local flower delivery.

And even if you can find same-day delivery at a larger florist? We know that they're probably going to charge you an insane amount of money to make it happen.

When you work with a local florist, you can easily get flowers delivered the same day that you order them for a reasonable fee. You can even talk to your florist and see about getting your arrangement delivered in as little as two-and-a-half hours.

3. You'll Get Personalized Recommendations

Unsure of what exactly you're saying with your flower arrangement?

Do you need advice on which flowers are appropriate to send for certain occasions?

Would you like to shower the one you love with something special, but need a little advice on which arrangements are the most likely to be right for her?

If so, working with a local flower delivery will allow you to have access to personalized recommendations.

You can discuss the kind of statement you want to make over the phone, and your local florist will help you to put together the perfect bouquet.

You'll also learn a little bit about the language of flowers. This way, you can send a unique message that your special someone can enjoy decoding!

4. You Can Add On Extra Gifts

Another awesome benefit of working with a local flower delivery service?

You don't have to stop with just flowers!

You can also choose from a variety of gifts that will help to take your arrangement to the next level and add some serious cheer to someone in your life who might be going through a rough time.

You can add on occasion-themed balloons, chocolates, and even stuffed animals. Especially if you're shopping for a bigger holiday like Valentine's Day, then we know you want to do everything you can to make a big statement.

Let's face it: sometimes, flowers alone just aren't enough to really win someone over!

You can even add on a greeting card if you're interested in sending a longer message of love. No need to fit everything that you need to say in 150 words or less.

5. Your Arrangements Will Be Unique

The person that you're taking the time to send flowers to isn't like everyone else?

So, why should you give them the same flower arrangements that everyone else gets?

The truth is that it's hard for someone to feel like you really took the time to create something "just for them" when they can see the same arrangement fifteen times in their Instagram feed.

When you choose to do business with a local flower delivery service, you can create something entirely unique for the people that you care the most about.

Make a bouquet that they'll be proud to show off to all of their friends!

Looking For A Local Flower Delivery Service In Los Angeles?

No matter what you're buying, there are so many reasons why shopping with a local company is always the best bet.

However, when you're buying flowers, it's especially important that you work with a local flower delivery service.

Not only will doing so ensure that your flowers arrive looking fresh and their best -- it also means that they'll get to their destination quickly.

Plus, you can send unique arrangements, other gifts, and get personalized recommendations from people who truly love what they do.

Looking to send flowers to friends and family in and around Los Angeles?

Let us help you to create the perfect arrangement. Be sure to check out our flower blog for even more invaluable advice about how to say it with flowers.

How to Pick Out the Perfect Mother's Day Flowers May 08, 2018 05:53

Los Angeles Florist
According to the National Retail Federation, the average American spends $29 per person on Mother's Day flowers accounting for a $2.4 billion expenditure nationwide.

For many, picking out the right gift for Mother's Day is a daunting task. Whether it's taking mom out for breakfast, buying her a nice card, or picking up some fancy jewelry, knowing what your mom wants isn't always straightforward.

This is especially true when it comes to buying flowers. That is why we have put together this helpful guide to get you started.

Let us help you find something she is guaranteed to love.

How Long Should an Arrangement Last?

Buying an arrangement of flowers always brings up the question, "How long will my blooms last?"

The answer to this question varies based on the kind of flower you choose. Tropical flowers last the longest and can bloom beautifully for as long as three weeks.

In general, an arrangement will be able to last for four to five days.

But with some tricks, you can make them last a little bit longer. Try adding sugar and aspirin to the water.

Another great tip is to cut the stems at an angle. This allows it to get more water and keep blooming. You should change the water daily to increase the lifespan of your bouquet.

It is also important to note that if you keep your flowers in a warm environment, they will bloom quickly. So make sure that you store your Mother's Day flowers in a room that is the appropriate temperature.

Should I Order Online?

Deciding whether or not to order Mother's Day flowers online is daunting. You don't want to spend all that money only to have them arrive destroyed.

Fortunately, many companies have learned the secret to sending out flowers that will last. They consider the timing of the blooms opening before they pack and send the flowers to make sure they arrive in top-notch condition.

Ordering at a flower shop is also a good option if you live close to your mother. That way you can see what you are buying before you order it and meet the florist who will make your bouquet.

Online, all you will see is a photograph of another arrangement that is similar to the one your mother will receive.

Whether you buy in person online, a quality shop will be able to deliver the flowers you order unharmed and on time to your mother's door. Don't settle for a business with cheap prices looking to cut corners.

What are Some Sources of Inspiration?

Trying to choose flowers doesn't come naturally to most of us. With so many different kinds out there how do you know where to start?

Pick Her Favorite

Most women have a favorite flower. Try to find out what it is and purchase a large bouquet of those blooms to make her smile.

Alternatively, if you aren't sure what her favorite flower is, try purchasing a bouquet that is her favorite color. The gesture will surely be appreciated.


Metallics are huge for 2018. For an upscale look, try using a metallic vase with your flowers.

Match Her Table

Many families like to host a Mother's Day brunch to celebrate. If your family has this custom, try to match your bouquet to the place settings for a cohesive look.

Go Ombre

By using blooms in multiple shades of the same color, you can create a cohesive and exciting look.

Twin Bouquets

If your mother has a rectangular table, you should consider purchasing two smaller bouquets instead of one large one. This will allow her guests to see across the table as she is entertaining.

Traditional Mother's Day Flowers

The most traditional of all Mother's Day flowers is the carnation. It has been part of the custom since 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson first announced the holiday.

That makes the best choice for a traditional mom a bouquet of brightly colored carnations. Fortunately, these blooms last much longer than most flowers so she should be able to enjoy them for quite awhile.

Modern Mother's Day Flowers

If your mom prefers a more modern look, then you should try a bouquet that reflects that contemporary lifestyle.

Try purchasing her a living bloom plant to accent her home for years to come. These flowers are usually relatively easy to care for and only require a little watering every once in a while.

What Shouldn't Be Combined?

Depending on what florist you consider, they will give you different advice about what flowers should go together in a bouquet.

For some, they believe that all flowers can go together if they are arranged properly. But for others, combining flowers with competing scents is not recommended.

You should also consider how much filler you want in your flowers. Many florists believe that using too much baby's breath or leatherleaf in your bouquet can cheapen the look.

Arrangement Details

You will need to consider other aspects of the bouquet like how much greenery you want in it and what sort of vase you are looking for.


Considering the height of the display is important when you order flowers. You don't want something that is going to dwarf everything around it. Nor do you want something that is so small it gets lost on the table.

Consider the size of your mother's table and how it is set up before you make your purchase.

What to Look for in a Florist

When you are looking for a florist for your Mother's Day flowers, you should check out their website to see what their style is like.

Then, go for a visit to the shop and get to know your florist to make sure they're the right fit.

They should understand your budget and style and be able to bring your vision to life.

Make sure you consider the price point you are comfortable with and what sort of product selection you require.

It can be helpful to check out customer reviews for this information.

The Easy Seasonal Flower Guide You Need May 01, 2018 04:55

Los Angeles Florist
Flowers are nature's most versatile gift. They can be used in a variety of different ways: medicinally, in cooking, home decor, gardens, and also literally, as gifts.

Whether they're given as a celebration of a milestone, an aid in recovery, or to ease the pain of a loss, anyone can appreciate a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

There are just so many flowers out there, though. Scientists currently estimate that there are 400,000 different species of flowering plants on Earth. How do you choose?

Well, it helps that your selection is narrowed down for you depending on the time of the year. When considering putting together a flower arrangement or bouquet, you should always select a seasonal flower to build it with.

Below, we've broken down the different types of flowers available by season.

Your Seasonal Flower Guide

Like with grocery store produce, different flowers have different availability depending on the season. Of course, it's always springtime somewhere on the planet, but off-season flowers, similar to produce, will be more expensive. You're better off buying what's blooming in your own hemisphere.

So enough with the build-up, let's get into it.


We all know the old saying: April shows bring May flowers. Springtime is the time of the year when most flowers bloom.

In order for a flower to grow and bloom, it requires ample sunlight, water, and warmth. Spring delivers all of these. It's a rainy time of the year with warm temperatures and longer days, providing everything a flower needs to grow.

Because of this, there are a ton of flowers to choose from. This is partly why spring is the busy season for weddings.

Spring generally runs from late March to late June and within this timeframe, you have roses, tulips, lilacs, daisies daffodils, cherry blossoms, violets, and azaleas to choose from. There is so much more we could list, but suffice it to say, your options are limitless.

You can be sure that your spring bouquet will be colorful and elegant.


As far as flowers are concerned, summer is just an extension of spring. You may feel the increased heat, but they won't. Certain flowers, like irises, can be considered spring or summer flowers and you wouldn't be wrong either way.

The only thing that can affect flower growth in the summer is drought, which we know all too well in southern California.

That being said, if the rains are generous, you can find a similarly large variety of flowers in late summer as you can in spring.

On top of the flowers listed above, you can also find hydrangeas, sunflowers, gardenias, chrysanthemums, snapdragons, and many more.


Typically, flowers only bloom when there are enough sunlight hours of the day (more on this later), otherwise, they shut down. For some flowers, autumn is that time. At this time of the year, your seasonal flower options begin to dwindle.

If you live in a less volatile climate whose seasonal changes are less severe (like southern California), however, you may still have a bevy of options to choose from. And even in harsher climates, many flowers continue to bloom well into fall.

Flowers like marigolds, carnations, chrysanthemums, daisies, roses, and some lilies can all be easily found in autumn.


It is during this time of year that flower blooming reaches a near-complete halt. The days get much shorter, depending on your latitude, during the winter and so the flowers mostly stop blooming. But some do not. Here's some science for you:

All flowers have a gene that decides when to bloom called CONSTANS. This gene is only triggered in the light and tells the flower to bloom once the amount of sunlight available surpasses a certain threshold.

A separate gene called DNF (Day Neutral Flowering). In normal flowers, the DNF gene suppresses the activation of the CONSTANS gene until there is enough daylight.

Some flowers, however, do not have this gene, or its defective, and so they bloom during the winter months anyway.

Because of this, it is possible to find rogue flowers that are still available during winter. They're still most likely grown in areas without a true winter and are imported. One such place is right here in SoCal, so you still have plenty of options in the winter months.

Roses, amaryllis, carnations, and chrysanthemums are still readily available during the winter. Of course, there is also the poinsettia flower, which is wildly popular as a gift around Christmastime thanks to its festive red and green colors.

The Poinsettia is a quintessential winter seasonal flower because it isn't really a flower at all. While they're generally mistaken for petals, the red parts of a poinsettia are actually leaves.

Those red leaves, scientifically known as bracts, actually require darkness to get their dark red color, making them a perfect winter plant.

Additional Quick Tips

All the seasonal flower knowledge in the world won't help you if you don't know anything about the person you're buying them for.

In order to maximize the satisfaction a floral gift can provide, find out what colors or even smells the receiver likes.

More importantly, make sure that the person you're giving flowers to doesn't have any severe plant allergies that could turn a well-intentioned gift into a disaster.

Make sure you relay all of this information to your florist before you buy a bouquet or arrangement.

Need Help Choosing Flowers?

Knowing about which flowers are in season and which aren't isn't all you need when putting together a flower arrangement or bouquet. You also have to have an eye for design and color.

If you're not comfortable in this area, you may just want to leave it to the experts. If you're looking for an arrangement or bouquet, consider checking out our original floral gift selection.

We also provide options for any occasion. Whether you need flowers for a birthday, wedding, graduation, a funeral, or hospital visit, we've got you covered.


7 Summer Flowers and What They Represent April 24, 2018 06:20

Los Angeles Florist
There are few better ways to brighten someone's day than a beautiful bouquet, especially in the summertime when there are all sorts of colorful blooms on display.

What makes a summer bouquet even more special? A careful pairing of the flowers and their meanings--from Victorian times to ancient China, you have a lot of symbolism to work with.

Here are seven of our favorite summer blossoms and what they mean (plus a few of our products that feature the flower!)

1. Dahlias

At the top of our list is a classic: the dahlia.

The dahlia is a classic choice for bouquets because of its visual appeal--layers of geometric petals add body to an arrangement, while the bright colors of dahlias make the whole bunch pop.

Dahlias have a long history and several meanings. You might have thought of the infamous Black Dahlia (fun fact: the black dahlia flower is actually burgundy and is often tied to a warning of coming betrayal).

However, the common dahlia can include any of the following meanings:

  • Staying graceful under pressure
  • Drawing on your inner strength
  • Standing out from the crowd
  • Making a major, positive life change

Got a friend going through some rough times? Use some dahlia flowers and their meanings to encourage them to stand strong and stay graceful. Our Dahlia Delight arrangement is a great option.

2. Peonies

Peonies are among the most popular wedding flowers and for a good reason.

These giant, delicate pink blossoms are a joy to smell and a greater joy to behold--no wonder they come in every color except blue.

The peony has a variety of meanings across the world. In their native China, peonies are a symbol of honor, beauty, riches, and royalty. In fact, the Chinese word for peony roughly translates to "most beautiful".

In the West, they're often a symbol of good fortune, happiness, and everlasting prosperity, which makes them a great choice for a wedding flower.

We love seeing peonies in action in our Simple Sophistication bouquet, featuring a group of gorgeous blush-colored peonies tied with a peach ribbon.

3. Morning Glories

Have you ever stepped outside early on a summer morning just to be greeted by these brilliant blue beauties? We can't blame you.

Morning glories are named for their short lifespan--they bloom after sunrise, close by the afternoon and die by the evening.

Because of this, morning glory flowers and their meanings are often dual. They often mean love, but not a straightforward love. In fact, they're often taken to mean either restricted love, love in vain, or the mortality of life.

Morning glories in a bouquet or arrangement are therefore a sign to enjoy the fleeting, happy moments of life whenever they arise because you don't know when they'll be gone.

4. Sunflowers

What flower says summer more than a bright, cheery bunch of sunflowers?

They're warm and inviting with an unmistakeable sun-like appearance and deep yellow petals. But don't get caught in the easy symbolism--sunflowers actually have quite a rich history.

Much of their meaning stems from the sun itself. They're a symbol of happiness and vitality (no wonder you get a little burst of energy when you look at one) but according to Greek myth, they also represent unwavering adoration.

If that sounds like a message you'd like to send to a special someone (or if you just want to brighten someone's day) we recommend our Smile bouquet with a choice of five or seven sunflowers.

5. Marigolds

You may have heard of marigolds as a magical bunny repellant used to line flower beds (bunnies don't like eating the stems). They're a common, simple and hardy flower that packs a lot of color in a single blossom.

But sometimes, flowers and their meanings don't need to be flashy in order to be symbolically rich and significant.

For example, marigolds often mean the warmth of the rising sun, winning someone's affections through hard work, or promoting cheer and good relations. But marigolds can also mean despair over the loss of a love or a celebration of the dead.

This is why marigolds are a cultural staple in Mexico, specifically in Dia de Muertos, or the Day of the Dead.

Whatever meaning you're looking to communicate with marigolds, our Leaves bouquet is just the thing to do it.

6. Oriental Lilies

The lily family is enormous, from stargazers to tiger lilies. But when summer rolls around, oriental lilies are the star of the show.

These are the most dramatic lilies of the lily family with huge, star-shaped flowers in pink, yellow, white, or crimson with a spicy scent.

Lilies grow all over the world and are significant to a number of cultures. For example, lilies are often in high demand in China for weddings because their name sounds like the start of a phrase wishing the couple a happy union.

The Greeks and Romans also held them in high regard, often associating them with the feminine.

These days, lilies have a variety of meanings from passion to motherhood to regality to renewal.

Our Summer Meadow arrangement features a collection of oriental lilies paired with roses, tulips, and white monte casino aster.

7. Calla Lilies

Last but certainly not least on our list of summer flowers and their meanings is the regal, classic calla lily.

Few blossoms are quite as elegant or distinctive as the calla lily, with a range of shades including red, yellow, orange, pink, white, and deep burgundy. Despite the name, it isn't actually part of the lily family.

In the Victorian and ancient Greek traditions, the calla lily represents overwhelming beauty, while in Christianity they often represent faith and purity. They're also a symbol of resurrection and overcoming challenges, as the flowers can survive deep frosts and start regrowing in a vase.

Our Pure Essence bouquet is a showcase of the clean beauty of calla lilies paired with white hydrangea.

Flowers and Their Meanings in a Bouquet

Who knew summer flowers could be so symbolic?

Let us help you send the right message through flowers, whatever that message may be. Click here for a look at what bouquets and arrangments are on sale today, or get in touch with us to ask about delivery options for any occasion.

The Best Flowers for Summer Bouquets April 16, 2018 07:45

Los Angeles FloristFlowers are a universal language. You can pretty much say anything you want with them. Whether you're expressing sympathy, offering congratulations, or simply beautifying an area, flowers will get your message out all on their own.

When it comes to flowers, there's really no limit to what you can do. Looking for summer bouquets for a wedding? No problem.

Whatever your needs or desires, there are many flower options to choose from. While convenient and fun, these options may also feel overwhelming.

What flowers would scream "summer" and not "spring" in your bouquet? Which types of flowers can handle being out in the heat for several hours during an outdoor wedding and/or reception?

Feeling overwhelmed?

Well, you're in luck, because we've already done the research for you. Read on for some of our bouquet ideas and favorite summer flowers.

Shop Locally

While most flowers you can buy in the United States are imported, it's a good idea to find out what's in season in your particular area. Local floral shops will be stocked with flowers that can hold up to the area's humidity, heat, and other factors.

Shopping locally is a great way to ensure that the flowers chosen for your summer bouquets will withstand the local weather.

Consider the Climate

As you consider which flowers to use, keep the season in mind. While you can purchase flowers grown indoors in a cooler atmosphere, those that are actually in season during the summer will hold up better.

The last thing you want is to fall in love with a certain type of flower then realize it won't hold up to your local weather.

If your summer bouquets will be used outdoors, this is especially important. This will keep your bouquets looking bright and beautiful instead of drooping and dried out.

If you want to use flowers that aren't as hearty in warm weather, try using table arrangements. This will allow your bouquets to rest in water, thus keeping your flowers fresh and alert.

Go For the Wild Look

To really give a nod to summer, try going for a wild look. Many wildflowers grow throughout the summer, so they're a perfect choice to bring that fun vibe to your summer bouquets.

While tulips and roses are beautiful and recognizable, wildflowers such as lavender or agapanthus will give you that wilder look.

Grasses and other greens found in the wild will perfectly compliment the wildflowers you've chosen.

Summer Greens

As you consider which blossoms to use, also take into consideration the variety of greens available.

The type of filler plant you use can completely change the personality of your bouquet. Eucalyptus and hellebore leaves will add bold, beautiful greens throughout your arrangement.

For something more on the wild side, try adding rosemary or olive branches.

Looking to tone down the green and have more of a frosty color? Try adding dusty miller leaves.

For a far less-common look, try ditching typical blossom colors all together and utilize green flowers with your grasses and leaves. You'll end up with a completely green bouquet that's both beautiful and unique.

Flowers Great for Summer Bouquets

Here are some of our favorite summer flowers you can incorporate into your bouquets. But don't forget to check how they will hold up in your area and for your event!


Peonies are common, but beautiful and come in many different colors. Try mixing them with other flower types, or using them all on their own.


While tulips are commonly seen in yards and parks, they don't get old. Bold and beautiful, these flowers come in several colors and will add variety to any bouquet.


Roses are generally easy to find at any florist's shop but don't get stuck behind the "dozen red roses" idea. Roses come in many brighter colors that give a beautiful nod to spring. Consider using white, yellow, or pink roses in your bouquet.


Orchids are a great option for bringing a unique beauty to your arrangement. Long and slender, with multiple blossoms, these will add both beauty and dimension to your bouquets.


An iconic summer flower, sunflowers will add a burst of color wherever they're placed in your bouquet. Mix smaller varieties with other flowers, or use one large sunflower as a bouquet all on its own.


These very popular flowers provide beauty, fun, and variety. Choose from a handful of colors to add some fun to your bouquet.


Maybe one of the lesser-known types of flowers listed here, ranunculuses offer a beautiful option for your bouquet. Looking like a crossover between roses and peonies, ranunculuses provide large blossoms in several different colors.


If you're looking for some smaller blossoms to add to your bouquet, you should definitely consider using freesia. Delicate and beautiful, these little flowers will add a sweet and simple look when combined with larger flowers.

Mix Things Up

Summer bouquets can scream color and fun, or have a more subdued look. Do whatever strikes your fancy or matches the occasion you'll be using them for.

Researching which colors complement each other will help bring your bouquet together.

Choose a few flowers that you love. Mix in some greens, and maybe even add some ribbon. Don't be afraid to try a few different combinations.

You could even replace the typical greens with more unique plants, such as wheat.

The possibilities are literally endless.

Do it Your Way

Maybe you like both wildflowers and those that are less wild. If you want to put them together, then do it. The variety will be stunning.

Combining flowers of different shapes, sizes, colors, and lengths will add variety and interest. A bouquet of similar-looking flowers will give a sleeker, more unified feel.

Colors and types of flowers aren't your only way to add some variety and make your bouquet your own. Try using different shaped arrangements to make your bouquet stand out even more.

Whatever you end up choosing for your summer bouquet, make sure it speaks "you." With so many options, you should be able to find the perfect combination.

To view our best-selling bouquets, or to create your own, visit our website today.

10 Things to Look For in a Florist in Los Angeles April 12, 2018 08:58

Los Angeles FloristOne of the perks of living in Los Angeles is the availability of services just about anywhere you live or work. You can probably find a florist a few blocks away that can fill an order request and deliver your arrangement. But, there are some things to look for in a quality florist and you shouldn't always choose the one nearest you.

Of course, you may worry about convenience. One of the first things to ask your potential florist is whether or not they have a website and website ordering available.

This is not only convenient for you but also gives you a chance to interact with the florist and become acquainted.

Selecting a good florist in Los Angeles ultimately boils down to personal preference. But there are a few key elements to keep in mind when searching for a florist that will make everyone's day.

Flower Quality

Flower quality will make all the difference in how long your bouquet lasts once it gets delivered. You'll want to choose the right blooms up front and knowing what to look for can help you determine a florist as well.

You have a lot to consider when choosing flowers and it's important to know that your florist cares about their product. If the flowers aren't crisp and clean, you may need to consider a different florist. If you're shopping online, you'll have to trust them.


Always inspect the buds of flowers that you intend to have in your arrangement. They should be tight. The petals should not be discolored, wilting, or transparent.

Also, check for seeds in the blossoms. Most flowers for arrangements are cut before they make it to seed so they will last longer. Seeds mean the blossoms won't last as long.


Stems should be green and sturdy. They should also be firm, not bending or breaking. The ends of the stems should be green or white and freshly cut.

If you notice browning, yellowing, or frayed ends, this is an indication that the flowers are not freshly cut.


Leaves should appear just as healthy and luxurious as the petals of the flowers themselves. If you notice spots along the stem where leaves have fallen off, the flowers are going to wilt sooner. Likewise, browning or wilting leaves indicates old flowers.


Flowers should always be kept in clean, nutrient-rich water. It should be kept clean and free from bacteria and mildew or mold.

Check the vases of your potential florist to be sure the water isn't murky or clouded. If there are dead leaves in the water, the flowers could be damaged by disease.

Customer Service

Good customer service goes a long way. Especially if you're shopping online, good customer service probably means that the staff is attentive to your order and comments and concerns. If you're able, you should plan to meet with your florist once and get a feel for their vibe.

This also gives you an opportunity to talk with them about your likes and dislikes. A good florist in Los Angeles will appreciate a customer that communicates well and will fulfill orders accordingly.

Don't hesitate to ask questions and see how the staff responds. Are they friendly and upbeat? You'll want a florist that makes you feel good and happy.


You should always ask your florist what kind of inventory they keep on hand. This will help you to be better prepared for special orders. You can also discuss seasonal arrangements at this time.

Your florist in Los Angeles should not only carry local blossoms but have a wide variety of different flowers to choose from. Many florists will decorate their shop according to the season so you can see the different colors and textures up close.

You can always bring cutouts of arrangements that you like from magazines or other sources to ask your florist for a remake, too.

Other Questions to Ask

Getting to know your florist is important for both sides. The more your florist knows you, the better they will know how to handle your orders and what you like. The more you know your florist, the more you can trust them.

You should be able to feel free to ask as many questions as possible about the arrangement you want to be designed. Or, if you're just seeking a simple bouquet, you want to know that it was made with care.

A couple of common questions that are asked include the following:

Who Will Be Arranging Your Flowers?

The person you order the flowers with will have an idea about what you're looking for based on your conversation. Will that be the same person be putting together your arrangement?

It's important to ask who will be arranging your flowers so you can plan accordingly. Perhaps you can offer special notes for the person so that they don't have any trouble understanding what you want. If you feel more comfortable having a particular florist arrange your flowers, just ask!

What is the Event?

This question is more for the florist than for you, but it's important to be prepared before you visit a florist. This means that you should know as many details about the event that you intend to give flowers for as possible. It will help your florist determine how to serve you best.

Ordering flowers for a wedding is certainly different from ordering flowers for a birthday or other type of occasion.

Find a Florist Los Angeles Style

Now that you know what to look for in a florist Los Angeles style, you can make a determination on who to call. Don't just call the first florist you find. Make sure they adhere to these guidelines and that they care about your order.

A good florist will do well to combine arrangements that fit well with the season and your reason for giving flowers. They will cater to your needs with courtesy and reliability so that you feel comfortable working with them. Above all, a quality florist in Los Angeles will not oversell you.

Finally, take your time ordering flowers with your florist for a more enhanced experience. It will reflect in your gift.

If you need to order flowers, or if you have more questions, feel free to contact us. We have been voted as a top florist in Los Angeles.

Top 7 Alternatives to Roses March 27, 2018 07:03

Los Angeles FloristWhile roses are a beautiful and fragrant flower, that doesn't mean everyone loves them. Some women prefer other flowers. That's because roses have become somewhat of a cliche. Around 198,000,000 roses are produced specifically for Valentine's Day. Yet, they also convey that the giver didn't really give too much thought to the floral arrangement. This year, try buying flowers that go beyond the traditional.

Here are the top seven alternatives to roses.

1. Dahlia's

Dahlia's are a wonderful substitute because they come in a wide variety of colors and shapes. They're known for their spiky, tube-shaped petals which result in gigantic blooms.

But variety isn't the only reason to choose dahlias over roses. In Victorian times, this gorgeous flower signified a lasting bond and commitment between two people.

Their message is to celebrate what makes you different. This is perfect for anyone who is a flower-loving non-conformist.

It's also easy to pick the perfect shade when you know their meaning. Red means power and strength.

Both pink and purple are associated with kindness and grace. Meanwhile both blue and green are associated with big fresh starts and big changes.

You can also choose white, which is a symbol of staying focused and pure.

2. Ranunculus

Unlike roses, ranunculus flowers don't smell. A perfect choice for someone who doesn't enjoy the smell the rose gives off.

Ranunculus flowers have a large number of tightly-layered petals. One tuber can produce as much as 40 blooms.

But their meaning may be the biggest benefit to giving these beautiful flowers. The ranunculus flower means the receiver has a radiant charm and is attractive.

You can usually find ranunculus flowers in warm shades. Reds, pinks, peaches, oranges, whites, and yellows are generally available for gift giving.

3. Tulips

Tulips were once so popular they created the first economic bubble. Today, they're available in a wide variety of colors.

You can give tulips or double tulips. Both varieties are a gorgeous alternative to traditional roses.

But their meaning is also what makes them perfect gifts for any occasion where you want to tell that someone special how you feel.

Tulips convey a perfect enduring love between romantic partners or family members. However, only send red ones to someone you have romantic feelings for.

Choose pink to send to family members and friends as it conveys great affection.

The undying and passionate love exists whether that love is returned or even spurned. To convey a message of unrequited love, send yellow tulips.

For those who tend to forget special occasions, the tulip is perfect because it represents forgotten or neglected love.

For couples celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary, tulips are the gift to give. But tulips also represent abundance and indulgence as well.

4. Sweet Peas

Sweet peas, like their name suggests, are the picture of delicacy. Their colors range from deep reds to crisp whites. You can also get a stunning arrangement that meets somewhere in the middle with colors like peach, pink, or ecru.

Sweet peas were very popular back in Edwardian English times. They were often found at weddings.

They are a fragrant flower and their dried leaves are often used in potpourris. The meaning of sweet peas can represent blissful and delicate pleasure.

They also match well in bouquets with roses if you're looking to blend traditional with something new.

5. Peonies

Peonies are large, lush flowers. They come in a wide variety of colors and shapes.

What's most surprising is that they also have a wide variety of scents to choose from. Their scents range from citrus to baby powder.

As for their meaning, peonies represent ideas and values. They can be the perfect bouquet to that special someone who brings honor to their family through their success.

But they also represent the idea of romance and romantic love. Choose pink for weddings or when you want to tell that special someone how you feel.

If you're trying to apologize because you forgot a special occasion or messed up, use white or very pale pink. They'll help communicate your regret.

There is a particular focus on love between two strangers, so if you believe in love at first sight, these could be a great bouquet to break the ice.

Peonies also represent beauty in all its forms. Deep red has ties to honor and respect and is a symbol of wealth and prosperity in some Asian cultures.

6. Sunflowers Rather than Roses

Giving sunflowers as a gift will put a giant smile on anyone's face. While often associated with late summer and early autumn, they're a great flower arrangement to receive any time of the year.

Sunflowers represent a long happy life, perfect for those just beginning their journey together. Just make sure you buy the yellow ones to convey that meaning.

When giving sunflowers to friends or family members, they can represent feelings of adoration and admiration. You can give them a more vibrant orange or red color, as they're connected with strength and positivity.

You can also choose the brown and burgundy variety to show loyalty and support. To convey innocence, perhaps to your child, stick to the white or cream-colored varieties.

Best of all, sunflowers also come with their own snack. The seeds are edible.

7. Orchids

While orchids are generally thought to be a stunningly beautiful flower.

Orchids have also come to represent many good sentiments over the years. These include love, beauty, fertility, refinement, thoughtfulness, and charm. These are descriptions any man or woman would like to think is representative of themselves.

However, their colors also have a deep meaning associated with them. Be careful which one you choose as a gift for someone.

Blue orchids represent rarity while red orchids mean passion and desire. Red orchids can also symbolize strength and courage.

Pink means grace, joy, and happiness. They can also mean innocence and feminity.

White orchids mean humility, purity, elegance, and beauty. Purple means admiration, respect, and dignity.

Choose yellow for your friends or when you want to convey good luck with new beginnings. Orange goes best with boldness, pride, and enthusiasm. Perhaps perfect for someone who just got a raise or a new job.

Green orchids are best known to bring good fortune and blessings. They also represent good health, longevity, and nature.

Choose the Best

When it comes to selecting the perfect bouquet, no matter what flower you choose, you deserve to receive the best.

We guarantee that you'll love our work. But don't take our word for it. Check out what our satisfied customers have to say.


4 Beautiful Flower Arrangements for Under $50 March 22, 2018 07:51

los angeles floristWith the value of the floral industry estimated at an astounding $7 billion, it's easy to feel like you can't afford to send stunning flower arrangements to your loved ones. With celebrities on Instagram posing with luxurious bouquets for the world to see, we understand why many people think the flowers they want to send someone are out of their price range.

Luckily, there are plenty of affordable flower arrangements that will put a smile on the face of anyone who gets them. You just have to know where to find them--and we can help.

Read on to learn more about some of our favorite affordable arrangements, all under $50.

1. The Special Blessing Bouquet

Are you looking to send a wonderful bouquet to a friend or family member to celebrate a new arrival?

Whether someone in your life has just had a new baby, or if they've recently announced that they're expecting, we know you don't want anything to get in the way of your ability to join the celebration.

However, even if you're not there to celebrate with the new parents in person, sending flowers is a wonderful way to show that you're there in spirit.

One of our favorite flower arrangements? The Special Blessings Bouquet, which is filled with beautiful white roses, Asiatic lilies, carnations, and even snapdragons. The white shades of this bouquet will help to symbolize the innocence of the new arrival.

You'll get twelve flowers in total, in addition to a beautiful glass vase the parents can reuse time and time again.

2. The Color Your Day Tranquility Bouquet

Is someone in your life going through an especially stressful time right now?

Maybe they're cramming for a big exam, going through a painful breakup. Or perhaps they're just dealing with a serious amount of stress at work. Whatever challenge they're currently faced with, we know that they could likely benefit from the many mental health benefits of flowers.

The Color Your Day Tranquility Bouquet is packed with stunning flowers that are specifically beloved for their mood-boosting effects. Plus, nothing can cheer someone up as quickly as a surprise flower delivery.

This bouquet contains ten beautiful stems of lavender Matsumoto asters, beautiful greens, blue iris, and jade green roses, and even lavender traditional daisies.

It's guaranteed to put a smile on the face--and keep it there--of just about anyone, no matter what they're going through right now.

3. The Birthday Wishes Bouquet

Want to say "Happy Birthday" to your friend that lives far away?

Maybe you live in the same city, but you aren't able to make their party. Or perhaps you're just looking to spoil your friend or romantic partner on their special day.

Whatever the reason, there's no better way to wish someone a happy birthday than by sending them a surprise bouquet of flowers.

One of our favorite flower arrangements for a birthday? Our Birthday Wishes Bouquet, which also comes in a beautiful red glass vase that serves as a second gift.

Because we love an attention to detail, the vase is wrapped in a "Birthday" charm that we know your special someone will absolutely adore. This bouquet contains red roses, mini carnations, lush greens, Stargazer Lilies, and even purple double lisianthus.

In short, it makes quite the statement! Plus, these flowers are all designed to last for a long time, so your loved one will be able to enjoy these flowers even after their big day is over.

If you're looking to further upgrade the birthday gift you send to someone, keep in mind that you can also send them a stunning card with a special message. You may even want to order some balloons or a stuffed animal to arrive alongside your bouquet of flowers!

4. The Blushing Invitations Bouquet

Do you have a crush, or even a long-term partner, that you feel like deserves a little extra attention?

Maybe you're looking to reveal your true feelings to someone through the gift of flowers. If this sounds like your situation, then we think you'll love the Blushing Invitations Bouquet.

It contains Fuchsia roses, Bells of Ireland, mini carnations, and beautiful greens. It even comes in a square glass jar accented by a ribbon. You'll get ten stems in total.

Remember, when you're giving the gift of flowers, it's not always about the actual flower arrangements themselves. It's also about how you to choose to give that someone special those flowers.

The size of this bouquet will help you to hide it, and it's low enough that you and your special someone will have no trouble making eye contact over it for the rest of the night.

You can check out our blog to get some awesome giving ideas that will be sure to take anyone by surprise--and help you to make an amazing impression.

So, order this beautiful bouquet and start going after what--or who--you want!

Ready to Order the Best Flower Arrangements in Los Angeles?

Whether you're interested in celebrating a friend's birthday, honoring a new arrival, or even sending a romantic message to the one you love, we hope that this post has taught you that you don't need to spend a lot to make it happen.

There are plenty of gorgeous flower arrangements available for under $50, so your wallet will never stop you from sending a bouquet to a loved one!

Looking for additional flower ideas? Want to learn more about the meaning of the specific flowers you've chosen?

Spend some time on our website and blog to gather the floral inspiration you need for any occasion.

Fun Peony Facts Every Flower Enthusiast Should Know March 14, 2018 07:57

Los Angeles FloristDid you know that peonies are the state flower of Indiana? This is one of many interesting facts about peonies. Peonies are an important part of many cultures and gardens. What's more, they are incredibly beautiful and versatile, with feathery petals and large blossoms. People everywhere have fallen in love with this garden bloom, for good reason.

If you are a peony enthusiast, read on to learn more peony facts, so you know what to include when you choose your next special flower arrangement.

1. Peonies Are Culturally Significant in China

The peony is central in Chinese culture. It was actually once the national flower because it is native to this country.

Now it is one of several floral symbols of China. It's visible in a lot of art, architecture, and other design. Throughout Chinese history, the peony appears in poetry, literature, songs, and medicinal texts.

In the Chinese language, the peony's name means beauty, honor, riches, and royalty. Culturally it is also symbolic of wealth and nobility. This is because peonies decorated imperial gardens as early as the Tang Dynasty.

Today, peonies always make a special appearance in the infamous Jingshan Park in Beijing during an annual flower festival. Visitors can glimpse hundreds of varieties of gorgeous peony blooms and learn about the different kinds.

Peonies grow all across China, and compete with the plum blossom for the country's affection. Tourists will also want to visit Luoyang, a Chinese city that is home to the National Peony Garden.

2. This Lovely Bloom is Deeply Symbolic

When it comes to peony facts, this is one of the most central. Peonies have acquired their own symbolism around the world, and not just in specific countries and cultures.

In general, the bloom symbolizes romance, marriage, honor, and compassion. It is officially the flower used to celebrate a twelfth wedding anniversary. This is understandable, given the peony's delicate and blushing appearance. Its petals are soft and numerous, and a common shade of peonies is pink or white.

But the symbolism of peonies goes way back in history. There are a few myths surrounding the origin of the peony blossom.

One is a Greek myth, involving the Greek god Paeon who was a talented divine physician. Paeon was transformed into a peony by another god in order to save his life. This myth speaks to the medicinal properties of peonies and its symbolism of kindness and graciousness.

In another myth, the nymph Paeonia is transformed into a peony as punishment for being too shy to acknowledge romantic attention.

3. Peonies Have Medicinal Properties

Historically, people revered peonies for their medicinal properties. Herbalists and physicians used peony roots, seeds, and blossoms in tinctures, teas, and powders to cure anything from epilepsy to menstrual cramps.

People also thought peonies warded away evil spirits or disease. They often wore peonies in the form of protective jewelry and amulets.

Today, you can still use the peony flower for medicinal purposes. It can treat a variety of illnesses, including the common cough, respiratory issues, gout, muscle spasms, and epilepsy. Peonies may even help improve liver health, ease childbirth, and lower cholesterol levels.

Women may benefit from peony use for menstrual cramps, treatment of PMS side effects, and other menstrual help. Typically herbal supplements come from the root of the peony and are available in pill form, although teas are also an option.

4. Choose From Most Any Color and Variety

People love peonies for a reason--they simply exist in nearly every color and form imagined. When it comes to peony facts, this one is essential.

It's a key reason why peonies continue to appear in wedding arrangements, gifts, and other bouquets.

There are over 3,000 varieties of peonies! Of these varieties, you can find blooms in all shades of pink, red, white, yellow, and beyond. The only color you can't find peonies in is blue.

5. Peonies Love Nutrients

Healthy peony blossoms are a result of a steady diet of potassium, a nutrient that helps with stem growth and blossom sturdiness. They also appreciate fertilizers and soils rich in nitrogen and phosphorous.

Plant experts even recommend mixing bone meal into your peony's fertilizer to ensure it gets the right nutrients. Peonies grow best when planted in the spring and fed a consistent diet throughout their lifetime.

6. Peonies Enjoy Long Lives

This is one of the most fascinating peony facts available. Your favorite bloom, if treated carefully, won't just last a season. Some peony plants live for over 100 years!

Peonies will, of course, live longer if they are introduced in the right climate and given the best nutrients. They are perennial plants that can come back season after season.

These plants can grow blossoms up to 10 inches in diameter and can grow to over 10 feet tall if in the shrub variety.

7. You Can Eat Peony Blossoms

We've already discussed in this list of peony facts the medicinal properties of the peony root. Yet peony blossoms themselves are also edible.

You can add peony petals to a salad as a garnish. Peony enthusiasts can also sweeten peony petals and consume these as a special dessert dish, as is common in China.

8. Ants Help Peonies Live

The peony flower is incredibly sturdy and self-sufficient, and can self-pollinate in order to continue growing. It achieves a long life with the help of ants.

Ants love peony flowers. They are attracted to the blossoms and, as a result, protect the peony plant from harmful insects and other pests.

Peony Facts for Flower Enthusiasts

The peony blossom is exquisitely beautiful. There is a reason why it's become such a fixture in cultures and histories around the globe.

When it comes to interesting peony facts, it's important to know the peony's importance as a floral symbol of China. Throughout history, the peony has come to symbolize romance, longlasting relationships, compassion, and opulence.

It also has extensive medicinal properties. Home growers of peonies will appreciate the fact that peonies are hardy creatures that can live at least a century when treated well.

Want to bring some peony blooms to your doorstep? Browse our SoCal Petals selections today. Or sign up for a wedding consultation so that your floral arrangements include the most beautiful blossoms!

The Top Mental Health Benefits of Flowers March 13, 2018 05:19

Los Angeles FloristFeeling anxious or stressed? Can't have enough sleep at night? Looking for ways to be happier and productive at work? If your answer is 'Yes' to any of these questions, then you are typical go-getter living in the 21st century.

The bad news is that depression, anxiety, and stress are among the most common mental health challenges facing people in the world today. And the good news; there is a cure for most of these problems that occur naturally.

The best part is that in this post, we're going to focus on one such cure--flowers.

Did you know that flowers are good for your mental health? Multiple studies have shown that the simple act of visually seeing and smelling the sweet fragrance of flowers can help to improve your state of mind.

Here are the known mental health benefits of flowers.

Flowers can Boost Your Memory

It has been proven through research that flowers can help to boost memory and concentration.

A floral arrangement in a room can help to stimulate your brain cells, which can, in turn, make you feel more energetic. Flowers, especially rosemary, can also strengthen your memory and enhance your ability to remember different situations.

In 2015, a group of researchers conducted a very interesting experiment, which tested the impact of different scents on memory. The test involved 60 volunteers, and none of them had an idea of what was being tested.

The tests were carried out in three rooms: one infused with rosemary scent, another with lavender scent, while the last one had no smell.

At the start, objects were hidden around the room in places where volunteers had to remember later. The testers then performed a series of fun but distracting activities geared to confuse the volunteers and test their memory.

What researchers found was remarkable. The volunteers in the rosemary-scented room scored the highest.

Those in the lavender-scented room scored poorly. Traditionally, lavender is linked with sleep and sedation. It was presumed that lavender had a soporific effect that induced drowsiness in the volunteers.

It was safe to conclude that the relaxative fragrance of the rosemary flowers energized the volunteers in the rosemary-scented room to perform better.

2. Flowers can Help You Sleep

One of the health benefits of flowers is that they induce sleep. A good night's sleep is incredibly important for your health.

In fact, experts maintain that a good sleep not only improves your memory and moods but also keeps cravings in check.

So what part do flowers play?

Some flowers, such as lavender and lily have strong scents that are known to induce sleep.

The smell of lavender, for instance, is known to lower blood pressure and heart rate, which in turn, allows you to relax and have a soothing sleep. Apparently, such flowers can't cure insomnia but can help to ease things at night.

3. Flowers can Help to Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Stress and depression are part of our everyday life.

One of the many mental benefits of flowers is that they help to ease stress, anxiety, and depression.

Ever heard of aromatherapy? It's the practice of naturally utilizing the extracted aromatic essences from flowers to help harmonize, balance, and promote the well being of the body, mind, and spirit.

Aromatherapy, especially using lavender oil has been found to reduce pain and stress. In one study, patients who were using aromatherapy with lavender scents reported reduced stress levels and less pain during stressful situations.

Scientifically, it has been proven that oils from some flowers such as jasmine and rose can help to boost our physical and psychological well-being.

By simply keeping flowers in your home or office, you can create a soothing environment that can help to reduce anxiety and keep you free from stress.

4. Boost Happiness

It's a widely-accepted truth that flowers make people happy.

When you give a bouquet of flowers to a person on their special occasion, or just as a thank you gesture, you'll definitely put a smile on their face. In fact, flowers also make the giver happy by the very act of making someone's day brighter.

There is a common fallacy out there that flowers are only for women, but multiple studies have proved otherwise.

One particular study found that 80% of people who received flowers showed a positive emotional reaction. Also, 88% of those who gave flowers had a positive change in mood.

The truth is flowers make a great gift for all, and most people we read about or encounter in all walks of life have had a positive reaction to floral gifts.

5. Increase Productivity

One of the less-known benefits of flowers is their ability to boost productivity.

Flowers are known to increase productivity and cognitive functioning of employees.

Clean and elegant offices might appear impressive to passers-by, but they don't offer enough visual motivation to the workers, which could have an impact on productivity.

Flowers can boost office productivity in various ways. In one study conducted by researchers at Harvard University, participants felt happier and more motivated to work after looking at flowers first thing in the morning.

Another study found that employees were 15% more productive when their workplaces had some fresh flowers or houseplants of any kind.

Flowers help to reduce stress and provide a relaxed and congenial office environment.

And not just in an office environment. Studies have shown that putting plants in lecture halls and classrooms can increase attendance.

6. Help in Recovery from Illness

It's a common practice for people to send flowers to ill people to wish them a quick recovery.

The fragrance and beautiful colors of flowers have a therapeutic effect on ill people. Flowers not only help to reduce anxiety but also work great in reducing blood pressure, heart rate, and pain.

Multiple studies have shown that when indoor plants or fresh flowers are in the room, patients take less pain medication pills and also tend to have reduced recovery time.

Wrapping Up on Mental Health Benefits of Flowers

Flowers can make a significant difference in your mental health. Not only are flowers great for you, but gardening itself is good for your physical and mental health.

These benefits seem like pretty good reasons why you should fill your house with flowers.

Know someone who could do better with a little boost of happiness? Surprise them with a bouquet of flowers.

Check out our site for flower bouquets for every occasion and take advantage of our same day local delivery.

Beginners' Guide to Caring for Your Los Angeles Flowers March 12, 2018 09:43

los angeles floristFlowers are so beautiful and cheery to look at. But did you know that there is a scientific reason why you love looking at them so much? Flowers have the ability to calm you and make you feel more relaxed. It's true. Flowers have both physical and psychological effects on humans. Science has proven that flowers can reduce stress levels.

Say you end up in the hospital in Los Angeles. Flowers may fill your hospital room from well-wishers hoping for a quick recovery.

Or perhaps you graduated from high school or college. That is also a traditional time to receive beautiful bouquets. Friends and family want to show you how proud they are of your efforts.

But how do you take care of those beautiful fresh cut Los Angeles flowers? You want these thoughtful gifts to be around for as long as possible. Here are some great tips for keeping your flowers bright and beautiful.

Choose the Right Location

A very important tip is to the choose the right location. Fresh cut flowers aren't exactly indestructible. Eventually, their petals will wilt and their little heads will droop.

But with the right care, you can keep them looking fresh and happy for a few extra days. The longer you can keep them around, the more effective they'll be at lowering your stress level.

Avoid Drafts and Temperature Extremes

Drafts can cause your poor little flowers to dry out faster. Temperatures that are too cool can shock your flowers and speed the wilting process.

The reverse is also true. Temperatures that are too hot will also speed wilting. Choose a comfortable location that is not too cool or too hot and is free of drafts.

The ideal temperature for non-tropical flowers is a brisk 33 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. That's why florists keep the flowers in the refrigerator.

Your home is not that cool. But you can put them in the refrigerator when you're not at home to enjoy them. You'll find that your flowers will last several days longer with this one easy tip.

Avoid Full Sun

The favorite place to put a vase of fresh flowers tends to be the windowsill. It makes sense that people would think a sunny spot would be right for their Los Angeles flowers.

Flowers like sunny spots outdoors. But the sun's purpose with flowers is that it causes them to mature and grow. Cut flowers have already matured. Putting them in direct sunlight only causes them to wilt faster.

Plus, remember that we mentioned heat and drafts aren't good? Those two things often come along with a windowsill.

The sun beating in through a window will create an environment that is too warm. You might open the window to avoid that only to expose your flowers to drafts.

Bottom line - don't put your flowers on the windowsill.

Avoid Fruit

Here's one you might not think about when choosing your location. Don't place your flowers near fresh fruit.

The natural life cycle for many flowers is to turn from a flower into a fruit. The flower dies off and provides nourishment for the fruit to grow.

The trigger responsible for this process is ethylene gas. Fruit continues to give off ethylene gas while it's sitting on your counter. Some give off more than others so watch out for bananas and apples in particular.

If you leave your cut flowers near this gas they will wilt faster. They can't help it, they're following the rules of nature.


Not to be too obvious but in order for your flowers to live, they need water. Fresh water every couple of days is ideal.

Even if there is still water in the vase, dump it out and give them some fresh water. Do this every 2 to 3 days and your flowers will bloom so much longer.

But why can't they keep drinking the same water? Water is water, right?

Well, have you ever noticed that rotten smell that flowers sometimes develop? As flowers sit in water bacteria begins to build up. This nasty concoction will cause your flowers to wilt faster and even start to rot if left long enough.

Trim the Stems

Once you get home with your flowers, don't forget to trim the stems before putting them in water. The cut stems have already begun to dry out and the cells begin to die.

If you trim at least 1/2 inch from the end of the stem, you will expose fresh cells. These cells can better soak up and use the water to keep your flowers fresh.

It's a good idea to trim the stems of your Los Angeles flowers every time you change the water. This will keep the absorption point fresh and working to its full potential.

Also, when trimming the stems be sure to use very sharp scissors. If you mash the stems with dull scissors you can damage the cells. This will make it harder for them to absorb water and nutrients well.

Of course, some cells will get damaged with sharp scissors too. But the damage is quite a bit less with a nice, clean cut.

Use Flower Food

Those little packets of flower food that we florists give out do have a purpose. With a few exceptions (zinnias, sunflowers, glads) flower food helps flowers a lot.

They don't only provide nutrients to the flowers. They also contain a bactericide that helps keep that nasty bacteria from building up. For this reason, flower food is even more important if you know you'll forget to change the water.

Where to Buy Los Angeles Flowers

Now that you know how to care for fresh cut flowers, do you feel inspired to get yourself some? Check out the selection of our best sellers for any occasion!

If you'd prefer to peruse our bright arraignments in person, why not swing by or get in touch? We offer some of the best selections of Los Angeles flowers.

8 Occasions When Thank You Flowers Make Sense February 28, 2018 08:05

Thank You FlowersYou've heard the well-worn expression, "Say it with flowers." But what you might not be as aware of is just how often you can -- and should -- do just that. Many people feel unnecessarily nervous or uncertain about sending flowers to a special someone, whether a romantic interest or a dear friend.

However, you might be surprised to learn just how many different reasons and events exist that are worthy of stunning bouquets and trendy arrangements.

From thank you flowers to arrangements that say "I know I really messed up," this post will highlight some of the most important occasions where it's always appropriate to send flowers to someone you care about.

1. Birthday Flowers

Is there an upcoming birthday boy or girl in your life? Are you notoriously awful at picking out gifts, or just don't have the time to scour stores to find the perfect present for a friend?

If so, then it sounds like you're already in the market for some birthday flowers. To make an arrangement even more special, you should consider adding blooms that correspond with the recipient's birth flower.

Forgot someone's birthday?

Don't sweat it.

We offer same-day flower delivery for all of life's little emergencies. Just be sure to mark your calendar for next year.

2. To Celebrate An Engagement

Did your best friend's man finally pop the question? Are you gunning to be asked to be a bridesmaid?

If so, then we strongly suggest sending celebratory engagement flowers to add to the atmosphere of excitement your friend is already feeling.

Plus, in addition to helping them to celebrate, sending them flowers will also get their wheels turning about the kinds and colors of flowers they would like best at their wedding.

After all, it's never too early to start planning for wedding flowers!

3. During A Stressful Time

Is your friend going through a crazy rough patch at work? Is a family member in the hospital, and getting lots of sleepless nights?

If so, sending them flowers is the perfect way to let them know that you're thinking about them. It also makes it clear that you're offering a shoulder to lean on when they need support.

Especially if you're unable to physically be by someone's side during a tough time, flowers are a great way to let them know you're still there for them.

4. When You Need To Apologize

No matter your age or your gender, we all make mistakes. Luckily, the right bouquet can fix things pretty quickly.

Work with one of our expert florists to ensure that your bouquet gets you out of the doghouse as quickly as possible -- but also write a card that promises you'll do better in the future.

Of course, if you've messed up in a pretty major way, flowers alone may not be enough. You might also consider adding a balloon, a stuffed animal, or another gift to make things right again.

Apology flowers should always be deeply specific and personal. So take the time to do your research on what kinds of arrangements and flowers the person getting them likes the best.

5. Thank You Flowers

Sending someone thank you flowers is a wonderful way to make it clear how much you appreciate what they've done for you.

Maybe a coworker picked up your shift after you had a family emergency. This is a perfect occasion for thank you flowers.

Or perhaps your best friend made you and your hubby an awesome dinner when you were too tired to cook last week? Another great reason to send thank you flowers.

6. Flowers For Memorial Services

There's no better way to send off someone special to the other side than with stunning funerary floral arrangements.

Not only are they a wonderful way to honor someone who has passed on, they'll also help to lift the spirits of everyone attending the service. We suggest selecting blooms in a yellow shade, the color of remembrance.

7. Valentine's Day

It's not exactly a secret that Valentine's Day is one of the busiest days of the years for florists around the globe.

Many people not only dream of getting flowers from their partner or crush on this special holidays -- lots more outright expect them. Don't let the person you love down by coming up empty-handed.

Think outside of the box as well. Instead of sending her red and white roses, why not create a special arrangement out of her favorite blooms, or even use the same flowers as she put in her wedding bouquet?

Finally, just be sure that you order your flowers well ahead of the 14th, as sometimes, delivery can get backed up around this time of year!

8. Just Because

Of course, you don't need to have a specific reason, like thank you flowers or because it's Valentine's Day, to send an arrangement to the person you care about.

Flowers are the perfect gift for every day of the year, and they're always guaranteed to put a smile on someone's face.

Plus, sending someone flowers for no reason other than because you care about them is one of the best ways to keep your delivery a surprise!

Where Can You Order Flowers For Every Occasion?

Whether you want to send someone thank you flowers or for no reason at all, you need to purchase your blooms from an experienced florist you can trust.

At SoCal Petals, we employ only the best flower artists to create stunning arrangements that will stop the person getting them dead in their tracks. No matter what you're trying to say or celebrate, we can help you take it to the next level.

Spend some time on our website to learn more about how we can make an arrangement that says more than words ever could.

7 Stunning Trends for Winter Wedding Flowers January 18, 2018 08:50

Current trends in winter wedding flowers are inspired by in-season blooms, greenery, and plants. But which flora and fauna are right for your wedding? After all, there are more than 400,000 species of flowers to choose from! Don't worry. With this guide to the top 7 trends for winter wedding flowers, it'll be easy to choose the perfect and fashionable options for your big day.

1. Cotton

From items made of earthy materials to nature-inspired designs, today's trend is all about nature. The natural trend, often seen in rustic or bohemian styles, can easily be incorporated into wedding bouquets.

While not a flower, one wedding trend this year is cotton.

Cotton may instantly bring your mind to fields and autumn. However, natural cotton balls look beautiful in a rustic winter wedding.

The white and fuzzy characteristics of cotton add a snowy-like texture to the bouquet. It immediately softens the entire bouquet.

The pastel color works well with other winter tones such as eucalyptus green, creams, browns, and red.

If you want to be different and add down-home but elegant features to your big day, then cotton is the way to go.

2. Winter Greens

While Eucalyptus is the most popular winter foliage, there are many others that look beautiful with winter wedding flowers.

Bold Greens

If you're looking for green greens (you know, greens that are boldly green in color), then go with fir, holly greens, fern, or even mistletoe.

If your wedding is inspired by traditional holiday decor, then adding firs and holly greens to your bouquet will compliment the look.

Firs pair well with pine cones, white roses, and pods in bouquets.

Holly greens also look beautiful with white or pastel flowers and berries.

If you're a romantic, then you can't go wrong with adding charming mistletoe to your bouquet. Some brides are even creating their entire bouquet out of mistletoe.

Now, for the bohemian, rustic, or timeless bride--ferns are an in-season, elegant, and simple way to add greenery to your wedding bouquet.

The flowy and unique texture of ferns adds character and depth to bouquets. Since ferns are bold green, they work best with lighter florals.

Subtle Greens

Eucalyptus is the biggest of winter fauna trends right now. And for good reason.

Eucalyptus leaves have a gorgeous and unique pastel green color. The softness of both the texture and the tone are the perfect complement to winter wedding flowers.

Eucalyptus is a way to add winter greens without over-doing it.

The pastel tone fits in with other pastel florals and fauna. It also helps to smooth out and soften a bouquet made of bolder colors.

Eucalyptus can be used with the seeds left on the branches for more texture and pop. Silver dollar eucalyptus has smaller leaves for a rounder but looser look.

You can also use the Eucalyptus pods to add some earthy-browns to the bouquet.

Another soft greenery to choose for a winter wedding is the dusty miller plant. This plant has a soft fuzzy texture similar to lamb's ear and takes on a silver-green color.

Dusty miller adds elegance and texture to winter wedding flowers.

3. Roses

Garden and Vendela roses are in bloom during the winter. This means they are readily available in virtually any color you'd like.

Roses are a timeless, romantic choice for any wedding style. Garden roses look similar to a peony with their thick multiple layers of petals.

They are more round than Vendela roses, making them great for softer bouquets.

Vendela roses are the stereotype rose (like the one Beauty and the Beast). They are elegant and feminine.

For winter weddings, stick with white or light pastel-colored Vendela roses.

4. Lily-imitators

While lilies are typical summer wedding flowers, that doesn't mean you can't have lily-like elements to your winter wedding flowers.

There are winter-blooming flowers that look highly similar to lilies.

The Amaryllis would fool anyone into thinking it's a lily. It has an exotic look and comes in many coastal colors.

Amaryllis will certainly take the stage in a winter bouquet. It is also the perfect choice for winter destination weddings.

Another flower similar to the lily is Alstroemeria. It is sometimes called the Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas.

Alstroemeria blooms are smaller than lilies and come in many different colors. You'll find them mostly in darker, bold tones.

These a beautiful for winter weddings that have bold colors like reds, burgundies, and pinks.

5. Pods and Cones

You will find Eucalyptus pods, lotus pods, scabiosa pods, and pine cones among the most popular winter wedding flowers.

Why? Pods and cones add that natural, down-to-earth element mentioned earlier.

They also add texture and break away from bouquet and wedding flower standards.

You can find bods in greens, whites, and browns, making them versatile for various flowers and colors.

Pine cones bring the winter holiday feel to any wedding.

6. Fruit

Berries, as well as other fruity items, are huge within winter wedding flowers this season.

Silver Brunia is the latest trend in wedding berries. They have a soft pastel gray color that makes them different than most berries.

They are beautiful in rustic and light-colored bouquets. The silver in Silver Brunia gives the appearance of sparkling winter magic.

Pepper berries, holly berries, and hypericum are all very similar in shape and color. They are used in weddings for their red holiday tones.

These berries turn winter wedding flowers from traditional to fun.

Viburnum berries come in shades of purples and blues and different sizes. They are beautiful with other dark tones as well as white.

Berzelia berries and viburnum berries are white when ripe. They are a beautiful alternative to babies breath in wedding bouquets.

The texture and shape make them look like miniature snowballs, making them perfect for winter weddings.

Berzelia berries are sometimes used when they are still green, to add fun greenery to bouquets.

Other fruits that are trending in winter wedding flowers this season include the kiwi and banana.

No, not the actual fruit, though.

Kiwi branches are trendy in winter wedding bouquets and flowers because of their twirly fun shapes that remind us of winter wreaths and decor. These add character and width to bouquets.

Banana stems are also trending. Not the stem of the actual fruit, but the stem of the plant.

If you have seen a banana plant, you know that there is a long thick stem that hangs from the banana fruit to the seed pod.

This stem can be dried out until it is dark brown and used within bouquets. It adds a woodsy feel and pairs well with cotton and other early plants.

Banana stems can also be used as the stem of the bouquet itself.

7. Anemones

This winter flower is unique and feminine. You can find it an array of different colors, from white to bright to pink, to dark purple.

What florists and brides love about this flower is its center. The center remains a dark indigo no matter the color of the flower.

Adding anemones to your wedding bouquet will bring a wildflower and youthful look.

Pick Out Your Winter Wedding Flowers Today

Whether you pair your winter wedding flowers with plants, fruits, or greens, your winter wedding bouquet will look beautiful and trendy with this guide.

We have everything to make your wedding flowers exactly how you dreamed they would be.

Check out our wedding flower options and services. Sign up for a free consultation today.


10 Beautiful Types of Local Flowers At Your Los Angeles Florist December 06, 2017 10:37

From the tropically vibrant to the classically fragrant, few things breathe color into a home quite like local flowers. And buying local flowers from your local Los Angeles florist does more than perfume your house with local color- it's also better for the environment. 80% of fresh flowers sold in the U.S. aren't actually grown in North America. They come from Mexico, Ecuador, Columbia, the Netherlands, and Israel - places that incur a huge carbon footprint in the process of growing, storing, refrigerating and transporting.

Here are 10 types of beautiful local flowers you can find at your local florist for a uniquely L.A., eco-friendly arrangement.

1. Bougainvillea

The easy-going Bougainvillea is a Brazilian transplant that likes it hot, which is why you see them thriving on sizzling roof tiles and south-facing facades all over Los Angeles.

In fact, they're a Los Angeles landmark - the Glendora Bougainvillea plant at Bennett and Minnesota Avenues are an official state historic landmark, the largest of its kind in the U.S.

Besides being heat and drought tolerant, they're available in a range of bright colors: fuschia, pink, purple, red and white.

2. Birds of Paradise

Among local flowers, it doesn't come more classic than the official flower of Los Angeles.

Native to South Africa, birds of paradise are an orange-and-blue representation of L.A.'s multicultural community. Want to see before you buy one at your Los Angeles florist? Keep an eye out for Birds of Paradise at LAX, Union Station, and your neighbor's backyard.

3. Matilija Poppy

The Matilija poppy is the showgirl of the Southern California slopes in May and June. It's silly, enormous and lovely.

Seriously: the Matilija poppy's showgirl flare is rivaled only by the hibiscus. From petal to stamen, the blooms could be anywhere from 4 to 12 inches wide. It has all of a showgirl's fussiness too - the flower is notorious for promptly dying if it doesn't like where it's been planted, which is why many gardeners seem indifferent.

For clean color and expansiveness in a local flower, though, don't overlook the Matilija poppy as the next great centerpiece of your floral arrangement.

4. Hoary California Fuchsia

This perennial is notable for its bright red, narrow blooms and somewhat fuzzy leaves. The plant is also tall, so it serves as a great accent to a larger, showier flower.

5. San Miguel Island Buckwheat

Don't be turned off by buckwheat - this beautiful mounding perennial is a California classic loved by birds, butterflies, and bloom enthusiasts alike.

The San Miguel Island Buckwheat is a smaller buckwheat named for where it grows - the North Channel islands of San Miguel, Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz. In nature, you'll find it thriving in low elevation cliffs and bluffs.

Aside from the Matilija poppy, the San Miguel Island buckwheat is one of the showier California natives. It features peg-like flower spikes topped by rosy pink flowers in tight clusters.

6. Desert Mallow

If you think of California and think of hot, dry California deserts, ask your Los Angeles florist about including desert mallow in your next floral arrangement.

Also known as desert hollyhock, the desert mallow is a tough, easy to care for perennial that thrives in hot, dry conditions. It is distinctive for 1-2-foot spikes of cupped flowers ranging in color from vibrant orange to watermelon red.

7. California Sunflower

If you're a sucker for big, cheery yellow flowers, the California sunflower is right up your alley.

This low-fuss subshrub is native to coastal scrub from Santa Barbara to Baja. It's an informal, daisy-like flower that works well as a casual pop of color.

8. California Lilac

The California lilac is a hit with bloom lovers and bees alike for their scent and striking blue flowers.

Leaves vary based on the type of shrub - small, crinkly leaves in the 'Julia Phelps' and 'Dark Star' compared to the broad, glossy leaves seen in the 'Ray Hartman'. All California lilacs share their striking blue flowers ranging from powder blue or white to a deep purple-blue.

9. Cleveland Sage

The Cleveland sage has a striking scent that attracts all kinds of local wildlife - hummingbirds, honeybees, native bees, and butterflies. If you're considering the Cleveland sage for your next flower arrangement, make sure you like the smell first - it's a distinctive Old West fragrance that isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Scent aside, the Cleveland sage is a salvia marked by its blue whorls of blooms on long stems. It's also one of the larger, more robust California sages, and growers have focused on blooms that thrive in dry gardens.

10. Annual Phacelias

Can't get enough of startling blue flowers? Look no farther than the annual phacelias - and you'll know it when you see it.

Native to various regions of Southern California, the annual phacelias are composed of rich, bell-shaped blue-purple blossoms that flourish in low-water areas.

If you know you have skin sensitivities, though, be wary of annual phacelias - they have hairs on the stems and leaves which have been known to cause or aggravate dermatitis in those with sensitive skin. Make sure the annual phacelias won't upset your hands before handling them in a flower arrangement or wearing gloves.

SoCal Petals, Your Los Angeles Florist

SoCal Petals was founded on the idea that high-quality floral arrangements should be available for delivery on the same day you order so you can get your arrangement of local flowers as soon as you need them.

SoCal Petals is distinct from many other Los Angeles florists in that we don't have a traditional storefront. Instead, most of our orders are placed digitally - by phone or online. That means what we save on a walk-in space gets passed on to you, so you get the benefit of a great Los Angeles florist at a lower price.

We create arrangements for a variety of occasions - weddings, holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, or a day you want to make special. For great arrangements at an even lower price, check out our Daily Deal Arrangements ranging from $50-150.

Ready to get started with us on your next great floral arrangement? Head to our contact page to ask questions and leave comments.


How to Give Romantic Flowers to Your Girlfriend November 28, 2017 08:45


Nine times out of ten, you don't actually need a reason to send your girlfriend flowers! The gesture alone makes such a statement - it means you thought of them and wanted to show it. That alone is the basis of a long and happy relationship or the beginning of one at least! A surprise bunch of romantic flowers will literally melt a woman's heart - no matter how 'cheesy' you may feel.

If there is a special occasion you want to celebrate with your lady love, romantic flowers are a great way to translate how you feel when words don't seem like enough.

When it comes to choosing the right bunch of flowers, well, that's a different ball game. It may seem overwhelming at first, but we're breaking it down for you in this guide. Read on!

When Should You Buy Her Romantic Flowers?

Romantic flowers are great for a number of occasions, or as mentioned before, no occasion at all.

More than anything, a woman is impressed by the gesture, rather than the actual flowers - unless she is very particular! That being said, choosing the right occasion to send flowers can be a little confusing.

One thing to establish from the get-go is whether the lady in your life is actually a fan of flowers at all.

Some women prefer chocolate, some women prefer wine - there is no harm in asking!

There is nothing more romantic than a spontaneous gesture of love, arriving on her doorstep with a beautiful bouquet of romantic flowers!

Buying or sending flowers on a particular occasion is a given. Any of these would include an anniversary, a birthday, Valentine's Day or a congratulatory celebration.

But what's important to keep in mind is that romantic flowers given for no reason at all, score you the highest number of brownie points!

Choosing the Best Blooms

When it's all said and done, a pretty bunch of flowers always wins - even if you have no idea whether your special lady actually likes those particular flowers!

There really is no exact science to picking the best blooms, but here are a few pointers:


These are a colorful, vibrant option if you are on a bit of a budget.

They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, color, and character and truly make a statement.

But, fair warning, some European countries view these blooms as the 'flower of death' - so make sure you have been dating long enough to know her quirks and superstitions!


These are long-lasting, great-smelling flowers for any occasion, and nothing says 'romantic flower' quite like a lily!

Lilies come in all shapes and sizes, and are known to bloom twice if you cut away the dead leaves and allows the buds to bloom.

Another fair warning: lilies are toxic for cats, so avoid presenting a bunch of these to your lady love if she happens to be a cat owner!

Alstroemerias or Peruvian Lily

These dainty flowers pack a punch when bought in bulk. Don't be fooled by their size, they are the ultimate romantic flower.

They are intricate, delicate flowers that really make a beautiful statement when you buy them in a big bunch.

If you don't quite have the budget for bulk Peruvian Lilies, then you can add a few larger flowers to beef up your bouquet. They are hardy and will last up to two full weeks, and come in an array of beautiful shades.

Gerbera Daisies

If you aim to keep things simple, the Gerbera Daisy is your answer.

A simple bunch of these flashy, bright and joyful flowers will put a smile on anyone's dial.

They don't last very long unfortunately, but there are a few care tips you can use to keep them bright and beautiful a little while longer!


For the ultimate show of love, nothing says 'you're super special to me' like peonies. They may look similar to roses, but these flowers show-up a bunch of roses like nobody's business!

These beautifully fragrant flowers are the definition of dreamy and come in an assortment of colors ranging from dusty pink, purple-red, white or yellow.

They may be on the more pricey end of the spectrum, but the peony takes home the prize every time.

If you're dead set on delivering an exact bunch of her favorite flowers, find out what they are by asking close friends and family. If they are unsure, you could always find out her favorite color and go with that!

Flowers to Avoid

Some flowers just don't make the right statement and should be reserved for occasions such as weddings, funerals, and proms!

Put your best foot forward and avoid sending or buying the following flowers or arrangements which consist of:


These scream 'let's just be friends' and are typically used for funerals and in prom corsages


We have one word for you: cliche! Roses are overdone. If you know for a fact she loves them, then go for it, otherwise be a little more creative!

Tulips and Sunflowers

These flowers have virtually no 'shelf-life', are overly fragile and quite frankly, can be a total waste of money!


These flowers have a very pungent smell and can be totally off-putting for some people!

Potted Orchids

Firstly, orchids are expensive. Secondly, they are hard work to keep alive! If you know your girlfriend is no 'green-thumb', then avoid wasting your money on orchids, despite how pretty they are!

Courier Service or Personal Delivery?

The first thing to consider here is the status of your relationship.

If your relationship is relatively new, you're probably still trying to earn major brownie points!

Nothing makes a statement like being surprised after your 10 am meeting by a stunning bouquet on your desk! But if you plan on sending romantic flowers to her workplace, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Does your girlfriend enjoy attention and would she be happy to have flowers on show all day?
  • Is your girlfriend a private person and would she appreciate a personally delivered bunch of flowers more?
  • How will she transport her big bunch of flowers home - on the bus or by train? Flowers could be heavily damaged while in-transit!

If you are really unsure of any of these answers, your best bet is to hand-deliver a beautiful bouquet to her door!

What About a Card?

Now, if you plan on hand-delivering your flowers you may assume a card is a bit of a waste, right?

Well, it really doesn't have to be!

If your relationship is relatively new and you are a little wary or shy to express your feelings in person, a card could do the trick.

Your best approach is to keep it simple and stick to meaningful one-liners:

'These flowers are beautiful - they made me think of you'

'Just to let you know I'm thinking of you'

For anniversary celebrations, these witty one-liners are ideal:

'Just in case the other guy forgot!'

'You didn't think I'd forget, did you?'

Treat Your Someone Special with SoCal Petals

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Treat that someone special in your life with a personally delivered bouquet of blooms, and let them know how much they mean to you.

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Staying Trendy for your Wedding April 11, 2017 05:13

Los Angeles FloristWhether you’re the kind of bride who’s always been ahead of the curve when it comes to trends or you have a more unique style, when planning a wedding, it’s impossible to avoid incorporating some trends entirely as they’re so pervasive. Vogue online recently comprised a list of wedding trends you likely won’t be able to, or want to, avoid for your 2017 wedding. It’s important for Los Angeles wedding florist, Socal Petals, to stay on top of these trends to best provide Atlanta brides with the best possible floral experience for their wedding day, so we’ve comprised a list of the hot trends you’ll want to keep an eye on this wedding season.

Grand Gestures: In years past, couples have waited until midnight for a romantic send off coupled with some grand, unexpected gesture like a rice toss or dazzling sparkler display. These grand gestures create unique experiences for guests (not to mention awesome photo opportunities!), and as such, couples have stopped waiting until the very last moment to enjoy them. Now, we’re seeing couples incorporating these types of events into the ceremony itself, usually right after the first kiss. One prognosticated trend from Vogue the florists at SoCal Petals loves is filling the ceiling of the ceremony space with drapery and flowers, and even floating orbs. This creates such a unique, romantic ambience that wows guests and allows couples to incorporate their signature floral design in new ways.

Trees: If this is the year for grand gestures, one way couples are accomplishing this is by incorporating trees. Yes, trees. Trees create a sizable impact and the atmosphere of the ceremony or reception space can be manipulated by the size, shape, and variety of tree included. Couples are using everything from Birch, Olive, and Lemon trees in their wedding spaces. Trees are an especially great option for couples who are environmentally conscious, as they can be planted after the wedding rather than tossed out like most wedding day decor.

Greenery and Color: Neutrals have been at the forefront of the color palette for weddings in the last few years, but 2017 brings about an important shift in this trend. As Pantone named Greenery as 2017’s color of the year, an emergence of the use of greenery in weddings has begun and has only picked up speed since the beginning of the year. As such, we’re seeing couples moving away from using an abundance of blooms in their floral decor and bouquets, and instead using more greenery and plant life.

While green is this year’s "it" color, neutrals are being cast aside for brighter, more vibrant colors as a whole. For what flowers are being used for weddings, Vogue has recognized a trend of color. For 2017 wedding flowers, the bolder, the better. All colors and varieties are on trend this season, and we especially love the pairing of these bright colors with the range of green hues popular at this time.

Be it greenery, trees, floral ceilings and archways, or traditional bouquets and centerpieces, this Los Angeles wedding florist can do it all. If your wedding will be a grand gesture or an intimate affair, the talented florists at SoCal Petals are capable of executing your vision down to every last detail, including delivery and setup. We’re confident you’re going to find what you need in a wedding florist with SoCal Petals