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White Wedding: Best White Flowers for Your Big Day July 31, 2019 06:41

Los Angeles WeddingsAre you flourishing your wedding in wonderful shades of white or going crazy with your bouquets? Either way, flowers can root out a big chunk of your budget. According to The Knot's 2017 Real Wedding Study, wedding flowers cost an average of $2,379.  If you're paying that much, you want to make sure the beautiful blossoms you choose are the perfect fit. As a symbol of appreciation, innocence, and an open heart, consider adding white flowers to your bouquet.

Use this guide to discover the best white flowers for your wedding day and let new ideas bloom!

1. Calla Lily

This trumpet-shaped flower rests at the tip of a long, smooth stem. As a symbol of magnificent beauty, calla lilies can add a lot of appeal to your wedding bouquet.

Consider creating a simple bouquet with three long-stemmed calla lilies.

Tie the knot between your bouquet and centerpieces by adding these flowers throughout the room. Lilies are also associated with faith, holiness, and divine purity. In fact, their shape symbolizes victory as well. 

2. White Tulips

These small white flowers are loved throughout the world. 

Though they're available in a multitude of colors, white tulips stand out. You can recognize these flowers bay their cup shape. Like lilies, they grow at the end of a green stem.

If you're planning a spring wedding, consider adding white tulips to the mix. These white flowers symbolize beauty, warmth, and new beginnings. For other occasions throughout the year, they can indicate serenity, forgiveness, and purity as well.

In the language of flowers, tulips symbolize claiming worthiness. 

3. Dahlia

Another springtime flower, dahlias are planted right after the last frost. They come in an array of colors, including white. At the center of these flowers, a sunlit center glows against the inner petals. 

You can recognize these white flowers based on their lobe shape.

As part of your wedding arrangement, dahlias symbolize commitment and a lasting bond. 

They're also a token of survival. You can add these flowers to your bouquet to indicate the long-lasting unity and commitment you're making on your wedding day.

4. White Roses

According to this report, 27.8 million roses were sold in a single year. That's no surprise since these flowers are chosen for every occasion. 

After red, this white flower is the second most popular rose color. They're often featured in flourishing wedding bouquets.

This flower symbolizes beauty, purity, hope, and virtue. 

White roses are also chosen to represent young, true love.

Since they bloom during all seasons, white roses can take a spot within your bouquet regardless of your wedding date.

5. Camellia

This white flower is fragrant and sweet. Like the dahlia flower, camellias feature a yellow center before expanding with layer after layer of white.

These flowers symbolize devotion from one young lover to another. An exotic flower, camellias are available in a range of colors. Each holds its own meaning.

White camellias say "you're adorable."

They also stand for a lively spirit and precious love.

6. Hydrangea

If you're looking for small white flowers to accent your bouquet, check out hydrangeas. These flowers are like little fluffy snowballs. Hydrangeas are often grouped together, composed of smaller white blooms.

At their center, hydrangeas hold faint blue specks, adding a hint of color to each blossom.

These small white flowers symbolize devotion and friendship. They can also communicate deep understanding. 

If your bouquet is already full of color, adding a few hydrangeas to the mix can give the bouquet balance. 

White hydrangeas add eloquence to any centerpiece or bouquet. They're even featured among our most popular pieces.

7. Queen Anne's Lace

Add eloquence to your bouquet with Queen Anne's Lace. These flowers are also known as bishop's lace or bird's nest and originated in Europe.

Named based on their lacy appearance, these flowers are built with an umbrella-shaped cluster. Queen Anne's Lace symbolize sanctuary in the language of flowers.

These flowers can add a unique appeal to your wedding bouquet. 

8. Lily of the Valley

These flowers have a quant hanging bell-like shape. Lily of the valley flowers are cultivated for their scent. In fact, they're often used within the perfume industry.

These white flowers can reflect the bride's magnificence and beauty.

They also symbolize the return of happiness.

Lily of the valley flowers are ideal for springtime centerpieces and bouquets. You can add them among larger blossoms to create a beautiful balance.

9. Jasmine

Take a deep breath of these fragrant blooms. With their alluring fragrance, jasmine flowers are used in the perfume industry as well as bouquets. These white flowers are small and star-shaped.

This flower symbolizes attachments and sensuality.

They also represent modesty, elegance, and grace.

10. Iris

If you're looking for another springtime flower, try adding iris to your wedding plans. These white flowers are refreshing with delicate petals.

When those petals open, they reveal yellow centers that add a hint of color to each blossom. 

White iris flowers symbolize purity and faith. They're also used to celebrate 25th wedding anniversaries (so keep them in mind for the future, too!).

11. White Amaryllis

Like the calla lily, the white amaryllis flower is a beautiful, trumpet-shaped addition to any bouquet. These flowers have layers of white blossoms with hints of lime in the center.

While there are purple and pink petals, the white amaryllis represents radiant beauty.

It also symbolizes innocence and purity.

These flowers can add a captivating effect to your wedding centerpieces. 

12. White Orchid

While there are many colored orchids to choose from, the white orchid is considered the rarest of them all.

This flower is an elegant blossom that adds an exotic flair to every arrangement. 

Orchids represent purity, innocence, divine beauty, and virtue. They can dress up a bouquet by adding the elegance and glamour you're looking for.

All Accessorized in White: White Flowers for Your Wedding Day

Let your flower power blossom! With this guide, you can choose the perfect white flowers for your big day.

Now you can head down the aisle all dressed in white—and glowing with your beautiful bouquet.

Contact us today to discuss creating the perfect arrangement for your wedding day.