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How to Pick Out the Perfect Mother's Day Flowers May 8, 2018 05:53

Los Angeles Florist
According to the National Retail Federation, the average American spends $29 per person on Mother's Day flowers accounting for a $2.4 billion expenditure nationwide.

For many, picking out the right gift for Mother's Day is a daunting task. Whether it's taking mom out for breakfast, buying her a nice card, or picking up some fancy jewelry, knowing what your mom wants isn't always straightforward.

This is especially true when it comes to buying flowers. That is why we have put together this helpful guide to get you started.

Let us help you find something she is guaranteed to love.

How Long Should an Arrangement Last?

Buying an arrangement of flowers always brings up the question, "How long will my blooms last?"

The answer to this question varies based on the kind of flower you choose. Tropical flowers last the longest and can bloom beautifully for as long as three weeks.

In general, an arrangement will be able to last for four to five days.

But with some tricks, you can make them last a little bit longer. Try adding sugar and aspirin to the water.

Another great tip is to cut the stems at an angle. This allows it to get more water and keep blooming. You should change the water daily to increase the lifespan of your bouquet.

It is also important to note that if you keep your flowers in a warm environment, they will bloom quickly. So make sure that you store your Mother's Day flowers in a room that is the appropriate temperature.

Should I Order Online?

Deciding whether or not to order Mother's Day flowers online is daunting. You don't want to spend all that money only to have them arrive destroyed.

Fortunately, many companies have learned the secret to sending out flowers that will last. They consider the timing of the blooms opening before they pack and send the flowers to make sure they arrive in top-notch condition.

Ordering at a flower shop is also a good option if you live close to your mother. That way you can see what you are buying before you order it and meet the florist who will make your bouquet.

Online, all you will see is a photograph of another arrangement that is similar to the one your mother will receive.

Whether you buy in person online, a quality shop will be able to deliver the flowers you order unharmed and on time to your mother's door. Don't settle for a business with cheap prices looking to cut corners.

What are Some Sources of Inspiration?

Trying to choose flowers doesn't come naturally to most of us. With so many different kinds out there how do you know where to start?

Pick Her Favorite

Most women have a favorite flower. Try to find out what it is and purchase a large bouquet of those blooms to make her smile.

Alternatively, if you aren't sure what her favorite flower is, try purchasing a bouquet that is her favorite color. The gesture will surely be appreciated.


Metallics are huge for 2018. For an upscale look, try using a metallic vase with your flowers.

Match Her Table

Many families like to host a Mother's Day brunch to celebrate. If your family has this custom, try to match your bouquet to the place settings for a cohesive look.

Go Ombre

By using blooms in multiple shades of the same color, you can create a cohesive and exciting look.

Twin Bouquets

If your mother has a rectangular table, you should consider purchasing two smaller bouquets instead of one large one. This will allow her guests to see across the table as she is entertaining.

Traditional Mother's Day Flowers

The most traditional of all Mother's Day flowers is the carnation. It has been part of the custom since 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson first announced the holiday.

That makes the best choice for a traditional mom a bouquet of brightly colored carnations. Fortunately, these blooms last much longer than most flowers so she should be able to enjoy them for quite awhile.

Modern Mother's Day Flowers

If your mom prefers a more modern look, then you should try a bouquet that reflects that contemporary lifestyle.

Try purchasing her a living bloom plant to accent her home for years to come. These flowers are usually relatively easy to care for and only require a little watering every once in a while.

What Shouldn't Be Combined?

Depending on what florist you consider, they will give you different advice about what flowers should go together in a bouquet.

For some, they believe that all flowers can go together if they are arranged properly. But for others, combining flowers with competing scents is not recommended.

You should also consider how much filler you want in your flowers. Many florists believe that using too much baby's breath or leatherleaf in your bouquet can cheapen the look.

Arrangement Details

You will need to consider other aspects of the bouquet like how much greenery you want in it and what sort of vase you are looking for.


Considering the height of the display is important when you order flowers. You don't want something that is going to dwarf everything around it. Nor do you want something that is so small it gets lost on the table.

Consider the size of your mother's table and how it is set up before you make your purchase.

What to Look for in a Florist

When you are looking for a florist for your Mother's Day flowers, you should check out their website to see what their style is like.

Then, go for a visit to the shop and get to know your florist to make sure they're the right fit.

They should understand your budget and style and be able to bring your vision to life.

Make sure you consider the price point you are comfortable with and what sort of product selection you require.

It can be helpful to check out customer reviews for this information.