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The Best Cut Flowers To Grow November 4, 2015 06:16

When it comes to cut flowers, they can be the most beautiful bouquets that you experience.  From timeless roses to elegant peonies, once you get a taste of continually having cut flowers, you don't desire anything less than the best.  Yet, even these wonderful beauties of nature come to an end and wither away.  "Only if they could last," we might say. 

If you really like having cut-flowers and you are open to becoming a planter, another option is to simply grow your own.  It may seem a little overwhelming to begin planting your own flowers, however, there are an array of self-help tools to assist you with getting started.  After you decide to grow your own cut-flowers, the next thing to decide is which ones should you grow.  Below are just some of the best cut flowers to grow for your garden, and you'll be excited as you see spring up all of the amazing flowers you've been waiting for.

Celosia - The celosia is an unusual cut flower that grows to 4 feet tall and produces crests, or combs, of large velvety flowers that are very long lasting after they are cut. This flower comes in yellow, red or pink.  All celosias are tolerant of the hottest growing conditions and produce an abundance of seed.

Gomphrena - This beautiful flower produces unusual ball-shaped flowers of violet, red or white.  The flowers are borne atop wiry stems that are easy to arrange and the flowers are suitable for drying.  Amaranth grows well in the field and tolerates heat, dry conditions and insects.

Zinnia - The zinnia are very popular cut flowers because they are available in so many colors and interesting textures. Some zinnia plants produce small button type flowers and others produce flowers as big as 4 inches across.  Zinnias are tolerant of all types of soils and thrive in warm conditions that would cause other flowering plants to fade.

Sunflower - There's nothing like the sunflower growing in the autumn time.  Sunflowers come in bright yellow with brown centers and vary in shades of bright yellow, red, brown, copper, orange and bi-colored petals.  They also can have green centers also.  If you are going to plant sunflowers after the 4th of July, select those that are what is called "day-length neutral", which means they can grow tall even while the day length shortens.

Snapdragon - Snapdragons are are a good flower to grow in cooler climates and can be grown in the winter in the southern US.  The best harvest of the snapdragon comes during the spring.  They are great compliment flowers to your primary flowers within a floral bouquet.  Snapdragons produce one large floral spike with multiple blooms or they can be pinched back to provide multiple smaller stems. Some varieties of snapdragons are more suitable as bedding plants because they are low-growing, so be sure to purchase seed or plants that are the cutting types such as the "Rocket" series.

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The Best Seasonal Blooms In July! July 14, 2015 06:15

In the summer time, one of the best months is July.  It's right in the middle of the season and the weather is outstanding for all sorts of occasions.  For those numerous celebrations, flowers are sure to be on the top of the list to create that event atmosphere you're looking for.  Out-of-season blooms can be used, yet seasonal bloom flowers are much better. A couple of the top reasons is because in-season blooms means you can get the quantity you need easier and you can definitely save more money.

Just like in other seasons, there are some great blooms in July that can make your occasion that much more special.  Here are just a few of the best seasonal blooms in July for you to choose from! 

Orchids are some the most beautiful and elegant flowers that you will find. Their simplicity is adored by all. In July, it is known to be the best time to cultivate them. Orchid blooms last for months at a time, which make for a great potted or cut orchid plant that will last. Also, most of all the orchid varieties are in bloom in July as well. Another seasonal flower bloom this month are Lilies.  For Lilies, July is the prime season for this lovely flower. They do need water often. Callas and Peruvian Lillies (Alstromeria) both are in season as well.  Callas are one of the most expensive flowers on the market, yet since they are in bloom, you can save on buying this breathtaking flower.

Dahlias are long-stemmed, bushy flowers and it also is the national flower of Mexico. It was said to symbolize travel, new adventures and change.  It is one of the most versatile flowers as far as colors.  Whatever your event color scheme or the color flower your recipient loves, you can get in the Dahlia, except for black, blue and green.  In July, you also have Gardenias that are wonderful blooms that actually thrive on sunny, humid climates.  Around 70 degrees is the best temperature for their growth. Gerber Daisies, also called "Gerbers", are ranked among the top five most used flowers in the world.  It is very popular, not only for its' beauty and color variety, but it is easy to care for and has longevity.

No matter where you are, you want to experience the best blooms that you can find. In Southern California, a great Santa Ana Florist that you can count to receive the Best July Flowers is SoCal Petals.  SoCal Petals new to the Southern California area, providing premium, high-quality cut flowers for all of its' customers.  As a recognized Master Florist nationwide, we take pride in every floral arrangement we design. From Lilies to Hydrangeas, Socal Petals has all of the superior flowers to make your occasion perfect. We offer not only stunning bouquets, but also assorted gifts, gourmet gift baskets, floral decor and so much more!

What separates SoCal Petals from the rest is our ability to get your fresh and beautiful flowers to you right away. Our signature same-day delivery is beyond compare in Southern California.  Up to 3pm daily, you can place your floral and assorted gift order with us and receive them the very same day.  We also deliver all of our floral arrangements, which results in your recipients' flowers arriving fresh and on time.  Whether you request a Los Angeles Flower Delivery or Costa Mesa Flower Delivery, SoCal Petals can deliver for you. 

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Gardening And Caring For Your Roses June 16, 2015 06:18

There no flower like the rose.  It is one of the most popular flowers in the world and so versatile in its usage.  From anniversary celebrations to Valentine's Day, the rose is beyond compare.  Since the rose is such a favorite, there are plenty of professional gardeners that have said I will just plant my own.  Yet, have you ever desired to plant your own rose garden?  You don't have to be a pro.  With a little instructions on basic care for rose gardening and how to grow them, you can have some great roses in no time.

 Rose Growing - There are four important parts to healthy rose growing.  It is involves the right soil, irrigation, spacing, and sun.  They all work hand-and-hand to product a great rose garden.  Find out the exact needs for your roses and then "grow" from there! 

Choose Your Rose Bush - There are thousands of rose varieties that you have to choose from.  Whether it is hybrid tea roses, mini-roses, frangrant roses, or old-fashioned cabbage roses, you can have the roses of your dreams.  Just make sure that you choose what you will enjoy, because after all of the time and work is done, you want to produce the rose bushes that you are satisfied with.

Caring for Your Roses - Caring for your roses requires your regular maintenance.  Roses do have pests and diseases that they are prone to, such as black spot, rose chafers, Japanese beetles, and mildew.  However, you can prevent these things from ruining your roses, and even avoid them.  Roses can be grown organically as well.

Prune Your Roses - Yes, you will have to prune your roses, which is not the most enjoyable part of rose gardening.  First, know the type of rose bush you have and learn how to prune it.  Here are some basic pruning tips:
  1. Use clean, sharp tools.
  2. Look at the overall plant, but begin pruning from the base of the plant.
  3. Prune to open the center of the plant to light and air circulation.
  4. Make your cuts at a 45-degree angle, about 1/4 inch above a bud that is facing toward the outside of the plant.
  5. Make sure it is a clean cut, not ragged
  6. Remove all broken, dead, dying or diseased wood (Any branches that look dry, shriveled or black. Cut until the inside of the cane is white.)
  7. Remove any weak or twiggy branches thinner than a pencil.
  8. If cane borers are a problem in your area, seal the cut with a white glue, such as Elmer’s.
  9. Remove sucker growth below the graft.
  10. Remove any remaining foliage.
Now you can enjoy your rose garden!  If you prefer, SoCal Petals is a new Orange County Florist that can provide you with the freshest and most seasonal flowers in the area, including deep red roses, spray roses, and more!  We are a nationally recognized Master Florist, and with over 50 years of combined floral experience, our professional designers take pride in creating the premium floral arrangements that you so deserve. 
We also offer our signature same-day delivery within the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.  Up to 3pm daily, you can order with SoCal Petals and have your beautiful floral bouquets and assorted gifts at your front door the same day.  Whether you are in need of a  Santa Ana Flower Delivery or Hollywood Flower Delivery, SoCal Petals can do it all!  Order your SoCal Petals floral arrangement today!  

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