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Great Flowers For Your Dinner Engagement October 21, 2016 06:25

When you are dining, you want everything to look its' absolute best.  It's just not about you looking good, but you want the entire night to be festive, enjoyable and full of conversation.  Your dinner engagements means a lot to you, and if there is one thing that can help set the mood, it's flowers.

Flowers are part of nature and bring so much life of by their presence alone.  Whether it is at one of your stellar occasions at a fancy restaurant, or a quaint romantic dinner at your table, nothing compares to the ambiance of a beautiful flower.  Below are some great flowers for your dinner engagement for you and your guests to enjoy.   

Roses - If you are having a romantic dinner, nothing communicates love like the rose.  It is the most popular flower in the world. With roses, the fresher and more bloom they have, the better!  Enjoy an evening full of affection with the premium roses at your table.

Birds of Paradise - Another excellent choice for a flower to have on the table while you dine is no other than the birds of paradise.  Also known s the crane flowers, what makes this flower so fitting at your dinner engagement is that they are the perfect conversation piece.  Once your guests lay their eyes on this exotic, tropical flower, they won't be able to take their eyes off of them.  As they gaze at them, share with them how this gorgeous, native African flower gets its' name--it comes from its shape which resembles a bird's beak and head plumage.

Centerpiece from SoCal Petals -  When you are at your dinner engagement, it's great to know that you can always get a superior floral centerpiece from SoCal Petals.  We have an array of centerpieces that will take your breath away--and your guests too!  Our Luxe Lavender Bouquet is a high-end arrangement, made of lavender and purple tones. It consists of beautiful proteas, roses, tulips, kale, mini callas, stock and snapdragons within a square glass cube for only $89.99.  From our Green Tea Bouquet to our White Gold Bouquet, get the premium centerpieces for your dining pleasure from SoCal Petals!

SoCal Petals is a popular Los Angeles Florist, recognized as a FTD Master Florist nationwide and a recipient of an Expertise 2016 Best Florists in Los Angeles Award.  Our designers have over 50 years of combined experience and love their craft.  We are a one-stop source for all of your floral needs throughout the Los Angeles and Southern California.

Need your flowers fast?  You can take advantage of our signature same-day delivery for only $13.99 and our next-day delivery for $11.99.  Whether you need a of Los Angeles Flower Delivery or a Venice Beach Flower Delivery for your occasion, SoCal Petals will get them there fresh and on time. For your dinner engagement and more, call SoCal Petals and experience our amazing flowers today!

Best Flowers For Your Vegetable Garden June 30, 2015 07:42

Gardening is so good to do professionally and just as a relaxing hobby.  You can choose from many types, but there's nothing like a pleasant vegetable garden to gather and eat all of your very own fine vegetables.  These gardens can be complimented with planted flowers to aid and protect your vegetable growth.

It's amazing how much flowers can benefit your vegetable garden.  Flowers will entice more bees and pollinators into your garden, especially those that attract with their colors, such as white and yellow flowers.  They also can repel pests, which is the wrong kind of company for your garden to have. There's no guarantee that every flower will repel them, but it is worth experimenting. There are so many flowers to choose from, yet here are just a few of of the best flowers to help protect your vegetable garden!

Sunflowers - You may not have known that Sunflowers are great for vegetable gardens, but they are perfect for them.  They actually have an abundance of nectar to attract pollinators.  They are also excellent for climbing plants.  Sunflowers do attract squirrels,but a coarse leaved vegetable like squash planted beneath them, will help deter animals.

Marigolds - Marigolds are great flowers for vegetable gardens because they deter pests both above and below ground. You can simply create a ring of Marigolds around your vegetable garden and watch them work.  They repel squash bugs, tomato hornworms, thrips, and whiteflies.  This amazing flower also exudes a chemical that kills root nematodes in the soil.  Nematodes can be dealt with using Marigolds as well.  Marigolds will need to be planted a year in advance, and leave the roots in the soil when the season ends.

Lavender - Lavenders are beautiful flowers and they emanate a wonderful fragrance that is a repellent for several pests in a vegetable garden.  It prevents deer and mice because they don't like them.  It decreases the amount of ticks and moths find the Lavender's scent offensive.  You probably know that deer avoid it, but there are other insects and animals that stay clear away from Lavenders also.

You can find these flowers and more at SoCal Petals for your garden.  This new Long Beach Florist can provide you with the freshest and highest of quality flowers Southern California area.  For stunning floral arrangements, we are a nationally-recognized Master Florist and our professional designers have over 50 years of combined floral experience, aiming to always meet and exceed our customer's expectations. 
Need your flowers and floral arrangements fast? SoCal Petals offers our signature same-day delivery throughout Southern California.  If you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or holiday, SoCal Petals delivers flowers up to 3pm daily.  Your wonderful floral bouquet and assorted gifts can be at your front door within hours.  Whether you need an Irvine Flower Delivery or Venice Beach Flower Delivery, SoCal Petals does it all!  Visit us at www.socalpetals.com and experience a SoCal Petals floral arrangement today!  
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