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The Different and Most Popular Types of Orchids March 19, 2019 08:58

Los Angles FloristWhen you want a flower that says luxury, few flowers convey the message quite like an orchid. Anytime you see this coveted bloom, you can understand why--orchids are just the right mix of delicate, exotic, graceful, and strong. Funnily enough, orchids in ancient Greece were a symbol of virility. The connotation of luxury came several centuries later with the Victorians.

However, you may not know that there are many different types of orchids to choose from, each with its own distinctive look. Here, we're breaking down a few beautiful orchid varieties for you to consider in your next arrangement.


The Phalaenopsis orchid, or Moth orchid, is probably the orchid you picture when you think of orchids.

That's because you've seen them all over design magazines and coffee tables across America. It's also one of the easiest orchids to grow at home.

It is a gorgeous, simple plant with thick leaves, an arching stem, and sprays of vibrant blooms with wide outer petals around smaller, richly-colored petals at the center.

Now, easy is a relative term. The Phalaenopsis doesn't like direct sunlight and has a low drought tolerance. If you buy a Phalaenopsis as your first orchid plant, you need to water it when the exposed roots turn silvery, usually once a week. It should get water only every other week during the flowering season.


One of the other most popular orchid species (besides Phalaenopsis) is the Cattleya Labiata orchid, often hailed as the Queen of Orchids for its delightful fragrance and rich colors.

It's named for William Cattley, the first person to grow the orchid in the 1800s.

The good news for orchid lovers is that the Cattleya has been widely hybridized, which means there's a variety of colors and styles, though bicolor features are especially popular.

If you do wish to grow a Cattleya, you're best served by growing it in a greenhouse, as they need heat and humidity to thrive.


Cymbidium orchids are commonly known as Boat orchids and are frequently used in corsages because of their small blooms.

But don't worry--the cymbidium packs a lot of punch in a small flower. A single plant has multiple flower spikes with showy six-petal blooms. Even if they're not in bloom, they put on a show with long thin leaves which can reach up to four feet in length.


Dendrobium orchids are considered one of the most common types of household orchids, which makes a lot of sense since they're relatively easy to care for.

There's also a huge variety of Dendrobiums out there--about 1,200 species. The even better news is that they grow in a wide range of clients from hot, swampy lowlands to high, cold mountains.

This means you can select the type of Dendrobium that's best suited to the climate you live in, rather than trying to create a greenhouse in your home to keep the orchid alive.

Don't be worried about everyday blooms, either--Dendrobiums produce impressive blooms in a variety of colors (all with minimal maintenance).


Encyclia orchids are a highly unique flower, even among their exotic family members.

Encyclias consist of a small, upright central petal with several long, curling petals under it, sort of like fingers. Some horticulturalists liken an Encyclia flower to an octopus.

It isn't fragrant like many of its cousins, but the Encyclia has a lot more attitude to go around. It also blooms longer than many other orchids--in fact, they usually for several consecutive months at a time.


Once you see the Miltonia orchid, it's easy to understand where it got its nickname as the pansy orchid. It has the same features that make the pansy so welcome in cold weather. However, the Miltonia stays in bloom from late spring into summer.

Of course, the blooms are stunning and aromatic in their own right, which makes it easy to understand why homeowners love the Miltonia so much.

While you might be tempted to keep this flower in the sun and tropical conditions like its warm-weather cousins, the Miltonia actually prefers low light. You can tell if the orchid is happy by touching the leaves--cool leaves mean one delighted Miltonia.


Vanda orchids are just as exotic as their name implies. Sometimes called the Singapore orchid, Vanda orchids are often displayed in special hanging baskets.

When you see one, you'll understand why. Vanda orchids have a small collection of delicate blooms topping a spray of slanting green leaves. What's visually distinctive is the tangle of thick white roots that spread underneath the plant, many as long as the stem itself.

Because of this, Vandas need to grow in specialized baskets or a chunky growing medium. These are not for the uninitiated--in fact, Vanda orchids are extremely picky about their growing environment. They like high light and humidity and won't tolerate much else.


Also known as the lady's slipper orchid, the Paphiopedilum only produces one flower per plant. It doesn't sound like much until you see that one bloom.

The name comes from the Paphiopedilum's unusual appearance. It has one upright petal on top with two long, narrow petals sprouting downwards at an angle. Between the two long petals is a large, cup-like petal--the lady's slipper.

It's an intriguing flower, and if you take care of it, it will reward your hard work. In fact, some healthy Paphiopedilums can bloom for a whole year. The good news is that it's also a hardy orchid, which makes it very beginner-friendly.

Choosing the Right Types of Orchids for You

Now that you know all about the various types of orchids, are you ready to choose one to make a statement?

We offer a variety of orchid options, from our orchid garden to our orchid planter.

If you would like to order one of our beautiful orchids, check out our delivery area or get in touch with us today.

8 Most Popular Funeral Flowers And Why People Choose Them October 23, 2018 08:43

Los Angeles FloristEvery year, more than 2.7 million Americans die. When they do, they leave behind loved ones who are often devastated by the news of their deaths.  Did you just experience the death of someone important in your life? If so, you might be struggling to come to terms with it. You might also be wishing that there was a way you could show your loved one just how much you cared for and appreciated them one last time.

Fortunately, there is a way to do this. You can send funeral flowers to your loved one's funeral home. The flowers will be used to adorn their casket or urn during their funeral services.

Depending on which funeral flowers you choose, they'll also deliver a final message to your loved one. Here are the meanings behind the 8 most popular funeral flowers.

1. Lilies

Close your eyes and try to imagine what it smells like inside of a funeral home. Are you picking up on that familiar scent that usually hits you as soon as you set foot in a funeral home?

That smell is most likely the smell of lilies. Lilies are one of the most popular funeral flowers on the market today. They have a very strong and sweet smell to them that has turned them into a funeral home favorite.

People like more than just the smell of lilies. They also like what they represent. Most people believe that lilies symbolize a person's soul exiting their body and returning back to the state of innocence that it was in when the person was first born.

Lilies have also come to symbolize things like purity and radiance. You really can't go wrong when you send these to a loved one.

2. Roses

When you think about roses, you probably think about Valentine's Day and romantic love. Roses have become a symbol of love throughout the world over the course of time.

But roses are also used as funeral flowers quite a bit. They can be sent on their own or mixed into a larger arrangement or casket spray.

People send different colored roses to express different emotions. For example, they'll send red roses to represent love, yellow roses to represent friendship, and pink roses to represent gratefulness.

Choose the appropriate colored roses based on your relationship with the deceased.

3. Carnations

Much like roses, carnations come in all different colors, with each color symbolizing a different emotion.

You can find red carnations that stand for love and affection. You can also find white carnations that stand for innocence. There are even pink carnations that some people believe are made out of tears from the Virgin Mary, thus giving them a religious significance.

Regardless of what color carnations you choose, you can have them arranged in any way before they're delivered to a funeral home. They can be used to create wreaths, standing sprays, and other arrangements.

4. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are a little bit less popular than funeral flowers like lilies, roses, and carnations. But don't leave them out of the discussion when you're looking for the right funeral flowers.

The thought is that they're perfect for those wishing to express very strong and heartfelt emotions for someone who has died. They're also great for those who wish to choose something that'll stand out in the crowd since not everyone decides to go with them.

One tip: If you send hydrangeas to a funeral home, consider a hydrangea plant instead of individual flowers. It'll give the family of the deceased a chance to take them home and keep them.

5. Chrysanthemums

While most of the flowers on this list have universal meanings that stretch across the world, chrysanthemums are different. You wouldn't want to send chrysanthemums to a funeral home in Asia because they actually represent the idea of rebirth there and are often given to those throwing baby showers.

Here in the U.S., the meaning of chrysanthemums varies depending upon the color of the flowers. Red chrysanthemums usually represent love with white ones representing innocence.

6. Orchids

At this point, you might be picking up on a pattern as far as funeral flowers are concerned. Almost all of them symbolize love in some way.

Orchids keep that pattern going. If you want to show your love to someone who passed away recently, sending orchids to them is arguably the best way to do it.

7. Hyacinths

A lot of people who choose to send funeral flowers to a funeral home do so with some form of a flower arrangement. Rather than picking just one type of flower, they'll combine several of them together.

In the middle of funeral flower arrangements, you'll usually find hyacinths. They're very colorful flowers that pair nicely with tons of other flower types.

They're also supposed to let people know that you're praying for them and mourning their loss. Their bright pop of color will let the grieving family of the deceased know how much you care.

8. Tulips

Tulips are yet another type of funeral flower that comes in a range of colors with each color standing for a different emotion.

There are red tulips that represent love and white tulips that are associated with grace. You should feel free to mix and match the tulip colors to send a message to the deceased and their family.

Purchase Funeral Flowers for a Loved One Today

Picking out the right funeral flowers can be a lot harder than you might think. There are so many options, and since each one means something different, it's not always easy to find the right flowers to express the right emotions.

Work closely with a reputable florist to choose the flowers that will express your emotions best. Whether that means sending one big bouquet of roses or a combination of several different options, your flowers will look gorgeous when they arrive.

Check out our blog to discover other tips for picking out the perfect flowers for just about any occasion.

How to Choose A Funeral Bouquet August 3, 2018 08:22

Los Angeles FloristSaying goodbye to our loved ones is often a difficult time. We want to show respect and send them off in a way that reflects their time with us. Picking the right funeral bouquet is more than just buying flowers. It requires some thought. You can just grab a bouquet at the gas station on the way to the funeral, but do you really want that to be your last and lasting reminder? Picking out a nice bouquet is as much for you as it is for them.

Here are a few tips for choosing the best funeral bouquet.

Your Quick Guide to Funeral Bouquets

Funerals don't always need to be solemn and stuffy. With many people planning their own before they die, making requests for a more fun and upbeat affair are becoming the norm.

People are moving away from severe dark and black clothing to brighter colors, cheerful music and celebrations of love and life, not of loss.


Find out if the deceased made any plans. if so, this will make your flower purchase easier. They may have asked for a particular favorite flower to be used.

If it is a celebration of life, then splash out on color and stay away from the more traditional themes and somber bouquets.

If they always enjoyed life, then let your flowers reflect that in them. It doesn't need to be expensive to show your love and appreciation for their life and enjoyment of it.


If you knew the person well, you should know their favorite flower. If not, sometimes it can be nice to match up the flower to the person. Certain types of flowers seem to have certain characteristics.

You can consider their background when choosing flowers, perhaps they had a rose garden or loved lilacs in the spring. Maybe they hated carnations or were allergic altogether.


You can use their name, as well, which is very easy as many women have names for flowers. Daisy, Rose, Violet, and Lily, which is a very popular flower to buy for funerals.

Matching up the flower to the person being remembered can be fun and make you feel like you have made an extra effort. You can find hearty, sturdy flowers, as well, that are suitable for men.


You could also go with a particular color they liked. Maybe your aunt Gladys loved purple, so you could get purple gladioli for the bouquet. A flower bouquet in a special color for their favorite color is a nice way to remember them.

It's nice to remember the person with small tributes to them through the flowers. If they always wore yellow, use that for the flowers. If they loved the outdoors, consider a rustic bouquet in a basket or wooden box.

Culture and Background

Traditional wreaths or flowers on a cross are appropriate for people with religious backgrounds. The wreath is for eternity and the cross has more Catholic or religious symbols.

You do need to take into consideration their religious background, as some may not traditionally use flowers and be careful with religious symbols, and their appropriateness for the person.

If you are attending the funeral of someone from a diverse cultural background, some flowers may have different meanings. Be sure to look up what the flowers mean before you order them.

Types of Flowers and Arrangments

There are many directions you can go with bouquets and beyond, for funeral flowers.

  • bouquets
  • sprays
  • potted
  • wicker baskets
  • plastic pots
  • scarf
  • couch lid
  • easel stands

You may opt for a vase, a bowl, or an orchid dish with succulents for a beautiful arrangement.

You can buy something that will last. You can buy a potted plant that blooms and lasts longer than a traditional bouquet. This makes a nice memento for the family to retain long after the funeral.

Or, buy a shrub or perennial plants to plant at or on the gravesite that blooms for many years to come. Flowers like tulips or daffodils that come up every year are beautiful and keep on giving.


You may want to opt for a different type of arrangement. Succulents are a beautiful choice, as they require very little maintenance and last for years. These make a wonderful, long-lasting and very unique choice to bring.


Usually, with a funeral bouquet, you try not to worry about the cost. That doesn't mean you need to blow your whole budget. The nicest bouquets don't always cost the most.

The less expensive funeral bouquets are just as nice and if you have found something that has personal meaning, then you shouldn't worry about the cost if you didn't pay very much.

If you have a garden or know someone who does, a small bouquet of wildflowers or freshly cut flowers are always beautiful and always welcome. If you didn't know the person very well, then shop accordingly.

Consider Your Relationship

The size and cost of the flowers you choose should be appropriate for the relationship you had with the deceased. If you are immediate family, then you want to go with a bigger bouquet or the family will buy together.

If you are buying for a neighbor or work colleague you didn't know very well, but still want to buy an arrangement, then a nice bouquet in a vase or bowl is kind and suffice. It may seem inappropriate to get something larger.

In Lieu of Flowers

It isn't uncommon for people to ask for a charitable donation instead of sending flowers. You should make the donation, but if you still want to send flowers, as long as you know it will be alright, go ahead. it doesn't need to be something big, just a little funeral bouquet so the family knows you are thinking of them.

This is also a good time to consider the shrub or perennials at the grave site. You can plant them when it's convenient and let the family know if needed.

For more ideas or information about flowers for a funeral bouquet or any other flower needs, please contact us.

SoCal Petals Assorted Gifts Collection! October 11, 2016 06:38

There nothing like being able to get a variety of assorted gifts for that special person in your when your anniversary or their birthday arrives.  One gift of the Best Hawthorne Flowers will bring tears to their eyes, yet when you couple it with a secondary gift, that when you can be certain you will leave them speechless.

These are the gifts that express your thoughtfulness, as you shower them with what delights them the most. No one compares to SoCal Petals. We have a vast array of gifts that will fit perfectly with your bouquet with our Assorted Gifts Collection!  From cheerful and bountiful balloons, to succulent gourmet chocolates, SoCal Petals does it all.  Here are just a few of our superior assorted gifts that we trust that you will thoroughly enjoy!

Godiva® Gold Ballotin Assorted Chocolates - For the recipient that adores chocolate, add one of our 19-piece box gold ballotin assorted chocolates featuring premium Godiva belgian chocolates. Godiva is one of the most superior chocolates in the world, full of rich, velvety chocolate. These chocolates are exquisitely presented within a classic box, tied with a two-toned brown and gold ribbon.

Birthday Balloon Bunch -
Give your loved a whole lot of fun with our Birthday Balloon Bunch.  This balloon bouquet consists of 5 mylar balloons or 2 mylar balloons surrounded with 6 latex balloons and tied together with a ribbon. We also have them available for other occasions as well!

Autograph Elephant -
Among all of our stuffed animal collection, the autograph elephant is very creative, allowing you to write on it your most endearing sentiments, as well as your name via an oil based pin.  It has white polka dots all over its' body, and the ears, tip of nose and bottom of feet have pink floral material. This wonderful stuff animal is 10" inches in height, and it comes in pink for girls and blue for boys.  They will absolutely love it!

Hand Written Greeting Cards -
With SoCal Petals, you not only have the option of a typed-message card or note.  You can add one of our hand written greeting cards to make your gift more personable.  This full size card can be according to the occasion or event you inform us of, and will personally pen your words of affection to the one you love the most. 

SoCal Petals is a Los Angeles Florist that has been nationally-recognized as an FTD Master Florist and awarded for our premium bouquets.  Throughout the Los Angeles and Southern California, SoCal Petals has the amazing floral arrangements, assorted gifts and more that will exceed your expectations.  Also, When you are in need a of  Los Angeles Flower Delivery or a Playa Vista Flower Delivery, our signature same-day delivery will get your flowers there in no time. You don't have to look any further.  Choose SoCal Petals!

The Sunflower: One of Fall's Best Flowers October 4, 2016 06:05

When September comes, we all are aware that fall is upon us.  During this season there are some wonderful flowers that become so fitting and precious to us.  One of those favorite flowers during the fall is on other than the sunflower.  There's no flower like the sunflower.  It is one of the most well-known flower in the world for its' simplicity of beauty, appearance, grace, its' seeds, and much more.

Sunflowers make up the genus Helianthus, and in the Greek, helios means sun and anthos means flower.  The genus of sunflowers, which contains about 67 species, is thought to be native to the Americas originally, and were domesticated around 1000 B.C.  As the popularity of Sunflowers has grown, it has come to be loved and distributed worldwide. 

It is composed of yellow ray flowers and a central disk, which causes it to appear similar to the sun.  As a result, just like when we feel the rays of the sun and feel happy, so the emotional ties that we have come to embrace with sunflowers.  The outer flowers on the Sunflower are the ray florets and can be yellow, maroon, orange, or other colors. The central disk is composed of either yellow, brown, or purple flowers, depending on the species, and the flower is actually a head (formerly composite flower) of numerous flowers crowded together.  Sunflowers are sterile as well.

Unlike other flowers, sunflower plants are cultivated for their seeds and oil. It is said that refined sunflower-seed oil is edible. Sunflowers have 39 to 49% oil in the seed, which accounts for roughly 14% of the world's production of seed oils and about 7% of the oil cake and meal produced from oil seeds. It is also said that sunflower oil is considered a premium oil because of its light color, high level of unsaturated fatty acids and lack of linolenic acid, bland flavor and high smoke points. It is the most commonly used oil.

Sunflowers are also used to create stunning floral arrangements during the fall season.  SoCal Petals is a Los Angeles Florist is a nationally-recognized FTD Master Florist and a recipient of an Expertise 2016 Best Florists in Los Angeles Award.  We take pride in what we do, making sure we provide our customers with the superior floral arrangements that you deserve.  Throughout the Los Angeles and Southern California, you can turn to SoCal Petals to perform all of your floral and assorted gift needs. 

Also, When you are in need a of  Santa Monica Flower Delivery or a Manhattan Beach Flower Delivery done in a hurry, SoCal Petals understands and our signature same-day delivery is available to help you in those crunch times.  Up to 3pm daily you can take advantage of our same-day delivery for only $13.99, as well as our next-day delivery for $11.99.  We handle all of our deliveries, making sure your flower arrive fresh and on time.  For the best sunflowers and more, choose SoCal Petals today!

Reference: www.theflowerexpert.com, Sunflower

The World's Best Selling Flowers! September 28, 2016 06:25

When you want the Best Flowers in Los Angeles, you definitely want to know which ones that you can choose from.  Here are just some of the best selling flowers in the world that people have come to absolutely love!

Knock-Out Rose - The rose has been the most popular flower in the world for a while.  It is the complete package in a cut flower, considering its' beauty, depth, color variety, and versatility.  No matter the occasion or location, you can always depend on the rose anywhere you go.  Garden Guide discussed specifically a best selling flower called the knock-out rose, Rosa Radrazz.  It is the new and hot rose cultivar on the market.  It is an easy-to-grow, fast-growing, fragrant shrub. It will grow to 4 feet in height and 3 feet in width and it can tolerate the heat, cold and drought. You can plant a knock-out rose in partial shade or full sun in any soil with any moisture, yet propagation is denied due to patent issues, and it is hardy in USDA hardiness zones of 4 to 9.

Tulip - What a wonderful joy the tulip is and is loved all over the world, representing romance and grace. It is a perennial and it is sold a lot in regards to cut flower arrangements or container gardening. There are several colors to this charming flower, including red, purple, pink, yellow, white, and more.  The tulip varies in shape, leaf size and height. For planting, it's recommended to plant a tulip bulb in neutral, well-drained soil with full sun. You can propagate via bulb division, and it is hardy in USDA hardiness zones of 4 to 10.

Gerber Daisy - The gerber daisy has become more and more popular for cut flowers recently.  It is from the aster/daisy family, and is an easy-to-grow perennial that is good for indoor use and container gardening.  Gerbers vary in colors, from rustic to unique blue, and its' coarse leaves span between 8 to 10 inches long.  You can plant a gerber daisy in well-drained soil, loamy or sandy, with full sun. Propagating via seed or clump division is best, and it is hardy in USDA hardiness zones of 9 to 11.

Parrotlily - The parrotlily is a gorgeous flower also. It comes from the amaryllis family.  Hummingbirds are attracted to this drought-tolerant perennial.  With stalks that begin from 8 to 12 inches tall, it then matures into a massive 18 to 30 inches tall.  The red flowers of the parrotlily are in clusters and appear in the summer.  You can plant a parrotlily in acidic soil in full sun, propagate via seed and it is hardy in USDA hardiness zones of 7 to 10.

For the best flowers in Southern California, no one compares to SoCal Petals!  We are a nationally-honored FTD Master Florist, as well as a recipient of an Expertise 2016 Best Florists in Los Angeles Award.  From gorgeous lilies to cymbidiums, this Los Angeles Florist does it all.  When you need your flowers fast, try our signature same-day delivery for $13.99, in addition to our next-day delivery for $11.99.  Therefore, for your Beverly Hills Flower Delivery or a Culver City Flower Delivery, you can rely on SoCal Petals as a trusted one-stop source for superior flowers anytime. 

Reference: www.gardenguide.com, The Best Selling Flowers

September's Beautiful Birth Flowers! September 20, 2016 10:41

One the beautiful months of the year is our one and only September.  Is the month signifying the beginning of a a new fall season, as well as a new year of school and other that we do.  If you are having any of your treasured events, or you are celebrating a birthday with those that you love during September, having flowers as part of your decor is an excellent choice for you!

With so many of the Best Los Angeles Flowers available, how can you decide?  Well, one of the ways you can make your decision is by considering the meaning of the flowers you select.  In September, one of the birth flowers for this month is the aster.  Aster flowers symbolize of love, faith, afterthought,  wisdom, valor, and light.  The genus of the aster includes roughly 600 species of widely distributed flowering plants in the family Asteraceae.  Aster comes from Greek word for “star”, and refers to the shape of its' head.  Many of the species are popular garden plants because of their showy flower heads. To symbolize afterthought, aster’s were laid on the graves of soldiers.

The morning glory is another flowers another September birth flower to choose for your pleasure.  This saucer-shaped flower opens at morning time, allowing them to be pollinated by hummingbirds, butterfly’s, bees and other daytime insects and birds. It lasts for a single morning and dies in the afternoon, yet new flowers bloom each day. The flower color usually starts to fade a couple of hours before the petals start showing visible curling. They are partial to full sun throughout the day.

The morning glory was first known in China for its medicinal uses, due to the laxative properties of its seeds. It was introduced to the Japanese in the 9th century, and they were the first to cultivate it as an ornament. During the Edo Period, it became a very popular ornamental flower.  In recent years, it’s become abundant in North American gardens. It’s treated as a perennial in many tropical areas and as an annual in colder climates.  They are great for planting as well.

If you are looking to get premium asters and more this month, you can always turn to SoCal Petals!  We are a Los Angeles Florist that you can trust as a one-stop source for all of your floral and assorted gift needs.  We are well-known throughout the Los Angeles and Southern California, recognized with an Enterprise Best Florists in Los Angeles of 2016 award, as well as a nationally-honored FTD Master Florist.  Our designers have over 50 years of combined experience and enjoy their craft. From elegant peonies to luscious roses, SoCal Petals does it all!

There's nothing like needing your flowers in a hurry.  Don't worry because SoCal Petals is right here for you!  Our signature same-day delivery is available for all orders placed by 3pm each day for only $13.99, as well as our next-day delivery for $11.99.  We can have your Los Angeles Flower Delivery or a Playa Del Mar Flower Delivery to the one you love in no time  For the best flowers, gift baskets, balloons and more, choose SoCal Petals today! Reference: www.birth-flower.com, September Birth Flowers

Using Similar Blooms Can Save You Money on Flowers! September 7, 2016 07:05

When it comes to buying the best blooms for your occasion, sometimes it can get downright expensive.  Sometimes you just want to have plenty of flowers wonderfully decorating your event, but without the big price tag that comes along with it.  The truth is there are all kinds of flowers that you can buy to meet any budget, and with the right touch, you can have the event of a lifetime. You don't always have to spend a lot of money for flowers.  Here are several ways to save money when it comes to flowers!

Buy In-Season Blooms - One of the best ways you can keep your wallet full is to select in-season blooms.  If all possible, you don't want to choose flowers that are not bountifully growing within the season that you are having your occasion.  The more blooms there are growing, that means more will be sold at a lower price.  This means you get to save money!

Get Your Flowers in Bulk - From weddings to birthday celebrations, it will cut your costs to buy your flowers in bulk.  The last thing you want to do is buy a small amount of flowers when you can pay a little more and get a lot of them.  Go to your local farmer's market and see what flowers they have in bulk, especially if they have a specific type they will be willing to discount for the amount that you are buying. 

Inquire About Similar Blooms - You may really enjoy having the elegance of peonies, lilies and other premium blooms.  However, if you these flowers are not in-season for your occasion, they just may not be the most reasonable blooms to choose if you are pursuing to save money.  You can ask a West Los Angeles Florist like SoCal Petals to help recommend some less-expensive flowers that can provide the same kind of look that you want.

Go With Year-Round Flower - Another way to save money is to choose flowers that grow all year round.  These are the flowers that you will be able to find in-season every time and fitting for the moment, as well as you will get them at a good price.  Some flowers that bloom year round include the birds of paradise, hibiscus, the bush daisy, and the periwinkle. 

Be Creative - With a little thought and creativity, you can save some money on flowers as well.  If you really desire to use a flower that you absolutely adore, take that expensive flower and compliment it with less expensive, secondary flowers.  That way, you can still have the flowers that you like, but you're just using less of them.  Take the extra time and pick up the flowers yourself.  It will be worth it!   

If you need a florist to help you create an amazing floral theme, no one compares to SoCal Petals. From elegant lilies to deep red roses, SoCal Petals has the blooms that will take your breath away.  We are a Los Angeles Florist that is well-known throughout the Los Angeles and Southern California area for making superior floral bouquets, centerpieces, decor, and more!   As an Enterprise Best Los Angeles Flower Delivery of 2016 and a nationally-honored FTD Master Florist, you can count on SoCal Petals.

When you need flowers in bulk and fast, SoCal Petals can provide you with our signature same-day delivery.  For all orders placed by 3pm each day, our same-day floral delivery is only $11.99, as well as our next-day delivery for $9.99.  Whether you desire a Pacific Palisades Flower Delivery or a Hawthorne Flower Delivery, SoCal Petals will get them to your front door fast! When you want the best flowers and the best pricing, choose SoCal Petals and place your order with us today!

Best Flowers for Romantic Dinners August 22, 2016 05:59

As a man, it's a good thing to do the things that keep the romance in the relationship.  One of the most thoughtful ways you can sweep her off her feet is by having a romantic dinner by candlelight.  There is something about the simple things to a woman that makes a romantic dinner loved by her.

When you are having a romantic dinner for your wife or significant other, nothing compares to what fresh, elegant flowers will do for your  evening.  Just like some soft music, they add to the mood and atmosphere of the night.  Here are some of the best flowers you can choose from that will make your night unforgettable and that she will absolutely love!

Deep Red Roses - Roses are the most popular flower in the world.  People love the versatility of the rose, making it a great flower for just about any event or occasion.  The red rose symbolizes love.  For your dinner you take the simple approach and have a nice, classy vase with one long-stem red rose in it.  You can also choose a half to one short-stem dozen deep red roses, cut to fit within a short bowl or square vase.  This will prevent the flowers from blocking your view of one another.

Calla Lilies - The calla lily is one of the most romantic flowers that you will ever find.  They are prized by women for their elegance and how they relate to the beauty of a woman not only on the outside, but on the inside.  Callas come in white, lavender, dark purple, pink, and more.  For a romantic dinner, you can set more than one as your centerpiece; however, the less you have of this flower, the better.  It is just that intimate!

Birds of Paradise - If you are desiring to have something exotic for your romantic dinner, choose the birds of paradise flower.  The birds of paradise, also called the crane flower, is as colorful and tropic as they come.  The name of the flower comes from its' spectacular shape that resembles a bird's beak and head plumage.  A few of these at your table will be a shear delight, and a great talking piece as well.

You can get all of these flowers and more from a superior florist like SoCalPetals!  We don't just get any flowers from us.  We give you the Best Los Angeles Flowers that the love of your life deserves.  From Roses and tulips, to calla lilies and gorgeous peonies, SoCal Petals has it all.  Recently named a 2016 Expertise Best Florists in Los Angeles, we are a well-known Los Angeles Florist serving the California and Southern California areas. 

Whether you desire a Los Angeles Flower Delivery or a Hollywood Flower Delivery, SoCal Petals can get it there in no time.  When you need flowers fast, we also offer our signature same-day delivery for just $13.99, and our next-day delivery for $11.99.  Before you go out and buy just any flowers for your romantic dinner, call and experience SoCal Petals! 

Plants That De-stress and Purify Air in Your Home! August 18, 2016 06:40

There are many items you can choose to buy to de-stress and purify the air in your home.  Plants not only can do it, but nothing captures the essence of nature like plants also.  From their earthy, rich colors to their unique fragrances, you can surround yourself with an array of stunning plants that will add so much life and calmness to your abode. Below are several great plants that you won't believe how they will de-stress your home and purify your air.  Any of these will be an excellent choice!

 Aloe Plant - One plant that can de-stress your home is the aloe plant.  The gel of the aloe plant has a number of healing properties. Not only does it soothe skin burns and cuts, it can also help to monitor the air quality in your home.  The plant can help clear the air of pollutants found in chemical cleaning products, and when the amount of harmful chemicals in the air becomes excessive, the plants’ leaves will display brown spots.  It also grows best in the sun.

Peace Lily - Peace lilies live up to its' name, proven to be a de-stressor in your home.  The beautiful peace lily plant is a wonderful low-maintenance flower to keep in the home.  Peace lilies do well in shade and cooler temperatures, and they can reduce the levels of a number of toxins in the air.

English Ivy Plant - NASA scientists has stated that the English ivy is the number one best air-filtering houseplant.  It is the most effective plant when it comes to absorbing formaldehyde.  It’s also incredibly easy to grow in moderate temperatures and medium sunlight.  You can hang it or set it as a floor plant.

Bamboo Palm Tree - A very appealing and attractive tree is a bamboo palm.  It is also one of NASA’s top clean-air plants with a purifying score of 8.4.  It is effective at clearing out benzene and trichloroethylene.  The bamboo palm tree has to be well-watered, as well as it is best to be in the shade or not directly set in sunlight.  

Golden Pothos - The golden pothos also clears formaldehyde from the air.  Add it to your kitchen or living room as a hanging plant, as the leaves will grow down in cascading vines.  They also grow easily in cool temperatures with low levels of sunlight.

Snake Plants - Snake plants are beautiful, and they don’t need much light or water to survive.  This plant absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen during the night, where as most plants do so during the day.  You can add a snake plant to your bedroom for more clean-air while you sleep.

Red-Edged Dracaena - The red-edged drecaena is a plant that is unique.  It can grow to be ceiling-height, which 15-foot dracaenas are common.  They are great for decoration and filling up space in your home. It also grows best in sunlight, and removes toxins including xylene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde from the air.
To get the plants that de-stress and purify the air in your home, you can turn to SoCal Petals.  We are a well-known Los Angeles Florist that provides premium floral arrangements, plants, assorted gifts, and more throughout Atlanta and Metro-Atlanta area.  Whether you desire a Los Angeles Flower Delivery or a Hermosa Beach Florist, From deep red roses to classic white calla lilies, SoCal Petals offers the best in quality flowers that will exceed your expectations.  We are also available to discuss any of your plant or flower needs.  

Reference: 3.29.13, Huffington Post, Carolyn Gregoire, 10 Best Houseplants To De-Stress Your Home And Purify The Air

Choosing the Best Flowers to Set in Your Home August 16, 2016 06:46

If you have a zest for getting some flowers for your living room, bedroom or even your bathroom, you definitely don't want to choose just anything.  You want the flowers that make you feel good and accent the style of your lovely abode.  Here are just a few of the best flowers to set in your home that you will absolutely love!

 Lilies - When you think about common flowers, some of the best flowers for your home can range from roses to hydrangeas.  One of the best flowers to choose are lilies.  These bountiful flowers will fill up the atmosphere with there large blooms, as well as the fragrance that it brings.  They come in white, pink, yellow, rustic, as well as stargazer lilies that come in white and pink.  If you are desire a flower with style and that will last, choose lilies! 

Choose the Right Vases and Containers - What makes floral decor so special in your home is not only the flowers, but also the vase or container that you put them in.  Your vase or containers can be as stylish, as creative as you like.  Whatever you find that will compliment your home the most.  Also, keep in mind the room that you will keep flowers in as well.  If your wall colors are burgundy, you may want to choose the vase or container that matches it.

House Plants - House plants are very popular for creative a comfy atmosphere at home.  They can make your den or living room feel so inviting.  What is so great about house plants is they require little upkeep and the grow.  For example, the beautiful peace lily plant low-maintenance flower that can live in the shade and cooler temperatures.  Peace lilies can reduce the levels of a number of toxins in the air also.

Using these tips will work great for getting the results you're looking for to beautify and even makeover your home.  To find the best flowers and plants, it's always best to go to a real good Playa Del Mar Florist like SoCal Petals for fresh, quality flowers.  As one of Expertise's 2016 Best Florists of Los Angeles, you can be sure that you are choosing a trusted and reliable source for the Los Angeles Flowers in the California area.  With over 50 years of combined experience, you can be confident that our floral designers are able to create the stunning bouquets that will lift the atmosphere of any room. 

If you are looking for a florist to custom design a bouquet for you, SoCal Petals has the option of creating one-of-a-kind floral arrangements according to your specifications.  Also, you can get your flowers and plants fast utilizing our same-day delivery service for only $13.99, or select our next-day delivery for $11.99.  Whether you are in need of a LAX Florist Flower Delivery or a Torrance Flower Delivery, SoCal Petals can have them there fast.  Call SoCal Petals for the flowers you need for your home today!
Reference: 3.10.15, www.pgeveryday.com, Suzanne Topham, How to Pick the Best Flowers for Your Home

Top Romantic Flowers for Women August 9, 2016 06:35

Some men may not want to admit it, but we don't know a thing about the flowers that women like.  We know that they are prized by the love of your life, however, you some of us just don't know where to start in regards to one of nature's most beautiful treasures.  Flowers are one of a kind and carry great meaning as well.  You can always make a woman smile with flowers!

So where do you begin? It's easy. There is an enormous amount of the best Los Angeles Flowers to choose from that she will absolutely love.  If you desire to give your true love the flowers that express the romantic side of you, here are several flowers that are considered by women as the most romantic of them all.
Red Roses - When it comes to romance, there is no flower that commands attention from women than the rose.  It is considered the most popular flower in the world.  It is fit for any event or occasion that you are celebrating.  The rose comes in a variety of colors, including red, white, pink, yellow, orange, blue, burgundy, and fushia.  Each of the colors of the rose communicate a variety of expressions.  For example, red means love, burgundy means beautiful and white means purity, speaking to the love that you have for her.  Take several of the most beautiful roses and surprise her with them.  You will leave her speechless! 
Peonies - Peonies have emerged as being at the top of the list with the rose in popularity.  It is such a romantic and elegant flower the behold, very soft and gentle.  Peonies come in white, pink, lavender, and more.  It is known as the flower that means riches and honor.  it is a lush and full flower, beautiful to the eye and it will be beautiful to the woman you love as well.

Red Carnations - This flower is a long-time favorite by all.  Pink carnations are most common during Mother's Day.   They symbolize a mother's undying love, admiration, deep love, and affection.  They come in several colors, however, red carnations would be the best choice, as well as white carnations since they mean pure love.  Carnations are also known as the flower to use for your 1st wedding anniversary.

Red Tulips - The silky and soft tulip will be found by the woman you love to be so romantic.  Tulips represent elegance and grace, yet red tulips symbolize perfect love.  She will be brought to tears when you tell her why you chose this flower.  You not only can select red tulips for romance, but you can also use other colors if she would like them, such as white, which mean forgiveness. 

No matter the romantic flowers you buy for her, you will need a premium florist that you can depend on to supply the most seasonal and freshest flowers in the Southern California area.  Look no further than SoCal Petals

We are a Los Angeles Florist that is nationally-recognized as a FTD Master Florist with the track record of excellence to match.  We offer our signature same-day delivery for only $13.99, and our next-day delivery for $11.99 as well.  If you desire a West Los Angeles Flower Delivery or a Playa Del Mar Flower Delivery, SoCal Petals can get it there in no time.  Call SoCal Petals for superior romantic flowers today! 

Great Birthday Flower Gifts! July 18, 2016 06:34

When it comes to all of the people that you love, they all have birthdays that you enjoy celebrating throughout the year.  Birthdays mean so much to all of us, and to send them an amazing floral gift will absolutely make their day.  For all of the best birthday flower gifts that your friends and loved ones deserve, SoCal Petals has the superior West Los Angeles Flowers for your birthday occasions that will exceed every expectation you have. 

As a premier Los Angeles Florist, we not only know flowers, but we understand how to create memorable floral designs that will take your breath away.  Our floral designers have over 50 years of combined experience and absolutely have a passion for their craft.  You won't view flowers the same after you experience SoCal Petals. 

For your online shopping ease for birthdays, SoCal Petals has available our extensive Birthday Flower Collection.  From deep red roses and pure peonies, to gorgeous hydrangeas and bright sunflowers, SoCal Petals has all of the wonderful floral combinations that any recipient will love for their birthday.  

Smile Bouquet - For that recipient you truly desire to make them smile, send them our Smile Bouquet.  This beautiful arrangement is full of cheerful sunflowers, solidago and greens in a clear vase.  It is a perfect surprise for a best friend or colleague.  Also, adding a smiley face mylar balloon would be a fitting complimentary gift as well.

Birthday Wishes Bouquet - The FTD® Birthday Wishes™ Bouquet is one bold and one-of-a-kind!  It is comprised of wonderful red roses, stargazer lilies, red mini carnations and purple double lisianthus, and accented with lush greens, all within a designer red glass vase with a silver metallic decorative "Birthday" tag.  It tenderly dangles from the neck of the vase, making for an exquisite arrangement that lives up to its' name.

Birthday Celebration Bouquet - For a gorgeous celebration, we also have our Birthday Celebration™ Bouquet for your pleasure!  This vibrant arrangement includes a combination of roses, asiatic lilies, yellow roses, orange Asiatic lilies, green button poms, pink mini carnations, and lush greens within a square, ceramic designer vase with "Happy Birthday" displayed on the front in colorful lettering.  It is also accented with curling ribbons and designer floral wrap sheets for a festive expression.

Fairy Fields Bouquet - During the spring time, the Fairy Fields Bouquet is wonderful to send to a loved one for their birthday.  This bouquet includes a mix of spring flowers, hydrangea and bright pink flowers, accented with purple wildflowers and green textural flowers.  You will absolutely love this arrangement!

SoCal Petals has the beautiful flowers that you will adore for your birthday recipients.  We take pride in providing premium floral arrangements and assorted gifts throughout the Los Angeles and southern California area.  For fast orders, we also offer our signature same-day delivery for only $13.99, as well as next-day delivery for $11.99.  We can perform your Beverly Hills Flower Delivery or a Playa Vista Flower Delivery in no time.  Call SoCal Petals for your birthday gifts today! 

Creative Tips for New Baby Gifts! June 30, 2016 09:03

It's not something that happens every once and a while; it happens quite often. A new baby will be born to at least one of our best friends, loved ones, colleagues, and more.  Those times are dear to us and our desire is to celebrate the birth of their new bundle of joy into the world.

We find ourselves so happy over merely the excitement of the new baby, that we not only want to give gifts at the baby shower, but also we we want to surprise the new mommy once the baby arrives.  You can get her some New Baby Flowers that will bring joy to her heart. Yet, instead of giving her the standard gifts, such as diapers, wipes and bottles, here are some creative tips for new baby gifts that she will absolutely love. 

Mommy & Baby Name Blanket - Sometimes the best blankets are the ones for babies.  It would be a great gift to get mommy a soft, cuddly blanket with her and her new baby's name stitched on it.  You also put the mommy's date of birth, as well as the date the baby was born.  Find out her favorite color and have the blanket created just for her.  She will find this new baby gift so awesome because it is something that both her and the newborn can share!

Matching Sleeper Outfits - Babies get all of the comfort with their sleep outfits.  Allow mommy to have some of comfort also and purchase matching sleeper outfits for both of them.  This new baby gifts is great for both of them, as well as they makes for get pictures after the birth.  She will find it fun and cute how she is dressed just like her baby.

New Baby Gift Baskets - If your friend or loved one could simply use or has requested more of the standard gifts the baby will need on a daily basis, surprise her with a new baby gift basket!  What makes a new baby gift basket so wonderful is that you can put a variety of things within it the baby needs, all nested within a nice wicker basket.  She may even be able to use the wicker basket at home as well.  Find out the things she needs for the baby, get your basket or fun container, then wrap it in plastic.  Attach a colorful bow and you will have a delightful baby gift she will enjoy! 

If you don't desire to create a new baby gift basket on your own, you can always turn to SoCal Petals to provide the premium gift baskets that she will adore!  We are a Playa Vista Florist that services the Los Angeles and Southern California area with not only new baby gift baskets, but also superior new baby bouquets and more!   We are a nationally-recognized FTD Master Florist that is able to provide exceptional floral arrangement and assorted gifts that will leave you speechless.  We also offer our signature same-day delivery for only $13.99, and our next-day delivery for $11.99.  If you are in need of a Los Angeles Florist or a Westchester CA Flower Delivery, SoCal Petals can get it there the same day.  Call and experience SoCal Petals today! 

The Rose Collection From SoCal Petals! June 17, 2016 09:10

When it comes deciding what are the Best June Flowers to choose from in the month of June, there is no better flower to choose than the rose.  It truly stands as the most popular flower in the world, as people all over the globe prize and cherish nature's beautiful flower.  The versatility of the rose causes it to be so loved.  It can be use for literally any event or occasion and create exactly the floral atmosphere that you desire.  From birthday events to wedding celebrations, you can always rely on the rose!

Roses comes in a variety of colors, able to match mostly any color theme you are planning on having. Below are the colors for the rose, as well as the symbolic meaning of them.


  • Red - Love.
  • Pink - Grace.
  • Dark Pink - Gratitude.
  • Light Pink - Admiration, sympathy.
  • White - Innocence, purity, secrecy , reverence and humility.
  • Yellow - Dying love or platonic love.
  • Orange - Passion.
  • Burgundy - Beauty.
  • Blue - Mystery. 

Most of all, you have the amazing Rose Collection from SoCal Petals with all of these wonderful flowers just for you!  For your precious moments this month, or even this summer, what better way to celebrate than sending that special someone a stunning rose-themed floral arrangement from a superior Los Angeles Florist.  For your convenient online shopping pleasure, our Rose Collection has an array of creative designs, utilizing the rose.  From style, color, and more, you will absolutely love the selection of bouquets within this timeless collection.

Here are just a few of the stunning arrangements within our elegant Rose Collection!

Breathless Luxury Rose Bouquet -  No bouquet says luxury like the Breathless Luxury Rose Bouquet.  Send her this arrangement and it will truly take breath away.  This bouquet is full of 100 stems of our 24-inch premium long-stemmed red roses for your delight with lush greens, gorgeously nested within a sophisticated clear glass 13-inch pillow vase.  You will astound recipient once her eyes see the beauty and bountifulness of the Breathless Luxury Rose Bouquet. 

Glorious Rose Bouquet - Experience the rich glory of nature's most eye-catching hues with our Glorious Rose Bouquet. This unique and exquisite bouquet consists of brilliant golden Mokara orchids coupled with 18 quality, bright red 24-inch premium long-stemmed roses, creativity tied together within a 13-inch clear glass pillow vase.  Your recipient will be speechless with this classy, one-of-a-kind arrangement!

Long-Stem Mixed Rose Bouquet - When that special someone or dear friends adores all the colors of roses, the Long-Stem Mixed Rose Bouquet is exactly what you are looking for!  This bouquet of long stem mixed roses is perfect for all types of events and occasions.  It includes a dozen of our finest 16-inch assorted roses to form a rainbow of colors, delicately designed within a clear glass vase.  We will also be more than happy to place more of certain colored roses within the bouquet as well.  Get all the roses you love and more with SoCal Petals.

For those times that you need your roses fast, SoCal Petals offers our signature same-day delivery that you can count on.  For all orders placed by 3pm each day, our same-day floral delivery can be yours for only $11.99. If you can wait, simply choose our next-day delivery for $9.99 as well.  We deliver same day throughout the Los Angeles and surrounding Southern California areas.  Whether you desire a Los Angeles Florist or a Long Beach Flower Delivery, SoCal Petals using our very own drivers to deliver for you!  There's no need to receive your flowers from another florist when you have SoCal Petals. Call and place your order today!

Reference:  www.birth-flower.com, June Birth Flowers

The Best June Flowers! June 10, 2016 06:31

It may be hot in June, but it still is one of the months in the summer time we love the most.  From vacationing to birthday celebrations, the weather is beyond compare to do just about anything you enjoy, including planting flowers!  You may or may not be a professional gardener, but you can still plant some of the most beautiful flowers available that you absolutely love. 

For planting, there are so many flowers to choose from for a garden and it is simply a matter of discovering the ones that are right for you.  Below are several great choices that are considered the Best June Flowers to plant this month.

Lantana - Sometimes called shrub verbena, lantana plants are sprawling plants regarded for their abundant production of flattened flower clusters that attract butterflies.  These plants prosper in high heat and humidity and look good in hanging baskets or as a ground cover.  In southern climates in the United States, some species of lantana set seed and are regarded as noxious weeds, especially in Florida.

Marigold - Easy to start from seed, both tall African and short, compact French types of marigold make great annuals to plant from starter packs from the nursery in June.

Madagascar Periwinkle - Regions with sandy soils and hot summer temperatures find Madagascar periwinkle a good flowering plant to grow beginning in June.  Also called vinca, they make a sound choice for parts of your garden that are out of the reach of irrigation as they are remarkably drought tolerant once established.

Starclusters - Also called pentas, starclusters grow into bushy plants with puffy clusters of tiny starry flowers that provide nectar to butterflies. Red-flowering varieties attract hummingbirds, too.  Starclusters relish high heat and humidity, making them a good choice for the American Gulf Coast.

Impatiens - Impatiens, perhaps the most popular summer annual for shady garden areas, can be planted in June.  The hotter the temperatures, the more watering they may need to prevent wilting. In sandy soil areas, impatiens do not make good choices when weather is hot, since the watering maintenance is substantial.

Ornamental Peppers - The flowers of ornamental peppers aren't as showy as the numerous purple, red, orange or yellow fruits that develop and look good in mid- to late summer.  If you do like them, June is the month to plant them, as they love the intense sunshine and heat and dazzle you by August.

Salvias - The red tubular flowers of various salvias attract hummingbirds, and other species of salvia yield cool purple to powedery blue or white flower spikes. Whichever you like, plant these heat-loving tropical plants in June to get them off to a good growing start.

If you don't desire to do any planting and would like to buy your beautiful flowers from a dependable Los Angeles Florist, there is no one like SoCal Petals.  We provide premium floral arrangements and assorted gifts within the Los Angeles and southern California area.  With over 50 years of combined design experience, our professional designers know how to create the stunning floral bouquets that you deserve.

Also, SoCal Petals offers our signature same-day delivery when you need your flowers in a hurry.  Whether you are in need of a Santa Monica Flower Delivery or a El Segundo Flower Delivery, SoCal Petals can get your superior flowers there fresh and on time.  You can receive your flowers the same day for only $13.99, as well as next-day for $11.99. 
Reference: www.gardenguides.com, The Best Flowers to Plant in June

The Lily: The Birth Flower of May! June 1, 2016 05:31

In the month of May, there is no other fitting flower to choice for your treasured events and occasions than the lily. 

The lily is the birth flower of May.  It one of the Best May Flowers that is beautiful, stunning and versatile of a flower to behold during the Spring season.  When you choose a flower, you want it to have meaning, so it is more than just a outward presentation with flowers, but one with an inward expression of your heart. 

The lily has a variety of meanings, which include purity, majesty, beauty, sweetness and humility.  The Tiger Lily is a symbol of wealth and pride.  The large showy flowers bloom out very wide and full.  They have six petals, which emulate stars. They are perfect for floral arrangements, centerpieces, wedding floral decor, and more. 

One characteristic of lilies is that they are often fragrant.  This will impact whether you select these flowers for your occasion because the fragrance could potentially affect your guests.  If your recipient is sensitive to scents, you may want to reconsider sending them lilies. The English word lily is derived from an Indo-European root, probably meaning white.  Lilies are native to the northern temperate regions.  They are birthed in Europe, the north Mediterranean, across most of Asia to Japan, south to the Nilgiri mountains in India, and south to the Philippines.  They also extend from southern Canada through much of the US.  Lilies are commonly adapted to either woodland habitats, often mountain, or grassland habitats.

Lilies are gorgeous within their color combinations within every species this wonderful flower has.  They come in an array of colors ranging from white, pink, rustic, orange, yellow, and red.  The lily is said to be a summer flowering.  There are a variety of types of lilies as well.  Asiatic hybrids, which are usually mistaken for tiger lilies, are the easiest to grow and bloom of all lily types.  The Martagons are tall lilies that have whorled leaves and small flowers that face downward. 

Another lily is the trumpet lily, which is named after its' shape.  They are tall majestic flowers.  This beautiful flower isn't as hardy as most other types of lilies and are often grown in containers.  The Oriental Lily is similar to the Asiatic Lily, which has wider leaves and a spicy strong perfume. The most common Oriental Lily is the "Stargazer". 

If you are looking for high-quality lilies and more, you can count on SoCal Petals to provide the superior flowers that you desire.  We are a Los Angeles Florist that services the Los Angeles and Southern California area with exceptional floral arrangements, assorted gifts and more!   As a nationally-recognized FTD Master Florist, we know how to consistently provide stunning bouquets.  We also have our signature same-day delivery for only$13.99, as well as next-day delivery for $11.99.  So whether you are in need of a Los Angeles Flower Delivery or a Culver City Flower Delivery, SoCal Petals delivers every time.  

Reference: www.birth-flower.com, May Birth Flowers

Best and Worst Flowers Against Allergies During Spring May 18, 2016 05:47

In the Spring season, one thing is for sure is that pollen will begin to emerge in the air.  With all of the beautiful weather, comes all of the pollen right along with it.  This causes many of us to have to endure the allergy symptoms that surface as a result of it.  We then take various measures to keep the sneezing, watery eyes, runny noses, and itching away. We can't run away from pollen, however, we can minimize the amount of airborne pollen we expose ourselves to, including with buying the Best Los Angeles Flowers during springtime.  This is time where flowers are blooming and at their peak in beauty, making them irresistible.  If you have allergies, you can still buy flowers and receive them as gifts.  The key is simply being aware of the best and worst flowers for allergies.  There are even several trees, shrub, grasses, and weeds that have little or no pollen at all. 

Here is a list that you can follow to make sure you not only get stunning flowers, but safe ones too!

The worst flowers and plants for allergies include:

Flowers/herbs - Amaranth (pigweed), chamomile, chrysanthemums, daisies, goldenrod, ordinary sunflowers.

Shrubs/vines - Cypress, jasmine vine, juniper, wisteria.

Trees - Alder, ash (male), aspen (male), beech, birch, box elder (male), cedar (male), cottonwood (male), elm, hickory, red and silver maples (male), mulberry (male), oak, olive, palm (male), pecan, pine, poplar (male), sycamore, walnut, willow (male).

Grasses - Bermuda, fescue, Johnson, June, orchard, perennial rye, redtop, salt grass, sweet vernal, timothy.

Weeds - Cocklebur, ragweed, Russian thistle, sagebrush.

Some of the best flowers and plants to prevent allergies include:

Flowers - Begonia, cactus, chenille, clematis, columbine, crocus, daffodil, dusty miller, geranium, hosta, impatiens, iris, lily, pansy, periwinkle, petunia, phlox, rose, salvia, snapdragon, thrift, tulip, verbena, zinnia.

Hypoallergenic sunflower seeds - All these grow 5 to 6 feet tall, and the pollen is too heavy to be spread easily.  Apricot Twist (apricot with gold center), Infrared Mix (dark crimson, ruby, golden-reds), The Joker (showy red-and-yellow double blooms), Pro-Cut Bicolor (stunning mahogany and yellow with black centers).

Shrubs - Azalea, boxwood (if clipped often), hibiscus, hydrangea, viburnum.

Trees - Apple, cherry, Chinese fan palm (female), fern pine (female), dogwood, English holly (female), Bradford pear, crepe myrtle, hardy rubber tree, magnolia, pear, plum, red maple (female).

Grasses - For grasses, the St. Augustine is the better choice!

Instead of trying to choose your flowers on your own, you can also purchase a bouquet of flowers from SoCal Petals that will be sensitive to our allergenic needs.  SoCal Petals is a wonderful Los Angeles Florist that provides high-quality floral designs throughout the Los Angeles and Southern California area.  Our professional designers have over 50 years of combined experience and absolutely love their craft. We know the flowers you need to prevent allergies for you and/or that special someone you may be sending flowers to.

As a nationally-recognized FTD Master Florist, we have been proven to create superior flowers and exceed our customers expectations.  Need flowers in a hurry?  SoCal Petals offers our signature same-day delivery for only$13.99, as well as our next-day delivery for $11.99.  So whether you are in need of a Los Angeles Flower Delivery or a Long Beach Flower Delivery, you can count on SoCal Petals. 

Reference: www.webmd.com, Best and Worst Flowers for People With Allergies

Fun Flowers For Kids to Plant May 11, 2016 08:04

Kids like getting out in the spring and digging in the dirt, especially when it comes to planting flowers.  They will thoroughly enjoy seeing their very own seeds sown into the ground and watching them flourish into a beautiful flower.  But before your kids can see their flowers, they will have to choice just the right flowers that appeal to them.  Us grown ups may not be aware of it, but there are several fun flowers for kids to plant and that they will absolutely love.  Here are just some of the best fun flowers and why kids will find them so enjoyable!

Arugula - The arugula is mostly enjoyed for its leaves and the peppery bite it adds to salads.  They may not sound too fun to kids.  However, what makes these flowers fun is that kids can actually eat its delicate white flowers.  This flower also produces seed so you can grow another crop the following year.  Plant the arugula in a spot where it can self-sow and grow again.  Arugula can tolerate a little shade and can be direct-sown right into the soil outdoors throughout March and April.

Violas - The viola, as known as violet, is a beautiful flower to behold and kids will love it!  It comes in a variety of colors such as white, purple, orange, blue, yellow, cream, and bi-colors, mostly blue and yellow.  Violas are adorable, self-sowing and edible.  Your beloved children can expect to use them to dress up a salad, garnish an omelet, soup with its petals, or even create one the Best Los Angeles Flowers just for Mommy.  March is the best Viola seeds can be direct-sown outdoors throughout March.  Viola seeds can take up to two weeks to germinate, therefore, make sure so be sure to keep the seed bed moist.

Calendula - Calendula flowers are beautiful, daisy-like bloomers in striking yellow-orange hues.  They are fun flowers to plant because their seeds are large, which makes them easy for kids to handle.  They are prolific, easy to grow and it is also known for having medicinal qualities.  Once they grow, kids can use calendula petals in a salad.  Calendula grows well in full sun and is a self-sowing perennial flower.  Children can save calendula seeds for future planting. 

Nasturtium - Nasturtiums are very fun for kids, being these are flowers that hummingbirds love.  It is a sight to see for kids as bumblebees immerse themselves inside of them.   They are very easy for kids to sow them with their little hands.  The entire nasturtium plant is edible as well.  Nasturtiums will self-sow and come back season after season.  Make sure you pick a sunny, well-draining spot also. Nasturtium seeds can be sown April through June.

If you would rather purchase your flowers for your kids or loved ones, SoCal Petals has the high-quality arrangements just for you.  We are a superior West Los Angeles Florist that offers premium floral arrangements, gourmet gift baskets, assorted gifts, and much more!  As a nationally-recognized FTD Master Florist, we consistently exceed our customers' expectations.  

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How to Make Your Own Hand-Tied Bouquet May 4, 2016 10:16

If you are looking for a unique way to really take your love's breath away besides buying her flowers, you may consider making her a bouquet of your very own.  You won't be doing it all the time, and it's not hard at all to design one.  The most important ingredient you need is what your already have, which is your love.  Your heart behind your personal floral arrangement will go a long way, as you give her the
Best Flowers in Los Angeles just for her.

Below are some easy steps to creating your own hand-tied bouquet of flowers. Follow these step-by-step instructions and her flowers will turn out more beautiful than you think.  And remember, have fun!

First, Get Your Materials so can begin creating your hand-tied bouquet.  You will need some raffia, or garden string, florist's scissors, foliage, and your choice of flowers that you will be using for the floral arrangement.  Choose at least 5 flowers, as well as any additional fillers that you think that she would like.

Next, you want to Gather Your Materials by choosing and conditioning 3-6 stems each of five different flower varieties and 15 stems of foliage.  Sort the flowers into individual piles to make it easy to see the colors and sizes of the flower heads.  Make sure you have your garden string and florist's scissors close to you so you can use them.
Once this is done, it is now time to Pick a Focal Flower for your bouquet.  This will be the flower that will be the center of your bouquet, which should be the one you believe your recipient loves the most.  You want your focal flower to be big.  Then, add 3-4 stems of foliage in a circle around your focal flower.  The flower should sit just beneath the tips of the leaves.  Hold the bunch at the binding point with your left hand if you are right-handed, or vice-versa if you are left-handed.

After you've chosen your focal flower, Add a Second Flower to it by picking another flower and inserting it into the bunch at the point where your thumb rests.  Then, insert the stem at an angle so the end of the stem points toward your body and the flower head is angled away from you.

Continue to Add Flowers
by adding one of each of the other flowers around the foliage, turning the bunch slightly in the same direction after you have added each bloom.  The flowers should sit slightly lower than the tips of the foliage leaves, just like your focal flower.

Next, Trim the Stems if it is too top-heavy.  Don't cut the stems too short because you will need to trim all the stems properly later.  Add another circle of foliage at an angle, turning the bunch slightly as you work.  The spiral of stems should now be apparent.

View the Bouquet From the Top to check the position of the flowers and the balance of colors.  Then, arrange the next sequence of flowers slightly lower around the sides to begin forming the domed shape.  Use up the remaining flowers and foliage, angling these stems so they sit even lower around the edges of the bunch.

Now Secure the Bouquet With Raffia or String.  Wrap a length of raffia or garden string a few times around the top of the binding point, immediately above your hand, and tie the ends firmly in a knot to secure the bunch.  Trim off any excess string.

The last step is to Trim the Ends.  Trim the ends of the stems straight across so that the bunch can stand upright in a vase and all the stems will be in water. Re-split any woody stems.  A well-arranged, securely tied bouquet like this should be able to stand upright unaided, as the spiral stems give it stability. Place the bouquet in a vase and you're done!
If you decide to buy a bouquet, SoCal Petals is a popular Hollywood Florist that offers premium floral arrangements at a great price!  We are a nationally-recognized FTD Master Florist and we take pride in providing the superior flowers that your deserve. If you need your flowers fast, SoCal Petals has our signature same-day delivery to get your flowers throughout the Southern California area fast.  You can receive your flowers the same day for $13.99, as well as our next-day delivery for only $11.99.  Whether you are in need of a Santa Monica Flower Delivery or a El Segundo Flower Delivery, SoCal Petals delivers.  Visit www.socalpetals.com or call SoCal Petals today! 

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The Best Hospital Flowers For You! April 20, 2016 05:10

Flowers are always in order to send to your dear friend or loved one in the hospital.  They bring encourage and life to their current situation, giving them the hope that they need the most.  It is amazing what those beautiful gifts from mother nature can do.

Your recipient is going to be looking at these flowers every day that they are being cared for there.  You want the flowers to be exactly what your loved one needs.  With so many flowers to choose from, and because it is hospital that you are sending them to, it can make it difficult to decide which ones fits best. Here are just some of the Best Hospital Flowers that will certainly supply joy to their hearts and brighten their day!

Low Scent Flowers
- Low scented flowers are best to select when sending flowers to the hospital.  Strong scents can be noticed the moment a nurse or doctor enters the patient's room.  Some scents can be too strong in a small, enclosed space.  Smells sometime make patients nauseous, which can create the opposite effect you were hoping for.  Some low scented flowers include alstroemeria, calla lilies, gerber daisies, birds of paradise and amaryllis.  Also, avoid the small daffodils called narcissus as they have a strong scent as well.

Low Pollen Flowers - In the spring and summer time, pollen is one thing to watch out for when sending your hospital flowers.  Therefore, you want to send flowers with low pollen.  Give flowers with low pollen, such as tulips, daffodils and hydrangeas.  Roses are also a great choice, as well as carnations and chrysanthemums because their pollen is held within the flower.  Also, lilies can be purchased with the pollen removed, but varieties other than alstroemeria and calla lilies tend to be heavily scented.

Low Maintenance Flowers - You don't want your recipient to have to heavily maintain their flowers.  Select flowers that do not require special attention, such as indirect light or those that cannot be near air conditioning vents.  Flowers needing daily water changes or removal of quickly wilted blooms and soft stems are not good choices.  Roses have strong woody stems that can go several days without a change of water.  When outer rose petals begin to sag, simply pluck them off revealing fresh layers of petals and reviving the look for the arrangement.  Alstroemeria is a great option, yet they will need frequent water changes.

When you are looking for the Best Get-Well Flowers in the California area, SoCal Petals is the superior Long Beach Florist that can meet all of your hospital flower delivery needs.   From stunning floral arrangements and gift baskets, to get-well balloons and warm assorted gifts such as teddy bears, SoCal Petals does it all!  As a nationally-recognized FTD Master Florist, we are a trusted source for high-quality flowers and more.

Need flowers fast?  SoCal Petals offers our signature same-day delivery to get your flowers throughout the Southern California area in no time.  Up to 3pm, you can receive your flowers the same day for only $13.99, as well as our next-day delivery for $11.99.  We manage and perform all of our deliveries, which adds to bringing you security and peace of mind. Whether you are request a Torrance Flower Delivery or a West Hollywood Flower Delivery, SoCal Petals can do it all. 

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SoCal Petals Flower Deals In April! April 12, 2016 05:12

April is here and you know that there are so many occasions happening during this beautiful season of spring.  You want to give your friends and loved ones the type of gifts that express just how much you love them, and there is nothing that compares to the wonder of flowers.

The Best April Flowers are blooming forth and there are so many to choose from. Regardless of what flowers you desire, you don't want to pay too much money for them.  Yet at the same time, you want to give that special someone the high-quality flowers that they deserve.  SoCal Petals offers a number of flower deals in April to put your mind at ease.  From pure white calla lilies to red tulips, SoCal Petals has the superior flowers, as well as the great prices that you're looking for. Here are some of the flower deals this April from SoCal Petals!

SoCal Daily Deal Arrangements - During this April, take advantage of our Daily Deal Arrangements!  This arrangement is the perfect gift because it allows to use our creativity, yet at the same time, you save money and still receive a wonderful arrangement.  For example, if you choose the Daily Deal for $65, you will receive a beautiful bouquet valued at the price for $50.  From $50 to $160, you can select the one you desire and we will design a unique bouquet just for you.  With over 50 years of combined design experience, we will impress you with an arrangement according to your wants and needs you share with us via phone or online.
SoCal Pick Up Designs - Our pick up design option is always a great choice for you, especially when you are on the go and you want to surprise that special someone with the flowers that she absolutely adores.  From $40 and up, you can place your order via phone or online, and have a wonderful bouquet of flowers custom designed in no time!  With our pick up designs, you are able save money without having a delivery fee, as well as as being able to meet our professional designers.  If your flowers aren't to your complete satisfaction, let us know and we will be more than happy to make any bouquet adjustments that you desire. 

Deal of The Week! - This month, watch out for our Deal of the Week.  SoCal Petals cares about our customers and their wallet too!  Each week we have a specific floral arrangement that is advertised on our website for you to enjoy.  This week, our Deal of the Week is our popular Tropics Appeal Bouquet.  It is a beautiful hand tie bouquet of mini callas, green mini hydrangeas, white hydrangeas, pink spray roses, orange roses, safari sunset, and stock, all nested within a   a square cube with green leaves.  It is regularly priced at $89.97, yet it is on sale for only $64.97.

When you want the best April flowers, no one compares to SoCal Petals.  We are a Los Angeles Florist that offers premium floral arrangements, floral centerpieces, assorted gifts and so much more!  We are a nationally-recognized FTD Master Florist and we would love to be your florist.  If you need your flowers fast, SoCal Petals has our signature same-day delivery to get your flowers throughout the Southern California area fast.  Up to 3pm daily, you can receive your flowers the same day for $13.99, as well as our next-day delivery for only $11.99.  Whether you are in need of a Los Angeles Flower Delivery or a Long Beach Flower Delivery, SoCal Petals will get it there. 

Best March Flowers! March 15, 2016 10:59

It is one of the most beautiful months of the year and we all treasure when it arrives.  March signifies so much for all of us, as the season of spring brings a fresh and new warmth from nature's best. All kinds of flowers have been awaiting spring, and now they really begin to bloom in the most wonderful way.  If you are having an event or occasion in March, you will have an array of beautiful flowers to select from.  Blooming flowers are what you desire and with the right choices, they can make your occasion to be the most amazing ever!  Here are some of the Best March Flowers during early spring that you will be truly pleased with.

Daffodils - As the birth flower of March, daffodils are one the more popular flowers in the spring.  These classic flowers are available in yellow and multi-colors of white, yellow and orange.  You can also plant daffodil bulbs in the fall and then enjoy them in March as well.  Daffodils may be dug up, divided and stored for planting the following fall. They may also be left in the ground if desired. Mass, naturalized plantings fit well into the informal garden.

Freesia - The freesia is embodies purity and the essence of springtime.  Freesia flowers are such happy and bright flowers, communicating the liveliness of the beginning of spring.  Its' colors include pink, white, purple, orange, red, or yellow.  With its' arching stems and satiny blooms, they make for great wedding flowers also.

Peony - The peony is one of the most elegant and romantic flowers that blossoms during spring and has become very popular.  The fragrant flower expresses a happy life.  The peony comes in white, pink, garnet, or red.  It has multiple petals that delicately overlap each other, that make for a full classy bloom. 

Tulips - One of the most beloved flowers by women are tulips.  They are so versatile and can be sued for a variety of events or occasions.  Plant tulips in the fall for spring blooming. They come in white, pink, yellow, red, and multi-colors.  For planting, like daffodils, they can be dug up, divided and stored until planting the following fall or left in the ground. 

When you are looking for the best flowers in March in California, no one compares to SoCal Petals.  We are a Los Angeles Florist that provides premium floral arrangements, floral centerpieces, floral decor, assorted gifts and so much more!  We are a nationally-recognized FTD Master Florist and take pride in creating the superior bouquets that you deserve. 

If you need your gorgeous flowers in a hurry, SoCal Petals has our signature same-day delivery to get your flowers throughout the Southern California area fast. Up to 3pm, you can receive your flowers the same day for only $13.99, as well as our next-day delivery for $11.99.  Whether you are request a West Hollywood Flower Delivery or a Venice Beach Flower Delivery, SoCal Petals will get your flowers there fresh and on time.  
Reference: Gardenguides.com, The Best Plants For Spring

SoCal Petals Flowers On Sale This Week! March 9, 2016 05:46

To get premium flowers, assorted gifts and more at a great price, look no further than SoCal Petals.  We are a Los Angeles Florist that understands  you want beautiful flowers, while at the same time, saving some money also.  This is why we offer the types of deals and sales on our floral arrangements that you will absolutely love!  These arrangements are not second-hand or low quality.  We are a nationally-recognized FTD Master Florist and we are a leading floral provider in our industry.  We know flowers and we take pride in offering our customers 100% satisfaction with every bouquet they receive, including with our flowers on sale each week.  Here are just a few of our Los Angeles Flowers On Sale this week that you can order and thoroughly enjoy!

Creme de la Creme Bouquet - With the Creme de la Creme Bouquet, all you can say is wow!  It is comprised of four dozen roses in the color of your choose, accented with luscious hydrangeas in an elegant silver vase. This arrangement will make an impression and impact that your special someone will not forget.  It is regularly priced at $325.95, yet it is on sale right now for only $275.95!

 Pink Awareness Bouquet - This bouquet is on sale and is specially designed to encourage and inspire those fighting cancer.  This small low and lush arrangement includes a wonderful array of flowers, such as pink hydrangeas, hot pink anemones, pink stock, and beautiful esperanza roses, all within a designer tin circular container that can be used as a keepsake as well.  This bouquet is perfect for sending to the hospital or to co-workers with family members battling cancer.  This bouquet is regularly priced at $69.99, but is on sale for only $49.99!
We also have our Deals of the Week for your absolute pleasure.  These are our select floral arrangements that you can take advantage of, which can be different bouquet each week.  Our Tropics Appeal Bouquet is one our customer favorites and is one of our feature deals.  This wonderful arrangement has an explosion of tropical colors and will be a delight to the eyes of your recipient.  It is a beautiful hand tie bouquet of full of green mini hydrangeas, white hydrangeas, mini callas, pink spray roses, orange roses, safari sunset, and stock, all nested within a square cube with green leaves.  The Tropics Appeal Bouquet is regularly priced at $89.97, but is on sale as the Deal of the Week for only $64.97.

Another one of our Deals of the Week is our Astonishing™ Luxury Mixed Rose Bouquet by Vera Wang.  This is one of the most elegant floral arrangements that you will find and is sure to take your loved one's breath away.  It is full of color and grace, consisting of soft roses, hydrangea and fragrant stock.  You will experience brilliant orange roses, among pink hydrangeas, pale pink and hot pink stock stems, all delicately placed within a superior, signature Vera Wang clear glass and metal urn vase.  This is a timeless bouquet that will create the beautiful experiences you desire for a lifetime.  This large, stunning arrangement is regularly priced at $199.99, yet is is on sale this week for only $169.99.

No one compares to SoCal Petals!  Whether you are need a Hollywood Flower Delivery or a Manhattan Beach Flower Delivery, we can delivery the same day that you order them as well.  Get the premium flowers on sale now that you desire from SoCal Petals.  Call us or order online today!