The Best Dining Table Flowers and Centerpieces to Pair With Your Food December 6, 2019 06:17

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It's party season, and if you want your soiree to go from an average dinner party to the next level, it's time to start thinking about the details. 

One of the best ways to make your party a little more beautiful is a classic: floral party arrangements

But if you're going to have a truly amazing centerpiece and not a distraction from the main event, you have to put some thought into your dining table flowers. Here's how to choose the perfect centerpiece for the occasion and a few ideas to tie your flowers to your overall party theme. 

The Basics

Before you think about choosing the perfect floral centerpiece, you have to stop and think about the party you're throwing. For example: 

  • What's your venue?
  • What is your table like? 
  • How many guests will you have? 
  • Do any guests have allergies or flowers they actively hate?
  • What kind of meal will you have? 
  • What's the vibe or aesthetic you want your party to have?

These are just a few questions that will dramatically alter your options for arrangements. Here are a few common factors to keep in mind before you spring for that gorgeous centerpiece. 


The first factor (and one of the most important) is the height of your floral arrangement. 

You want your floral arrangement to attract attention in a pleasant way, but you also want to have a conversation with the person sitting across from you, not the flowers. This is why eye-level centerpieces are a no-go at the dining table. 

To avoid blocking your line of sight, look for arrangements that are either low to the table or above eye-level. Low centerpieces are a good fit for most parties, as above-eye-level arrangements are more ostentatious and better suited to formal parties. 

Table Shape and Capacity

From there, your next biggest consideration for your arrangement isn't actually the flowers, but the table itself. Specifically, the shape and seating capacity of the table. 

Most people have rectangular tables, which means you have to account for sight lines across the short and long ends of the table. Rectangular tables are usually larger and have a greater seating capacity, which means you may have space for larger statement arrangements. 

Smaller tables, particularly circular or square tables, are more crowded with dinner party accouterments (food, place settings, place cards, water pitchers, glasses, etc.). For smaller or crowded tables, stick with smaller arrangements as accent pieces and save statement arrangements for your side tables. 


Unlike many other occasions, choosing flowers for a dinner party means that you have multiple smells to contend with. At a dinner party, the focus of the event is not the flowers, but the food, which means you don't want the scent of the flowers to compete or clash with the smell of the food. 

Generally, your safest bet for dinner parties is to stick with flowers that don't have a strong aroma. If you do want a flower that has a distinctive aroma, be careful to select a scent that pairs nicely with the meal you've selected. 

Match the Meal

This is where our last tip comes into play: match your flowers to your meal, both aromatically and thematically. 

This is actually the fun part of selecting a floral arrangement for a party. It's the moment when you get to make your party special by paying attention to the smallest details, your chance to impress your guest with your hosting talents. 

The best place to start is to think about the cuisine you'll serve. This will generally set the tone for the type of party you host, which will change the flowers that are aesthetically and aromatically appropriate. 

A Few Dining Table Ideas

With that in mind, you're ready to think about your flower options in specific detail. Here are a few ideas to help you get started. 

French From Start to Finish

Modern French cuisine is more inclined to rewrite the rules, but classic French cuisine a la Mastering the Art of French Cooking is all about tradition and refinement. If you're hosting a traditional French dinner party plucked straight from an evening scene in Paris, look for formal, traditional yet beautiful flowers. 

Your best bet with traditional French cuisine is a rose centerpiece. It's a classic, elegant flower with a delicate yet lovely scent that perfectly complements beef bourguignon or French onion soup. Bonus points for French roses!

Mastering the Art of Ikebana

If you're branching into Asian cuisine and hosting a Japanese dinner party, it's the perfect occasion to foray into ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement with strict aesthetic rules. 

The key to ikebana is to emphasize the ingredients without the fuss of extraneous components, so you're making a statement streamlined to only the most important elements. 

Even if you're not an ikebana master, you can still incorporate flowers that are thematically well suited to your menu, like ginger blossoms or even a live orchid plant (just make sure you know how to take care of the orchid once the party is over). 

Looking for Dining Table Flowers?

If you're looking for dining table flowers, we're here to provide the perfect blossoms for your dream party. 

For somewhere to get started, click here to check out our available floral centerpieces, featuring everything from roses to lilies to sunflowers. You'll be amazed how the right floral centerpiece can bring your whole party into focus. Your loved ones will never forget this dinner party.