The Best Sympathy & Funeral Flowers for You! November 25, 2016 06:21

Flowers are one of the most delicate gifts that you can give someone. They always make the heart melt with joy and they are able to comfort the heavy soul.  In times of bereavement and loss, there is nothing like sending your friend or loved one a bouquet of sympathy flowers to make their day a little brighter.

If you are trying to decide on what flowers to get for your loss, Here are some of the Best Sympathy and Funeral Flowers for you.

One of the best sympathy flowers is the White Poppy.  White poppies are beautiful flowers and they specifically represent consolation, which is exactly what your loved ones may need at this time of grieving. Like all oriental poppies, white poppies bloom during the late spring season and consist of large showy flowers on top of single stems.  They have distinctive buds that are covered in a dark bristle-like hair.  Flowers with large blooms are said to be more appropriate to send to a memorial service or funeral home.  This will always be an excellent choice.

Zinnias are a popular garden plant because they are easy to grow, as well as a great for sympathy arrangements.  Zinnia bouquets in mixed colors are used in memorial of a lost friend or loved one.  This flower comes in a wide variety of colors, even light green.  In addition, they are also said that they can be purchased as cut flower bouquets, or short varieties can be sent in small flower pots as a living memorial for a friend. 

Last but not least, one the most popular flowers in the world is the Stargazer Lily and is a wonderful sympathy flower.  Stargazer lilies are bloom very large and full, resembling an actual star.  It has several meanings, including purity and sympathy.  Although you may have suffered a loss, the stargazer lily is perfect for expressing comfort, yet also life and beauty, all at the same time.  It is a bold flowers with a subtle fragrance, which you may want to keep in mind when choosing this flower.  It is said that they are stargazer lily arrangements are appropriate for both funeral homes and church-related memorial functions.

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