The Calla Lily: A Flower of Beauty! February 20, 2017 10:37

When you are looking for a flower with elegance, style and grace, there is one flower that expresses all of these attributes and more--the calla lily.  This flower is so unique with its' trumpet-shape, as well as it signifies beauty and magnificence.  Callas are native to South Africa and they come in a variety of colors, including white, shades of green, pink, lavender, deep purple, yellow and orange.  Although it blooms in during late spring and summer, they are still one of the Best February Flowers to choose.

One reason why calla lilies are held to be one of the best flowers in the world is that they are so suitable for weddings.  With thousands of weddings that go on each year, it always comes to be one of the most popular flowers that brides choose.  The calla lily is such a pure, yet romantic flower, that many brides like what it means and its' look.  It is truly a breathtaking flower and will always set the right mood for weddings.

The calla lily is so amazing, that it can stand by itself and still create the atmosphere that you are looking for.  You can put one single stem of a calla lily into a vase and it would be beautiful.  They can be simple, but very effective in making the room look gorgeous.  Callas can also make a bouquet or centerpiece just by themselves.  You don't have to add any other flowers with calla lilies to make it work.  That is just the magnificent presence that the calla lily brings.

Callas make for a great bouquet for an array of events and occasions.  If you are pursuing to surprise your wife on your anniversary, celebrate by sending her a bouquet of lilies.  For an evening dinner with couples or friends, use callas to add a wonderful floral decor to your home.  They are also great for a variety of celebrations, from award banquets to formal ceremonies.  Callas are not cheap flowers; however, you don't have to buy a lot of them to get the effect you desire.

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