The Most Expensive Flowers You Can Feature in Your Bouquet April 04, 2018 11:08

Los Angeles FloristThere are over 16,000 floral establishments in the U.S., and Americans spend $26,600,000,000 per year on floral products! Most flowers are familiar, such as roses, carnations, or baby's breath. Other flowers are more exotic and expensive, and you may not be as familiar with them.

Read on to learn more about flowers to give your loved ones as well as the most expensive flowers you can put in a bouquet.

Why Give Flowers?

Floriography is the language of flowers. There's evidence dating back to the Ancient Greeks that people gave flowers to communicate messages, for instance, red roses as a sign of love.

Love is one reason to give flowers. Sympathy and congratulations are another.

A wedding is an occasion that calls for numerous bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages. It's important to know a little bit about flowers before you go flower shopping.

It's also important to find a good florist.

Flowers for Every Occasion

It's advisable to find a good florist in Los Angeles and build a relationship. Then when you need flowers in a hurry, you'll know where to go.

Think of how many times you've seen flowers offered as a gift for someone special or as a sign of respect or empathy.

Here are a few of the occasions on which people give flowers:

  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Births and birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Easter
  • Christmas
  • Valentine's Day

The Language of Flowers

Certain types of flowers are associated with specific occasions. Daffodils and tulips are associated with spring and work well for Easter bouquets or a spring birthday.

Suggesting majesty and purity as well as the restoration of the soul, white lilies are a traditional funeral flower. Chrysanthemums and carnations are also appropriate flowers for funerals.

Red roses are have long been known as the flower of love and are a popular choice for Valentine's Day and summer weddings. Orchids also symbolize beauty and love.

The Victorians were said to encode messages through the use of various types of flowers in their bouquets. Many of the meanings associated with flowers are still implied today.

Most expensive flowers

Depending on the season, flowers vary in price. Be sure to look for a florist in Los Angeles that carries a wide variety.

If you're looking for beautiful flowers and your budget is big, here are some of the more expensive flowers that are great for bouquets.


A beautiful sweet-scented flower, Stephanotis makes a lovely addition to any bridal bouquet. They're a lovely white bloom sprinkled throughout the bouquet.


Gardenias are famous for their fragrance, inspiring many perfumes throughout the world. The leaves are dark green, and the blooms are small and white.

Gardenias are the traditional symbol of purity, self-reflection, trust, hope, and friendship.

Casablanca Lilies

Casablanca lilies grow to about four feet in height. Four or five of these stunning, fragrant white flowers can be a bouquet by themselves. Lillies are a symbol of devotion and humility.

Lily of the Valley

The sweet-scented Lilly of the valley is a beautiful white-bloomed flower, but beware since it is also poisonous. This flower is for birthdays in May. It's delicate and small with many blooms on one small stalk.

Lily of the valley with its bright-green leaves paired with white ranunculus make a stunning and simple bouquet.


A good florist in Los Angeles will carry peonies. The traditional peony comes in various shades of pink, red, and white. Peonies are also yellow, coral, and purple.

The peony has a delicate ruffled-paper edge and is often included in a bride's bouquet. Light pink peonies pair well with white stephanotis.

Along with romance, peonies symbolize wealth, honor, and beauty.

May and June are the best months for peonies since that's their growing season.


The ranunculus is similar to the peony and has even been called a mini peony. It has a soft ruffled edge and comes in many colors, including pink, red, coral, yellow, and purple.

If you give someone a ranunculus, you're signaling that you find them attractive or charming.


Hydrangeas are also popular for big bridal bouquets and come in shades of white, pink, and purple. This flower wilts easily so is not the best choice for a hot summer wedding or other events.

Hydrangeas are a traditional fourth-wedding anniversary gift.

Juliette Rose

A discussion of the expensive flowers includes the Juliette Rose, even though the best florist in Los Angeles won't carry it. David Astin, its creator, took 15 years to cultivate this flower. In 2006, the world got its first glimpse at the Chelsea Flower Show.

This exquisite rose is worth $15 million, making it one of the world's most expensive flowers.

Affordable Bouquets

Although a good florist in Los Angeles carries most of the above flowers, they'll also have more affordable options to match your budget.

Red roses have long symbolized love and are an affordable option for bouquets.

Freesia, carnations, Gerbera daisies, and baby's breath are all inexpensive options to add to your bouquet.

How to Care for Your Fresh Flowers

After you take delivery of your bouquet or bouquets, it's important not to let anyone touch the flower petals. The acidity in your fingers may cause marks on the flowers. This also prevents bruising.

It's important to keep your flowers cool, but not too cold. Don't place them directly in front of an air conditioner. If you can, lightly mist the flowers with water to maintain hydration.

Do not refrigerate your flowers! This will turn the edges of the petals brown or even black.

Your flowers will arrive with small packs of water at the base. If they don't, then be sure and put the flowers in a vase of fresh water until ready to use.

To keep the flowers fresh for up to a week, change the water and trim the stems every 2-3 days and lightly mist the blooms.

Discover the Perfect Florist In Los Angeles

Now that you know all about expensive as well as affordable options for flowers, it's time to find a great florist. Are you looking for a florist in Los Angeles? Check out our services here.