The Ultimate Guide to Los Angeles Flower Delivery Etiquette January 2, 2018 07:25

Do you want to use Los Angeles flower delivery services, but unsure about what's appropriate and what's not quite on the mark? Generally, people love to receive flowers. We know that's true, or we as a nation wouldn't spend nearly $26 trillion every year buying them! But there's some etiquette you must observe when sending them. In this guide, we teach you when - and when not - to use our Los Angeles flower delivery service to make a statement.

Flowers for a Wedding

White flowers at a wedding are almost inevitable, if even in small numbers. If you want to contribute flowers, white roses, freesias and light pink flowers can work. If the bride shares a name with a flower, some of those could work too.

But be sure to ask the lucky couple before you go ahead and buy flowers for their ceremony. They may have already got enough (or too many) flowers, and any more could cause them a headache.

Or they might really want a low-key ceremony. It's their special day, so you should respect that and know when to step back.

'Get Well Soon' Flowers

It's nice to know you're being thought of when you're unwell.

But the choice of flowers needs to be upbeat and cheerful. Reds, pinks, fuschias and yellow tones are good - no drab colors, please!

However, don't send the flowers if the person is still in the hospital. The staff may not let the flowers in due to allergies and health concerns. So do check first.

Flowers for a Birthday

For your girlfriend, girl-friends or a relative, flowers can be a welcome choice. Many of us make it clear we'd rather not have birthday gifts, as there's only so much one person needs.

But flowers are something a little special that aren't thought of the same as other gifts. Try a mix of seasonal flowers to lighten up their living room.

Be a little careful. If you don't know the recipient well enough, flowers as a birthday gift can seem a little over the top. They might be a little embarrassed, though we're sure they'll still appreciate the thought.

Flowers for Business Relationships

Whoa there. Arranging flowers for your own reception area is one thing - sending flowers to a business contact is another. You don't want to cross the line and send the wrong message unintentionally.

If you're picking out gifts for clients, go with safe choices such as gadgets, mugs or useful bits and pieces for their office.

For clients you don't know so well - you don't want to put them off by seeming over-eager and desperate to please. A simple card can send the right message as well as a gift for these people.

Mother's Day

Yes, yes, and yes again. Your mom deserves to be looked after on this special day, and flowers are a great gift for her.

With our Los Angeles flower delivery, you can arrange for her to receive them even if you're a long way from home.

Brightly colored carnations, Gerbera or Alstroemeria will be sure to put you in her good books.

Flowers for Valentine's Day

This is acceptable almost 100% of the time. Who wouldn't love a big bouquet on February 14th?

It's a bold statement to make to a very new partner. But don't go overboard. We offer some understated options that will express your attraction a little more subtly than a massive bouquet.

Roses are the classic choice for Valentine's Day. But others are becoming more acceptable, including in-season daffodils and deep red tulips.

Flowers for a Funeral

Floral displays at a funeral are commonly desired. If you are sending flowers for a funeral, be sure to include a card to say who they are from and to express condolences.

The choice of flowers matters a lot. Lilies are normal for a funeral - roses or tulips are not - unless you know they were the favorite of the deceased, perhaps.

However, if a family grieving for a loved one has said no flowers, don't send any. It's not uncommon for a charity donation to take place at the funeral, with the common understanding that this is instead of buying flowers.

The family will take care of that themselves. And it's possible that they don't want flowers due to religious beliefs. You might accidentally offend them, no matter how good your intentions.

If you're grieving for a loved one and need to hear more about funeral options, we're here to lend a sympathetic ear and straightforward advice.

What if Someone Says They Don't Want Flowers?

This is slightly tricky. Sometimes, a person who says they don't want flowers is secretly hoping to receive them. This might be related to a romantic relationship.

You're on your own to use your best judgment there, though balloons could be a good alternative if you're completely unsure. You never know, a new partner might be allergic to flowers, and that's why they've said they don't want any!

As we've mentioned - if a grieving family ask you not to send flowers, simply don't.

In other situations, we say to use a bit of common sense as to what the best etiquette is. Flowers are a lovely gesture, but they're not always entirely appropriate.

Our Los Angeles Flower Delivery Services

Our Los Angeles flower delivery services are here to help you get your floral gifts to the right place.

We can create ready-designed bouquets of wildflowers, roses and much more, or help you to develop your own unique arrangement.

If you're ever unsure about flower etiquette, feel free to ask. We'd be happy to help pick out the right flowers from our range. Or an alternative gift if we suggest flowers aren't appropriate.