Tips for Choosing Get Well Flowers for Patients August 30, 2018 06:55

Los Angeles FloristThere are 136 million hospital visits in the United States alone per year. When a family member or friend is in the hospital, it's an emotional and difficult time. We know you want to make your loved one's stay in the hospital as comfortable and easy as possible.

Getting flowers for patients is a surefire way to ensure that they feel loved, but choosing the right flowers can put a lot of stress on you. Choosing the right type of flowers can help say exactly what you're thinking and put your patient's mind at ease.

Tips for Getting Flowers for Patients

Getting flowers for your loved ones in the hospital is easy when local flower shops have arrangements made for hospital delivery. All you have to do is choose from the specific hospital care package. If you decide to choose other flowers, keep some key things in mind.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

When you want to make a grand gesture to help someone feel better, it seems like getting a huge bouquet of flowers is a good idea. Going big and bold might seem like the best approach to bring cheer, but it can actually get in the way of the efforts of the hospital staff.

A small bouquet made out of flowers that face the front so that they can rest against the wall will be the least intrusive option for your flowers. There might not be any area in the room suitable for a large bouquet, anyway, depending on the medical equipment necessary for your loved one.

Do Your Research

Some hospitals have banned balloons and flowers altogether. Burn units, maternity wards, and intensive care are all likely candidates for not allowing gifts like these in the room.

Before you waste your money and send flowers to a room that won't let them in, do research and call the hospital to see if they allow room delivery.


When you're buying your flowers, make sure you select ones that are allergy-free. Even if you're sure that your recipient doesn't have any flower allergies, someone in the staff or another visitor might have an allergy.

You'll also want to do a thorough inspection of the flowers that you're sending if you're able to see them in person. If your flowers have any bugs or pests on them, they're going to cause a disruption at the hospital. You also want to assess if your flowers have any dirt on them that you can remove.

It's always a safe bet to wash your flowers with water to remove the possibility of anything you don't want on them getting into the hospital.

Don't choose flowers that have an overwhelming scent. Strong smells can derail recovery and interfere with hospital operations. You'll want to steer clear of freesia, lilies, and lilacs especially. Sunflowers, daffodils, and irises are always safe choices for your arrangement and are vibrant colors that help to cheer up the room.

Stick to the Stems

Choose flowers with woody stems in your bouquets. These stems are less likely to get soggy as quickly as traditional stems. The hospital staff won't have to spend as much time changing the water as much as they would with other flowers.

You can also request floral foam for the arrangement, which will help to hold the water more effectively. In general, you want your bouquet to give the hospital as little trouble as possible so that they can care for your loved one and not for the flowers.

Durable Vase

If you get a cheap vase that can break easily, chances are it will break. It's easy for the glass to get knocked off the table with the hustle and bustle of the room. Go for thicker glass or plastic if you have the option.

Go a Different Route

If you don't want to worry about a vase breaking, you can get a houseplant for your hospitalized friend instead. They'll last longer and won't be as disruptive to the hospital staff.

You can also choose to send the flowers home instead of to the hospital to avoid breaking any vases.

A Pop of Color

A cheery color can actually help someone feel better when they're recovering. Studies show that fresh cut flowers help give people energy. They were also shown to decrease feelings of anxiety and depression, symptoms that are common when dealing with hospital visits.

Flowers make people feel less negative overall and boost enthusiasm. The more colorful your flowers are, the better - that vibrancy will cheer your hospital patient friend right up.

Know Where They Go

To deliver the flowers to the patient, you have to know some key things to make sure the flowers get there - especially if you're not delivering them in person. You'll also have to know the room number where they're staying in advance.

You must know the full name of the patient, and the full address of the hospital. Some hospitals also have delivery hours, so you should be sure that you're getting in that window.

Pick Them Fresh

When you're choosing flowers as gifts for people in the hospital, you want to get them the best of the best. One way to be sure you're doing that is to order them from an experienced team of professionals with excellent reviews.

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