Top Romantic Flowers for Women August 9, 2016 06:35

Some men may not want to admit it, but we don't know a thing about the flowers that women like.  We know that they are prized by the love of your life, however, you some of us just don't know where to start in regards to one of nature's most beautiful treasures.  Flowers are one of a kind and carry great meaning as well.  You can always make a woman smile with flowers!

So where do you begin? It's easy. There is an enormous amount of the best Los Angeles Flowers to choose from that she will absolutely love.  If you desire to give your true love the flowers that express the romantic side of you, here are several flowers that are considered by women as the most romantic of them all.
Red Roses - When it comes to romance, there is no flower that commands attention from women than the rose.  It is considered the most popular flower in the world.  It is fit for any event or occasion that you are celebrating.  The rose comes in a variety of colors, including red, white, pink, yellow, orange, blue, burgundy, and fushia.  Each of the colors of the rose communicate a variety of expressions.  For example, red means love, burgundy means beautiful and white means purity, speaking to the love that you have for her.  Take several of the most beautiful roses and surprise her with them.  You will leave her speechless! 
Peonies - Peonies have emerged as being at the top of the list with the rose in popularity.  It is such a romantic and elegant flower the behold, very soft and gentle.  Peonies come in white, pink, lavender, and more.  It is known as the flower that means riches and honor.  it is a lush and full flower, beautiful to the eye and it will be beautiful to the woman you love as well.

Red Carnations - This flower is a long-time favorite by all.  Pink carnations are most common during Mother's Day.   They symbolize a mother's undying love, admiration, deep love, and affection.  They come in several colors, however, red carnations would be the best choice, as well as white carnations since they mean pure love.  Carnations are also known as the flower to use for your 1st wedding anniversary.

Red Tulips - The silky and soft tulip will be found by the woman you love to be so romantic.  Tulips represent elegance and grace, yet red tulips symbolize perfect love.  She will be brought to tears when you tell her why you chose this flower.  You not only can select red tulips for romance, but you can also use other colors if she would like them, such as white, which mean forgiveness. 

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