Using Similar Blooms Can Save You Money on Flowers! September 07, 2016 07:05

When it comes to buying the best blooms for your occasion, sometimes it can get downright expensive.  Sometimes you just want to have plenty of flowers wonderfully decorating your event, but without the big price tag that comes along with it.  The truth is there are all kinds of flowers that you can buy to meet any budget, and with the right touch, you can have the event of a lifetime. You don't always have to spend a lot of money for flowers.  Here are several ways to save money when it comes to flowers!

Buy In-Season Blooms - One of the best ways you can keep your wallet full is to select in-season blooms.  If all possible, you don't want to choose flowers that are not bountifully growing within the season that you are having your occasion.  The more blooms there are growing, that means more will be sold at a lower price.  This means you get to save money!

Get Your Flowers in Bulk - From weddings to birthday celebrations, it will cut your costs to buy your flowers in bulk.  The last thing you want to do is buy a small amount of flowers when you can pay a little more and get a lot of them.  Go to your local farmer's market and see what flowers they have in bulk, especially if they have a specific type they will be willing to discount for the amount that you are buying. 

Inquire About Similar Blooms - You may really enjoy having the elegance of peonies, lilies and other premium blooms.  However, if you these flowers are not in-season for your occasion, they just may not be the most reasonable blooms to choose if you are pursuing to save money.  You can ask a West Los Angeles Florist like SoCal Petals to help recommend some less-expensive flowers that can provide the same kind of look that you want.

Go With Year-Round Flower - Another way to save money is to choose flowers that grow all year round.  These are the flowers that you will be able to find in-season every time and fitting for the moment, as well as you will get them at a good price.  Some flowers that bloom year round include the birds of paradise, hibiscus, the bush daisy, and the periwinkle. 

Be Creative - With a little thought and creativity, you can save some money on flowers as well.  If you really desire to use a flower that you absolutely adore, take that expensive flower and compliment it with less expensive, secondary flowers.  That way, you can still have the flowers that you like, but you're just using less of them.  Take the extra time and pick up the flowers yourself.  It will be worth it!   

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